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  1. I usually don't like to post lots of Status Update in sequence, but one more reaction and I reach 700 reputations points. Any volunteers?
    Also, I know there's a topic/post/page somewhere telling when you reach each level, anyone knows where's this?

    1. tailsBOOM!



      I think you're talking about this https://board.sonicstadium.org/profile/9902-solister/reputation/ That's yours

    2. Solister



      But no, I'm not actually looking for this. I remember there was a topic (likely), made by one of the staff members saying how much reputation you needed to change your character level. For example, I thought reaching 700 I would became Cream, likely now I'll need to wait until 1000.

    3. Kiah


      There you go 🙂

    4. tailsBOOM!


      Hey Kiah!

    5. Solister


      Oh, I just opened my page and you posted that, @Kiah, what a coincidence. And yeah, that was exactly what I was looking for, I believe I didn't knew the right keywords to put on the search box.

      Thinking 1000 will be my next step is a bit painful, who knows if I will even manage to get there (Despite accessing here everyday, I'm not someone who uses to post much). I also believe it's missing the Chaos Emerald icon on the page (Which is yours and likely the maximum one too).

    6. Kiah


      @tailsBOOM! Hi! 🙂

      @Solister I’ve mentioned this to you before but just make it a point to interact with the community by commenting in their statuses. The rep points will come. 

      At the same time you should be reasonable on the matter as it’s only rep points. They are nice to have but it’s not like they have a reflection on your worth nor will they get you anywhere in life. Keep things in perspective with rep points.

      Yes the range has expanded since that topic was made. That may be due to statuses being unable to earn reputation points at the time or it just might of gotten started back then. I can’t remember...I’ve been here too long lol.

    7. Solister


      @Kiah Yeah, I know. In fact, if I regard well, it's not even the first time we chat about this same matter. I mean, I know, I should look a bit more on Status Update (And write more at them aside just keeping thoughts on my head) but must say I'm very lazy in this aspect as well it's not always I open the forum page I'm necessarily looking here or with free time.

      But as you well reminded, reputation doesn't makes you fell more valued or not, actually most active people knowing my face makes me happy. But if you allow me to point a minor side note here, I definitely must say I would like a few of works which I spent most of my free time doing it went more well known, mostly referring to my stories and my Star Wars saga review, which recently I've doing only for nothing but love.

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