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Found 4 results

  1. Sonic’s 30th anniversary is almost over, but the partnerships between SEGA and other companies has certainly not slowed. In the latest of these collaborations SEGA has teamed up with Moor-Art Gallery to produce and sell a special limited edition 30th anniversary print. This print will be limited to just 200 copies, and is currently being sold for £34.99. Given the limited nature of these prints, you can expect them to go fast. You can find the print here. They ship worldwide. You can check out what it looks like below: Full Story: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2021/12/sonic-team-moor-art-gallery-collaborate-on-sonic-30th-anniversary-print/
  2. The latest artwork from SEGA Japan's Sonic Channel has been released! With Sonic Colours Ultimate releasing in the next month or so worldwide, it makes sense that the September entry for the 'Sonic x ...' series would focus on the colourful Wisp creatures. The artwork features Sonic darting around Windy Valley as he pals around with Yacker and the Drill, Laser and Ghost Wisps from Sonic Colours. The new drawings also come complete with a short story (in Japanese) about Sonic's encounter with these mysterious beings. You can read that here. On Sonic Channel's website, you can download the artwork in both desktop and mobile formats as a wallpaper. You can also download a digital calendar PDF for September 2021 that also features this art.
  3. no one


    Figured I'd put my art up here. (Look at the more recent pages. My ability has improved rapidly. I promise )
  4. I decided to start drawing Sonic again. Last time was years ago. I more comfortable with the pencil then digital drawing. So this thread will have mostly just pencil or coloured pencil artwork. Comments and critique are welcome Enjoy
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