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Found 6 results

  1. This topic has been discussed in the link below. This is a seperate page for this specific topic. Just earlier today Capcom announced they were not renewing it's takeover defense. Anybody can now buy them out, should a third party company buy enough stock. This means anybody can purchase Capcom. Discuss! Who should take Capcom? Is this a good idea? (Oh hey, i'm back.)
  2. What can I say about Capcom? I used to be a fan of theirs, but ever since 2011, they've been making alot of bad business decisions, and they've been treating their fans like garbage. Really sad. So I consider the Capcom I used to know dead. They cancel Megaman Universe, they cancel Megaman Legends 3 and blame the fans for it being cancelled (not to mention Keiji Inafune wanted to continue the project, and they wouldn't let him), they release an update of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 only 9 months after the original game came out with a bunch of stuff that should've been DLC instead of a new physical game disc, they sold Devil May Cry to Ninja Theory, they remove the option to delete save games from Resident Evil:Mercenaries, it's sad like I said. So, I put together a tribute video to the Capcom of yesteryear for everyone to remember that they didn't use to be as bad as they are today and used to make quality titles. I'm aware that I left out several important titles, but you can only fit so many games into a 3 minute video.
  3. Admittedly up to this point I had pretty much written this game off as vaporware. There'd been very little media on it since announcement, so I presumed it had either been shelved or maybe reworked for another platform. But alas! New trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDZznlD-PL8&feature=youtu.be It certainly looks like Monster Hunter! although albeit a lot more run jump n' climby. The textures are kind of shitty but the gameplay it self looks solid from the trailer. If it has that MH feel it'll be good for sure. I'm aware we had a topic about this and 3G ages ago, it's better if we have a dedicated one for this game, especially now that media will presumably be rolling out.
  4. http://www.shopto.net/news/46424/Yoshinori-Ono-has-leaves-Capcom-Vancouver/?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed I've not played much Street Fighter since I was a kid, but this is shocking nonetheless. No word yet on what he's going to do from here.
  5. So the original topic for this is gone, How about I make one? So...Monster Hunter. It's a video game. Monster Hunter is one of Capcom's flagship franchises that originally debuted on the PS2. Although it has a small following in the West, it's massively popular in Japan, with it pretty much carrying the PSP up in sales around it's time on the PSP. Recently, the console has made a shift towards Nintendo consoles, with 3 Ultimate being released on Wii U/3DS and 4G just coming out on the 3DS only. The gameplay comprises of you doing ranked missions, with the only form of progression being gear and skill. As of 4G, there are 16 different weapons to choose from, and they all play like fighting characters. The game is padded with lots of content and it's formula is extremely addicting and enjoyable even though it sound somewhat repetitive. Personally, Monster Hunter feels way too slow for me but everybody I know seems to be playing it now, so I'm going to join the bandwagon soon. Also, felynes. Nuff said: So, talk about everything Monster Hunter here!
  6. Haven't seen many topics on this series so I thought I’d go ahead and make one. Whats your favourite game in the series, favourite characters, moments, cases, anything. Let us chat about it. Major spoilers I suggest being hidden if possible. Hard to do for games like this I understand. I myself recently have purchased the 3 games in the Phoenix Wright trilogy on the DS and Miles Edgeworth Investigations. Cost a lot of money but i’m loving this series a lot so far. I’ve finished the first game and now i’m currently on the second game. I like it so far. Episode 2's plot is really good.
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