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  1. Anyone knows which is a good source to keep up-to-date with Sonic ROM Hacks/Fan Games. I used to like Sonic Retro's page 6 years ago, but hey! there's hacks which don't get updates since Early 00's! It's very sad that some hacks which made my childhood never will see the light of the day.

    1. Stritix


      Sonic Retro, SFGHQ, Sonic United, etc.

    2. Celestia


      In my experience forums are the best way nowadays to keep up with hacks / fan games, whether it's Retro's own forum or stuff like Sonic Fan Game HQ (they also host SAGE!)

    3. Red


      @Solister Sonic FanGames HQ is the #1 source for that. It's a legacy site that's been covering fangames for years. You won't find anything better!

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