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Found 5 results

  1. Whenever a new calendar year hoves into view, every year we seem to wonder how the next could get any better (or, ahem, worse) than the last one. We know something of what's coming already of course; a handful of names and dates, usually accompanied by some media and a few details. However, half of what will make the next year great is what isn't known at the start of it; the sometimes bitter reality at the end of those extensive hype campaigns, unexpected sales figures, instant classics emerging from nowhere, and of course those surprise announcements at the year's trade shows. So, with that in mind, what would you predict of this year? Or do you have something to say about other peoples' predictions? Please don't make tiny posts, by the way, it's nice to see a little thought go into these things. Here's a few of mine: Hardware: New XBox revealed, to release in October. New PlayStation revealed, to release in Q1/Q2 2014. Details on hardware sketchy at first, though Sony is obviously trying hard to reveal as much as it can. Likely that some major announcements are being saved for close to the New Xbox's release, to steal thunder and sales. Valve's console thingamajig revealed, to release "when it's done." Everybody gets overexcited. Vita sales get a shot in the arm when a few more AC: Liberation-style games (that is, spin-offs of console favorites which aren't just ports) are announced at E3 and release in the late months of the year. The boost isn't enough to make the system any less of a joke, however, and things continue to look a bit bleak by year's end. Software: Darksiders 3 to be announced and teased, most likely at E3, but will not release in calendar year 2013, or even 2014. No gameplay for it will be shown this year, either. Doom 4 is announced and trailed. The Hype Train goes into overdrive. The game releases sooner than expected, to great fanfare. Fallout 4 announced and revealed at E3. Everybody impressed. Releases in Q3 on all formats, with PS4/New Xbox ports promised for mid-late 2014. Wii U gets it in calendar year 2013. Mass Effect 4, without the 4 and with a subtitle, begins a new story arc for the ME universe. Opinions are somewhat mixed, but cautiously optimistic. Nintendo announces and trails Pikmin 3DS, The Legend of Zelda 3DS, a new F-Zero, a new Smash Bros. game, Wii Fit U and an exclusive new project from The Behemoth. Sonic 4: Episode 3 finally gets revealed and released. It turns out to be the best one yet, but by this point nobody actually cares, so it largely falls under the radar. Sega takes the hint and decides that Episode 4 will be the final episode, followed by the release of a special all-episodes compilation pack for download and retail release, containing new little cut-scenes linking everything together. The new "main series" Sonic game from Sega looks promising. SonicCycle.jpg gets passed around yet again. The Walking Dead: Season 2 announced and trailed at E3, to release early in 2014 to much critical acclaim. Yet another Final Fantasy game. I hope that this thread might be revived in a year's time, so we might look back on our foolish hopes and/or prescience and smile, and so we can predict the year 2014 with equally gleeful* abandon. *May not be all that gleeful. GO!
  2. Hello all! Christmas is just around the corner, so it's time to get the old tree old of the loft, and try to fit all of those decorations on it without the darned thing falling over... \/ # LATEST TREE HERE # \/ As you can see, the tree is bigger and more a tad more realistic than last year. RULES: The same order of events is in play, just reply saying you want to add a creation to the tree and I'll add you to list, PMing you when it's your turn. Please download the latest version of the tree (Which will be shown above for ease of access) and add your decoration. No skipping or just showing up and adding to the tree, ask first, then I'll PM when it's your turn. The tree must remain the same size and dimensions when re-uploaded. For page length, please upload your updated tree into your original post, in spoiler tags. Please save the file as BMP or PNG for image quality. Please write your name in relatively small writing in the yellow box (you don't have to include your name if you don't want to). Decorations can be anything as long as it's a image and meets the forum's Safe for Work policy, but please keep them within the recommended size. No jagged edges or square block cut-outs please.Rounded baubles or characters on transparent backgrounds make good decorations. In order to keep things orderly (last year was a bit chaotic), I've marked spaces on the tree with Xs to show where people can place their creations. There are 20 spaces on the tree (Including the topper). The Maximum allowed size is 95 by 95 px. Alternatively, you can leave a present under the tree, but the same size restrictions apply, and It must not obscure a decoration. Obscuring or removing of others people's contributions is not allowed. If for whatever reason you're unable to contribute when you said you would, the baton will pass to the next person in line. If you want to drop out at any time, either leave a comment here or PM me. Let's get out there and have fun folks! Participatants: Due to the limited amount of space, I can only see 25 available spaces (5 extra for presents or incase anyone drops out.
  3. So, we have a GOTY topic and it made me think. What are the worst games I've played this year? So, I made this topic for the discussion of your WGOTY in 2013. Now, a little ground rule before we start. Avoid drama, please. We're all mature people here, we should be able to accept the fact that we all have different opinions. This cuts both ways, however, as you should have 'vaild' reasons on why you think the games you've listed are worthy of this title. By valid, I do mean no "I hate it because Sonic sucks now", rather "I don't like how Sonic controls in this title". (Apologies if this comes across as backseat moderating) Have fun!
  4. This topic is being created with the sole purpose of granting you, our beloved forumites and dear friends, an easy means of identifying exactly when each of the major press conferences of this year's E3 take place in relation to your own time zone. Konami's conference is one June 6th at 9:00AM PDT / 12:00PM EDT / 5:00PM BST / 8:00AM AEST. Countdown clock: Clicky here! There may not be much discussion in here, but I'll leave the topic open, just in case.
  5. When: December 7th 11pm GMT / 6pm ET / 3pm PT Where: http://www.spike.com/vgx/about Official site featuring all of the nominees: http://www.spike.com/vgx With the VGAs VGX coming up this Saturday and a lot of stuff being teased about it lately, I thought I'd prep a thread ready for the event. Here's a list of games we know that will be shown there so far courtesy of CVG: Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime will be presenting a new look at an upcoming Wii U game. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Titanfall Quantum Break South Park: The Stick of Truth Broken Age Dying Light Tom Clancy's The Division At least two new trailers for unspecified Square Enix games. Let the speculation commence.
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