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  1. Quick reminder to the day John Lennon himself declared to be Eggman:

    That's it, back to your business.

    Stupid joke, I know...

  2. I've just read a theory that says Emerald Hill is Green Hill transformed after Sonic got all 6 emeralds. If that's true (Never read the manuals), my mind just blow.

    1. Maxtiis


      Emerald Hill is on another island than Green Hill. 

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      That theory sadly doesn't work. Green Hill is on South Island, and Emerald Hill is on Westside Island. 

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      What everyone else said. Also Forces dumps all over the location of South Island, Westside Island, Green Hill and Chemical Plant.

    4. Solister


      I thought the same [about being different islands] moments after, though (and I blame watching SW for this), you can actually make some sense to make the statement to be true.

      I mean... I actually just brought it up not to be believable but how interesting/mind-blowing it could be.

    5. Plumbers_Helper


      I do like that idea, it would be cool to see that explored in something like Fleetway's Sonic the Comic where Green Hill Zone and Emerald Hill Zone were both on South Island.

  3. A banner just popped up with the date 22nd November 2003. I was 2 days from my 10th MONTH anniversary.

    Suddenly I feel young.

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      How do you think I felt yesterday when I ended up being reminded of Kerry Katona (don't ask how she got into the conversation) and no one else had heard of her.

  4. Out of the loop: What happened to TSSZ?

    1. The Master

      The Master

      They compared the events going on in America to Sonic games. This was a bad comparison, they were blasted for it and now they are gone.

    2. Milo


      @The Master Would like to note that by TSSZ being "gone", it's less that the site lost funding / support, or their servers were hacked; it's more that the owner of the website's reaction to the critical response was to effectively ragequit and take the website down as a result

  5. I'm starting to consider giving up on my book. There are 2 chapters which I'm most proud of (And an almost done chap. 3), but since quarantine, I've never seen myself inspired again as well it's quite a book which lost its meaning after all it happened.

    On the other hand, it is like giving a farewell to a project I haven't spent a single day for almost a year without thinking about it.

    1. Milo


      have you considered taking what you've written and editing it down into a shorter format? like a novella or short story?

    2. DanJ86


      Maybe a break to find the light of inspiration would help?

    3. Solister


      @Milo Not for this story specifically, but once considered for another story. In that case, I simplified a few things but still end up with my longest story with 10 chapters. In this case though, I'm nearer to the final plot, bordering 3 chapters done and focusing in 5/6. Still, I feel more attached into what @DanJ86 said. Maybe give a week or 2 break to don't think in anything related with it and then back on it. Yet, ideas of canceling it and even give up the writing career (for now) still surrounds my head, still unsure if I should listen them or not.

  6. Should I be scared? My Firefox history shows I've visited SSMB 1206 times since January which was the last time my PC was formatted. It's also my main visited website followed by a considerable marge with Gmail and Discord. Yet, Firefox is my main internet browser.

  7. Saw on Reddit, going to repost here: Which are some good things for you because of lockdown/quarantine? Here mine's

    • Listening lots of music. Already in 17 albums with nearly 14 hours of songs.
    • Customizable schedule. Not being controlled by a major "thing".
    • Easier to don't give a f*ck. No people pressuring you. My work likely is worse too.
    • Wear what you want, almost wake whenever you want, no need to go to office/school.
    • Flexible schedule
    • Likely eating slower and healthier
    • I'm also an introvert, no need explanation.

    I'm also going to state this, as tomorrow school is changing to a system (I believe) is worse. Going to see how much "freedom" items I'll lose.

  8. Recently I've seen myself very attached from the 60s. A few weeks ago I just made a marathon of The Beatles albums, today earlier I've also got access from albums of a national artist of the same period and I just watched the Jetsons on TV. Slowly I'm also quite identifying with the teenagers of the time.

    Not sure if I should be afraid though, that's basically makes me a boomer.

    1. Osmium


      Nothing wrong with that. I listen to '60s music all the time. 

  9. Friendly reminder that Oil Ocean is not an environmental friendly zone.

    You can back to your business now.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      And it would only take a lit match to make it even more unfriendly.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Slam that place to Earth and Eggman will have way more than a pesky hedgehog to contend with. 

    3. Polkadi~☆


      eggman factories are like that

    4. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      replace with wacky windfarm zone

  10. SEGA's Chief Brand Officer is doing an AMA!



  11. Today marks 1 year TSR was released and 40 that The Empire Strikes Back was released.

  12. It seems even more and more games joins the list of games which cause me motion sickness. If you don't have it, know it sucks...

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      took me years to realize i can basically never ever enjoy ny first person game ever cuz it's gonna fuck with my head too much

      i wish i could enjoy metroid prime i really do buuuuttt i sit down and play that i get dizzy and nauseous... 

    2. Solister


      Not even FPS, I was just playing Tomb Raider Legend, and I couldn't stand 15 min. It's funny, because when I bought the game (Mid last year) I didn't remember having it.

      Ironically, games like Doom or Unreal Tournament are considerable fine. Plus (Though it's been a good while), I don't feel sick when travelling in boat for example (Which would be one of the most common cases).

      Still, there're some tips like trying to get used with the game or standing a little farther from the screen which I'll try later.

  13. School just announced they will intensify the Quarantine Classes. RIP Mental Health. Ugh... 😪

    1. Perkilator


      Oh man, sorry…honestly, fuck the staff behind the school you go to.

    2. Solister


      I was expecting this since the start of quarantine, but even this "easy" mode we were having now, proofs to be way more stressful than I thought.

      I also posted this on another "social media" and as I said, I'm very unsecure. For a while I see it's good, for the another, I feel it's completely unnecessary. I don't have an opinion yet, I'll try to keep update whenever things start happening (Next week).

  14. Did you ever heard the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise?

  15. You saw lots of photos from the past, but you have never seen a photo from the future.

  16. I somehow bugged SSMB at the point I'm online but I'm not showing at the Member's List. (I let SSMB logged, so there's no way I accidentally logged in as anonymous).
    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      You look like you're there to me.

    2. Solister


      Refreshing the page (Or open on another tab as I did) fixed it.

  17. I know this sounds a terrible idea, but if DLCs were a thing for SEGA Genesis, what would you like to see in the classics?

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Sonic and Knuckles would totes have been DLC.

  18. Oh, today is Homer Simpsons birthday!

    1. Miragnarok


      And Mikan Tsumiki (Danganronpa 2)

  19. Can someone warn my teachers that weekend ARE NOT days to them post school work?

    I mean, I think anyone ever experienced this. You're chilling enjoying your free time and then you receive notification you have work to do.

    Ugh... That's probably what I hate the most of new techs.

  20. Published a new topic! Enjoy!

  21. Here I go trying to rewrite this topic for the 100th time... Hope it's also the correct sub. I'd always post in Personal Discussion, but now I believe it fits better here. I guess it's a self-explanatory title. How music have developed into you and which are some of your biggest influences? I don't know, but I think I can say I was born in a very "musical" family. While there're no artists yet, both of my parents but specifically from my dad side are very music lovers. It's cute to imagine my grandpa was probably one of the first buyers of MP3 Players when they got popular, and he was already like, 70 years old by the time. Still, here's a brief history and personal experiences of how Music have influenced and evolved with time for me: The Early Years (2003-2011) I was born in 2003, which I also believe I can use as the start point for this topic. I don't have many memories the same way I believe anyone here can't name which was the first song they heard in their life. Still, aside from childish music, I have some vague memories that specially on family meets on my home, my dad used to (and sorta still) put some music to play in the ambient. I guess this was probably the first contact I had with the "real" musical industry. Of course, it's pretty hard to name a few, but one or another got to be more memorable, and from these renowned artists I think I can name Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and The Beatles. It's interesting that Yellow Submarine (above) is probably the most memorable song from my childhood, and still it's the only (I believe) Beatles song to be classified as Childish, which kinda proof how well works to make a song when you have a public in mind. Techno & Chiptune (2012-2013) Ah the memories... At first, I was going to merge this point with the next one, but now I remembered that track specifically (above) and how important it made some turnarounds in my recent years. I was high in my 10 years old, and living the highlight of my life so far. It was also when I first started to create my own musical tastes. It was when I first got really into video games and consequently their music. I had a very poor Notebook which while it didn't go too far from Windows 98, it surely gave loads of good memories. Doom, SimCity 2000 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles were the most normal games to me, these were my 90s. In fact, it was probably here when I first assumed to be a Sonic fan, while I likely already knew it for 2 years or so. Specifically about the song above, I also listened lots of MOD songs (Music used in some games, simplifying a (very) high quality midi). The Sonic Years (2013-2015) Oh, wow. It surely does hurt to see how fast time has passed. Actually the reason which probably make us all together today in this topic. Still back when I was 10, I finally start building up my personality. When I put Sonic into one of my favorite things and priorities, and it surely it granted a huge place into my headphones too. I really got into those Sonic songs as well many of them later opened lots of doors for me, as I'll dive specifically in the next two points. I also don't believe I've much to develop in this point because I think anyone already had this phase and no matter how much you listen Sonic musics, everyone here knows what I'm talking about. Hard Times, literally (2015) While I still listened to Sonic songs, new paths were opening. Even if you listen to only musics present into Sonic games, I doubt you never crossed with the song above. If not, you probably recognize that melody and so, I won't enter many details. For some reason I really got into The Jetzons works in early 2015. I don't know why. If I look now I see how mislead I was. A 12 years old boy listening songs from a dead band from the 80s. These were very hard times (*ba dum tss*), and while I recognize these songs are good, they don't give me much good memories at the point it's not always I feel comfortable to listen them. Julien-K (2015 - Present) The second door Sonic opened for me, it's also the one I most talk about. At first, I thought I was alone in this one, but now I see there are also lots of Sonic and Julien-K fans out there which I even dare to say they are the most popular Sonic band just behind Crush 40, I'm likely wrong, tho. Yet, while I can't say these are easier times, Julien-K probably is the band which changed me the most. You'll notice from here on, that most points are still opened up, because after all, they are still in motion. While I'm always disagreeing with some detail the band might put out and even their last album I didn't like at all, I still used to say they are my favorite band and Strange Invisible (above) is probably my favorite song all time. I might have heard others better song but the emotions I've connected with this one are uncountable. Fluke (2017 - Present) And so, time kept moving and new horizons were opened. Now, almost every song which once was in my library since 2015, I still keep them today, even if not always I listen them. Like, you know. It's very painful to delete a song which once was your favorite. I've a curious but long story with this song which I'm not sure if I should develop it much, but going short, I probably already have listened this song almost 8 years earlier, but it was here I capture all its glory. Later, I dived also into their other works but mostly in 2018 and even today I once find a lost masterpiece between their early albums. Here, I can also open two links. The first one I'll link with the Techno days (2013), because it actually took me a while, however Fluke (above) and Orbital (Techno & Chiptune) were contemporary bands of the same genre. The second, it comes to the same game, when I guess I can say I fall in love with my current favorite genre: Trance (2018 - Present) Once you start listening too much music, you'll also develop skills to identify a banger song even before you finish it. I can't think on a better example than the above one. When I first listened it, I wasn't looking which artist it was, but I definitely fell in love with it, when I went look who was the owner of this masterpiece, it was anyone else than Paul van Dyk, who coincidentally also was in Need for Speed Underground 2 (See Fluke) soundtrack. I was already deep in the genre and while I still listen to it a lot, there's numerous of others artists I can name: Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond... And I actually managed to talk with some of them! But yeah, let's not go too off-topic. Once you find the masterpieces this genre have to offer, you instantly fall in love with it, but these days they are even more rare. The Beatles (2018 - Present) Great bands deserve two songs This one actually starts a little earlier than the Trance one, but its impacts were only noticed months later. This one is a huge throwback to my Early Days. Once my dad decided to lent his records to me, and followed by an interest in the band I already have since the Early Days, the impact was very huge. Again, there's not much I believe I can say that anyone doesn't know. Except for the past months (2020), they were mostly background music while I was bored with everything else in my library, but soon I also got their vinyl and had a good part of their discography, I've marathon their works and now I really have some favorite tunes. House, Deep and Ambient (2020 - Present) This is a point which barely started. It takes place a few weeks before the Beatles' marathon. But going direct to the point, while Trance is my favorite genre, it surely is a very energetic genre and some times you'll really want to do nothing except for chill. And honestly, I really need these moments into my life. However, you probably have noticed so far, everyone gave me a step to find the musics, be my parents, video games, Sonic... But this one, I'm really lost and slowly finding my way. For this reason, there's not much to talk about, as well I also got cut for the next "wave" (*ba dum tss* 2). Vinyls, Synth-Wave and the 80's (2020 - Present) This year it makes the first time in my life I first touched and started vinyl collection. Mostly taking records from my dad familiars who aren't that interested on them, I could find some huge memorable songs like the above one. Now the collection involves 15 records from some of the most known artists: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Kraftwerk and a-ha. Of course by this massive journey I had, the electronic ones does really catch my attention and really an honor to have them in my library. Again, as I mentioned before, many of these come into that retrospective "vibe" of having of everything a little in my library, and so, many of these songs also make a callback to the Early Days which probably are the reason I have some memories of when I was like 5 or 6 years old. Like you know, you listen a song you never knew the name but then it start playing and you recognize the melody and think "oh yeah... that song". -- Well, that's it. I personally can't believe on how everything went, specially considering I'm not even 20 years old and have such musical journey. I really hopes much more come and to always have a headphone nearby. From the good sides of quarantine, listening almost an album per week is probably one of the best consequences. So here's a brief timeline: Pop/Rock (2003-2011) → Techno & Chiptune (2012-2013) → Soft Rock (2014-2015) → New Wave (2015) → Alternative/Synth-Rock (2015 - Present) → Techno (2017- Present) → Trance (2018 - Present) → Classic Rock (2018 - Present) → House, Deep and Ambient (2020 - Present) → Synth-Wave (2020 - Present) I think I finally can put this topic out and of course, I'm curious to also know your history! Please share with us!
  22. Let me see if I understood this well. So, Sonic at Olympic Games basically allows you to play until a certain point and then you need to pay?

    Why I feel I knew this and I'm still surprised? While it have actually very nice graphics for a mobile games and well, remixes, I still I don't feel I'd buy just by what I've played. Make it ad-supported and I guess I play it.

    1. Tracker_TD


      I much prefer the "pay once, get the game like any other normal game" approach honestly. Helps that the price is already half what Mario Run was on launch. 



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