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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there Sonic Stadium friends! Hello there from across the pond, it's me, Perfect Chaos Zero from SFGHQ/Sonic United and SAGE! I'd like to invite you TSS folks to have a shot at winning my stuff! I'm giving away all sorts of goodies at SAGE and I'd love to give some of it to YOU! I would ESPECIALLY like to invite you to take part in the Make A TERRIBLE Fan Character Contest! TSS has always had some part in SAGE at one point or another for many, many, years, so I wanted to make sure you guys over here knew about this opportunity to win some cool stuff! Even a copy of mmf 2 which is like 100 bucks a pop! (we got'em cheaper than that tho haha) We can't wait to see what kind of awful, absolutely idiotic submissions you guys can come up with! Remember, the more hilariously stupid, the better! That said, here's the thread where you submit your entry! For convenience's sake, I'll give a quick run down of what the contest includes here as well, of course. Basically, the goal is to make up an awful and absolutely hilariously bad fan character. Simply post an image of your character, along with a bio and list of likes and dislikes in the appropriate SAGE contest thread! No really, it's that simple! Oh and by the way, -YOU CAN ENTER THE CONTEST UP TO THREE TIMES!- The more hilarious the better, feel free to make the drawing as craptacular as you like, awful and increadibly stupid recolors are welcome! Also, feel free to join us for other contests, as I'm giving away tons of prizes over the next 48 hours as part of Win PC0's Stuff! I hope to see you guys there! After all, who doesn't like winning free stuff?
  2. AWROOOO! WE ARE BACK SON! Another year means another October, which means another opportunity to celebrate my most favorite holiday in the world: HALLOWEEN! "But Wolfy, wat u even talkin' about right now" Ah, Member #____, let me explain! You see, back in the glorious year of 2012, right before when we thought the world was gonna end magically, It was a pretty hilarious yet awesome event, seeing the creativity of your fellow members blossom. So you see, due to Mandobardanjusik bringing it to my attention that there was some talk of wanting it back again this year, here we are! RULES! That should cover it? I might add more if I forget junk later, but that's the gist. Oh right, the rewards! People that are new to this will have the chance to be like your older SSMB brethren and don one of the badges from before (listed below). "But Walfy, pls. I was here last year, what's in it for me dawg" Ah no need to be sassy, there's room for you too! Returning participants will be receiving new badges as an upgrade from your old. I mean staying fresh is cool right? I haven't decided on the images yet, so that news will be coming later. But don't fret! If you like your old badge over the new ones I might find, just lemme know after the contest is over and you can still hang on to your old one. Though I just don't want to add another because I'm trying to prevent extremely long badge lists that clog up posts haha. REWARD! Before she became staff, This was decided by the staff team's favorites based on creativity alone (not skill!, keep that in mind everybody!). But this year would like to offer a more community based action. At the end of the contest, those who have entered will be able to message me in a PM with their top 3 choices to be apart of the judging process. Tallying them up along with the staff's choices will result in the final results of who is determined most wolfiest of hedgehogs! --- OK! That's a lot there but it's not actually too many rules! Remember just make a werehogified version of anything you can dream of that's appropriate for the board, as many times as you want to enter, however art medium you want! So yeah, get out there and be creative! I really look forward to the fun we have and the crazy junk we come up with haha! DEADLINE! THURSDAY OCTOBER 25TH MIDNIGHT PST (so at the end of the 24th). WINNERS ANNOUNCED A WEEK LATER ON THE 31ST, HALLOWEEN, YEAH! As a last note, make sure to visit Jeffhog's super awesome event going on at the same time for the full caliber of SSMB Halloween goodness,
  3. Just thought I'd put this out to you guys, incase any of you are interested : The website I work for, PlusXP, is giving away the following set of classic Sonic figurines to celebrate the launch of Sonic Generations : I'm organising the contest, aswell as funding the prize, myself, so would be really interested to see some entrants from here For more details please see here : http://www.plusxp.co...ns-competition/ I'd be happy to field any questions here also =)
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