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Found 2 results

  1. UPDATE: Thanks to all our donors, we have raised US$72 for Child's Play Charity, which should be enough to put some smiles on some kids faces in the coming year. For all those who donated, Chris should have handed out your very special forum badges. If you haven't gotten yours yet and you've donated before the event closes @ 9AM GMT (1AM PST), you will get your badge in the coming days, (weather, internet, and hangovers permitting, of course ) -Biafra Original Story follows: Well, I admit it, I couldn't resist ending the year off with swearing, and with the coming of the new year we all know it wouldn't be right without our traditional year-end live stream. This year’s New Year’s F*cking Eve is a New Year’s F*cking Eve with a difference, as we’re streaming for charity,… Child’s Play Charity to be precise. Starting at 2PM GMT on 31 December, 2013, we’ll be streaming here on SSR, and we’ll be bringing forth to you our very beautiful and well-thought out donation link on the SSR blog and encouraging all-and sundry to contribute to helping children in hospitals around the world have a much more fun stay and have toys and stuff. We also have a SSMB Forum Badge available for those who donate. To get yours when donating, just copy everything after http://board.sonicstadium.org/user/ on your SSMB Profile URL into the comments box when you donate. For example, http://board.sonicstadium.org/user/256-biafra-republic/ would be rendered below: -Biafra
  2. Biafra Republic

    2011 SSMB Mixtape Joint

    It's that time again for the annual spawning of the Mixtapes and Mixdiscs. SSMB's Mixtape project is where members willing to share music swap music discs with another user at random. The only change from last year under Urth (aside from going back to 1 per person), is that Urth's Excel spreadsheet has been laid off and replaced with the Random.Org RNG. THE RULES (which are both ancient and just): 1.) Send all necessary details via PM (for obvious reasons, you would need to be willing to give your mailing address to the other . 2.) Once your partner has been chosen, send your mailing address via PM. Keep in mind the person you are sending your disc to will most likely be different from the one you are receiving from. 3.) While I do not care whether or not little Tiffany Wotsherface gets your collection of Marilyn Manson and Slipknot tracks, keep in mind that this is a 'family oriented' message board, and parents might object to children getting explicit tracks via post. 4.) By tradition, Nickelback tracks are strictly prohibited. 5.) Sign up by leaving a comment (cursing and throwing of inanimate objects optional). 6.) 1 disc per person. The deadline this year is going to be October 10th, 2011 (timing it with Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving). GET GOING! SIGNUP IS CLOSED. Here are who you are sending to... Signed up 1.) Dan Dyer -> eXacticus 2.) SHAX Hedgefox -> Biafra 3.) cdrom1019 -> SHAX Hedgefox 4.) eXacticus -> Dan Dyer 5.) Biafra -> cdrom1019
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