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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings. It's been probably over a decade since I used to frequent this site and forum but I wanted to share my latest pumpkin stencil for old time's sake. I had to make a new account because I can't for the love of me remember my old password, and I deleted my old email address as it was a comcast one. Anyway, for anyone looking to show off their Sonic fandom with a character Jack-O-lantern I share this https://www.deviantart.com/rally-the-cheetah/gallery/31665875/sonic-pumpkin-stencils My stencil this year is Big the Cat and Froggy. Will post a photo of it completed once I finish carving. 🎃
  2. Hello! I'm new here and I'm still figuring some things out, but I hope you'll like my art. Currently, I'm drawing characters for my boyfriend's tabletop campaign plus some doodles on the side. I also pretty much always take commissions, because rent and food are important. Here are some of them: I will be posting my new more complete stuff here (colored artworks or commissions), but if you want to see the full scope of my work, I have a twitter and a DA, where I drop pretty much everything or newgrounds, if you like maximum quality. In case you're interested about me personally - I was sonic for many years, started with Adventure games, and mostly stayed for comics and music. I also used to dabble into writing fanfics and roleplaying a lot, but art is where I stopped. I'm a huge fan of Evan Stanley's and Tracy Yardley's work.
  3. I was thinking it would be fun to sharing inspiring pumpkin carvings since Halloween is almost here. Here is one I would love to attempt: A traditional Shadow pose from SA2. To share with all the legend of “The Ultimate Lifeform.” Please share Sonic related carving you’d like to attempt, your own carvings or other non Sonic choices.
  4. Hello, my name is Jonathan and late last year I decided I'd cope with depression and unemployment by being creative. I have recently been accepted into university to study 2D Animation and Stop Motion. I love to draw, and while I was putting my portfolio together I found a piece of art I made using Art Academy on the Wii U, Scrambled Egg Zone and the Silver Sonic fight. Sonic 2 for the Master System, what a game! I grew up with this one and didn't get to play the Megadrive trilogy until I got Sonic Jam for the Saturn. I love the art style, the strange level tropes, the music and the variation. It's a punishing game but I still enjoy to complete it in about 40 mins from time to time. I've been quietly appreciating SAGE and the wonderful efforts that have come out of our fandom. I am especially excited for the Sonic Chaos and Triple Trouble remakes! But what about MY favourite game? Well I'm doing something about that. Using the Open Surge engine that debuted at SAGE 2019, with the co-operation of it's community, my partner, who is a programmer, I am remaking the 8 Bit version of Sonic 2! I aim to: - Recreate the game's unique art style using digitised hand drawn assets coloured using the original game's palette - "Modernise" the original experience (for example, 2 acts per zone each with bosses, special stages, drop dash, cutscenes) - Make the level design fun and in line with Sonic 3 and Mania standards - Have fun and put a new spin on my favourite title - Have a demo of Under Ground Zone release in 2020 Finally, I am looking for anybody who also loves this game, and wants to remix it's soundtrack! The more people want to contribute the better! Thank you for reading this post, may you have a happy new year and keep on expressing yourself!
  5. A project I wanted to do for a long time now is finally finished, behold my handmade sonic themed shoes! I based the design on Sonic 3 & Knuckles Angel Island Zone as this was my first sonic game ever and it has a really fond place in my heart.I painted on the white shoes with fabric paint, added the tiny black details in their faces with a permanent marker and then sealed the paint job with modpodge. I still have a white pair of shoes and a black pair of shoes left to paint but I'm not sure yet what design to paint on them... any suggestions?
  6. i was told not to use traced art by the ssmb staff, but they said i could show original fanart. i could make fanart for you, only one request per 24 hrs.
  7. Only on request per day, also I do mainly sega characters but I also do other franchises so hit me up on here
  8. Hello people, we are Art and Mizuki. A long time ago I used to visit Sonic forums everyday, but the time passed a lot of things happened and I never logged in any forum again... until today. So, to star our first day here we decided to post some of our fanarts. The digital is from my wife, Mizuki. The traditional is mine. I hope you guys enjoy it! -- If you like it, follow us in our deviants and instagram: - Art Deviant: @lobolong - Mizuki Deviant: @MizukiXLong - Instagram Long Couple: @long_couple
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