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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings, I am Royale lead developer of a online world known as Mobius Grid. A 3D environment where you can explore regions modeled after areas from various sonic games & even other games, but mostly sonic. you can even build your own custom area with in world tools. explore as an offical character or even your OC. with free image sound animation & mesh uploads the possibilities are endless. you can even sell your own creations to other users which has a total of 247 users sense we opened beta last month. we have a total of 30 regions & with are warp ring transport system travel is a breeze. although we are still beta feel free to check our work out & IM me on grid by searching the name "serra royale" all lower case. http://www.mobiusgrid.us http://www.facebook.com/mobiusgrid
  2. The SAGE demo is out. Come get it. So, this is a thing I've been working on lately, as part of an effort to build up a mutiplayer platform engine in Construct 2, as well as experimenting with new methods of conveying narrative that don't rely on non-interactivity. I intend on releasing a demo for SAGE, with a single-player demo and a multiplayer mode capable of supporting up to four players. As a Construct 2 game, the demo will be playable in all HTML5/WebGL-capable browsers. But, thanks to the power of Node-Webkit, there are also Windows, Mac and Linux executables if you prefer that. Screenshots: Work in progress, obviously, just to note. Overiew Digimon: Heroic Battle Spirit, made in Construct 2, is a fan-made 'expansion' on the three Digimon: Battle Spirit fighting games for the Wonderswan/GBA made by Dimps, one of which, Battle Spirit 1.5, never left Japan. The idea is to include nearly every existing playable character from the first two games at least, hopefully add more fighters from more recent Digimon series (Digimon Savers/Data Squad and Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion) , enable four-player multiplayer, and include a special Metroidvania-like story mode with innovative narrative mechanics that attempt to do away with the need for cutscenes in most cases. The demo is an attempt to demonstrate a basic idea of the direction being taken for both single-player and multiplayer. It's not exactly 'polished', nor 'balanced', but very much playable. Playable Characters In the demo, there are three playable Digimon - Agumon, Gabumon, and Renamon, each with unique movesets. Okay, that's not quite true - there's a fourth character, but he's not a Digimon - a special guest fighter for the demo. I'll be unveiling him when SAGE opens. Story Mode Synopsis The first thing you remember is waking up in a cell in a dungeon. You manage to escape, but you find yourself in a castle filled with strange machines you've never seen before that are hostile to your presence. And to make it worse, there's no way out... Without treading a lot of water. And you sincerely doubt you can swim that far. An exploration of the castle finds you battling an old enemy, but even he is subservient to a greater power. Without your partner, you're left alone trying to figure out how to escape the castle, where he and your friends have gone, and who imprisoned you in the first place... Open-ended environments inspired by the likes of Metroid and its many imitators. Multiple characters with different abilities. Sub-weapons that augment your character's fighting abilites. A 'narrative button' that provides dialogue options ala Mass Effect, but in real-time, with an adjustable slow-down effect. A 'look' mechanic reminiscent of old-school adventure games. An adjustable, zoomable camera system that accommodates any number of screen resolutions. A 'fog of war' system that hides unexplored areas, and fogs explored but unoccupied areas. Beware, not all boss enemies will be content to sit around and let you walk up to their doorstep, and some may start hunting you on their own volition... Possible extra for later on: 4-player co-op. Multiplayer Fully-featured classic Battle Spirit gameplay, now with 4 players! (In the future, depending on what happens with Steam Controllers and online multiplayer support in Construct 2, up to 16 players might be supported.) Dynamic camera system that keeps every combatant on-screen. What about the future? Well, what happens in the future is going to be a bit interesting. Right now, with this demo, I'm pretty much limited entirely to existing game assets (and not just from Digimon games) and open-source assets, which are both neat, but they have their limitations. Long story short, if I want to really complete this game as I envision it, I'll need help. Aside from presenting a demo, I'm using SAGE as a platform to advertise for artists and other people who are interested in making this whole thing work. Primarily, I'm looking for an artist(s), an optional plural, because I intend to redo as many assets from scratch as possible, from level art to character animations. The existing assets are great, but I don't really want to be restricted to what there is right now, if I want to expand the gameplay, for example (the existing sprites were designed for a rather simple fighting game, let's be honest), not to mention I want a consistent art style across the board, which is important. And I'd like to be able to have higher-quality art assets, which would be neat. What I'm mainly looking at for animation work is the program Spriter, by Brashmonkey. It's tech that is similar to what is used in games like Rayman Origins/Legends, and anything Vannilaware's done (Odin Sphere, Muramasa, Dragon's Crown, etc), and when the tool is used properly, the results can look superb. As well, animations can be created and tweaked much more easily than traditional animation, scaled better, enables character customization, heavily reduces RAM usage, includes support for stuff like collision rectangles, and already has native Construct 2 support. I like traditional animation as much as anyone, but I'd like to save my time and my artist's time when it comes to creating assets, animations, and iterating on them. If nothing else, Spriter is great for easily prototyping animations. Still, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I've got a demo to finish!
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