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  1. It returns! The Sonic Stadium was the original home for the 30 Days of Sonic community event way back in the early 2010s, but now after a multi-year hiatus the event has returned with some newly-prepared fun activities and rewards. The premise is simple - every day, a new discussion topic or activity was revealed for the Sonic Community to participate in, with account incentives and rewards for those that took the time to play a part. This year, we will be running a number of simple but varied activities every day, from June 1 - June 30 inclusive. There will be a different kind of activity for each day of the week. Here's what you can expect: Activity Schedule Mondays (starting June 6): Music Track of the Week Every week we will ask you what your favourite Sonic music track is, based on a particular theme or category. We will share an example of our favourite song from said theme to kick off the conversation! Tuesdays (starting June 7): Fan Game Favourites On Tuesdays, we will kick off a discussion about Fan Games and Game Hacks! This is an incredibly creative part of the Sonic community, and we wanted to give these fans some love. Wednesdays (starting June 1): Question of the Week The focus on Wednesdays is what this forum is all about - discussion! We kick off a particular topic with a question that asks you to dig deep within your heart (and memories) to share your thoughts, opinions and more! Thursdays (starting June 2): Comic Panel of the Week Whether it's IDW, Archie, Fleetway or the many manga that have existed in the world, Sonic has featured in comic form for a long time. Each week, we ask you to share your favourite panel (or moment) from a favourite comic series based on a particular theme. Fridays (starting June 3): Poll of the Week Time for some Friday Fun! On Fridays, we hold a poll to truly get to the bottom of some of the most interesting questions in the history of Sonic the Hedgehog. Honest. Saturdays (starting June 4): Game Challenge of the Week Weekends are for gaming! And what better game to play on your time off than Sonic? Every week we pose a simple but interesting challenge for Sonic gamers to accomplish. All the games featured are easily available on all modern consoles, and all you need to prove your completion is a snapshot taken from your chosen console's built-in screenshot feature. Sundays (starting June 5): Fan Art Challenge This is where all you creative artists can show the rest of the community What You're Made Of! On Sundays, post your completed piece of fan art (drawn/developed specifically for The Sonic Stadium's 30 Days of Sonic event) into the relevant Fan Art Challenge topic. Each week there is a different theme/prompt for you to work with - feel free to get creative! To give you the maximum amount of time to work on your projects, we are sharing the prompts ahead of time: Week 1 (to share on Sunday June 5): "Fist Bump" Week 2 (to share on Sunday June 12): "Custom Badniks" Week 3 (to share on Sunday June 19): "Heroic" Week 4 (to share on Sunday June 26): "Party" Bonus: Sonic Stadium Banner Art Challenge We're bringing this back as part of 30 Days of Sonic 2022! We will give you dimensions and specs for our Sonic Stadium character banner (seen at the top of every page you browse on SSMB), and your job is to use your fan art skills to develop a new banner that will appear on the site's rotation. You have all of June to do this, so feel free to do this whenever you have the time. Contributing banners will be added to the random rotation cycle of the SSMB's Default "Stadium" theme. Rewards For participating in the 30 Days of Sonic 2022, you will receive special badges for your TSS Account. These Limited Edition badges will only be available during this event, so be sure to take part! They will be manually awarded to your account once we launch The Sonic Stadium's new Achievements system (coming soon). Members who post the appropriate content in an activity's topic during the month of June will be eligible for these badges. Here is a preview of the badges you can earn; Special badges for participating in the First (June 1) and Second (June 2) days of the event Badges for participating in Music Track of the Week Badges for participating in Fan Game Favourites Badges for participating in Question of the Week (except June 1) Badges for participating in Comic Panel of the Week (except June 2) Badges for participating in Poll of the Week Badges for participating in Game Challenge of the Week Badges for participating in Fan Art Challenge Special badges for participating in ALL daily activities, and for contributing a fan art banner to The Sonic Stadium during the 30 Days of Sonic event.
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