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Found 13 results

  1. Hey, all! I'm starting a new long-running fanfic series. The concept is simple: What if Eggman were the hero and Sonic were the villain? While Sonic spinoff media in the past has explored this concept a few times, like the Archie comics with Dr. Kintobor and Scourge the Hedgehog, I've always been dissatisfied with how hands-off Kintobor was. He was never an active combatant in the conflict with Scourge, so I thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we saw a heroic character that still acted like Eggman?" And that's what I hope to do here: Depict the heroic version of Ivo as the same sort of proactive, hammy, bombastic character his villainous counterpart from the games is - just with his motivations changed. Anyway, I fully intend to adapt the majority of mainline entries in the Sonic series through this AU, starting with - of course - Sonic 1! Enjoy! AO3 link: Ivo the Genius - Chapter 1 Fanfiction.net link: Ivo the Genius I hope to have the next chapter ready soon, but until then, chapter 1's under the spoiler break! Any and all comments and feedback are appreciated! Story Outline: Here I'll link to the beginning of each specific story within this AU. Ivo the Genius (You are here!) Ivo the Genius 2
  2. Here's some backstory on why I'm making this my first post on this forum: I'm a 17 year old autistic teenager who's gotten back into this fandom due to a certain creepypasta, And I'm planning on writing a fanfiction wich takes place in an alternate universe in which there's a new generation of heroes and villains due to the canon characters and some of the ocs in the fic being all grown up, I am pretty sure that writing this story will give me a lot of extra stress because of personal issues. As a result, I decided to consult this forum on whether or not anyone can co-write the fanfic. There are rules below. RULES: Rule #1: Don't be creepy: I am still considered a minor where I live and have heard of horror stories about certain people in the fandom (I.e: Chris-Chan), As a result of this, I beg of you to not make any pedophilic comments. Rule #2: Please respect my personal boundaries and privacy: Please don't ask any questions about any info i want to keep private (Names, Birthday, Passwords, Social Security number, ZIP code, Biological Sex, etc.) I don't want to be swatted. Rule #3: Treat me with respect: I've been bullied irl in the past and I don't want that to happen again, So please don't do any of the following: Call me ableist slurs Assume my gender or sexuality Threaten to kill me or my family/friends Tell me to kill myself (I've struggled with suicidal ideations in the past.) Violate the first two rules. And finally, Rule #4: Make sure your critiques are constructive.
  3. So I decided to write again after a few months and wanted to raise the biggest question that Team Sonic Racing is lacking: more playable characters. It's still a work in progress, as there are only 2 chapters published right now. I really hope you read and enjoy. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13527863/1/Team-Sonic-Racing-Ignition
  4. Sometimes you have an idea for a fanfic that you don't necessarily want to write in full, or requires abilities you don't have, like illustrating or programming. Or maybe you have fanfic you've already written and want to pitch it here, too, and link to the full story -- that's cool too. Thread is for bite-sized ideas of Sonic fanfics that you think would be fun. (Obviously post your own work or make it clear/link to original if not) FORMAT Title (name of story) Media (game/comic/anime/etc) Outline (short description / story beats) Does it exist? (link to full story if you have it / want to) Tl;dr (one sentence summary) --- EXAMPLES Title -- Big’s Big Crush Media -- Comics/Animation Outline--Shopping in Station Square with Amy Rose, Big the Cat mistakes his reflection in shop windows for a female admirer who he thinks is following him. After finally gathering the courage to approach this (equally shy seeming) Miss Big character, Big is surprised and then saddened to realize it was only his reflection and the confusing layout of mirrors in shops. Amy thinks Big is admiring the big-brimmed hat in the window, and she agrees (with her assumption) that Big would look great in it! Big is very happy with how he looks in the hat, indeed, and Amy is surprised by how jealous she is by the hat, almost wanting to get it for herself, but then finally saying “no no no, the hat is your thing.” Big looks at her, wearing this gigantic hat, with his big dumb face. Next panel, Amy is also wearing the gigantic hat. Next panel, Amy and Big are both sitting on a park bench eating ice cream. Next panel, Sonic zips into frame: “Oh it’s you guys, from further away I thought it was the shape of one of Eggman’s bots. (beat) You guys are weird.” Sonic zips away. Tl;dr -- Classically comedic short comic about Big being dumb and cute and gives Amy some fun character beats as a friend and with her idiosyncrasies. --- Title -- Knuckles the Echidna Media -- Video Game Outline -- It's a game in which the only playable character is Knuckles. The levels can play both like 2D Mania/3K/Knux in Sonic 2, and/or the emerald hunting stages from Adventure (with the radar from the first). It can literally be simply all of those levels, in order of when they were designed, from 2 -3 - K - Chaotix - SA1 - SA2 - Mania -- I'd take it even as that. Ideally it would be original, though I do quite like the idea of combining both 2D Mania-like levels and 3D Adventure-style, just executed better. Christian Whitehead's team could do a killer job on it, I'm certain. But even Sonic Team could potentially do it, a refined version of the "Sonic God of War" from Unleashed, with a story about Knuckles hunting treasure, and maybe there's some very light Action RPG elements, with Master Emerald powers. Story allows an opportunity to define Knuckles' villains and backstory in a brand new way, since his story's been ignored / considered over since Adventure 1, really, outside of Bioware game and the Archie and Fleetway books, which Archie especially had a lot of fun characters who could be adapted well, if Sega were feeling collaborative and/or simply took possession of characters that rightfully belong to the Sonic-verse, anyway. Even in this fantasy, we won't assume generosity and instead assume it would be something different. Nack "Fang" the Weasel / Bean the Duck / Bark the Polar Bear -- they need to come back both in games and in the IDW comics. They are so much more fun as goofy henchmen than the Deadly Six. So this fantasy will go as far as saying these 3 will be repeat villains and mini-bosses throughout the campaign; each separately, and then combined three separate times for a total of 6 total Hooligan confrontations. We're establishing these villains as part of Knuckles' Rogue Gallery, rival treasure hunters. Rouge the Bat is redesigned with 5x bigger bat wings. She's in a role similar to Knuckles in Sonic 3, where she's messing with you at level segues throughout the campaign. She's also searching for the XYZ gem that the Hooligans are out for, too. Eventually Rouge is an act 1 boss fight, and then a second act team-up where CPU Rouge assists taking down a horde of badniks. As it turns out, the sudden influx of badniks on Angel Island is because Eggman's been here the whole time. The gem hunt turns out to be a wild goose chase. The XYZ gem is a ruse, a phony, a prank by Eggman to buy himself time for his final ultimate plan, finally final edition v2 final. 3 big bad bosses -- Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and then finally Eggman's Monster, a new unnatural creation powered by the Master Emerald that looks like an ugly amalgamation of Chaos and Shadow combined in a dark misty form -- it's impossible to punch! The final boss will test the player in a way no challenge or boss has up until this point. Each boss battle will be more typical Sonic-style boss fights, but Eggman's Monster is a left hook to the player by being much more puzzle-like, requiring memory and logical deduction and basic math and spatial reasoning, etc, on a timer. It's Knuckles singularly biggest weakness - his intelligence! Can the player help save the day? I don't know! That's why I'm asking. Tl;dr -- Finding gems by climbing, gliding, punching, digging, and breaking walls: the long national nightmare is over, we finally have a solo Knuckles game.
  5. Hello there !I am a long time Sonic fan, who also likes to write Fanfiction. After the recent Sonic Movie came out, I decided to write my own version of the events that would take place after this film (i.e. a sequel), and so wrote two stories that follow up on the events of the film. I take things back in a very game-centric direction, with some elements from other sonic universes as references/cameos, and the characters being a little older than in the games. Anyway, I put these here for anyone who is interested to enjoy, and I would love any feedback a reader would care to give. Anyway, thank you for your time. First story, Sonic Returns: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13510404/1/Sonic-Returns Second story/followup, Sonic Triumphant https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13519924/1/Sonic-Triumphant
  6. Yep... This'll be a thing now. So, I've been wanting to find something to write recently, but nothing has catched my interest as much as building a sort of comic universe based on a few of my favourite childhood heroes from Marvel. It started out small with me wanting to RP as Spider-man, but I wanted to give him a twist no other story has given him, so I've gone on and created Reverse Spider-man. This gave me the freedom of allowing to build a new story for him as the RP will go on while also sticking to the same concept of our beloved Superhero. That'll be always what I try to do with these stories that I'll create. You are familiar with them, yet you don't know who they really are at the same time. I wanna capture that feeling and make stories that you wouldn't have seen coming at all, and some stories that you think will play out the same as the original comics... only to then give it a twist that changes everything. For this, it'll be sort of like you're reading a comic. I'll describe things as best as I can while trying to make the narration sound like you're hearing from a commercial to hopefully give you an image in your head about what the page would look like. Believe it or not, I actually have a friend working on making a cover for the first issue of Spider-man, so I can't guarantee that there will be covers for every story. Had I been an artist or had the money to commission one I would make every story have it's own cover... More the reason to practice drawing, am I right? Of course, with this... comes a LOT of research I'll have to do, but I think it'll be fun! Hopefully I can gather information to make the best stories that grasp the concept firmly without going against the intentions of the original creators of these characters. This'll be the first volume. A "phase" if you will, like the MCU movies. This Volume will be the introduction to the true believers of how this world looks, and it'll start off with the two heroes I'm most Familiar with and they'll be the only stories running until the end of the first volume. Now while I mostly intend to work on writing most of these by myself, I'm considering collaborating with others that are just as passionate with this as I am to write some characters I'm not familiar with, such as the X-Men, but I do have an idea of what to do with mostly everyone, don't you worry! For now, I wanna hear everyone's thoughts about it. Do you wanna work along me to work on a certain character? Got any questions about something? Maybe even give me a few suggestions on how to make it feel immersive when writing things. I want to turn this project into something fun I can do as a hobby. Anyways, that's all from me, True believers. Tune in on the first Issue of the Reverse Web-Slinger, Spider-man! As he swings into action without experience in his first few days as a superhero, struggling with life as he has three jobs to take care of at the same time, and a cat that he always has to save from a tree. but does he have the skill to be on the top of the hill? We'll see on the first issue of "The Marvelous Spider-man! (Issue #1)" Excelsior.
  7. What are some of the best Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Fiction and Fan Comics you have ever read? Here are some of my favorites: 1. The Murder of Me Fan Comics: This fan comic series is about Sonic, Shadow and Silver being descendants of some gods and it has them trying to save the world while learning more about their powers and about the gods before them. I have really been enjoying this series so far as it's intense and entertaining to watch and I can't wait to see more of this series! 2. Miles "Tails" Prower: Where Was My Hero?: This fan comic is a "What If?" story about what would happen if Tails didn't meet Sonic. It's truly a tragic and intense fan comic that you should check out! 3. Robert Brown and Francis Tolbert's Sonic Fan Fiction: I know these fan fictions have been around since the late 90s, but they are fantastic fan fictions, especially if you are a huge fan of "Sonic Satam!"
  8. Reposted here, I'm currently in the process of rewriting the fan fiction as a script or the first issue, to turn it into a fan comic, so I'm looking for fan artists to join me and draw parts of it, and perhaps more fan writers to co-plot the script, it would be a great project to celebrate Sonic's 30th anniversary as well, so contact me only if you are interested in the plot idea and taking active part in it. A cool "what if" story concept that explores the ideas set up in the Reboot Archie comic. Right now I'm planning a 6 issues short mini-series (or fan fiction if no one is interested) with potential for more season ideas, and includes the concept for redesigning the protagonists. If you want to hear more about the story and details, contact me because there is a lot more. Otherwise, express your opinions on what format I should turn this story into. I'd like it to be told as visual storytelling, rather than fan fiction. I'm aware there isn't much else to showcase at the moment, I'm just asking for help for this cool project, to make it actually happen in a larger way, and hopefully I'll have something more in the future (pun intended).
  9. Hey Sonic Stadium community! I feel like a lot of people are talking about the redesign for the movie and how it was a great call to listen to everyone about how bad it was. Me and my sketch team made a mockumentary about what happened to the actor playing the old Sonic. I would love if you guys could take a peek and let me know what you think! What Happened to the Rejected Sonic the Hedgehog? https://youtu.be/gmEWoGaTYPQ
  10. Hello everyone, I have an idea for a game where Sonic and Shadow have a valid reason to fight that also fits their character. My story idea is very rough, but here I go. There is a little girl with some dark secret, similair to Cosmo from Sonic X. She might have something inside of her that can or does potentially destroy earth and kill all of it's creatures. Sonic and Shadow are both heroes and both want to solve the problem, but they have different opinions on how to resolve the issue. This should resemble the trolley problem. Shadow thinks utilitarian and justifies killing the girl for the greater good, while Sonic understands the conflict but his deontological view point just doesn't allow him to kill a innocent girl. Shadow isn't a anti hero or villain here, he just sees no other way to save the world and sincerly wants to help. Shadow is very uncomfortable with his choice. Sonic runs away with the little girl to find another way to save her and the world. They travel through the world to find an answer while Shadow tries to hunt them down. Tails and Knuckles join Sonic on his quest, while Rogue and Omega agree with Shadow. The person behind all of this conflict is acutally Dr. Eggman. He knew that Sonic and Shadow would fight each other over their different opinions on saving the world. He used this time to prepare things in the background. Traveling around the world can be used to get some more character development. Sonic learns more about the little girl, her origins and her fear. Shadow also has some heartfelt talks with Rogue, explaining to her that he almost let earth down once (during his actions in SA2) and that he needs to save earth to keep his promise to Maria (but he seems quite unhappy with that he needs to kill a little girl to save earth). There then will be a final battle between Sonic and Shadow with Shadow barely winning. He goes towards the girl to finish her off but then sees the fear in her eyes. He then remembers the fear in the eyes of Maria when she got killed and decides that he cannot finish her off. He felt disgust from the thought that he almost turned into the very same thing that he despised, even when that means that he might not be able to keep his promise to Maria to save earth. Instead, he asks Sonic "What now?". Sonic says: "Glad you asked!" and proposes a plan (not sure how this problem should be resolved yet). During the final battle from Sonic and Shadow all of their friends have been taken by Dr. Eggman. He trapped them inside of his big robot, which is powered by the individual powers of Sonic and Shaodws friends. Dr. Eggman is able to use all of the powers from them, but the machine slowly drains the life energy from them. Eggman knew that Sonic and Shadow can easily destroy his machines, but would hesitate when their friends life is at risk. Sonic now faces an issue. Sonic has to defeat Eggman fast and destroy his machine, but without killing his friends in the process. In my opinion this fits Dr. Eggmans behaviour because he often tried to not only kill Sonic and his friends, but make them fight each other, manipulate them, turn animals into robots etc. Sonic and Shadow come up with a plan where Sonic breaks through the part of the machine where one of the friends is trapped, making it explode. Exactly when it explodes Shadow uses Chaos Control to freeze time and save one of their friends. This whole battle should feel like the times when Eggman was more menacing and a real threat. There are lives at stake. Eggmans actions often had a very dark undertone while Sonic was mostly a child inside of his heart. I'm sorry if this idea is very rough, but I would like to know your opinion on this.
  11. So this is a preview script for an anime play that i've been working on. It centers around a Girl named Akemi and her Friend Akira. I love writing this and write a new scene every week so i hope you enjoy. Act One: Opening Number (Intro and Playing of Theme Song) (Narrator Akira): Hello everyone and welcome to the world of Marinea! Life is the meaning of happiness! or is it? (Akira and Akemi fooling around in class). (Narrator Akemi): There are two of the world's most invaluable people. I know they don't look like much now, but give them a chance.Though they're not exactly the most perfect people that doesn't mean they can't grow up the world's best protectors they didn't know they needed (Narrator Akira): Trust me it wasn't easy but they prevailed. How do I know this, cause that's us. (Theme Song Plays) Act Two: Childhood and Revenge/Prelude Scene (Akira): Now, we wouldn't be the world's most invaluable people if we didn't start somewhere.We begin this adventure with childhood memories and rivalries. (Akemi): We both had our ups and downs of childhood but there was one day that opened our eyes to what we were going to face in our future and it all starts here. Act Two: Childhood and Revenge/Prelude Scene (school bells rings and children exit building) (Akemi): Did you bring the stuff? (Akira): Of course I brought the stuff,(sarcasm) are you questioning the plan? (Akemi): No, i just really want revenge and i'm afraid it won't go right and everything will fall apart and……(worried tone) (Akira): Akemi, when have I ever failed at anything? (Akemi): math tests, magic tricks,skateboarding, dancing . Do i need to go on! (Akira): Alright so i'm not the best at winning but we will beat them this time, i promise(genuine voice) (Akemi): I hope so, but i still don't see why we didn't bring Issei (Akira): cause he doesn't know how to keep quiet, now come on! (Akira): Okay there they are(Zooms in Itazura Twins in the distance) (Akemi): Akira are you sure about this? I mean Yoki is pretty emotional she might … (Akira): Shhhh, what are they doing around that officer? (Akemi): I dunno maybe their playing a prank on him (Akira): I don't think so, their daring, but not stupid. (Military officer takes Twins in the car and drives off.) (Akemi): come on let's get out of here! (Akira): Akemi don't you think we should look into this? (Akemi): And risk getting caught by that officer! It's like you said we are daring! But not stupid! (End Scene)
  12. If you are familiar with anime, then you are familiar with the term isekai. Is there a fanfic where a classroom get transported into Sonics world or Sonic and co get stranded in a fantasy world? Anything like that, this would be a good concept.
  13. Are you pissed that Ken Pender's characters can't return unless they return by miracle standards? Then these are great options on replacing those characters. 1. Character Merges. - Julie Su should be replaced with a Female Echidna that is really beautiful and has ninja abilities. Like this Female Echidna named Ember the Echidna. - Scourge the Hedgehog - He should be replaced with Nazo the Hedgehog or Ashura the Hedgehog taking his place as Sonic's evil clone. Nazo the Hedgehog Ashura the Hedgehog - Fiona Fox - She should be replaced with a replica of Sally Acorn who looks like Alicia Acorn (the original Anti-Sally). Appearance of Alicia Acorn in which whom this Fiona Fox replacement should look like - Lein-Da - She should be replaced with a beautiful female anthropromorphic animal of any kind who could be a great henchwoman of Eggman especially the fact they will have the same personality as Lein-Da. These would be great appearances for a potential Lein-Da replacement. - Geoffrey St. John - Should be replaced with Aeon the Hedgehog Appearance of Aeon the Hedgehog - Hershey Cat - Should be replaced with a popular Female Sonic fan Character. Link to Female Sonic OCs https://www.google.com/search?q=female+sonic+fan+characters&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwj6_KXk-_TuAhWHGN8KHZwzBCUQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=Female+Sonic+Fan&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQARgBMgIIADICCAAyAggAMgIIADIGCAAQBRAeMgYIABAFEB4yBggAEAgQHjIGCAAQCBAeOgcIIxDqAhAnOgQIIxAnOgQIABBDOggIABCxAxCDAToFCAAQsQM6BwgAELEDEENQy78DWLfWA2DU5QNoAXAAeACAAU-IAcUIkgECMTaYAQCgAQGqAQtnd3Mtd2l6LWltZ7ABCsABAQ&sclient=img&ei=LCsvYPq2JYex_Aac55CoAg&bih=617&biw=1366&rlz=1CATMUU_enUS934US934#imgrc=pYyufFdIaFQ17M 2. Have Freedom Planet merge with Sonic This a great solution in my opinion due to the fact there are multiple Sonic/Freedom Planet Fan-fictions like Sonic x Freedom Planet: Power of Chaos Link to the Fan-Fiction: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/11786220/1/The-Power-of-Chaos So these are two potential solutions for replacing Ken Penders Characters if IDW decided to bring back the SATAM and Archie Characters,
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