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Found 2 results

  1. "LOOK AT ALL THOSE EGGMAN ROBOTS!" No seriously, look at them.Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable characters in the Sonic series. With his evil traits yet humorous qualities, he sticks out as one of the reasons I love the Sonic series so much. But this isn't an Eggman appreciation topic, no, this is an Eggman question-ability topic. A man with an IQ over 300, yet his mech's are somewhat questionable, from some ideas ranging from brilliant to downright retarded. In this topic, I will be going over all of the Classic 16 Bit Bosses, Adventure/Heroes Bosses, to the Modern Bosses. No, not every single boss, only the ones that have been piloted/created by Eggman. I will not be doing Sonic 4 because (none of them are original) I'll do it after Ep.2 legally comes out. Yeah.... Episode 2 sucks so........knock yourself out if you wanna do it. I will not be doing the 8-bit/spinoffs because of obscurity/who gives a fuck? Back from unpopular demand! I will not be doing the Advance/Rush titles because I just don't feel like it. Others are doing it, cool. I will exclude Eggman battles where he is not using a mech/machine. I will exclude the mini-bosses from Sonic 3&K. Maybe.... I will be very tired after writing this, and will probably have arthritis at the end. (So yes, this will be an incredibly long topic, so I will break down the views into 3 Eras. Classic, Adventure, and Modern. so Let's take a drink and just see how "brilliant" some of Eggman's mech's are.) Unfortunately, SSMB's Image limit will limit me, so I'm going to have to unfortunately triple, maybe even quadruple post. Again I am terribly sorry for doing that. Classic Era Part 1 Wrecking Ball Ah Yes, the Wrecking Ball, the first and most famous of Eggman's Bosses. Now I'll give the first couple of Sonic 1 Bosses a break, as this is Eggman's first meeting with Sonic, and as an overconfident genius, he no doubt felt like he didn't need to waste his IQ on creating a machine to squash Sonic. Overall, a nice simplistic idea that while it didn't work (in fact it failed miserably), it's still only the first boss, really threat at all though. Threat Level 2/10 Overall: Simple Fireball Weapon Hrm....his weapon is a fireball, that spills down on one platform. Still simple, yet has some effort after his embarrassing defeat in Green Hill Zone. He's still underestimating Sonic's power, so the yet again simplistic design I'll give him that, but I do like the tiny effort he put into it. If only there had been one platform though, he would've won. So it's not really Eggman's fault, it's Marble Zone's fault. Threat Level 3/10 Overall: Still Simple Spike Weapon Okay...This is a little embarrassing...It's a spike that pulls up platforms (AT AN INCREDIBLY SLOW RATE I MIGHT ADD) This is the 3rd time you've fought Sonic, so I;d expect you to get a little less confident and put some more effort into your next Boss I hope. Threat Level 1/10 Overall: Simple and Stupid Retreat (I'll just leave this here) No comment..... Mine Dropper Hmm... A sub-par boss at best I suppose. Sure the threat is there, but it's coming from the enviorment, and not really from Eggman (another problem that was in Marble Zone). Still, he does move back and forth at a pace, and seems like he's trying to hurt Sonic this time, so I'll give him that. It's not bad, but it's not good. Threat Level 3/10 Overall: Meh FINAL ZONE The Final boss of Sonic 1, and it's........bleh. So many things wrong. Eggman moves at a somewhat slow pace, not really being able to hurt Sonic if he stands to the far left or right. Also the red orbs make this yet again, a boss with most of the threats coming from the environment, and not Eggman (self proclaimed genius) himself. And why the hell did he make it so he leaves himself widely open to the left or right? Some spikes on the sides would have solved that problem. Threat Level 4/10 Overall:...I'll just leave this here, again, ONTO SONIC CD Bobbin Walker Well now, this looks promising, he is invincible from the front due to bumpers, and looks like he's about to kill you, that is, until he turns retarded and lowers his defense and walks away form you for no god damn reason at all. Pathetic, all Talk, no Walk....or is it the other way around with this boss? Threat Level 1/10 you will never get hurt from this boss, unless you stand there and do absolutely nothing. Overall: 300 IQ? Sure it's not 30? Pinball Machine I hate this boss with a passion, and wish it would die in a fiery passion every time I play it. But that's not what this is about, this is about how non-threatening this boss is. All he does is drop spike balls, from the same location, every time. Again, Pathetic. Threat Level 1/10 Overall: Pathetic, again. Bubble Shield Blaster BUBBLES?!?!? SERIOUSLY!?!? Get the fuck out of here. The 4 shots that may or may not hit you are the real threat here. Eggman is just....bubbles? What the fuck?Bubbles..... Threat Level 3/10 Overall: Seriously, bubbles? Mine Dropping Conveyor Belt WORK THAT SUCKER TO DEATH! C'MON NOW, WORK THAT SUCKER TO DEATH! The war begins, Sonic running against his own speed, with Eggman dropping spikes on top of him, forcing Sonic to slow down and hit the spikes behind him. Actually very clever, with it's only fault is the friction of Sonic's speed against the conveyor belt. Threat Level 5/10 Overall: Very Clever, I like it. Rocket Mobile It's still unknown if the spikes and platforms are Eggman's doings, or just again, the environment. If it's the latter, then this boss is measly pathetic for flying away. Threat Level 1/10 Overall: Need more clarity on what the real threat here is. Final Fever This creepy yet Tetris looking boss is dumb. I mean yeah it's invincible at the start, but after it hits you, IT falls apart. That just screams lazy building if his own creations fall apart. If only he screwed in that last bolt, maybe this boss would be threatening. Threat Level 3/10 Overall; Meh. ONTO SONIC 2 ( Actually, I need someone to post so I can continue).
  2. DING DING DING Sonic the Hedgehog has had a hell of a lot of different styles and directions. Being around for twenty goddamn years probably helped that along. Some directions were good, some not so much. Some made us want to rip our hair out. For the next few weeks mad uncle Joker proposes a game, choose which Sonic games got what styles right, and which... didn't, and do tell us why. This game will work just as Soniman's legendary Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors topic did, but with more explosions! RULEZ -Have fun. -Don't feed them after midnight. -Pick a group of Sonic games listed by yours truly and tell the world why its the best at what it does! -Try to respect others' opinions on the topic. But I don't need to tell you that! -give me some money Without further *Apu*, let's get this show on the road! Story Let us start on a bombshell, eh? Sonic isn't exactly renowned for stories of high-quality, but dammit if there isn't a few golden nuggets in there. The series seems to follow a couple of specific patterns for story, now which do you prefer? Style 1: Grand Epic Adventures (Sonic Adventure (duh), '06, Unleashed) This kind of Sonic story involves a big-ass scope and a lot of balls. Be it Eggman blowing up the planet, blowing up a city or blowing up the moon, he's blowing something up and he's being assisted by the God of something or other. Basically, there's a high emphasis on Gods, time and space as we know it, and a LOT of new characters, be they a mass of NPCs or new furballs to play with. Focus is shared between Sonic and the others with no specific spotlight character. Cutscenes are many, drama is high, cheese is... plentiful. Characters die, learn things, are reset to their previous flanderizations so they go through them again... or all three. Style 2 - Character over Story (Classics) These games may lack the Cutscenes and scope of their successors, but they sure as hell tell a story. The bright, colorful characters, the mysterious level quirks, you name it. Essentially they tell a silent story through means other than Cutscenes. Style 3 - Characterization comes first! (Heroes, Colors, Lost World) Not a lot of actual things happen. The emphasis is clearly on bringing characters to life. Exactly by how much is up for debate. Cutscenes are few, plots are thin, but hey, they're entertaining. I've probably said enough. So now, I hand over to you, the little people, for a week of fun, mischief, and uh... yeah. Until next Sunday, the dawn of round 2, Let The Games Begin! Joker out.
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