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  1. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  2. The feature of only losing a few rings vs all of them I feel goes hand in hand with the 100 rings = 1 life feature others have mentioned they want back. If say 100 rings = 1 life then it would be easy to abuse the losing a few rings feature and obtain max lives in the first few lvls. All the player would have to do is get 100 rings then get hurt by something and pick the rings up again. Every time they reach 100 rings, boom, an extra life. As for collecting a max number of rings I'm not sure why one would want to. There's really no point since 100 rings don't equal a life anymore. Aside from the missions that request that you collect a certain number all rings really do is give you points and in some games allow you to speed boost longer. I suppose if you're speed running the game then the one hit loose all your rings would really cost you the run but then that's what mad skills are for . I feel it's far more impressive to see someone speed through a level and not get hit rather than speeding just as fast through it and running into obstacles. Still I can see your point ElecroKyurem, seeing as rings don't equal lives in most of the recent games why loose all your rings with one hit?
  3. Anyone else notice that in the 2nd cutscene Orbot and Cubot are messing up in the background and that Orbot gets grabbed by the claw that's placing the flickies in the motobugs . Gotta say I'm glad to see those two back. As for the cutscene with Amy and Knux, well it has me greatly upset. Why, well it's because of their supposed location. Now according to posts in this topic it's assumed they aren't on Lost Hex. Yet look at their surroundings: those trees, the grass... Am I'm supposed to believe that's Green Hill? Since when did Green Hill have cube trees and grass made out of paper? I'll come and say right now I hate the level art in this game. I mean it goes against just about every Sonic game in existence. Everything looks fake. Heck there's a cut out of a bush in one of the cutscenes. Not a bush, it's a clear cut out. Now I've let this slide because, well, my knowledge was that the game takes place on Lost Hex and, well, maybe that world is fake. Yet here we have Amy and Knuckles supposedly not on Lost Hex and in a fake looking environment. Say What? I'm sorry, I'm not buying it. There's no way I can believe that's anywhere but lost Hex.
  4. Mmm, I'm really not sure if I like this or not. The idea is neat, I'll give it that, by and as many have said it's like a Galaxy x Sonic X-treme hybrid so it's really not that original. Also, my fears have been confirmed, this looks like a Mario game to me. Just look at it; look at the level elements. Notice that when Sonic runs up the wall there is, I kid you not, a cut-out of a bush there! The only thing I see missing is that the clouds don't have eyes. It just doesn't feel like a Sonic level to me. It looks fake, like some kids tinker-toy block with astroturf tossed over it for grass. Also, as many of you have already said, the guardians Do Not Fit In! Their design is so drastically different its like they're from another game completely. Finally it like this game is meant to make you motion sick. So many turns, the after-image Sonics (which by the way I hate because they looks like glitches to me). Overall, I'm just not that impressed. I'll give it a chance though because it could still be a real fun game to play. It just has bad art design IMO.
  5. Looking into Metal as being an over powered character I was curious, does anyone actually have a problem with this? I, for one, think he is one of the few characters I want to see shooting lasers at me and being difficult to beat. I want him to be a hard boss. Not in the frustrating sense that, "hey I have no rings and can't get hit or I die" but I want to be in constant motion when fighting him. I want him coming at me and not just standing around like he was in Heroes. Seriously, he just stands there and lets you hit him over and over in the first part of the fight. It makes me want to cry. He's Metal Sonic, he's supposed to be fast, yet Big the flip'n cat can dodge his attacks. That is just sad. SAD
  6. I know I was ticked with the Metal Sonic Episode in Sonic 4. I just don't get why they didn't give him like a bomb move where he blew up everything on the screen. I mean, after obtaining the mysterious purple energy orb thingie in the ruins he was given the ability to shoot out awesome energy balls in the boss fights. If he can use them there why can't he use them in game? It seemed like a joke. It would have been fun to blow up everything by sheer power, sorta like using Hyper Sonic's dash move. So what if it makes him look Over Powered, he's Metal Flipp'n Sonic! He should be intimidating. Besides he had so many bloody enemies trying to rip his metal arse apart blowing them all up would have been as satisfying as heck. Sorta like, "F U Motobug, I'm killing Sonic! Kamehame-ha!!" So in, response to your question, yes: Metal needs to be used more and needs to be taken seriously. He should appear on the screen and you should go, "Ooooh man, sh*t just got real."
  7. This is kinda what I was going for. If the two warring sides where at peace under Eggman's rule then Sonic wouldn't need to feel too bad about kicking Eggman out because he knows that peace and prosperity is possible and can likely be found again. I think this is only true if the 2 sides still wanted to war with one another and Eggman was acting like a buffer keeping them apart. But this is not how I interpreted the OP since Exploder stated Eggman had defeated all the warring factions to establish his rule. So that's means they are likely at peace. Still if the case were like that with the 2 sides wanting to rip each other's throat out then the situation might get a bit ugly. Actually Sonic might not need/get the chance to do anything. I honestly don't think Eggman would put up with being the buffer between the sides, no matter what the prize for his efforts was. He's likely just beat the sides away. Then the scenario becomes like the one with the 2 sides at peace again. 'Course we could assume that maybe Sonic comes along in the midst of Eggman's conquest over the warring sides. if that's the case the I think the course Sonic would take would be to take out Eggman as well as the warring sides. He wouldn't kill them of course, just beat some sense into them.
  8. I believe it largely depends on how the people react to Dr. Eggman. If they adore him then Sonic might hesitate kicking Eggman's butt until he hears the whole story. Then, after personally exploring the situation by talking to various people and looking at the city/area I think he might reach one of two conclusions: the first would be to try and inspire the people to stand on their own and prove to them they don't need Dr. Eggman to be happy. This, I think, is the most likely to happen. If this first option fails, however, or if the people seem absolutely deluded in the thought that must have Dr. Eggman in order to survive I think he'd go to option 2 and become the villain and kick Eggman out. Yes the people would hate him and yes it'd be hard for him but in the end it'd likely be for the better. Sonic believes in freedom above all other things and a society where folks have no free will and just blindly obey the leader, as peaceful as that may be, is no way to live in Sonic's eyes. Life is all about taking chances to Sonic, that's why he went against the Dark Queen in SatBK: the world she was trying to create was a peaceful and eternal one, however, it was also unchanging. There was no risk in it, no conflict. Though many view conflict as bad Sonic understands that some is necessary for progress. Conflict doesn't have to be a bad thing, it's all right to argue and disagree over things, it just means you feel a different way about something than someone else. It's when the conflict turns to violence that Sonic gets upset because then the conflict disrupts the aspect of freedom. One side is disagreeing with the other so much that they are trying to change them by force. Then we get the Oppression vs Freedom dilemma all over again.
  9. I like the points you made here and think they explain a lot. I sorta figured Sonic never really bothered with contracts and whatnot so I agree he likely doesn't care about the merchandising based on him and likely doesn't make anything off it. Still he does have some kind of home/place he stays as seen in the intro to the Secret Rings. Looking at it again, however, I suppose it might not belong to him, but could possibly be Tails' house or something. It's never really stated. After all, looking at the interior it doesn't really scream "this is Sonic's house," For one thing there are scrolls on the table as well as a globe. Though I suppose Sonic could have these things in his home I really don't see why he'd want to. True, they maybe things he picked up in his journeys and is storing in his home but he really doesn't seem the collector type. In Unleashed all the souvenirs he picked up from his travels he gave to Professor Pickle and he didn't seem all that interested in them. So if it that isn't his home does he have one? He did in Sonic Jam but that game isn't really cannon. I personally think he does somewhere, it's just out in the middle of no-wheres land and is more of a modest cabin than some kind of mansion. As for the Tornado, I'm really not sure how he go a hold of that. I sorta wonder if maybe it was awarded to him or perhaps he saw it, liked it, and just bought it on the fly because it looked cool and it could get him across oceans and exploring more of the world. Sorta would explain why he had it parked in the middle of nowhere and not in a hanger when Tails encountered him. Also would explain why he didn't mind when Tails took such and interest in it. Sonic doesn't appear to be a mechanic of any kind, and though he can pilot he'd rather not. So having Tails ask if he could take care of the plane was a no-brainer decision.
  10. This is something that randomly popped up in my head as I was going through some of the topics here. Now we all know Sonic likes to travel around the world and save the day and what not, but just how famous is Sonic exactly? In the animated short Man of the Year from Sonic Jam Sonic seems very well known indeed; so much so the people want to award him with the "man of the year" title. In the Adventure games many of the human NPCs seem to recognize him or at least know of him. Heck, he even has a gold statue of himself in the casino. So is he like a celebrity or what? If so why aren't there a ton of NPCs asking for his autograph or something? Apparently he does have some crazy fans like "Sonic Man" from 06 but aside from that I don't recall any other fans (aside from Amy of course). Also, how wealthy is Sonic exactly? We know from Sonic 2 that he was the original owner of the Tornado. Also, as mentioned in the Sonic house topic, we know he has some kind of home somewhere (and a cozy looking one at that). He also has a car, or two... Sooo how is he paying for these exactly? Does he actually have a bank account somewhere or does he just run around and collect rings to pay for everything? If he is somewhat wealthy does he donate to charities? Finally what does Sonic do during his downtime? Does he just relax and sleep under trees like he did in Sonic X or is he more into participating in some kind of competition like car races? I personally think he's a bit of all the above. I do think he must have some kind of savings stashed away somewhere but he just doesn't use it that much except to pay off expenses on his house and vehicles. I assume he's someone who's constantly on the go but doesn't spend the night sleeping outside if the weather is poor. As seen in the Secret Rings he has some kind of home and will return to it. How often is up for debate. If I had to guess I'd say when he can't reach his home he'll just stay the night at a hotel or something. If no hotel is nearby he is apparently cool with staying in creepy houses (Night of the Werehog). So what are your opinions on this? How famous do you think Sonic is in the game series? Also, do you agree with whatever degree of fame he has? Do you think he should be mobbed by fans in the games or do you think the level of acknowledgement he receives from the NPCs is fine as is?
  11. I like how it appears Sally is falling to her death and none of the characters notice.
  12. Well it seems many of my favorite artists have already been mentioned but I'll throw in JoeAdok in there. He does some great 2D and 3D art of game characters. One of my favs is this one of Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel. Also, I'd like to mention Tazi-san as well. I love her ink work, it's just so fluid and pleasing to look at. Like Joe she does much more than just Sonic art and I say give her whole gallery a look but seeing as this is a Sonic forum I'll link to one of her/Netraptor's comics (she did the art, but it's Netraptor's story).
  13. I was always impressed by the number of labs/workshops Tails had and wondered if the one from Rush was the same as the one from Adventure. There was an ocean near it after all and its sprite looks similar. Then there's the workshop at the end of Advance 3. Which one is it? Could it be the inside of the one from Adventure or perhaps it's the one from Sonic Battle that's shaped like Tails' head. As for the workshops mentioned in Sonic the fighters and Chronicles I really do'[t consider those cannon. His house in Tails Adventure I could see though.
  14. Somehow I doubt he wanted Thrash to be a villain like this. He likely got a memo stating something like, " you can't you all these characters and have X time to come up with some way to get rid of them or work around them. Have a nice day." Though he maybe the writer there are still parameters he can't leave and throwing this on top of that, well, yeah that had to hurt. Also, many of these stories are planned months in advance, hence why there was one that cover with the Chaotix and Rob-o-hedge on it; Rob was originally gonna be in the story... So Ian had to change things, fast, that means scrapping and/or rewriting months worth of work. Considering he's balancing 2 arcs, yeah, I can only imagine the headache. Overall I feel for Flynn and all the crud he has to go through as a writer. I can sorta understand because my mother works as an inker for an online Dick Tracy Comic. Now these comics are just strips but still the hoops the writer has to go through... She's constantly telling my about how much research is done on the characters by the writer (things like the location of various characters and which villains died and which ones could potentially be brought back) and how some story lines and art had to be changed. Apparently some stories had to be altered because of the similarities it had to certain events on the news. Mom said that really threw a wrench in their machine. Suddenly new art had to be made and the whole story line had to be altered to accommodate the change. If it was that tricky to change a strip comic I can only imagine how fun it was for Ian and crew to alter both the Sonic the Hedgehog comic story AND the Sonic Universe one. Actually, it was pretty lucky he had the Chaotix in Mercia in only the beginning of the arc, meant he likely only had to re-write the first part a bit and not the whole thing. Also it wasn't too much of a change really, he likely just had to replace Rob for Bow the Sparrow and, to make it work more smoothly, mention that Rob is in hiding so folks don't ask why the heck Bow is there instead of Rob. That's also probably why the Sonic Universe Chaotix Quest seems, IMO, better written than the Sonic the Hedgehog Endangered Species. Getting rid of one character, especially one that doesn't play a vital role, is a lot easier than finding some way to explain the disappearance of an entire race.
  15. Are we assuming Amy can turn invisible or not in this fight cause I think that would give her a bit of an upper hand. Nothing like the element of surprise. And before anyone asks, "since when can she go invisible?" let me direct you to Sonic 06... Yeah... Not really sure how it happened either but she could in that game. The one real flaw was she still had a shadow so you could still find her if it was a sunny day and she wasn't in the shade. But, seeing as she's not the most strategic of shorts, she might not use her invisibility to it's full potential and might very well blindly charge Tails while waving her hammer around like some kind of maniac. If that's the case, well, Tails would likely win because all he'd have to do is dodge her attacks and attack from the air. If she were smart and planned the fight ahead of time, however, she'd likely turn invisible and sneak up on Tails then bash him with her hammer close range. If she could pull that off then I think the fight would be hers because I don't see Tails as one who can take a strong blow especially if it was unexpected and to back of the head. Edit: Dang, I leave from typing the post for a few minutes to grab a bite to eat and a whole conversation goes on XD.
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