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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, my name is Jonathan and late last year I decided I'd cope with depression and unemployment by being creative. I have recently been accepted into university to study 2D Animation and Stop Motion. I love to draw, and while I was putting my portfolio together I found a piece of art I made using Art Academy on the Wii U, Scrambled Egg Zone and the Silver Sonic fight. Sonic 2 for the Master System, what a game! I grew up with this one and didn't get to play the Megadrive trilogy until I got Sonic Jam for the Saturn. I love the art style, the strange level tropes, the music and the variation. It's a punishing game but I still enjoy to complete it in about 40 mins from time to time. I've been quietly appreciating SAGE and the wonderful efforts that have come out of our fandom. I am especially excited for the Sonic Chaos and Triple Trouble remakes! But what about MY favourite game? Well I'm doing something about that. Using the Open Surge engine that debuted at SAGE 2019, with the co-operation of it's community, my partner, who is a programmer, I am remaking the 8 Bit version of Sonic 2! I aim to: - Recreate the game's unique art style using digitised hand drawn assets coloured using the original game's palette - "Modernise" the original experience (for example, 2 acts per zone each with bosses, special stages, drop dash, cutscenes) - Make the level design fun and in line with Sonic 3 and Mania standards - Have fun and put a new spin on my favourite title - Have a demo of Under Ground Zone release in 2020 Finally, I am looking for anybody who also loves this game, and wants to remix it's soundtrack! The more people want to contribute the better! Thank you for reading this post, may you have a happy new year and keep on expressing yourself!
  2. https://www.sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-the-hedgehog-dvd-mod.747/
  3. Sonic Smackdown Trailer https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-smackdown.341/ The Sonic fighting game heavily inspired by Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. It was created by ArcForged and has 10 playable characters (as of now) along with gameplay features such as Arcade Mode, Versus Mode, and Training Mode. The games community thrives in its discord server where all the updates and extra information is.In the game you get to use fast paced combos to knock the living rings out of your enemies. If you use the right combo you even get to use super forms! The game design is phenomenal and they are still planing on coming out with new designs chosen by fans, along with 4 new characters leaked in its discord server.The creator of the project even says he plans to make the game officially licensed by Sega!
  4. Volcan Pacaya

    Sonic TCG

    Fifteen years ago, there was a forum based Sonic TCG that I used to play after school called the USTCG. When I got back into card games a few months ago I started thinking about it and how it's effectively been lost to time. So I remade the original cards and rewrote the rules (and retroactively got the original creator's permission to do so). The result is a higher quality, printable version of all 158 cards from the Sonic Adventure set that remains 99% faithful to the originals. (Design aside, the biggest change I made to a single card was changing SA Knuckle's ability to search for the Treasure Goggles upgrade [from the SA2 set] into the ability of that upgrade.) I had planned to finish this by the end of March/early April but Animal Crossing happened. www.ustcg.ca The blurriness is the result of my camera. I also created a play field for it because the original was a forum game and didn't have one: Original Knuckles: & Knuckles: *Knuckles Wearing A Hat is Ken Penders OC. Do not steal.
  5. Special care has been taken to stay as a faithful as possible to the limitations of the Genesis hardware and the standards of the Genesis Classic Sonic games. For starters, there is no more than 64 colors on screen, spread across 4 swatches. 5 FM music channels, a DAC channels, and additional PSG channels. Much research went into this side of the development. Genesis games both popular and obscure were used as reference points. I spoke with industry professionals that shipped official Genesis games in the 1990's as well as modders/hackers familiar with Genesis hardware (including some people in this community). The story is being reworked from the original to take place after Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The original Game Gear games seem to take place on a timeline separate from the main Genesis Sonic Team games. Since this remake brings the Game Gear game to the style of the Sonic Team games, I've made an effort to find a way to include it in the timeline, without changing the spirit of the original. (Yes, Knuckles is still an antagonist) Current Team: Noah N. Copeland (myself) - Director / Lead Developer, Level Designer, Programmer, Music and Sound Designer https://twitter.com/NoahNCopeland D. Zocker - Pixel Artist https://twitter.com/RealDerZocker Dolphman - Pixel Artist https://twitter.com/Dolphman2017 DarkVampireDee - Pixel Artist https://twitter.com/DarkVampireDee Anonite - Additional Music https://twitter.com/anonite_ Special Thanks to D.A. Garden, Team Time Twisted, Mr. Poe, Redhotsonic, and Heragaaa (additional sprite sheets used from CyberShadow, MisterMain) CURRENT DEMO: Play two acts of Great Turquoise Zone right now! Plus, a prologue stage. Download the demo at the GameJolt Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit Page PLAY THE DEMO: https://gamejolt.com/games/sonictripletrouble16bit/322794 DEFAULT CONTROLS: A - Jump S - Switch Arrow Keys - Move Enter - Start 1,2,3 or 4 - Change screen resolution This is the first game (demo) I've released where I wasn't just doing sound and music. If this brings you fun and joy, then I'll be very happy.
  6. Felix

    Sonic GDK

    I'm sure all of you have probably not heard of this. But Sonic GDK is a engine that allows you to make your own Sonic The Hedgehog games. GDK stands for Game Development Kit. The engine compared to others, such as Sonic Freerunner, and Blitz has higher standards, graphics, and a higher consistency and framerate. You can do anything with the engine, add rings, power ups, badniks, character models from Sonic games, and design your own fan made levels. You can also construct 2.5D, and 3D sections in your level, similar to the gameplay of Unleashed's day stages, Colors, and Modern Sonic's gameplay in Generations. Sonic also has all the same moves from the games, including the spin dash, boost, stomp, jump, homing attack, and all the others. Super Sonic can also be used in the engine through a specific code in the code inserter of the engine. These are some levels made with SonicGDK, demonstrating it's power. If you want to learn more info about Sonic GDK, and download the engine. Click here: http://info.sonicret...64&oldid=177106 What do you guys think of this engine? Is it well made, does it need tweaks? Can it have the potential to make a great Sonic fan game?
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