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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings....Scum! Ahem, allo peeps, I'd like to have a bit of a discussion with you guys about reporting things to staff. I'll give everyone the benefit of the doubt that you're aware of the report function on the forum, using which you can alert staff to members who are breaking rules or topics that are getting out of control. You can find the report button below every post to the right-hand side and yaddayaddayouknowthisshit. My concern is not that I believe you guys to be simply too stupid to use the report function, because I know that not to be the case, but rather I am concerned about any factors that make you decide against reporting issues to members of staff. I'd like to get some feedback from you in this topic but before that I'd like to make a few points. Firstly, reports are very helpful for the staff, allowing them to find out about incidents that they could otherwise easily miss. By reporting something the staff come a-running to check that shit out, all thanks to you. Only staff can see who reported something, so there's no risk of getting backlash from other members for reporting something, unless you like to post in topics telling people you have just reported something. In those cases I can only assume you want people to know?! Reporting something does not make you a dick. You are helping not just the staff but the members too when you use the report feature; you are contributing to the SSMB being that little bit freer from garbage. So with those few things said, feel free to let us staff know how you feel about reporting and why you choose or choose not to use it.
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