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  1. Joy-Con drift just made me accidentally quit during a gen attempt of Piston It Away in Crash 2.

    I should be angry but I found it funny for some reason.

  2. Thanks to the free login period i finally was able to test the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV.
    I have to adjust to the control scheme tied to a controller rather than the mouse and keyboard, but being able to play with decent resolution and 30-60 frames per second is all worth that.

  3. Do you ever experience a phenomenon where you really like a TV show (one that is not currently on air and has no realistic chance of being revived), but you watch it extremely slowly and infrequently? That sometimes happens to me...maybe it's because I know how sad it will be when there are no "new" episodes left.

    1. Emperor Spooky

      Emperor Spooky

      Really, that's me with pretty much everything, whether it be TV, video games or comics.

      I can't recall television examples, but on the video game side of things, I had that experience with Bug Fables, mostly because even though the creators more or less said that they're interested in a sequel, who knows how long that will be before that comes out.

      Something similar happened to Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, because knowing the direction Nintendo's taking the series, I felt kind of sad knowing that I was nearing its end. I did enjoy Origami King well enough, but still, it was a sad feeling.

  4. Just a reminder, Steve is in Smash, this isn’t a fever dream 

    1. Polkadi~☆


      well i just found out sonic spinball is a game that exists, so i guess this is the world we live in now

  5. It feels weird to me that there's a TMNT comic where one of the turtles are actually paired up in a relationship that looks like it's actually gonna last, given the 100 issues of build up to it.

    It's nice 'tho

  6. Everyone doing well?

    1. Sonictrainer


      I'm doing well.

      Just trying to figure out how Darkrai's legs work...

  7. I actually got recognized at work today. 

    This is something that's never happened in Disney. I worked my butt off there, and yet you only get praise from the higher up if a Guest writes something positive about you. I've seen some toxic, snobbish assholes who constantly bully their co-workers and managers... and yet the higher ups never did anything about it, and awarded him because of how well he treated the guests.

    ...You know what? That's it, I made up my mind. I'm sticking with Publix. It's a much better environment than the toxicity of Disney.

    1. iambitter21


      you worked at DISNEY? I was about to congratulate you on the job, but now I think otherwise. 

    2. Emperor Spooky

      Emperor Spooky


      Oh boy. Where do I begin.

      First off... Do not judge me for whatever choices I make in life. By saying you don't want to congratulate me, you're saying I made a poor choice. I know what I am doing, and I'm gonna say this right now:

      If I have to give up going to the parks for free for the sake of my mental health so be it. 

      Second of all, Disney is NOT a good place to work. Do NOT let your love for it cloud your judgement, like so many others. As I said in the previous status update, there are Disney fans hoping to get the same magic the guests do, only to come out stressed messes 

      I can list so many things bad with working with this company you have no idea.

      -For one, the traffic flow makes it a very bad to work during this current pandemic.

      -They are handling the pandemic very poorly. My dad also works at disney and the managers knowingly let someone with Covid-19 work alongside him and didn't tell anyone until the person was hospitalized.

      -There is so much toxicity there, you have no idea. A majority of the cast members are unhappy. All I ever heard in the breakroom was how bad it was to work there.

      -Managers are on your ass 24/7. They will keep an eye on every little thing you do, and if you mess up you get a talking to, either a warning or a reprimand. There's little room for error, and some people have had panic attacks from the stress that was put on them. Myself included.

      -And even then, it always seemed like managers had no control over their cast members. I've seen them getting into yelling matches with one another, just escalating the situation further and causing more stress all around.

      -As I said in my comment, higher ups favor people who treat guests well, no matter how badly they treat their fellow co-workers or managers. Like I said, there were a few people I worked with who straight up bullied people into getting what they wanted and the higher ups wouldn't do anything about it because of how well they treated the guests.

      -It's just a toxic environment overall. I went into the job dreading getting in trouble by managers, dreading to have to work with awful disgusting people, and going back home dreading it all over again.

      This new job I got at the supermarket, everyone is kind with one another, the managers praise me for the hard work I do, and I don't feel like I'm constantly being judged. It should also be noted that this supermarket is in the top ten best places to work for in many business journals, whereas Disney is nowhere near the top in those lists... I can tell this is a much healthier environment to be in than Disney.

      So again, do not judge me because I quit a job that seems like a dream for many... because in reality, it was a goddamn nightmare. My dad and my sister are the same. They love Disney but even they agree that the way the company handles things is a frickin' joke.

    3. iambitter21


      I meant that I was gonna be happy for you, but saw that you weren't happy at your job, so I didn't. I didn't mean to be rude I'm sorry.

    4. iambitter21


      anyways, sad to see a company treat you so poorly.

    5. Emperor Spooky

      Emperor Spooky

      Oh, is that what you meant? Ah, I gotcha, sorry for the essay then and getting a little snippy at you then. But what I said is still true, Disney is not a good job to be at, and I'd highly advise others against applying if they expect a similar magical experience guests do. I still enjoy going to the parks, but my dad and my sister, who work in the actual parks, (I worked at one of the resorts) are now very drained and only go to them on rare occasions. 

      This current job I'm much more happier at was what I was trying to say in the update. The supermarket complimented me on my hard work and even recognized me, whereas I'd work my butt off at Disney and I'd still get criticized for things I missed. 

      Who'd have thought a supermarket would have a more wholesome environment than a company who prides themselves on being wholesome?

  8. So apparently Death in the Family is terrible.

    Fucking hell, why can't adaptions of iconic Batman stories get a break lately? That's Killing Joke, Hush, and A Death in the Family all botched within the last few years.

  9. *is playing a Mario game*

    *My Dad sees it, sees the red cap*

    "Looks like a Trump campaign rally."

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Super Mario was forever ruined for me.

    1. Speederino



      Make the Mushroom Kingdom great again


    2. TheOcelot



    3. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      That's nothing. According to a NSFW book by Stormy Daniel's...


      Trump's ████ looks like Toad from Mario Kart on Wii


    4. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Koopalings, stand back and stand by.

    5. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      Mario donned the red cap long before Trump made it a slogan cap. 

      Besides Mario’s cap is vastly different in design. 

    6. Polkadi~☆


      video games are getting so political smh

    7. KHCast
    8. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      @KHCast Did you mean to say ok in DK’s voice, because that’s what Iheard. 

  10. Rosalina's backstory in Galaxy is my favorite piece of story out of all the Mario games I've played. The illustrations work well and the music feels perfect.

    Also nice that it's optional story.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's a cute, effective and overall interesting story. But there's a very limited selection of good Mario stories, especially if you just look at the main series games. It's a pretty low bar to find the best.

    2. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      Rosalina has in many ways overshadowed Princess Peach. I enjoyed Rosalina’s story in Galaxy too. I currently have her Aurora and Witch variants in Mario Kart Tour. I need to unlock Rosalina from Galaxy.  

  11. "If the world chooses to become my enemy....I will fight like I always have! - Shadow before confronting Mephiles, Sonic 2006 

  12. I called people on this before, but damn playing Crash 4 really drives home how easy Sonic could have used all of these abilities mixed with its level design.

    Alas...Sega sucks. 

    1. E-122-Psi


      I really don't like coming off like a contrarian every time I talk to you, but I think I'm among the few that doesn't think Crash 4 works (this is speaking from someone who has found some enjoyment out of even some of the most hated Crash games). It's a tedium of busywork and input overflow. It reminds me of my issues with Unleashed and later parts of SA2 trying to drive in too many abilities and button commands that clutter the control and don't let you get 'in the zone' enough times, sometimes there is a point streamlining the whole thing is more fun. It's also why the Wisp gameplay wears thin quick too, especially in cases like pre-patch Lost Worlds where they don't map it out well.

      One thing I like about early Sonic after all is the breezier gameplay, easy to pick up and play, even if it is challenging at times, it tends not to interfere with the simplicity of it all.

    2. Kuzu


      You need to keep in mind that Crash 4 is a sequel to Crash 3 primarily, so it needed to do SOMETHING to differentiate itself from that game. Wrath of Cortex played too similarly to Crash 3, and was considered vastly worse for it. 

      On that end, I honestly liked how Crash 4 did things; it added enough new things to keep the game fresh, but still kept the game familiar to people who played prior Crash games. 


      Wrath of Cortex is the exact reason you can't just rehash the same gameplay and expect it to go well, diminishing returns. You need to change it up once in a while. Now whether those changes are good or not is up to the individual, but I really didn't have an issue with Crash 4 and I'm sure many people didn't either. 

      And even if I did have a major problem with the game, I'm sure as hell more tolerant of them than I am with the many problems that plague Sonic games whenever they attempt this. 

    3. E-122-Psi


      Yeah but there's a point you still need to let the core game breathe within all those new ideas. Some of them sound good on paper (like the new characters and mask abilities) but the way they are implemented is just tediously unversatile and unforgiving. It doesn't feel like the gameplay has been expanded, more put on a very tight regiment through them where you play these perfectly OR ELSE, the same complaint that came with Warped and WOC's vehicle gimmicks.

      Hell Crash 4 just feels like a mass flanderization of everything the developers THINK makes the series work, gameplay, puzzle excess, story, characters, difficulty, everything feels dumbed down to one tedious note that never changes from the very start. Even the Radical games, for all of their atrocious liberties, had some better ideas of how to expand Crash and give it new life. It looks even worse in Toys For Bob's case because they at least had a better base idea but used it all in the most unentertaining way possible.

    4. Sonictrainer


      I'm just glad that holding onto something & grinding are separate in most Sonic games, because trying to get the timing down to switch rails while also going up or above the rail to destroy boxes in Crash 4 is brutal...

    5. Kuzu


      @E-122-Psi I don't know what else to say lol. I loved Crash 4, and many others did too.  I never felt any of the things that you are feeling and even the people I spoke to about the game claimed that there's very little actually wrong with the game. So I honestly have no idea what is it that you want.

      When something is too samey, you accuse of it being stale. When something changes too much, you accuse it of changing too much. 

      It honestly feels like you can't be satisfied with something unless it goes against what the majority likes or it's catered to your specific tastes. I'm not trying to be hostile here, but thats honestly what it feels like when I read some of your stuff. I wanna believe you when you say you aren't being a contrarian, but that's what it honestly feels like when I speak with you. 

  13. My Mean Bean Machine video is live. Dr Spudhead lives!


  14. Where's King of Fighters

    1. HPX



  15. cc25458a60771895f00cdffcab6b99eb04b67b2d


    1. StaticMania
    2. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      When she's able to pull out an oversized heavy mallet on command, you damn bet she's keeping it secret

    3. Sonictrainer


      Is the Classic Design with most colors?

  16. Ahh, good ole 2000's AMV energy. 


    1. Teospooker


      Absolutely beautiful.

  17. I play KH games for the Disney worlds, I've given up trying to follow the story.

    1. Marcello


      KH needs a reboot. The story is a terrible, incomprehensible mess. I wish it'd go the FF route and restart every game.

  18. here's a discord server i made, if any of you guys want to join, feel free


  19. I wish I could be a number one gamer just like Ryan. I'm just not a collector like I used to be. I'm a washed up gamer.

    1. Ryannumber1Scarer


      All you can do is hope my friend

      in the meantime, i dub thee AWildWestSteamEngineNumber1WashedUpGamer

    2. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Name taken. ☺

      Teach me your ways sensei.

    3. Ryannumber1Scarer


      Now that is dedication to the cause

  20. anyone here got any social media sites to reccomend? i need somewhere to be able to talk to people after i leave here come january, after all.

    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Discord is good and where a lot of people hang out in their own groups; plus a lot of people are consistently active on there as well

    2. Kiva Fever

      Kiva Fever

      I usually use Twitter but I only can recommend it if you know anyone on there. I usually use it to follow the stuff I like but I've met quite a lot of people including a few celebrities by chance. And there can be some bad eggs on there so be careful.

      And yeah there is Discord but you have to look for communities and all that. Its not too hard but it can take a while for that.

  21. Just generally speaking; if the next KH game after MoM inevitably ends up on PS5 and Series X, I want Square Enix to push it further then they did the PS4 and Xbox One for KH3. More expressive faces for the cutscenes and getting rid of the basic talking animations (at least for the cutscenes themselves) would certainly help.

  22. When Terry was first announced for smash, I was pretty disappointed mainly for petty reasons. For one, he was a character I didn't know about, and I thought he would be kind of a boring character overall.

    Ended up playing as him shortly after getting him thanks to fighters pass, and I found myself having a tons of fun with him,

    And from what I can tell from tonight's game night it turns out he's probably my best character in Ultimate. So, yeah... it's funny how I went from disappointed to loving him very quickly. 

    1. Ryannumber1Scarer


      You wrecked with Terry tonight

  23. thinking about leaving the fanbase again.

    every day i've felt more and more distant from the larger sonic community, like an odd one out that's slowly and single-handedly ruining everything for everyone because of what games i like.

    i just don't feel safe in the community anymore. whenever i log onto here, i can't shake the thoughts of "they don't want me here."

    the 30th anniversary and inevitable new game just adds to my dread. when 2021 was confirmed as a "big year" for sonic, my initial thoughts weren't that of excitement, or disappointment, or even intrigue...

    it was "here we go again."

    because i KNOW it'll be controversial again. i KNOW it'll devolve into the pettiest arguements this side of south island again. i'll get harassed no matter what i think, people on other sites will tell me to kill myself and that everyone would be happier if i was dead, i'll get depressed again, and then everyone would just be annoyed at me as a result. i just... can't do it all over again. i just simply can't...

    am i being too pessimistic? maybe. but apparently i'm such an easy target that i always get the worst of it. i don't think taking such a risk would be worth it again.

    2017 broke me. 2021, if it goes how i expect it to go, would probably put me in an incredibly dark and horrible mental state. i just can't take another rough pre-release period like that. and for what? some blue cartoon hedgehog? it's just not worth the stress, the pain of it all.

    so here's what i'm planning to do: i'm gonna stay here for the remainder of 2020, and in january 2021, i'll say my final goodbyes and leave the sonic fanbase for good.

    i'm not really concerned about losing social interaction, because i don't even have friends anymore, so it's not like i'm losing some unbreakable bond. i'm just a lonely dweeb screaming into the void about dumb nonsense.

    i'm sorry it had to be this way, but after 12 years as a sonic fan, i'm starting to reach my burnout point.

    let's enjoy our last moments together, before i board the train into a brighter future.

    1. Kiva Fever

      Kiva Fever

      Let me say this as someone who more or less moved away from being a Sonic fan. Do what you need to do.

      I've been here for more than a decade and I know it can be a very toxic environment. I've seen arguments happen over the silliest like Sonic's eyes for example. Not every fanbase is perfect yes but Sonic is the one that draws the most clout, both in and out of it.

      Why am I still around? Well I guess the community since I can only interact with a few friends I've met on here. Also being PRESIDENT OF SSMB and all that but I do feel like I can't be here forever myself. I've been here for so long and I've moved on from Sonic. Yeah I do get excited when Sonic happens but I don't consider it be my passion or anything. I've met a lot of people through everything else I've been following and its been great.

      Again I don't blame you for leaving. If you feel like this isn't the place for you just pack your bags and leave. I just hope you find what you're looking for in the big beyond. I'm sure you'll find a new hope to hang onto eventually.

    2. Failinhearts


      Crow couldn't have said it better.

      I have felt a bit distant with the community being overall too negative, I know your feel. It gets hard to talk about Sonic nowadays.

      But it's the people who have stuck by me who keep me around. However, I don't blame you if you pack your bags. Just stay safe.

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