1. I really hate when people are discussing characters' power and someone comes in and is like "Well Saitama could beat them all" like yeah of course he could dipshit that's the point let us talk about something that actually incites discussion please

  2. Scrooge McDuck vs Shovel Knight predictions are up, and it's next to unanimous:


    McDuck is gonna McF--k SK up something fierce. 


  3. I'm not sure if it's even the most fitting voice for the character, but I still unironically love Sonic's English OVA voice.

  4. Today in Dragon Ball Super: Gohan Fanboys crying so hard they'll go blind just like their boy.

  5. For my last post I checked the Sonic wiki in case there was an exact terminlogy for the big special stage rings, and on the page for them like... I get it's standard form on fandom wikis to use the latest appearance of something for the page image... but my god those Lost World Giant Rings were ugly as sin


    They literally look like a ready-to-go 3D art program asset or something


    1. Nepenthe


      Oh nooooooo

    2. Forte-Metallix


      Just looking at that thing gives me bad flashbacks- not just because it's poorly rendered, but the hell that it leads to.

  6. I think I'm falling for someone before meeting them. We've been chatting for days now and he feels the same way.

  7. If Skyward Sword is the first in the timeline does that make SS Link the original Link that reincarnates into all the other Links?

    1. JezMM


      I thought it was only Ganon and Zelda who are reincarnations, like, the Link of each game is just a boy the Godesses chose to bear the destiny of a hero


      (The Goddesses have a thing for young strapping blonde boys don't ask)

    2. Ferno


      does that mean that there are no Links between the Links

    3. Nepenthe


      Link's spirit also reincarnates. However, SS Link is theoretically not the first Hero.

    4. Ferno


      ...so there's a

      missing link


    5. Nepenthe
    6. Ferno
  8. When you look at it in the crudest way possible, Hyrule Warriors' story is basically a giant self insert fic by a lonely girl wants to be the waifu of a guy, who self-inserts herself as the crazy wannabe waifu that summons evil dudes from different timelines to take the guy for her husbando by any means, and in the process pisses of the guys' waifus from the other timelines and also her own split personality's good side who also wants to be the guy's waifu but isn't crazy enough to interfere with the reincarnation romance of the guy and his one true waifu.

    Oh, and the guy also has a crazy wannabe husbando who is secretly manipulating the wannabe waifu to take over the guy's world.


    Try counting the number of times I said waifu.


    1. JezMM


      And just like a good fanfic there's tits everywhere

  9. Been eating these lately. They're pretty good! 


    1. MegasonicZX


      I just had the caramel ones a week ago, really in love with them now.

    2. JayRaR


      I havent tried caramel yet, but I love the mint flavor

    3. KHCast


      My family is starting to obsess over them ha 

    4. VEDJ-F



      Not my thing. 

    5. Forte-Metallix


      I got a box of the vanilla and caramel ones the other day! I'm hooked, too!

    6. TCB



    7. JayRaR


      @TCB A Walmart, Target, somewhere thats a decently huge convenience store lol

  10. It's...over...




    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      (Image found on Pininterest btw) 

    2. Teoskaven
    3. Kiah


      I'd figured you would look more best up after having to deal with Sonic Underground of all things...

      But you fought tough. Have plenty of ice cream with sprinkles as you definitely deserve it!

    4. Spin Attaxx
    5. Gabe


      (Un)fortunately I missed it. Can anyone give me a rundown on what happened?

    6. AngelSlayerN64
    7. Princess Jellicent
    8. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      @Gabe We finished watching Underground with rich idiots, dumb robots, Irish stereotypes and a lame ending.

    9. Gabe


      Well, that doesn't seem very exciting.=p

    10. Kiah


      I'd figured you would look more best up after having to deal with Sonic Underground of all things...

      But you fought tough. Have plenty of ice cream with sprinkles as you definitely deserve it!

      Wait it's too early for the status update glitches! :o 

    11. Cheawn


      Sonic Underground was painful. And not even a real ending was at the end. I want my time back!

    12. Forte-Metallix


      And now we can rest easy. The storm is over, so now we have a lot of calm to look forward to.

      And by "calm", I mean this:





  11. To show Sonic Underground done right, Sonic Boom Battle of the Boy Bands is coming on Motobug!


  12. I want GameXplain to give us another quick Nintendo Switch video update entirely on what the console tastes like.

  13. Skyward Sword question: If SS is supposed to be the beginning of the Zelda timeline, why does it use Lanayru, Eldin, and Faron for the names of the provinces, when with the exception of Twilight Princess, NONE of the other Zelda games ever used those names? It's especially odd considering the implications of Death Mountain = Eldin Volcano since there doesn't seem to be any reason to change it to a different name.

    1. Nepenthe


      Skyward Sword is in the era closest to the gods, and all of the species on the surface participated in the Goddess' war. It makes sense that they would name things after their creation deities. As for why the names aren't used since, the same reason Hylia want worshipped anymore- time passes, religion and culture changes, and people move on and forget.

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      It isn't called a LEGEND for nothing

    3. Lord Vader

      Lord Vader

      The games were never meant to exist in a chronology. They were there own experiences. Many of the Zelda titles have little things in them that contradict their place in the timeline.

  14. Does someone here is playing Tales of Berseria? I played Phantasia, Symphonia, Abyss, Zestiria, but none caught my interest after 2 hours. Berseria however, I'm 10 hours into it. Love the gameplay and story.

    1. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      I'm actually playing it as we speak but I'm not too far in. I'm really loving it myself.

      I wish Dyle was playable tho. D:

    2. JosepMelloZSM


      Me too!

      RIP GameTrailers and eat your heart out.

      And Magilou is great. I thought she was going to be annoying as hell, but nope, she is great. 



    3. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      I love Magilou! I think she's the reason why she made me buy the game in the first place. Sheese I love all these characters so far and even if I can't play as my boy Dyle he's pretty awesome regardless.

      I will say this is a massive step up from Zesitria. I honestly didn't like any of the characters but Edna because they come off as too mary sue-y. And Sorey's animations are weird. D:

    4. God Eater Lenka

      God Eater Lenka

      Eeyup, I beat it a while ago. It's one of my favorites up with Xillia 2 and Vesperia.

      I liked Zestiria a lot as well but the camera was a serious issue. It had my favourite cast of characters though.

    5. MegasonicZX


      Berseria is really good, definitely better than a lot of RPG's that came out last year.

    6. JosepMelloZSM






  16. I was not expecting Night in the Woods to remind me of Morenatsu in terms of feels.

    1. Ogilvie


      I chose Morenatsu as a comparison because I am totally dating Gregg and not just hanging out with him I refuse to hear otherwise lalalala

    2. PaddyFancy


      Oh Morenatsu, how I miss it a lot.

  17. Has anyone seen that new Legion show, based in Fox's X-Men film series?

  18. Fun Fact: Outside of The Orange Lantern Larfleeze, one of the few to harness the corps power, and not be consumed was Lex Luthor, albiet as a temporary member

  19. Was watching the Fantastic Four (2015) on TV earlier and I've noticed a fire flower from Super Mario hanging on the front mirror of Johnny's car... how subtle.

  20. PBG made a BotW music video 

    1. Soni


      And the music is done by a really cool dude that has made the best Classic Sonic Trilogy comparison video in YouTube. Do check out Garett's stuff, it's amazing!


  22. Gonna go participate in the Coldest Night of the Year walk at my church! See ya in a few!

    1. Kiah


      Not sure if you will be able to stay warm worth anything but have fun! 

    2. Mightyray
  23. Presumably minor Breath of the Wild spoiler:



    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Eh, I thought it'd be about Deer taming