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Found 3 results

  1. You know that post in which I said I'd be only posting one obscure upcoming game of the week? I lied. Title: Conception: Please Deliver My Child! Developer: Spike | Publisher: Spike Platform: PlayStation Portable | Release Date: 26 April 2012 (JP), ??? (NA), ??? (EU) Conception: Please Deliver My Child! is an upcoming JRPG being developed by Spike for the PSP that's all about making babies. Space babies. TO SAVE THE WORLD! I'm not even going to try to rationalize this in my own words, so I'll let the nice ol' Spencer of Siliconera do that for me. (Source) From the looks of things, the game looks very Shin Megami Tensei-esque in gameplay. Except, you know. With more space babies. The dungeons are immensely trippy and the monsters are equally bizarre. Aside from that, the social system with the Star Maidens looks equally as fleshed out. Overall, it looks great! But given the game's subject matter I'd say the odds of this getting localized are slim to none. One can still hope, though. SPACE BABIES. that being said the concept is still freaking weird
  2. When: December 7th 11pm GMT / 6pm ET / 3pm PT Where: http://www.spike.com/vgx/about Official site featuring all of the nominees: http://www.spike.com/vgx With the VGAs VGX coming up this Saturday and a lot of stuff being teased about it lately, I thought I'd prep a thread ready for the event. Here's a list of games we know that will be shown there so far courtesy of CVG: Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime will be presenting a new look at an upcoming Wii U game. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Titanfall Quantum Break South Park: The Stick of Truth Broken Age Dying Light Tom Clancy's The Division At least two new trailers for unspecified Square Enix games. Let the speculation commence.
  3. When: December 10th 2011 Time: 8PM EST/5PM PST Where: Los Angeles Where to watch it: Spike TV, Spike Live Stream, Official UK Live Stream, Unofficial stream by N4G user NAGNEWS Nominees Major news: http://www.gamesrada...-at-spike-vgas/
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