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  1. Hello, my name is Jonathan and late last year I decided I'd cope with depression and unemployment by being creative. I have recently been accepted into university to study 2D Animation and Stop Motion. I love to draw, and while I was putting my portfolio together I found a piece of art I made using Art Academy on the Wii U, Scrambled Egg Zone and the Silver Sonic fight. Sonic 2 for the Master System, what a game! I grew up with this one and didn't get to play the Megadrive trilogy until I got Sonic Jam for the Saturn. I love the art style, the strange level tropes, the music and the variation. It's a punishing game but I still enjoy to complete it in about 40 mins from time to time. I've been quietly appreciating SAGE and the wonderful efforts that have come out of our fandom. I am especially excited for the Sonic Chaos and Triple Trouble remakes! But what about MY favourite game? Well I'm doing something about that. Using the Open Surge engine that debuted at SAGE 2019, with the co-operation of it's community, my partner, who is a programmer, I am remaking the 8 Bit version of Sonic 2! I aim to: - Recreate the game's unique art style using digitised hand drawn assets coloured using the original game's palette - "Modernise" the original experience (for example, 2 acts per zone each with bosses, special stages, drop dash, cutscenes) - Make the level design fun and in line with Sonic 3 and Mania standards - Have fun and put a new spin on my favourite title - Have a demo of Under Ground Zone release in 2020 Finally, I am looking for anybody who also loves this game, and wants to remix it's soundtrack! The more people want to contribute the better! Thank you for reading this post, may you have a happy new year and keep on expressing yourself!
  2. Hello! I'm new here and I'm still figuring some things out, but I hope you'll like my art. Currently, I'm drawing characters for my boyfriend's tabletop campaign plus some doodles on the side. I also pretty much always take commissions, because rent and food are important. Here are some of them: I will be posting my new more complete stuff here (colored artworks or commissions), but if you want to see the full scope of my work, I have a twitter and a DA, where I drop pretty much everything or newgrounds, if you like maximum quality. In case you're interested about me personally - I was sonic for many years, started with Adventure games, and mostly stayed for comics and music. I also used to dabble into writing fanfics and roleplaying a lot, but art is where I stopped. I'm a huge fan of Evan Stanley's and Tracy Yardley's work.
  3. Hey All! Since the anniversary is only a couple of weeks away I thought it would be cool to have a thread where people can post any 30th Anniversary artwork they create and want to share. Attached is a rough sketch of something I'm currently working on, hoping to polish this up and get it finished in time for the 23rd I know there's some massively talented people in this forum from when I've been lurking in the past so looking forward to seeing what everyone creates!
  4. Hi! Been a while. So long in fact that my old thread stated a the bottom I should just start a new one. If any mods could help tell me if I should delete that one and start anew here, or carry on using that one and delete this one, that would be very much appreciated! Thank you. Anyway, new name, new year, new beginnings. Need to start drawing and socialising again! Hi! XD
  5. I love seeing other peoples creations, and I have yet to see a thread to show off art of OCs that you or someone else has drawn for you!!! Please credit the artist if you show off commissions youve gotten! Its hard being an artist now days, so show them some love!!! Ill go ahead and show off an OC iv made myself!
  6. Greetings. It's been probably over a decade since I used to frequent this site and forum but I wanted to share my latest pumpkin stencil for old time's sake. I had to make a new account because I can't for the love of me remember my old password, and I deleted my old email address as it was a comcast one. Anyway, for anyone looking to show off their Sonic fandom with a character Jack-O-lantern I share this https://www.deviantart.com/rally-the-cheetah/gallery/31665875/sonic-pumpkin-stencils My stencil this year is Big the Cat and Froggy. Will post a photo of it completed once I finish carving. 🎃
  7. I was thinking it would be fun to sharing inspiring pumpkin carvings since Halloween is almost here. Here is one I would love to attempt: A traditional Shadow pose from SA2. To share with all the legend of “The Ultimate Lifeform.” Please share Sonic related carving you’d like to attempt, your own carvings or other non Sonic choices.
  8. Why It Took So Long For Me to Upload The Doomsday Project 4-Episode Finale Of SatAM Clip From My "#LIVE: Topics On My Mind For 9-28-2020 (Sonic The Hedgehog/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic )" livestream In this clip, I discuss why it took me so long to upload this onto YouTube. Comments are Welcomed #Rally4Sally #SonicSatAM #TheDoomsdayProject #SonicTheDoomsdayProject #SonicTheHedgehog #SallyAcorn #YouTube #DICEntertainment #4KUHD #4K #UHD
  9. Hey there! I've been having so many thoughts for about four years...How can I improve Sonic R? Well I've got it, but I would need a team. Coders, Concept Artists, Musicians, a team to help make Sonic R the game it should have been. If you'd be interested please let me know! Unfortunately, I may be a bit under experienced in coding, and my art isn't good like lots of other people, but I can still try, and I enjoy music a lot as well, so I can help arrange songs! Please let me know if you'd be interested! Thank you so much!
  10. i was told not to use traced art by the ssmb staff, but they said i could show original fanart. i could make fanart for you, only one request per 24 hrs.
  11. Only on request per day, also I do mainly sega characters but I also do other franchises so hit me up on here
  12. A project I wanted to do for a long time now is finally finished, behold my handmade sonic themed shoes! I based the design on Sonic 3 & Knuckles Angel Island Zone as this was my first sonic game ever and it has a really fond place in my heart.I painted on the white shoes with fabric paint, added the tiny black details in their faces with a permanent marker and then sealed the paint job with modpodge. I still have a white pair of shoes and a black pair of shoes left to paint but I'm not sure yet what design to paint on them... any suggestions?
  13. Hello people, we are Art and Mizuki. A long time ago I used to visit Sonic forums everyday, but the time passed a lot of things happened and I never logged in any forum again... until today. So, to star our first day here we decided to post some of our fanarts. The digital is from my wife, Mizuki. The traditional is mine. I hope you guys enjoy it! -- If you like it, follow us in our deviants and instagram: - Art Deviant: @lobolong - Mizuki Deviant: @MizukiXLong - Instagram Long Couple: @long_couple
  14. https://youtu.be/AxitlwL7AUU Guys, I’m new on this forum and don’t know a lot 😅 Please, tell me do you support Sonic’s artist here? My name is Julia Blakita, I’m from Ukraine 🇺🇦 I have a YouTube channel near 3 years and I decided create some art for the Sonic Fans! If I doing everything good, please tell me and subscribe to my channel! I so so appreciate your attention and support ❤️
  15. I drew some Whispers. Enjoy quietly. Pencil Sketches:
  16. For the last few months, I've been working on a Sonic animation, remaking a scene from Sonic Adventure 2 in an alternate timeline where they're DC/Marvel style human superheroes. I'd appreciate some constructive criticism and knowing what people liked/disliked before I continue with the project. It's already a massive improvement over my previous animations, but I want it to be fantastic.
  17. https://www.deviantart.com/enlightened-titan/art/Tokyo-2020-or-2021-Nintendolympics-Collaboration-888328848 Note that the file size is huge.
  18. Okay, these are looking pretty presentable now. Gonna go ahead and spin this into it's own topic since they're far removed from my traditional art. Anyone familiar with Heroclix, or Warhammer? (I'm only familiar with former honestly. ^^;), Miniature tabletop gaming? I casually fall in and out of Heroclix, which is a tabletop wargame that, at least to me, seems more approachable then Warhammer. It's kind of like chess with the flexibility of trading card games. It's Mostly kept alive with waves of Marvel and DC characters, though it has crossed over to other series every now and again. Anyways, one of my pipe dreams was to make custom units of series that'll probably never see their way into the game. (Though I don't know, they throw some good curveballs like Street Fighter, Yu-gi-oh, and TMNT). Well that's looking less and less like a pipe dream now. Have at look at some miniature Sonic sculptures I'm working on. These are sculpted from scratch, and I just hand painted them. Still have a few details I want to add paint wise, namely shading effects. You may notice Bunnie's limbs are black, and Nicole just has a primer layer and splotches. Those are some of the details I plan to get to. Oh and the eyes are kind of hit, or miss. Before paint: Yes, the plan is to will figures of the core Freedom Fighters into existence; (that includes Sonic and Tails), and I'll branch off from there. Probably doing the core game cast next. So, if your not into the FF, don't worry! I'll cover the usual suspects ere long. Though they're not on Clix bases, I am also thinking up Clix dials for them to use in home games. What do you think? I know Sally's kind of not up to scale with the others, but this could of gone so much worse then it did. Do you have any experience with Warhammer and such tabletop games? I've wanted to do something like this for so long, but I was always searching for information in the wrong places. I learned about heavier duty sculptures instead, and didn't even realize "miniatures" was the word for this scale sculpture until recently. Once I did it all clicked into place.
  19. I'm putting this here as it's doesn't quite fit with art, and it's a mod and not a fan game or a full rom hack or anything big like that. Rather just a link to a release vid for a revamped version of Hyper Sonic for Sonic Generations I have been putting together. It's a reworking of JoeTE's version, and I did get his permission to release it, and I give him credit as well. I made some major changes. He now hovers when idle, has much brighter colors that are more saturated in the shade and he glows white in the bright sun with color aura around him. New stars aura. Major physics changes, all of the original Hyper Sonic moves from S3&K, including a double jump, an area effect attack that kills all the enemies on the screen including ones you normally cannot reach, he can breathe under water, and even fly. I hope you guys like it. https://youtu.be/fQ1sqUjgljs
  20. Good day, I made a animation of Amy Rose, Sally Acorn and Blaze the cat based on a anime called Kodomo no Jikan, I found the original video thanks to a fan made parody of the video with Yume Nikki characters, and there are a lot of parodies too of the same anime ending, I know is not a perfect work and there was a lot that could be better, but the true is, that i made this for fun and I enjoy making this so I hope you like it!
  21. It's been a very long time since I posted something on the forum, and I really wanted to go back to the community, been kinda off for some time, just doing my stuff without a care in the world... From that time on, a lot of stuff happened... but... I'm posting this on the forum because last time posted it over here I got some heavy criticism, Not that that's a negative thing. In fact, I'd like to see what some people think of my latest abiliites and share their thoughts on my art and help me get better, simple as that. If you have something constructive or would just like to troll me or just ignore me, go ahead. It's more of a "asking for criticism because I got nowhere else to go but don't wanna be rude to the community for having no place else to take honest criticism" kinda thing. I'm pretty sure a lot of you know of my art and that's great... so... As usual... Enjoy 😃
  22. Hey there! I'm an amateur artist working to improve, and every so often I may or may not produce stuff worth sharing! Feedback is always welcome and appreciated of course as my primary goal is to improve my own skills and work my way into being a halfway decent artist! I've been a lifelong Sonic fan (even if I don't draw fan art of the series that terribly often in all honesty) and have a particular fondness for CD/Dreamcast Sonic in particular I'm open to the occasional request when the mood strikes me!
  23. Recently, I’ve made my own Sonic Rig in Blender, and I wanted to test it out. So as we know, Sonic Forces was a pretty mediocre game. It also had some weak character animation. So here’s my attempt at a recreated scene from Sonic Forces made inside of Blender, rendered with Eevee Engine. Hope you give it a watch and enjoy!
  24. (Video title and description available in English, though Spanish is default, and I added English subtitles) "El Akelarre de Lola" is a platform video game starring Spanish singer and dancer Lola Indigo and with gameplay largely inspired by the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. A crazy crossover between a music star and a video game series made in Lua using framework LÖVE2D as a base. By the way, the title is in Spanish and "akelarre" is a Basque word meaning "witch reunion" or "witch ritual". This is my first ever complete video game, starting as an academic project. I recreated most of the classic Sonic physics (except slopes) from the ground up, as well as some collectibles, spikes, springs and powerups. All pixel art was done by me, but not without using other sprites I found as a base to teach myself. The game's story and settings are all about Lola Indigo, so nobody from outside her fandom will understand certain decisions such as the enemy design -nevertheless, I dare you to find out each enemy's significance. This first version (v1) contains three levels plus a final boss, and is available in both Spanish and English. It's still missing some featues such as particle effects, moving platforms, level scenery and other powerups, which I plan to add later. Check the video description for a download link! The font is not the most legible, I'm aware of that, but I chose it because of how it fits the witch theme. Feel free to notify me of any other problems you find. Also check out this game's forum thread at SonicFanGamesHQ! By the way, I'm very proud of the final boss! I managed to make it very close to my ideal Sonic vs Metal Sonic battle, with very simple AI code too! Music by Shane "CobaltBW" Ellis, taken from the SRB2 OST. "Little Witch" font by Brythos Type. And if you want to check out Lola Indigo's music, here's her YouTube channel.
  25. Hey everyone! It's been a while since the last time I was here. Recently I've been working on an AU/art project of sorts, and I wanted to share it with you guys. I call it Sonic Apex. Basically, I'll be drawing a bunch of Sonic characters in my style. I'll post a new picture every Wednesday with notes describing what the character is like in my AU. First up we have Sonic himself! Sonic isn't that different from his game counterpart, being a sporty and fun-loving adventurer who stands for his ideals. He lives in Green Hill on South Island, but is usually away on an adventure. In terms of appearance I basically just used his design from the movie because that's my favorite look for him. The gold ring around his neck is a good luck charm that his mother gave him before he moved to South Island. Please feel free to give feedback. I want to know what you think of this project!
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