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Found 24 results

  1. So, I was thinking… Why doesn’t SEGA make replacements for Ken Penders’s characters? For his echidnas, I think we could reimagine the Nocturnus clan so that Ken won’t be mad about them being too close to the characters they’re going to replace. I was thinking… instead of making them echidnas, they should make them beings made of dark energy bent on conquering the world?
  2. I think that Miles "Tails" Prower is an awesome character, really accompanies Sonic well as a sidekick during the classic era, he was great, he was the buddy that follows Sonic and acts like him, tries to imitate him, and learns to spin dash along with the blue hero. Plus he was a fantastic playable character in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, with his Flying ability, really making the game easier for beginner players. Now, Adventure Tails is also great, he wants to step up as a main hero, not being overshadowed by Sonic anymore, he wants to become his own person. I really loved this evolution in the 1998-2001 period. Also he finds his own inventions, planes, mechs, even though most people including me didn't like that he was being relegated to shooting gameplay in Sonic Adventure 2, really boring and just to provide a skin to Eggman, as he wasn't planned as playable in the beta phase of the game. But still, great writing for him, he wants to avenge Sonic and become the leader when he believes Sonic is dead at the end of the game. Now, what happened here? In Sonic 2006, he was already misused compared to other friend characters in the game, but that game was an unfinished mess, Tails I believe was supposed to be the fourth main character but later became an amigo character, but still, he really lacked screentime or his own stages compared to people like Rouge, Omega, Blaze and even Amy who is playable in few stages, they all still had their own plots, Knuckles was another underdog in that game. I know that in the last 10 years, due to the failure of Sonic 2006 the "shitty friends" were given a minor role and the focus was back on Sonic, that Tails still had been given a better role than Knuckles, Amy and Shadow, among Others, who also deserved better, so everyone was misused, but Tails in particular, in these games: 1. Sonic Unleashed: the main focus is the friendship between Sonic and Chip, which I did not approve as it meant Tails was useless, besides, he became a damsel in distress who couldn't fight the Dark Gaia monsters, he was only used for the Tornado travelling. 2. Sonic Lost World: Tails became a focus again in the story, but at what cost? The Writers Pontaff didn't know what to do with him, and the focus on the triangle Tails - Sonic - Eggman became a thing, with Tails on the wrong side, the jealous one, although he was right about Eggman betraying them, obviously. Tails is smart, but now he is so smart he became an arrogant jerk who is a prig and declares he is intelligent he doesn't need help. Really Tails' worst portrayal, but at least he did something, unlike... 3. Sonic Forces: where Tails is once again the damsel in distress, he can't fix Omega, he can't fight simple Chaos 0 and ask for help by any Sonic, he is really useless, only having the form of hope that Sonic will return. Although he does some good in the game, but only for exposition scenes with Eggman, the Avatar to explain the stuff about the Phantom Ruby prototypes. Another big disservice to the character in my opinion. But, I'm aware that most of you already knew all of that, I still want to express my disappointment that the Writers have no idea what to do with the character sadly. However there IS some good in recent Tails appearances, besides main games, he was just acceptable in Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, once again a supporting character but at least well written, Tails has become more independent, less an action hero but more of a tech guy who works on his creations, a smart but kind boy who is no longer Sonic's puppy, but his own person, even though he is not a hero like in the Dreamcast days. But Tails' best recent appearances where he is well written are 2, in particular, besides Sonic Mania where he is a cool playable character, but talking in story perspective and writing: 1. Sonic Boom cartoon: When he's not written by Pontaff, Tails is a really gentle kid who adores Sonic, but also works on his machines, creations, he is an ace pilot, and the character quirks, although not many, are that he is nerdy and his inventions are buggy as hell, and they put his friends in danger, which worries Tails to fix the problem. I thought it was nice writing, although most episodes revolved around the same basic plotline, and that became boring fast. 2. Sonic IDW comics: Forgetting some really horrible moments during the Archie days of the Ian Flynn era, where there was that infamous triangle with Fiona and Tails slaps Sonic, Flynn redeemed himself already during the reboot, although there weren't any Tails focused stories, and there aren't any Tails centrics yet in IDW, but still, Tails is written pretty well as most characters are, he is a fighter again, he is useful, he is smart and careful without being arrogant, he works on his creations and tries to find a cure for the virus in later issues, realizes that someone else is controlling the robots during season 1, etc. I'm really looking forward to some solo Tails comics in the future. So what do you think? What role should Tails have in the future? How should he be handled?
  3. Over the years Sonic has accrued a significant number of abilities. Some of these have gone on to become staples of the franchise (eg. Homing Attack, Light Speed Dash) while others have appeared in one or two games and then never appeared again (eg. Super Peel Out, Triangle Jump). Naturally not all of these abilities can be mapped to one controller; not only that but a number of his abilities wouldn’t work well with certain playstyles due to differing design philosophies. I mean can you imagine what a nightmare it would be to try and use the boost in Sky Deck, what with all that unstable ground and those narrow walkways? That brings us to the point of this thread. What do you think the ideal Moveset/Control Scheme for Sonic is? Some Things to Keep in Mind 1. Don’t just list off moves, tell us what button they're mapped to so we can understand how things are laid out. 2. Be sure to specify what controller you’re thinking of. This is especially important if you’re not using a Sony controller, as Nintendo and Microsoft use the same labels for their face buttons but have them arranged differently (eg. Y on a Microsoft controller is X on a Nintendo controller). 3. Don’t feel like you’re limited to abilities that already exist. If you think you have a great idea for a new ability, or want to expand on an old one, go right ahead. Just be sure you explain it so we can understand. 4. You’re not limited to Sonic. If you want to give your ideas for a Knuckles or Silver moveset too then knock yourself out. Just make it clear who it’s for. 5. Have fun with it. Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, my ideal Sonic moveset. Character: Sonic Controller: Xbox 360/ONE Other: Sonic’s basic handling is similar to Adventure – ’06, Rail Grinding functions like Adventure 2 A = Jump/Homing Attack/Jump Dash/Sonic Eagle Before I explain Sonic Eagle there are a few changes to the Jump Dash and Homing attack I’d like to make. First, the Homing Attack no longer kills momentum, instead when it connects Sonic reacts in the same way he would if he jumped into the enemy from that speed (to prevent unnecessary frustration however Sonic will always bounce as though he hit the top of the target, regardless of which direction he actually hit it from). Second instead of setting Sonic to a fixed speed Jump Dashing (and by extension Homing Attacking) now add their horizontal speed to the speed that Sonic is already going. For the Jump Dash that initial boost will dissipate until Sonic hits the ground. If Sonic is already at or above his normal top speed when he hits the ground then the speed gained from the Jump Dash will continue to be lost, otherwise he gets to keep it. The Homing Attack’s speed acts as it normally does (I don’t know if it decreases over time or not) but if it’s in excess of Sonic’s top speed then anything gained from the initial boost will be lost when Sonic hits his target. This is to prevent them from being abused for infinite speed. You may recognize Sonic Eagle from Sonic Battle. Remember how I said the Homing attack no longer kills your horizontal momentum? Well that’s only true if you tap the button. If you’re holding A when Sonic hits the enemy he’ll perform the Sonic Eagle, a powerful downward kick which not only destroys enemies but also converts his horizontal momentum into vertical momentum. This can make homing chains easier by giving you more time to aim. It can also give Sonic some extra height, allowing him to reach areas he wouldn’t be able to otherwise. I promise the rest of these will be shorter. X = Sweep Kick/Somersault/Stomp or Bounce* The somersault from Sonic Adventure 2 makes a return here. Like the Homing Attack it has been modified so that it preserves your momentum, effectively turning it into an abbreviated form of rolling. This allows Sonic to attack enemies or break crates and such without having to go airborne or put himself at the mercy of the terrain. The only difference between the somersault and the sweep kick (from ’06 and Unleashed) is that the somersault is activated by pressing the button while moving and the sweep kick is activated by pressing the button while standing still. They’re functionally the same, they just have different animations. In the air it will cause Sonic to either stomp or bounce. Stomp would work like it did in the boost games, bounce works like it did in Adventure 2. B = Roll/Spindash/Shield Power* Pressing and holding B while stationary will activate the Spindash. There’s not much to explain here it works the same way it has in every 3D game. Spamming is prevented by requiring you to be stopped before you can use it. Pressing while moving causes Sonic to roll which is pretty self-explanatory. Pressing in the air activates powers from elemental shields if applicable. Y = Light Dash/Context Sensitive Actions Pressing Y near a trail of rings activates the Light Speed Dash, you know what that does. It’s also the “Action” button in case Sonic needs to perform an action that isn’t automatic and doesn’t have a dedicated button (eg. talking to NPC’s in hub worlds). Bumpers (LB and RB) = Quickstep/Dodge Although you may not be going as fast as in the Boost games the ability to sidestep obstacles is still a useful tool to have. At lower speeds the move is slightly adjusted to act as a dodge, useful for boss fights and the like. Left Trigger (LT) = Drift Like the Quickstep the drift seems like another ability that loses its utility at lower speeds. However Sonic still lost speed when making tight turns in the Adventure games. This in turn made levels like Sky Deck or the missile launch segment of Metal Harbor frustrating as making instant 90 or even 180 degree turns would basically kill your speed (especially bad in Metal Harbor since you have a time limit). Adding in the drift offers a way to maintain your speed while taking sharp corners. Right Trigger (RT) = Parkour As much as I dislike Lost World it was definitely on to something with its addition of parkour. Unfortunately it didn’t execute it very well. Here parkour is physics based, Sonic decelerates as he runs up or across the wall, once his speed gets too low he falls, he also gains the ability to run down walls, which speeds him up. Sonic can also turn while wall running now, the speed of the turn is determined by direction, turning upwards is much slower than turning on the ground while turning downwards is quicker (not quick enough that you might accidentally turn straight downward and plummet to your death though). The functions of the wall jump and triangle jump are also folded into the parkour mechanic as well. Well there you have it. I might come back later and give my thoughts on other characters. ___________________________________________________________________________________ * These depend upon the inclusion of elemental shields. If they're not included I'd give Sonic the bounce, if they are included I'd give Sonic the stomp and save the bounce for the bubble shield. Also the button mapping of Bounce/Stomp and Shield Power are interchangeable. Edit: I've rethought the way the Homing Attack handles speed. Instead of your boost vanishing when you hit an enemy I'm now thinking it should be locked when you execute the attack then gradually decrease after hitting the enemy. This way you can use Homing Chains to build speed beyond the normal maximum. Longer chains equal more speed.
  4. Okay, you all know about the Display Name Function, and how we use it to change our names to suit either the situations on the board, or simply for our own amusement. Well, I tried to change back to Ed Missile today, and it doesn't work. It continually keeps claiming that my username choice is invalid, DESPITE the fact that my choice doesn't violate the rules that continually shows up in the error message. Is this just me, or is this a major bug?
  5. So, I look at the Babylon Rouges & Team Hooligan (Nack, Bean, & Bark) & I started thinking: One of these groups kinda remind me of Team Rocket. I mean, Jet & Nack kinda remind me of Jessie as in terms of being in charge. Bean & Storm would seriously be like Meowth or Wobuffet. Bark would be a smart-but-silent James. & Wave is a combination of Jessie & Meowth together.
  6. Good morning, zam. Some of you might have noticed that in my posts I often express annoyance towards stupidity, zam. But sometimes I can be pretty dumb myself, zam. For example, this question I'm asking, zam. What's the point of fan characters? zam? I feel like I'm missing something, zam. Even though I created fan characters myself, zam. Back when I was a younger zam. To this day I still don't know why, zam. I've still got two characters I class as fan characters at the moment, zam. But I only use them as my art gallery mascots, zam. They don't have any storyline or past connected to them, like other FCs would have, zam. I also did deliberately make them have a strong resemblance to Sonic and Tails, zam. I guess it is a good way to feel closer to the characters, zam. But I feel like some people may take it too seriously, zam. Like if an FC has been created to have a love interest with *insert name here* only to have a new official character be a love interest for *insert same name here* resulting in rage from the FCs creator, zam. I'll admit that it does annoy me sometimes, when a fan character gets more attention than the official ones, zam. But I have seen some really cool ones, so I can understand why, zam. Plus I suppose recolours are only created becouse the person lacks the artistic confidence to draw an original FC, zam. Are there any other opinions on why we do this? zam? Did I make a mistake creating this topic? zam? Is saying "zam" at the end of every sentence funny or annoying? zam? I guess I'll have to wait and see....zam.
  7. batson


    I have a couple of things i would like to discuss about this character, but i didn't know which one of them to make a topic about. And since topics intended to house discussions about specific characters in general is all the rage now, i jus decided to go head and make one of those about Chaos. And so here it is! Right, first of all, some general thoughts about the character: he is awesome and totally badass. By far the greatest epic monster in the series. But now on to the negative stuff. I feel that over the years, the characters legacy has been tarnished somewhat. Or a lot. Since his introduction, the Sonic universe have become INFESTED with epic monsters, which have completely taken away Chaos uniqueness. Just think back to no longer than 2004 or so; sure, we had already seen the Biolizard and Metal Overlord by then, but the former was merely an artificially created salamander on life support, and the latter largely got his epic powers and appearance because he copied it from none other than Chaos. So even as recent as five years ago, Chaos still was the only truelly God-like being in the Sonic universe, with his immense powers and immortality, and came of as probably the most powerful of all beings. But then along came Devil Doom, and Solaris, and Dark Gaia, Ifirit, and all of a sudden, Chaos was just one God-like monster in the crowd. Making matters worse is the new origin of Chaos was given in his Sonic Channel profile. In it, we find out that Chaos is actually just a chao who mutated due to radiation from the Master Emerald, and not a God at all. While Solaris and some of his counterparts on the other hand probably are! So there are God's in the Sonic universe but Chaos, the original such character, is not considered one of them anymore! Now that just sucks. Oh well, at least Chaos appear to have one thing going for him that cant be said about his rip-offs; Sega still remembers him. A cameo here (Sonic Adventure 2: Battle), a mention or reference there (Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Chronicles) and even at least one actual appearance in a games storyline (Sonic Battle). And Not to mention a character profile on Sonic Channel (cant exactly see that happening for Dark Gaia). So over all, Chaos still comes of as a being that people in the Sonic universe are well aware of (as opposed to most other epic monsters, most of whom probably will not ever be mentioned), and whose influence is till felt, whether it be by the artificial mini-versions of him still being around, or a crazed robot trying to copy his powers to rule the world, or a clan he supposedly wiped out returning for revenge. EDIT: Just noticed the typo in the title. Dont bother pointing it out please...
  8. I was wondering what is Shadow? An android? a genetic experiment? a clone? an alien from outer space? Since shadow t. h came out I'm a bit confused about that..
  9. I have been waiting for someone else to make this topic, but since it hasn't happened yet... Well, here we are. Anyway, i love Metal Sonic. His design is awesome and his role as one of Eggman's very few recurring henchmen is interesting. Sadly though, i think Sega has kind of screwed the character up by making him mute and more or less lacking a mind of his own. Now, before you say that Metal Sonic was always like that prior to his upgrade in Sonic Heroes, remember this; prior to Heroes, he had not had a role in a game featuring spoken dialogue, so there is no way to know what kind of verbal abilities or personality he had in those games. But when Sonic Adventure came along as the first Sonic game with spoken dialogue, it was shown that at least Eggman's more advanced robots hid have the ability to speak and think. So is there any reason to believe Metal Sonic didn't? And Sonic Heroes clearly showed Metal as having a mind of his own and speech abilities even after being defeated and returning to his normal form. Some people think that this was due to his upgrade, but Metal did say in the final battle that the reason he upgraded himself to begin with was that he was tired of failing to defeat Sonic, which means he must have had at least the ability to think for himself prior to the upgrade. I think that Sonic Heroes portrayal of Metal Sonic as a sentinent being was how Sega considered him to have been like all along, except so far he had remained loyal to Eggman. But probably due to Sega wanting to distance themselves from the poorly recieved Heroes, they decided to do away with Metal's own personality completely in the following games. And that sucks. Now Metal is more a tool than a character. But i also think it was a mistake of them to have him betray Eggman in the first place. The way i would have want to see Metal in the newer generation of games would have been as a sentinent being with the ability to talk and a personality of his own, but that remained loyal to Eggman. Like a sidekick maybe, or perhapes even a bit of a "straight man" to Eggman's comical personality.
  10. Ahh, well...you knew this HAD to be done, anyway...off-topic things aside, I want you to exress your feelings towards the Present Chaotix, so please...no "OMG MIGHTY ISN´T IN THE ACTUAL TEAM CHAOTIX, AND CHARMY AND ESPIO AREN´T THE SAME!! I HATE THOSE GUYS NOW!!!111!11!!". Here, we will express the feeling for each character of the team (individually), and for the team itself. In my opinion, I love these guys, they serve not only for comic relief, but could work also for deep stories, I think they should appear more frequently in the games (of course...without ruining them...). Anyway...Discuss!! (and feel free to give your opinion on Silver in the other topic )
  11. When people speak about the characters in the series, we only talk about the character and never the abilities. Personally I would appreciate Shadow alot more if he had different abilities in the game. Anyways, these days, fans are thinking about axiing the cast. Why? Having multiple characters could be an advantage if the varied characters weren't clones of the blue hedgehog and were fun at the same time. So this thread is about diversifying the attributes a bit without breaking the system. Before I begin, I will say that I hated most of the character gameply in Sonic 06. In fact, I only enjoyed Silver's and Blaze's gameplay more than anybody elses. It's safe to say that Shadow, Blaze, and etc are now clones. I wouldn't mind Blaze if she actually used more pyro-esque abilities. Throw a fireball for Christ's sake. When she runs, actally have a trail fire following her. And I'm sick of the many variations of homing attack. If she and Shadow were to do something other than what Sonic can actually do, then it may increase their popularity(Shadow needs it). Tails needs a boost in abilities period. His character basically calls for it and I'm tired of having the little guy play the Gadgeteer Genius and not displaying it in combat. Seriously, why not give him gadgets other than that cursed ring box? He should be able to hack into Eggman's machines and control them.
  12. We all know who the biggest Sonic characters are. Besides the man himself there's: Shadow,Tails,Eggman,Amy,Cream,Blaze,Silver,Knuckles,Sally,etc And they are popular as hell and find their selves on action figures,T-shirts, and sicko fanboy/girl's minds everywhere.(ugh) But WHY? And why not any of the other characters? This topic shall be about: Which Sonic Characters do you think need to be noticed? And which ones need to be DITCHED? Here's mine: underrated Sonia: YEAH SONIA! Got a problem with that!? Well, that's understandable. I think the ONLY reason people hated Sonia was because of the voice. Had she had somebody else (ANYBODY else) do her voice she would actually have fans. I think she should be in one of the newer Sonic games because she's the toughest of all the female characters, and she needs to BITCHSLAP Amy for getting fresh on Sonic. I would LMAO Manic: Sonic's brother also needs to be in a Sonic game because he was the most popular character in Underground. And if he was, then you could have something like a Mario Bros. vibe Fiona Fox: Yeah, she's been given a bad rep. as "The Bitch" of the archie comics. But she would make one hell of a bad guy or level boss in a Sonic game. Overrated Shadow: He's a FAIL. Just a dark,miserable, Sonic wannabe. And emo to boot. The only good thing about Shadow is that he gave us the awesome internet meme "Where's that damn fourth chaos emerald?" Rouge: "Why the fuck is there a hooker in this game?" That's what I said when I saw Rouge in the enclosed instruction book of SA2. Was Sega ASKING for sick fanboys? Good grief. And she normally has no REAL reason to be in the sonic game's plots Amy: "Fuckin Jailbait" That's all I've got to say. She's more annoying than Sonia to me. I have more characters for both sides but this is all I'm gonna put YOUR TURN
  13. 1. Since you must do more than list, please... Refrain from saying something to the effect of: "____: I think ___'s cool, and s/he'd be really great as a main character and I think they're underused" Comments like this are just listing characters while trying to bypass the rule. We know the character's interesting to you and you may as well have not added the commentary. In short refrain from supporting your "list" of characters with commentary that is obvious just by the fact you listed them. 2. You can also state characters from any verse if you think they'd work. Just say why. 3. Since Archie's the only verse I know still running you do the same for the comic story too, if you want. Not required tho.
  14. Okay I noticed there are a lot of character analysis topics, so why not just say what you think about any character here? I think it will save a lot of time. It can be any Sonic Character from the games, comics, shows, or heck anything Sonic related. Just remember to be respectful of everyone please. Thank you
  15. I decided to take a stab at posting some revised opinions for what direction I'd like to see a few of the characters go. Naturally, you have no obligation to share my opinion. And I might not even have these opinions in the future. My views on the Sonic series have a tendency to shift a lot. Just thought it'd be interesting to post an updated version of how I see things, and possibly gain some insight into how others might agree or disagree. I've already, like many others, expressed my love of how Sonic was portrayed in Black Knight. I wouldn't have any complaints if he was always written that way. Reckless, sarcastic, laughing in the face of danger, detirmined even when the odds are against him, yet still possessing a great sense of empathy and compasion. I've made peace with the possibility of Sonic x Amy becoming canon to the games. Granted, I'm one of the only people around here who thinks Sonic x Tails is a good idea. But I've accepted, for now, that it's not likely to ever enter canon. In light of that, if Sonic ends up with anyone in the games, it's most likely to be Amy, and she's got enough positive development in recent games that if the relationship ever amounted to anything beyond an optional scenario in Chronicles, I wouldn't have a problem with it. I think Tails needs three things to happen for him to become a better character in the game series, in my eyes. This is based on the notion that as of late he's, oddly enough, become too perfect and yet too much of a background character. 1. Actually let the guy feel sadness and anger every once in a while. Not that I want him miserable all the time, but it would mean a lot more to see Tails happy if he had reason to doubt the world or himself sometimes. For everything that went wrong with Sonic X, at least the show got this right. 2. Actually show him emotionally depending on Sonic in some degree. Again, I don't want Tails to regress all the way back to Sonic 2 where he was only defined as being Sonic's sidekick, but Tails being independent, to me, means more if he's inspired to be that way through a close friendship with Sonic. 3. This is actually more of a gameplay thing that a story thing, but how about showing him using his tech skills to make offensive weaponry that he himself could use, just like in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Batte? And, well...actually using those two tails for more? Besides making him fly like always, they look like they could potentially pull off some fun combat moves. And what about Super Tails? I guess number 3 is mostly just "Let the little guy do more!"
  16. Virtually every other character in the Sonic universe has a shipper of some sort. Any thoughts on a good one for Omega?
  17. So I'm sure a lot of us have heard of supposed plans for Knuckles to be Jamaican. Where does this come from? Some of it I can understand. He's an islander, and Jamaica is an island. He's got dreadlocks, which Jamaicans are known for. I even have an S&K strategy guide from way back that included sections called "Knuckles' Knotes" in which Knuckles would give tips in mock Jamaican language, by ending each sentence in "mon". It was obviously dropped from his character, since at least when he first got a voice. Where did this come from and why did it go? Is there anything from Sega calling him a Jamaican Echidna?
  18. Everyone has a different view of what the characters in the series should be like and how they should develop. And I don't mean in design, I mean in characterization. Some see Sonic as someone who loves adventure and only is a hero when his abilities are in demand. Some see Sonic as a fighter whose goal is to maintain freedom in the world at all costs. Some see Tails as a young child who clings to his hero. Some see Tails as a sidekick and child prodigy. I think you get my point. So in which way do you want to see these characters develop? Here's what I think: Sonic: I wish to see Sonic as he's described in the lyrics of "It Doesn't Matter" and in the narrative of Sonic and the Black Knight. He doesn't battle tyranny and evil because he knows what's right or wrong; he only fights because he just wants himself and others to live life to the fullest and he won't permit the existence or action of anything or anyone that may prevent them from doing so. I think the worst incarnation for him is how he is portrayed in Sonic 06. His heart may be in the right place, but there he's a cliched, flawless superhero and someone who holds himself back, what I feel is the opposite of what he should be. Tails: Tails' character in Sonic Adventure is pretty much what I feel he should be like. He had a brother-like relationship with Sonic; he looks up to Sonic, yet they still had an argument or two. He also showed development of his independence. But I also liked his portrayal in Chronicles; he was intelligent and isn't ashamed to admire his enemy, opposed as he may be. All I can say is that I'd like to see Tails as someone who is useful and helpful to Sonic and looks up to him, but is still independent enough that he doesn't follow him like he has nothing better to do. Knuckles: Sadly, the last time I think I've seen Knuckles with an admirable character is in SA2. I think Knuckles is supposed to be an embodiment of dedication and responsibility. He's tied to his duty: guardian of the Master Emerald. Yet he's just sort of been hanging around for no reason; the Master Emerald hasn't even had an important role since SA2. (Excluding spinoffs.) I just think that even if he was an early character in the series, he shouldn't be a main one if it isn't necessary. Hell, he had absolutely no reason to be in Sonic 06. I think he peaked in the Adventure games (mainly SA1); he had virtually no business other than the one he's supposed to have: protecting the Master Emerald. All in all, I just think he should be a duty-bound loner, not some kinda gullible gangsta. Amy: Like Knuckles, I feel Amy's been on the fall since the Adventure games. I think she should be a lot like Tails in terms of her relation to Sonic: someone who admires him, but doesn't act like a mad stalker who threatens to knock him off a building if he declines to marry her. In Adventure, she was more independent and had great development. That said, I like her irritability; it gives Sonic a reason to avoid her. They can be pretty funny, like at the end of the Heroes story of Sonic Riders when she chases him with a hammer. Eggman: Of all the characters in the series, I feel Eggman's character is the one they've gotten right the most times. One of the reasons I love Eggman is because he's deeper than a simple world-conquering villain. He's got depth, background and morals. He wants to conquer the world, but he's a softie at heart who doesn't want to hurt anyone, but you still shouldn't get in his way. Basically, everything El Gran Gordo says about him. Shadow: Shadow's an up and down character for me. The only games I feel he was a great character in were SA2, Battle, Sonic 06 and Sonic Chronicles. And even at that, he didn't have much of an important role in Chronicles and I probably wouldn't have liked him in 06 if he didn't have Mephiles as a foil. Like Knuckles, Shadow's a character that appears more than he should. Frankly, even though I've enjoyed a few of his roles post-SA2, I still think he'd have been better off dead after SA2. He had a great background at first, but it was pretty much butchered in his own title. All in all, he's just become a cliche, quiet, pessimist antihero and I just think it would be in everyone's best interest if he was kept out for a while. I think he should return at some point when his act is together because he's become an important member of the series. I'd prefer he'd keep that irritable and active attitude he had in Chronicles. It's not too broody, but it's not too out of character either. E-123 Omega: A lot of people say Omega is a Gamma ripoff but I don't see how. To me, he's the exact opposite of Gamma. He's brute, vengeful, and unforgiving. Gamma saw no other purpose for himself than to save his friends; he didn't really care about Eggman. I think Omega was best in Chronicles. He was open and strong and not to mention pretty funny. I also like his growing bond with Shadow. Rouge: Frankly, I don't know why they needed Rouge. I guess they just needed a playable female character in SA2, and I guess she wasn't too bad there. But after that, she just became rather shallow. The only real times I saw actual character development in her were throughout Sonic Battle and after meeting Mephiles on Wave Ocean in Sonic 06. And if Shadow wouldn't improve, I doubt she would as well. I think she'd be a good side character, but she shouldn't be too important to the storyline, if in it at all. Silver: Like Knuckles, Silver shouldn't be an everyday character. He's already screwed up the timeline enough as it is anyway. Even so, I think his character was actually quite good in 06, but I think that was a bit overlooked because of his obnoxious voice. I'd prefer it to his character in Rivals; in Rivals, he was just like "I'll get you Nega! I'll get you Nega!" His intents were just very bland. Blaze: To me, Blaze is one of the better characters in the series. A large plothole surrounds her, but I still think she's a great character; as Sega put it, she's like Sonic and Knuckles combined and I really see that and I love it. She's close to her responsibilities; she's steadfast and dedicated, like Knuckles, but she still fights for the freedom and well-being of herself and her people, like Sonic. I'd just keep her as is. Cream: I don't like Cream very much. She just seems very goody-two-shoesish and very bland. She seems to have an influence on other characters like Blaze and Big, but she's overall very one dimensional. I'd prefer to see the attitude she had in Sonic Battle. She learned about self-defense and she's really much more enjoyable there because she grew out of her shell and got some guts. Big: Big is my least favorite recurring character in the series. A lot of people say he's just a simple character and that he's not as stupid as he seems. He may be simple, but I still think he's very dull. His personality is hidden behind his ignorance. The only time he actually seemed like a good character to me was in Heroes; he was defensive and loyal to his friends. If they want to develop on Big, the best frame of reference I think they could follow for him is Forrest Gump. He was simple-minded too, but had a clear and strong set of values and personality. Shade: I can't say much about Shade. I do like how she's intelligent and independent enough to fight more for the good of the world than the good of her tribe. But I really hope they get more into her because I'd imagine she'd serve to improve Knuckles character. I just hope they don't blow that opportunity. Eggman Nega: Nega is an interesting character. I don't like his major ties to that huge plothole, but I still think that his mixture of insanity and incompetence makes him both intimidating and funny. I also like how he acts as a foil for Eggman, showing off that Eggman in the end is more of a good guy than we realize. Babylon Rogues: I like Jet a lot because ever since Eggman had developed some stronger character, Knuckles became a background character and Shadow became a loner, Sonic has never really had a strong personal rivalry like the one he has with Jet. I also like Jet's somewhat comical relationship with Wave. Storm, however, just seems like a brute with no real necessity other than to give Knuckles a rival. And since Knuckles isn't necessary in the story, neither is Storm. Team Chaotix: I like Team Chaotix a lot more than most people do. They make a good comical team; Vector and Charmy are always roughing it out while Espio is the straightman. I don't think they should be anything more than side characters since they'd most likely serve to draw too much attention away from the plot if they were main characters, but they have my respect. Elise: I sincerely feel Elise is the worst character in the series. That includes Chris Thorndyke. Why? Because whereas Chris was a cliched, attention whoring Mar(t)y S(t)u(e), Elise was just that AND she completely ruined Sonic's character in the process. She took away his carefree nature, his minuteman readiness and his lack of restraint. One of the things I did find odd in the scene where Elise kissed Sonic is that Amy seemed to have no reaction to it, but now I see why: there wasn't anything left in him that she loved about him in the first place. Metal Sonic: I think Metal Sonic has been built upon quite nicely in Heroes. He may be a bit of a generic doppelganger, but I think it's been pulled of quite nicely, namely in Heroes in which he actually believes he IS Sonic, which was probably the only interesting plot point in the game. But I'm not fond of him in the other games. Chip: Perhaps one of the best characters the series has introduced since Heroes. Not only does he bring a childish air into the series, but he has some funny running gags and he makes a great comic foil for Sonic. I'd rather not see him return, at least in the main games, however, as bringing back resolved characters really isn't a strong point in the series.
  19. "A mad scientist who plots to take over the world." This is such a classic villain archetype, and is often the first thing people think of when they hear "Dr. Eggman." After all, he's best known for leading a deadly robot army on a destructive campaign for global domination and obliterating whatever obstacles stand between him and that goal. Yet there's so much more depth than that to be found in the character, and I think this topic will be a good discussion ground for said depth. Simply- What do you like about Eggman as a character? Who is he as a person, as opposed to merely an antagonist? And what are your feelings about said person? Do you like/dislike the character, and why? I will, of course, open with my own thoughts. I guess I could compare Eggman to, appropriately enough, an egg. He is a multi-layered character with a thick outer shell that gets softer and more fragile the deeper you go into his psyche. To begin with, the outer- and most obvious layer- is his bombastic and arrogant personality. Eggman is an incredibly showy villain. His plots are always accompanied by grandiose wordplay-laden speeches, thematic touches to give a little more flavor to his destructive weapons, and a wacky and comedic demeanor that shines through whether he's launching a weapon or hanging out in his base. Eggman has fun doing what he does, and his wicked plots are accompanied with a manic smile on the doctor's face. If you stopped right at the edge of his personality, and added no real depth beneath his exterior displays of self-aggrandizement and overblown sense of funloving playfulness, you'd still have an entertaining- albeit flat- character that adds a lot of personality to the franchise. But to me, the true essence of Eggman's character is far more complex than that. Going further inward to a second layer of his character, we can see that Eggman is about more than conquest and attaining power. He has hobbies, interests, and everyday life desires. From games aboard the Egg Carrier to snacking on sandwiches in his base, we get to see Eggman in his downtime, when he's not plotting or causing trouble. It shows that he's still a human, and still basically an ordinary guy. But really, that's not nearly as deep as the innermost layer of his personality... Eggman's good side, however subdued it may be, definitely exists. He opposes mindless destruction and suffering, and stands up to the villains who advocate such practices, be they aliens, ancient monsters, his sinister counterpart Nega, or even his own grandfather, the man he idolized as a child. Eggman's childhood- what little we know of it- adds a new dimension to his character, as beneath the laughing maniac lies an idealistic young boy who adores his misguided hero, Professor Gerald. It seems history repeats itself, as Eggman- who, like Gerald, seems to be a fundamentally decent person- walked down the path of darkness in the name of his own view of how the world should be run. In the end, we get a truly complex man. Eggman may be a villain, but he he has a very strong sense of honor and morals. It would be no mislabeling to call Eggman an anti-villain for his morally-grey stance; Despite seeking to control the planet, and employing destructive means to do so, he's willing to stand up for what he believes is right and just, and deep down, has a sensitive and kind side that even his most uproarious evil laughter can't hide. Eggman's definitely my favorite in the series because of all these combined aspects of his character. But as I said earlier in the post, what are your thoughts on him? Beyond the machines, bases, and plans, what do you think of the man himself? I'm curious to hear it!
  20. What are the opinions of y'all on the purple stoic fire cat? Do you like her better as grim n' gritty Shadow-esque anti-hero, or a more light hearted cute tomboyish brawler with an elegant flair? Somewhere in between? Needs more backstory? Too much backstory? How about her supporting cast? Should she continue paling around with Marine and/or Silver, or someone else? Is she a worthy addition to the series? Or is she redundant in the face of Sonic's other rivals? I have a feeling a topic like this may have been made before, but I couldn't find one on this new, post-wipe board, so I figured I'd take a shot.
  21. I'm writing something up. Its been really difficult to get into Tails due to how he's portrayed. So! That's where people who like Tails come in. What is it about Tails' personality that stands out to youamongst the other Sonic characters... or to be fair the ones up til Sonic Adventure (since there've arguably been a lot of regurgitations). Things like "boy genius" do not count because that's talking about his abilities, not his personality. Things like "he's a kid like me" also don't count because that's talking about his age, not his personality. Have fun <3 EDIT: ACK!! How'd my thing end up in this forum. I must've pressed the wrong subforum. Can someone please move this?
  22. Any characters within the game series you think are poorly defined, or at least need more fleshing out?
  23. Oftentimes, whenever I see Fang the Sniper referenced, someone is bound to bring up how Rouge stole his role, whether it was the person who first brought it up or not. However, how similar are they, really? Fang wasn't developed much in his short time, but we can reason some things based on his appearances in the games. He has a love of treasure, yes, but that's where the similarities to Rouge end. Fang is more of a trickster or prankster, it seems. He uses a pop gun (though I do believe that the only reason this happened is because Sega didn't want to use a real gun at the time), and may be slightly insane; this could be reasoned based on his Sonic the Fighters appearance, with all his actions being very visible in his moveset based on how he shoots his weapon in all directions with a cocky grin on his face. Rouge in a sly, plotting woman with a love of jewels. She is conniving, and manipulates people by seducing them using her feminine charm. She still has a sense of justice, though, and she isn't heartless; she has shown genuine interest in Knuckles (SA2; she flirts with him initially, but she does see good in him afterwards; in all other games, though, the only thing she does is flirt with him), but mostly Shadow and Omega (where she acts as a true friend and genuinely shows compassion for Shadow, despite sometimes flirting). Both Fang and Rouge also have completely unique movesets. Rouge can fly, climb on walls, swim, and dig. Fang primarily uses his popgun, and sometimes even uses machines, like Eggman's mechs, plus his Marvelous Queen, so he's not technologically inept (not that Rouge isn't, but she doesn't use technology nearly as often). Frankly, it looks to me that Fang and Rouge are complete opposites more than anything else. You'd be closer comparing Fang to The Joker than Rouge, but I don't think Fang is THAT heartless. I could easily see Fang and Rouge being rivals in the field of treasure hunting if he was ever to return. Just my thoughts on the matter. I brought it up in another topic when someone made the remark, so I'm wondering what you guys think of it. Thoughts, opinions?
  24. When you think of scrapped characters, Mighty the Armadillo is often in the list. You know the story; he was in that one arcade game, made an unlikely reappearance in Chaotix, and hasn't been seeeen since (except for Gems Collection's picture collection.) Discussion topic: Do you like Mighty or not? Why? (design, personality, etc.) As for me, I think he's OK, but not one of my all-time favorites. He's just my avatar because I know how to draw him.
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