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  1. Saturdays are for gaming! Time for the final Sonic Game Challenge! As this is the last day of Sonic Game Challenge, you can earn up to a GOLD Badge by participating in all of the challenges. Be sure to do that by the end of the month. Sonic Game Challenge Can't Touch This Take a screenshot of your character situated in an area that Sonic cannot reach in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. You cannot use Sonic for this challenge and you cannot use any kind of Debug mode. We want you to use either Tails or Knuckles' abilities to get yourself to an area where Sonic alone can't access with his stubby little legs. You can use any version of S3K you like for this challenge, but obviously it might be easier if you use Sonic Origins as it's the only version of the game on modern consoles (with a console snapshot functionality).
  2. Thursday’s back again! Time to talk about comics! Like yesterday, even though this is Week 4, we’re only tracking from Week 2 onwards for stacked Badge rewards here. So if this is your first Comic Panel of the Week, you earn a Blue badge. Your second time, a Bronze badge. If it’s your third, a Silver badge. Those of you who took part in Week 1’s activity will earn a separate ‘Day 2’ Badge. Comic Panel of the Week Friendship Through thick and thin, Sonic has always had his buddies by his side. Whether it’s the Freedom Fighters, banded together and united through a shared bond, or lifelong friends like Miles ‘Tails’ Prower and even rivals such as Knuckles the Echidna. Share with the community a comic panel from your favourite issue, any series, that you think best highlights Sonic’s powerful friendships.
  3. For 30 Days of Sonic, we have daily activities that you can participate in, to celebrate the blue blur's birthday month with your fellow Sonic fans. But, we wanted to add a little extra activity alongside all of this - it's time for a... We have been meaning to bring this challenge back for quite some time... and many of you have asked whether we would do another one over the years as well. So, with 30 Days of Sonic in full swing, a new-look Sonic Stadium (since last year) and an incoming Achievements system to lean on, we thought now would be the perfect opportunity to launch... Stadium Banner Bonanza This activity tasks you with developing a custom header banner for The Sonic Stadium, which will go on rotation on SSMB's "Stadium" default theme. Your banner could be there! 'What's the incentive for doing this,' I hear you ask. Well, besides being freaking COOL, your TSS Account will be blessed with the following exclusive, limited edition badge when we roll out our new Achievements system (soon): There are some ground rules to consider: Your banner must be (your own) fan art - no arranged clippings of official art or other people's artwork allowed The banner must be your own original (fan art) work You must adhere to the Sonic Stadium Banner Specifications (see below) Your banner must account for the Sonic Stadium logo and motto text in the centre, as well as the User Bar in the top right corner. Consider the placements of characters and objects in your artwork so they don't obscure (or aren't obscured by) these elements Probably goes without saying, but absolutely no NSFW imagery or themes Stadium Banner Specifications The entire document dimensions should be 2400 pixels wide x 600 pixels high. These dimensions allow for your banner to be seen across mobile and desktop versions of the website. However, the website dynamically resizes your banner based on the device and the screen resolution you're browsing on. With that in mind, to ensure your banner is seen correctly across all platforms, there are bleed areas at the top and bottom of the banner area that must be considered when developing your art piece. Simply make sure that the key elements of your banner art appear in the centre of the banner template (inside the bleed areas) if you want them to be seen by all visitors of The Sonic Stadium, regardless of device. An opacity of 60% will be applied to your banner when in rotation, so please consider this as well. Your banner will appear in rotation on the Stadium (default) theme, so you may wish to consider the header background/checkered colour scheme and the above opacity application. PSD Template (31MB) | PXM Template (13.6MB) Example Banner without Bleed Areas Example of Banner applied to Stadium (default) theme on Desktop. Example of Banner applied to Stadium (default) theme on Tablet screen sizes. Example of Banner applies to Stadium (default) theme on Mobile devices. ------------------------ Looking forward to seeing what you have cooked up! As mentioned, this is a month-long challenge, so spend as long as you need to on it!
  4. Another Saturday, another Sonic Game Challenge for 30 Days of Sonic! As last week, we'll give you a full week until the end of the month to get your entries in so you have enough time to get your affairs in order. If this is your first time participating, you'll earn this badge: If this is your second time participating in Sonic Game Challenge, you'll be eligible for this badge: Sonic Game Challenge 'The Biggest Chonk' Take a screenshot of Sonic whilst in the largest possible Frenzy (Purple Wisp) form in Sonic Colors Ultimate (or the original Sonic Colors, if you prefer)! All you need to do to complete this challenge is play any stage in the game that features the Purple 'Frenzy' Wisp. From there, once collected and activated, you just need to make sure you chomp on enough scenery and bad guys in order to maintain Frenzy form and eventually grow in size. There's a limit to the number of times Sonic can grow while in Frenzy form - take a snapshot of your game (using the screenshot feature on your chosen console or PC) and post it in this topic as proof of you reaching the Biggest Chonk. I am currently looking after a baby and my copy of Colours Ultimate with the full game save happens to be on my PS5 in the living room, so I will find time to add my snapshot of this over the weekend
  5. Fridays are fun days! So let's have another Poll of the Week! This is the last week of this particular activity, so there is a potential for you earn a GOLD Badge from this. To get one, you need to be sure to have participated (that's voted AND posted in the topic) in every single Poll of the Week topic in this forum. Otherwise, you'll earn either a Blue, Bronze or Silver badge depending on how many Poll of the Week topics you have participated in. Poll of the Week Chao Raising Our final poll involves those cute little critters we call Chao. CHOOSE YOUR STAT from the poll here, and POST in this topic JUSTIFYING YOUR CHOICE! Be as serious or as silly as you like! But you have to have a reason. Let that reason be love. Or something else.
  6. Wednesday's rolling around again (at the speed of sound)! It's time for another Question of the Week! You know the drill by now. If this is your first time, you get a Blue badge. If this is your second time, Bronze badge. If this is your third, Silver badge. Week 1 Question of the Day participants are eligible for a separate '30DOS22 Day 1' badge. Question of the Day How will you celebrate Sonic's Birthday? As it will be Sonic's 31st anniversary tomorrow, we wanted to throw a relevant question out to the community. Will you be celebrating the anniversary at all this year? If not, why? If you are, what do you plan to do? Play lots of games? Watch some cartoons/movies? Maybe get some running shoes on and have a little jog around the park in honour of the blue blur! It doesn't have to be something you plan to do tomorrow (it's a work day, dammit!) and you can choose to celebrate in your own head if you prefer. Just let us know what you're thinking. For me, as tomorrow is a work day my plan is to spend some time over the weekend watching the Sonic Movie/s (in the UK the streaming service that has it, Paramount+, finally launches at the end of the week, so I might indulge in the 7 day trial or something) and playing Sonic Origins. Just having a very chill one with the blue boi, in between nappy changes and walks in the park. How about you guys?
  7. Another Music Monday! Time for Music Track of the Week! If this is your first time, you'll earn the Blue badge. Second time, Bronze badge. If this is your third time, Silver badge. Music Track of the Week Favourite Boss Theme We've all been there. We think we have the stage licked, tonnes of rings in hand, and am super close to just hitting that animal capsule and rescuing all your little critter friends. Unfortunately, there's a big fat egg in your way with a menacing new device. And the music turns to something sinister. All of a sudden, you get chills. You're not sure you can do this after all. Where's your mummy? Share (and explain) your favourite Boss Themes in a Sonic game. The ones that put a chill down your spine, or keep you pumping to beat that rotten Eggman one more time. I'm gonna just put this one out there right now: Sonic 3 & Knuckles' final boss theme (aka 'Big Arms'). It was terrifying enough hearing it the first time at the arse end of Sonic 3, but on Death Egg... you really felt the entire weight of the world on your chest when you hear this theme AND see that massive planet-sized Eggman mech try to find five different ways to slam, burn, crush or drop you into the stratosphere. For me, there's been no equal. What's yours?
  8. It's Tuesday! Time for some Fan Game Favourites! You know the drill. If this is your first time, you earn a Blue badge. Second time, Bronze badge. Third time, Silver badge. You have until the end of the month to participate! Fan Game Favourites 2D Fan Games This one should be easy - what's the best 2D Sonic Fan Game you've ever played and why?
  9. Hi everyone! Sunday is artwork day, so time for another Fan Art Challenge! If this is your first time participating, you will earn the following badge: If you took part in last week's activity and choose to take part in this week's too, you'll earn this badge too: You'll have a week until the end of the month (30 June at 23:59 UK Time) to share your creations in this topic and log your participation in this activity. Fan Art Challenge Theme: 'Heroic' As last week, no further details on this one - we want the interpretation on this to be entirely up to you! This topic unlocks on Sunday 12 June at 12:00 UK Time. You will be able to post your artwork in this topic after that time, until the topic lock date. Good arting!
  10. End of the work week! Time to have some fun in the sun with a cool little poll. As we're now into week three of Poll of the Week, you can unlock a new badge for taking part! If this is your first/only participation in this activity, you can earn the Blue badge. If this is your second participation, you can earn the Bronze badge. If you have participated in all Poll of the Week activities up to this point, taking part in this one will net you the Silver badge. Poll of the Week What's the Best Crush 40 Theme? Not much to think about here - just 'Open Your Heart' and find the answer from within. Choose wisely though, as you'll have to Live & Learn the consequences. Everyone's opinion on this might be different, so make sure your vote says 'I Am All of Me'! It's important to Never Turn Back from an opportunity to express yourself in a Free manner. Now, I know that picking just one song With Me is super difficult. Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli are seen as Sonic Heroes that a lot of people look up to, and it's hard to Live Life knowing that all the other tracks won't get the same love as the one you pick. It's times like these I think about Johnny, you know - in His World, every song is as good as one other. Mind you, with the amount of tracks he's sung about him, if it were up to Johnny we'd All Hail Shadow too. I'd actually bet Seven Rings in Hand that Senoue-san has a secret favourite, though. So allow me to give you all the Green Light Ride to make a firm decision in this very important poll. And once you've voted, make sure you immediately post in this topic with your choice and reasoning - otherwise we cannot track your participation in this activity! Just, don't cause a Sonic Boom in your hurry to vote and post! ....Knight of the Wind.
  11. Sunday's all about getting creative! It's time for another Fan Art Challenge! Check out the badges above. First-time artists will receive the Blue badge, second-timers will get the Bronze badge and those of you who have participated in all three activities so far will earn the Silver badge. Fan Art Challenge Custom Badniks Here's a fun one; we're not doing a theme/prompt this week. This time around, the challenge is creatively specific: design a custom badnik and post it in this topic! Anything goes with this one - you can either create a brand new enemy, or you can take an existing robot and mod it up to make it even more dangerous and menacing for Sonic to overcome. As long as you're able to give us a little information/description of your creation, it will all count! You have until the end of the month to finish this off. Good arting!
  12. It's Friday! Time to relax with a new Poll of the Week! If this is your first time participating in this particular weekly activity, if you vote AND post explaining your vote you will be eligible for the following badge: If this is your second time participating, then you will be eligible for this badge: You have until Sunday 12 June at 23:59 UK Time the end of the month to get your votes in! Poll of the Week Project Needlemouse in the House Imagine that it is 2010 and Project Needlemouse (i.e. Sonic 4) is all over the news again. Now imagine this image was thrust upon you by SEGA, once again: If you were in charge of SEGA, which character (either instead of, or besides, Sonic) would you opt to make playable? We want your reasoning outlined in your post alongside your vote! Good voting! EDIT: I forgot to talk about MY vote! It was tough, quite honestly, but in the end I went for Vector. Sonic 4's thing was all about paying homage to Sonic 1, and if you consider the binned sound test 'Sonic Band' that was originally going to be in the 1991 Mega Drive game, Vector technically makes it as Sonic's very oldest 'shitty friend' in the list. Plus I'd just like to see him blop around using Sonic 4's weirdo physics.
  13. Welcome to the weekend! Time for another Sonic Game Challenge! Let's do something a little ridiculous. First-time participants will be eligible for the Blue badge above. If this is your second week taking part, you'll get a Bronze badge for playing today. If you've taken part in all three weeks including this one, you'll be in for a Silver badge. Sonic Game Challenge Too Many Rings Earn 999 Rings in Sonic Forces. It is possible, trust us. You're just going to need the use of the Avatar character and a decent enough build in order to do it. Take a screenshot at any time in the stage after maxxing out your Ring counter and post it here for all to see! I'm off to find my PS4 and get this done. You have until the end of the month to complete the task!
  14. It's Monday! That means it's time to talk about Music in today's Music Track of the Week! If this is your first time participating, you'll get the following badge: If this is your second time participating, you'll get the following badge: You now have until the end of the month to take part! Music Track of the Week Favourite Opening Stage Theme First impressions are everything. A good opening stage really helps set the mood for a video game - for Sonic, these stages are usually areas covered in tropical green hues and clear blue skies. As a result, a great accompanying soundtrack aims to complement not only the stage and the overall game's tone, but be energetic enough for you to want to blast through the Zone and carry on towards beating Eggman. Share your favourite first-stage Sonic themes here, and please post why! I'll go first! Sonic 3D Flickies' Island might not be everyone's first choice when it comes to Sonic games, but the soundtrack on the Mega Drive/Genesis version was fantastic throughout. Considering how the actual game played, the music had no business being as good as it was. As it happened, Jun Senoue really showed off what he was capable of here, evolving his craft since his work on Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Green Grove Zone was a slog to get through (but then so was the game!), but the theme to the stage was sheer 16-bit Sonic perfection. It captures the entire essence of 'Blue Skies SEGA' as well as Sonic's energetic vibe, the rhythm pushing the player on to find those Flickies and save the day. In fact, it's so good that Senoue-san famously re-used the piece and remade it for a stage in Sonic Adventure (along with Panic Puppet Act 1's theme)! What's your favourite?
  15. It's Thursday! Time for another Comic Panel of the Week discussion! If this is your first time doing this, you'll earn this badge: If you did last week's and participate in this week's too, you'll earn this badge: Have fun! Comic Panel of the Week 'Sorrow' Sonic's been through some tough times during his run as a freedom fighter. In almost every comic book series, the blue blur has had to overcome some serious situations. Sometimes, those situations can result in the hero losing! Whether that's friends, territory to Eggman/Robotnik, or some other kind of drawback that reveals a more tragic side to the Sonic franchise. Let us know the comic panel that hit you the hardest when Sonic was going through a tough time. It can't just be a situation where Sonic is under pressure or surrounded by badniks - we're talking about scenarios that result in true sorrow for Sonic and his friends For me, I have to turn to Sonic the Comic Issue 76, where Porker Lewis - one of Sonic's Freedom Fighters - decides to quit the gang and turn to a normal life. This particular strip isn't harrowing in and of itself, but it really gave me chills because it is the result of a previous story arc where Porker ends up trapped on the Little Planet with the Brotherhood of Metallix... and you're never quite sure what happened while he was gone (Sonic and friends couldn't rescue him until the Little Planet returned a whole month later) but it was clear it was... pretty bad. What made this even more heartbreaking for me was Sonic's initial response to Porker quitting. Sonic rants and raves, calls Porker a coward and storms off, feeling like his friend has betrayed him for a simpler life. Now, you'd probably just think this was another 'example' of Fleetway Dickhead Sonic, but at this point in the STC universe, the Freedom Fighters are on the back foot from Robotnik's advances, and as the team leader, the blue blur has been having a hard time keeping it all together. To have his already-small band of fighters get smaller clearly puts a tonne of pressure on him. That, and in this universe Sonic tends to hide his true feelings in several layers of faux machismo, and is characteristically quick to judge (he is the fastest thing alive, after all). So it's kind of a stressful time for everyone. By the end of this strip, Porker rescues Sonic and co from an unexpected attack, and the two friends make up. Porker moves on, and although he does continue to help from time to time from this point onward, he was no longer a member of Sonic's A-Team. It felt like the end of an era, to some degree. What stories tugged at your heartstrings?
  16. Hi everyone, it's Fan Game Favourites Tuesday! If you only take part in this week's activity, you can earn this badge: Second-time participants will earn this badge: Fan Game Favourites What is your favourite Fan Hack? This can be a ROM hack of a classic Sonic game, or a modification of a modern/3D Sonic game that improves (or... doesn't!) in some way. The PC gaming community in general is really good at clubbing together to build upon existing works, and Sonic games tend to be no exception. Whether it's adding new stages to the Sonic Generations engine to... simply making Sonic fat in Sonic 2, there's something for everyone if you know where to look. Let us know your favourite Fan Hacks, and why!
  17. It's time for another Question of the Week! First-timers taking part this week will earn this badge: If you took part last week as well, you'll also earn this badge for participating this week: Question of the Week What is the Most Interesting Piece of Sonic Merch You Own? Every Sonic fan has at least one item of Sonic merch on their shelf. Heck, even a copy of a Sonic video game counts as merchandise these days, what with gaming going all digital and everything. We want you to share either the most interesting - or your favourite - Sonic themed product that you own, and talk a little about it if you like. We hope it kicks off some interesting conversations and helps bring the community a little closer together. Remember, you don't have to have anything super mega-rare to be able to participate - anything goes! Whatever you think is interesting, or failing that just whatever you own that happens to be your favourite Sonic thing. Could be your first Sonic video game, a childhood plush toy, a limited edition something... whatever! As long as you're able to share a photo of the item, and talk a little bit about it, then you're good! I'll kick things off - I kind of have two to share. Mostly because I can't really decide which one to go for, and the more interesting thing I have I can't be bothered to take out of the box so to make it more interesting I'll share two First thing is this Sonic Team branded VMU. I got it off an eBay auction about 15 years ago or something, not sure how because they were rare as hen's teeth even back then. It's a blue VMU that I think was released in limited numbers. There is a complementing blue Sonic Team-branded Dreamcast console that goes with it, but I have never seen it in the wild... this VMU is a constant reminder of my failure to hunt one of those beauties down. Never used it, am curious to - it looks really cool I think! Thing is, I feel like I'm always talking about that darned VMU so I wanted to add another interesting item in my collection. It's a limited edition First 4 Figures statue produced for Sonic's 20th Anniversary. Sadly, I am too lazy right now to get it out of the box as it's absolutely huge - but you can see what it kind of looks like in the second image (it's basically that render in statue form, on a Green Hill Zone style plinth). If I have time I'll add a photo of it out of the box because it does look really cool. Everyone who was everyone wanted one of these back in the day... they were a bit like the Mega Drive Mini Tower of Powers of their time. Only there were a few more of these. I think 1000 were made in total. We gave a good couple away at Summer of Sonic too. I don't think I'll part with it unless it secures me a good pension in about 20 years time haha! What about you? What's your treasured possession?
  18. It's the end of the week - Sunday is a time for creativity and being artistic. So we'd like you to relax, sit down, grab a pen or tablet and get drawing for our... Fan Art Challenge Each week, we offer a theme/prompt for you to work your creative talents on. As we know that it takes time to develop a piece of artwork that you might be happy with, we're giving you the prompts early and unlocking the topics every Sunday so that when you're ready to share your works of art, you can. For taking part in this week's Fan Art Challenge, you will be eligible for this badge: You'll have a week until the end of the month (30 June at 23:59 UK Time) to share your creations in this topic and log your participation in this activity. Fan Art Challenge Theme: 'Fist Bump' No further details on this one - we want the interpretation on this to be entirely up to you! This topic unlocks on Sunday 5 June at 17:00 UK Time. You will be able to post your artwork in this topic after that time, until the topic lock date. Good arting!
  19. Hi everyone! Hope you're enjoying this highly busy week (at least, it is for me...). But we're here to have some fun with 30 Days of Sonic! Today is Thursday, so time for another Comic Panel of the Week! For taking part in today's activity, you'll be eligible for this badge: You have until Saturday 11 June at 23:59 UK Time the end of the month to take part in this one! Comic Panel of the Week Theme: "Cliffhanger" You know how it goes. You get really into a decent story, and all of a sudden--- wh? Huh? No more pages!? What's going on? What is this 'Stay Tuned for the Next Issue' nonsense!? I want to know what happens NOW! Cliffhangers can sometimes irritate, but it's the mark of a truly engaging comic arc. And many people's fond memories of the best comic storylines are formed from these epic cliffhangers, and the long wait between issues to continue. Share the last page / cliffhanger of a comic story that really resonated with you! It can be your favourite, most epic cliffhanger ever... or it can be an awful cliffhanger that you didn't enjoy at all and left a mark in a different way. And please, explain why! As for me... I'm going to follow the theme of this topic and CLIFFHANGER you guys! Unfortunately, I am absolutely slammed with work right now, so I will try to find time to contribute in the next day (hopefully this evening). I have to hand the mic over to you guys for now!
  20. A new week, but 30 Days of Sonic keeps on going! Our daily activity today focuses on the music behind Sonic the Hedgehog. Music Track of the Week Simply, we ask you to share your favourite Sonic songs from a theme we select. As long as you can share the song (feel free to embed the song as well in your reply so people can hear it!) and can explain why you chose the particular song to answer the day's theme, you will be eligible for this Badge: All good? Good. You have until Wednesday 8 June at 23:59 UK Time the end of the month to make your comments! Music Track of the Week Vocal Themes Whether it's the title track to a modern Sonic game, character themes or some jammin' vocal stage tracks, there's no shortage of actual 'song' songs in the Sonic universe. Your task is simple - tell us about your favourite and why. I'll kick things off with this classic from the 90s; Reactive Factory (Work It Out) from Sonic R. Richard Jacques and TJ Davis collaborated on a series of really energetic dance tunes for Sonic the Hedgehog's first console racing game, and it really suits the vibe of the game! The entire soundtrack is a banger, but Reactive Factory's rhythm is just too addictive. I am absolutely no good at dancing, but towards the end of the song where the track just goes all out with the beats, I just imagine being able to pop'n'lock all the way to the end of the road. Now. What's your favourite vocal song? Chances are, it'll be something Crush 40 related, but that's more than okay!
  21. Hey everyone! Another Wednesday for 30 Days of Sonic!? Whatever shall we do? Well, it's time to kick off another Question of the Week! For taking part in today's challenge, you will earn this badge for taking part. You have until Friday 10 June at 23:59 UK Time the end of the month to participate. Question of the Week What is the Most Underrated Sonic Spinoff Game? Now, Sonic and friends have featured in a huge number of spinoff games - some of them good, some of them... not so good... but what spinoff title do you think doesn't get a fair shake? A game you really enjoy but just simply doesn't get enough love from others in the community? I'll start! With Sonic Riders (the original): This game came out on Xbox, Gamecube and PS2 back in 2006 and, besides being a spinoff game, looked quite unlike any Sonic game that came before it. For one thing, Sonic and friends all had their designs changed to be rather more lanky and 'extreme!!!' - which wasn't really the done thing for Sonic games back then. You couldn't just change Sonic's design like that! What would the fans say!? Well, I don't know how many of them felt, because the game seemed to come and go without much of a second thought amongst most of the community at the time. It probably had something to do with the fact that, at first play, the game wasn't exactly the most accessible - if you pick this up expecting Mario Kart, you're in for a Bad Time. Most people likely experienced this for the first time, found it too hard to win any races and called it quits. But, as I said in my review back in the day, if you take the time to dig deeper into the airboarding mechanics, you'll find a racer with quite a bit of depth to it. Understanding the exact timing and positioning to pull off X Rank moves in order to access shortcuts is a great enlightening moment, and once it clicks Sonic Riders is in fact a very enjoyable game. Even better, for a spinoff game this was packed with a tonne of extras, as well as awesome 'extreme' re-interpretations of many long-standing Sonic characters. Oh, and it also introduced us to the Babylon Rogues, a group of new Sonic series characters that didn't totally suck - which was a rarity in the 2000s, let me tell you. Sonic Riders received a sequel in Zero Gravity, but they removed a bunch of the mechanics that made the original so great (while also adding a rather awkward new 'gravity dive' move that was a bit hit and miss). Sonic Free Riders was also a thing, but absolutely nobody played that game. Because it was bad. These days, a small pocket of fans reminisce fondly about Sonic Riders, but generally, the game doesn't get as much love as it should these days, in my opinion. Anyway. What do you think is the most underrated Sonic spinoff game?
  22. It returns! The Sonic Stadium was the original home for the 30 Days of Sonic community event way back in the early 2010s, but now after a multi-year hiatus the event has returned with some newly-prepared fun activities and rewards. The premise is simple - every day, a new discussion topic or activity was revealed for the Sonic Community to participate in, with account incentives and rewards for those that took the time to play a part. This year, we will be running a number of simple but varied activities every day, from June 1 - June 30 inclusive. There will be a different kind of activity for each day of the week. Here's what you can expect: Activity Schedule Mondays (starting June 6): Music Track of the Week Every week we will ask you what your favourite Sonic music track is, based on a particular theme or category. We will share an example of our favourite song from said theme to kick off the conversation! Tuesdays (starting June 7): Fan Game Favourites On Tuesdays, we will kick off a discussion about Fan Games and Game Hacks! This is an incredibly creative part of the Sonic community, and we wanted to give these fans some love. Wednesdays (starting June 1): Question of the Week The focus on Wednesdays is what this forum is all about - discussion! We kick off a particular topic with a question that asks you to dig deep within your heart (and memories) to share your thoughts, opinions and more! Thursdays (starting June 2): Comic Panel of the Week Whether it's IDW, Archie, Fleetway or the many manga that have existed in the world, Sonic has featured in comic form for a long time. Each week, we ask you to share your favourite panel (or moment) from a favourite comic series based on a particular theme. Fridays (starting June 3): Poll of the Week Time for some Friday Fun! On Fridays, we hold a poll to truly get to the bottom of some of the most interesting questions in the history of Sonic the Hedgehog. Honest. Saturdays (starting June 4): Game Challenge of the Week Weekends are for gaming! And what better game to play on your time off than Sonic? Every week we pose a simple but interesting challenge for Sonic gamers to accomplish. All the games featured are easily available on all modern consoles, and all you need to prove your completion is a snapshot taken from your chosen console's built-in screenshot feature. Sundays (starting June 5): Fan Art Challenge This is where all you creative artists can show the rest of the community What You're Made Of! On Sundays, post your completed piece of fan art (drawn/developed specifically for The Sonic Stadium's 30 Days of Sonic event) into the relevant Fan Art Challenge topic. Each week there is a different theme/prompt for you to work with - feel free to get creative! To give you the maximum amount of time to work on your projects, we are sharing the prompts ahead of time: Week 1 (to share on Sunday June 5): "Fist Bump" Week 2 (to share on Sunday June 12): "Custom Badniks" Week 3 (to share on Sunday June 19): "Heroic" Week 4 (to share on Sunday June 26): "Party" Bonus: Sonic Stadium Banner Art Challenge We're bringing this back as part of 30 Days of Sonic 2022! We will give you dimensions and specs for our Sonic Stadium character banner (seen at the top of every page you browse on SSMB), and your job is to use your fan art skills to develop a new banner that will appear on the site's rotation. You have all of June to do this, so feel free to do this whenever you have the time. Contributing banners will be added to the random rotation cycle of the SSMB's Default "Stadium" theme. Rewards For participating in the 30 Days of Sonic 2022, you will receive special badges for your TSS Account. These Limited Edition badges will only be available during this event, so be sure to take part! They will be manually awarded to your account once we launch The Sonic Stadium's new Achievements system (coming soon). Members who post the appropriate content in an activity's topic during the month of June will be eligible for these badges. Here is a preview of the badges you can earn; Special badges for participating in the First (June 1) and Second (June 2) days of the event Badges for participating in Music Track of the Week Badges for participating in Fan Game Favourites Badges for participating in Question of the Week (except June 1) Badges for participating in Comic Panel of the Week (except June 2) Badges for participating in Poll of the Week Badges for participating in Game Challenge of the Week Badges for participating in Fan Art Challenge Special badges for participating in ALL daily activities, and for contributing a fan art banner to The Sonic Stadium during the 30 Days of Sonic event.
  23. We've managed nearly an entire week of 30 Days of Sonic activities - I'm very proud of you all for sticking with it! Today's Tuesday, and we're going to spend Tuesdays celebrating a particular side of the fan community... Fan Game Favourites Each week, we'll pick a category and you simply have to share with us what your favourite fan-made game (or ROM Hack) is that fits in that category! Give a reason why you like it so much, as well, and you'll be eligible for the following badge: You have until Thursday 9 June at 23:59 UK Time the end of the month to get your contributions in! Fan Game Favourites What is your Favourite 3D Sonic Fan Game? I'm going to kick things off with something really obvious and a game that everybody should know like the back of their hand - Sonic Robo Blast 2. Mostly so that you guys can share something other than SRB2 to be different, but also because it's sadly one of the only fan games I have actually played (blame that on lack of time, RL commitments and having a Mac and no PC!). Also, generally speaking it's a project that's close to my heart in a very specific way; it was one of the very first fan games I covered on The Sonic Stadium, waaaaaaaaayyyy back in the Year 2001! Of course, it has evolved a LOT since those halcyon days, but even though there have been many other 3D fan game projects out there, SRB2 has endured for literally decades. It was a fantastic representation of Sonic in a 3D space using the Doom engine even twenty years ago (who knew Doom could be so colourful!?) but today, it stands the test of time as the gold standard for not only inspiring modern projects, but also in terms of actually good, tight 3D Sonic level design (something that many other projects, like Utopia, as amazing as they look with its open-world approach, is sorely lacking). This game is a legend. Respect the legend. What are your favourite 3D Sonic fan games?
  24. It's the weekend! And the fourth day of 30 Days of Sonic! It's time to get active - on Saturdays we want you to take part in... The Sonic Game Challenge Every week we will set a very simple (but hopefully quite fun) task in a specific Sonic the Hedgehog game/s. We will make sure that these games are titles that can be easily played on modern consoles and PC, so as to be accessible to everyone. These challenges will also not require anything super-dedicated, like an entire game completion or something like that. Finally, all we want from you in these tasks is to provide screenshot evidence of you accomplishing the feat. This screengrab can be taken at any time from either screenshotting on your PC, or using the dedicated snapshot feature on your modern console's controller. You can send any snapshots you take from most consoles onto your social media accounts or a USB stick, which you can then use to upload/share in this topic. We're not going to be super-strict on proof here either, we just want to see you doing the thing (and doing it as well as you like!) Those who participate in this challenge will be eligible for the following badge: We'll give you a week to do this! You have until Saturday 11 June at 23:59 UK Time the end of the month to post your challenge proof. Sonic Game Challenge 'Peek-a-Boo' Find a Hidden Passageway in either Sonic 1 or Sonic 2 (Mega Drive/Genesis) Just find a secret path in the original Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and take a snap of Sonic (or Tails) standing in it. To accomplish this you can use, for example: The Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Classics app on PC/modern consoles The SEGA AGES versions of Sonic 1 or 2 on Nintendo Switch The Nintendo Switch Online version of Sonic 2 Obviously there are only so many of these hidden passageways, so we're happy for duplicate screenshots of proof here. Here's our effort to kick things off: Have fun!
  25. Welcome to Day 3 of 30 Days of Sonic! Fridays are Fun days, so every week our activity will be super easy... Poll of the Week All you need to do to participate in VOTE in each week's poll, and post a reply in this topic so that we can tell you voted (you don't have to tell us which way you voted if you don't want to... but it might cause some fun debate!). To keep things light, we kept all of these Poll questions as fun and silly as possible! For taking part in today's activity (you have between now and Monday 6 June at 23:59 UK Time the end of the month), you will be eligible for the following badge... This is the BLUE badge for Poll of the Week. This is rewarded to all users who participate in ONE Poll of the Week activity throughout the month of June (regardless of which day). The more Poll of the Weeks you participate in, the more badges you get! Poll of the Week Which version of Green Hill Zone is the best? Don't give me any chat about missing versions of GHZ, we stuck to a solid six and you have to pick your favourite from those only (although if you want to rant and rave about a version we omitted in the poll, feel free to talk about how awesome that version is in your post - just let us know that you voted in the poll first so we can track your participation!) I'm not telling you how I voted. Yet. OK, I'll tell you how I voted. I actually went with Sunset Hill from Sonic Advance 3. As much as the other GHZ renditions are more iconic (and perhaps more important), it was really cool (back in the day) to see such a different interpretation of the stage, just by switching the time of day. There were some great level gimmicks as well, and the music was insanely good (except for Act 2) too. Just a really unique turn on the old 'bring back GHZ' trope. Go!
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