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  1. Hello, my name is Jonathan and late last year I decided I'd cope with depression and unemployment by being creative. I have recently been accepted into university to study 2D Animation and Stop Motion. I love to draw, and while I was putting my portfolio together I found a piece of art I made using Art Academy on the Wii U, Scrambled Egg Zone and the Silver Sonic fight. Sonic 2 for the Master System, what a game! I grew up with this one and didn't get to play the Megadrive trilogy until I got Sonic Jam for the Saturn. I love the art style, the strange level tropes, the music and the variation. It's a punishing game but I still enjoy to complete it in about 40 mins from time to time. I've been quietly appreciating SAGE and the wonderful efforts that have come out of our fandom. I am especially excited for the Sonic Chaos and Triple Trouble remakes! But what about MY favourite game? Well I'm doing something about that. Using the Open Surge engine that debuted at SAGE 2019, with the co-operation of it's community, my partner, who is a programmer, I am remaking the 8 Bit version of Sonic 2! I aim to: - Recreate the game's unique art style using digitised hand drawn assets coloured using the original game's palette - "Modernise" the original experience (for example, 2 acts per zone each with bosses, special stages, drop dash, cutscenes) - Make the level design fun and in line with Sonic 3 and Mania standards - Have fun and put a new spin on my favourite title - Have a demo of Under Ground Zone release in 2020 Finally, I am looking for anybody who also loves this game, and wants to remix it's soundtrack! The more people want to contribute the better! Thank you for reading this post, may you have a happy new year and keep on expressing yourself!
  2. So i'm not sure if there's a SRB2 Kart thread (and if there is, it's probably really old), and I'm not sure if this belongs here or in Video Games, but I figured this deserves it's own topic. I haven't really been paying attention to SRB2K or SRB as a whole lately, but based on the replies to the tweet, they seemed to of taken SRB2K 2.0 and spun it off into a sequel instead of an update. That's pretty neat, gives me some Super Mario Galaxy 2 vibes in a way. Hope to see gameplay of this soon, because SRB2K always seemed really fun to play.
  3. http://www.sonicfangameshq.com/SAGE/2016/305/ The mystery game of SAGE 2016 has been revealed and it's getting people excited! Sonic Utopia looks to set out on a mission very similar to Green Hill Paradise; recreating the spirit of the classic games in an open 3D environment. There's no details available just yet but a download to the early demo is expected before SAGE 2016 ends. I'm personally very excited for this. There's a big difference between seeing a game and playing it but there does seem to be a higher fidelity of control here than we've seen in GHP. On a side note, that Sonic CD style Sonic model is amazing! How's everybody feeling about this one?
  4. So, lately the Sonic games haven't been in the best state of quality (sans Sonic Generations and Sonic Mania) and there's been a rise in the fangames for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and lately, they are being praised more than the recent mainline games have. So, do you think that the fangames are keeping the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise afloat, at least in terms of the game side of things?
  5. Hey guys! Remember the 3D Sonic Mania? The engine that will revive Sonic Adventure and make it the best Sonic gameplay since Sonic Mania? Here it it, available for download: https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-project-hero-2019-demo-out-now.400/ Let's make sure SEGA do themselves a favor and us a favor and hire him already EDIT: the creator's doesn't want people to keep saying SEGA should hire him. Maybe find another way to encourage him like nice comments and support CONTROLS: move: wasd, jump: spacebar, spindash: left click, kick: right click Best part is: you can also use your mouse to change direction while you do a spindash! Most controllable 3D Sonic ever. Note: it's only opened with 7zip
  6. Guys, I need help with something, can you tell me what was the first Sonic hack? From SHC or any other event. If you know and have it downloaded send me the link to download it and I will make a video on my channel and give credit to those who answer correctly. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCprzLvhfGXCDBm7MAY3lv2g? 👈 My channel
  7. https://www.sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-the-hedgehog-dvd-mod.747/
  8. Hey there! I've been having so many thoughts for about four years...How can I improve Sonic R? Well I've got it, but I would need a team. Coders, Concept Artists, Musicians, a team to help make Sonic R the game it should have been. If you'd be interested please let me know! Unfortunately, I may be a bit under experienced in coding, and my art isn't good like lots of other people, but I can still try, and I enjoy music a lot as well, so I can help arrange songs! Please let me know if you'd be interested! Thank you so much!
  9. Sonic Smackdown Trailer https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-smackdown.341/ The Sonic fighting game heavily inspired by Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. It was created by ArcForged and has 10 playable characters (as of now) along with gameplay features such as Arcade Mode, Versus Mode, and Training Mode. The games community thrives in its discord server where all the updates and extra information is.In the game you get to use fast paced combos to knock the living rings out of your enemies. If you use the right combo you even get to use super forms! The game design is phenomenal and they are still planing on coming out with new designs chosen by fans, along with 4 new characters leaked in its discord server.The creator of the project even says he plans to make the game officially licensed by Sega!
  10. I dont know about you but there have been some moments when i made the stupidest mistakes(screw-ups) and i always remember them afterward because of how much of an amutuer i was. One time i screwed up was when i was playing Ocarina Of Time at age 8. it was supposed to try to sneak into the castle and get in but i didnt know how i went to the side of the castle but i didnt pay any attention to it because of my little brain and pride. It took me 3 days to finally move that crate and boy did i feel stupid. So what moments in your life did you screw up and have a good laugh about it?
  11. c-can we just discuss about how many mods that sonic robo blast 2 v2.2 has? I mean it all started out with one fangame with just 3 characters (4 if you count sonic & tails) and then just... BOOM! I'm not kidding, search up sonic robo blast 2 mods, and you'll get an absolute flood of character and ability mods. such as: skip the fennec fox, dirk the husky, neo sonic (this one looks like the best), modern sonic, weird...ball thing (I don't know the name), Whirl the ram, Junio Sonic (good job, Tripplejaz. nice artwork), they even got Mario, Kirby and even weird anime girls. this game: this game, right here, PROVES that multiple characters can work in 3d! Sonic Team, sonic team please! I love you, but look at these mods, takes notes from these mods goddamn!
  12. my thoughts? this game is great, it tries to implement the responsive momentum-based physics of the adventure games into Roblox of all sites! they even have a 2D version of this that implements the physics of the classics into Roblox (both with their own models). in both engines, you can pull off loops, you can gain height after jumping up a slope, rolling works very fluidly, and to add this, they're making their own full game with this engine. and from what I've seen off YouTube, they've put a lot of heart into it. anyways, what did you guys think of Sonic Eclipse Online, Do you guys still even play Roblox? I don't even know if anyone here even plays Roblox.....Robot 64 for life....Boss Fighting Stages is king too, go play it....DoomSpire....that's it.
  13. I don't know if this was brought up on this forum. If so, I apologize. With that said... Finally, the Infinity Engine is put to good use with this game, Sonic 2020 - Episode White Jungle. From what I read, this game is supposed to explain why the Chaos Emeralds hasn't been used in main stories from Colors to now (minus Generations, but to be fair, that story involves time travel, so those emeralds could probably be from the past.). This game is probably the first 3D Sonic fangame that has actual cutscenes with voice acting! The dialogue....could be better (I hear the English is the writer's second language, but I'm not sure.). But while this revisits White Jungle (which I swear it was destroyed), the game uses elements from the game Ori and the Blind Forest. It's available for download here. https://gamejolt.com/games/Sonic2020/469351
  14. Special care has been taken to stay as a faithful as possible to the limitations of the Genesis hardware and the standards of the Genesis Classic Sonic games. For starters, there is no more than 64 colors on screen, spread across 4 swatches. 5 FM music channels, a DAC channels, and additional PSG channels. Much research went into this side of the development. Genesis games both popular and obscure were used as reference points. I spoke with industry professionals that shipped official Genesis games in the 1990's as well as modders/hackers familiar with Genesis hardware (including some people in this community). The story is being reworked from the original to take place after Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The original Game Gear games seem to take place on a timeline separate from the main Genesis Sonic Team games. Since this remake brings the Game Gear game to the style of the Sonic Team games, I've made an effort to find a way to include it in the timeline, without changing the spirit of the original. (Yes, Knuckles is still an antagonist) Current Team: Noah N. Copeland (myself) - Director / Lead Developer, Level Designer, Programmer, Music and Sound Designer https://twitter.com/NoahNCopeland D. Zocker - Pixel Artist https://twitter.com/RealDerZocker Dolphman - Pixel Artist https://twitter.com/Dolphman2017 DarkVampireDee - Pixel Artist https://twitter.com/DarkVampireDee Anonite - Additional Music https://twitter.com/anonite_ Special Thanks to D.A. Garden, Team Time Twisted, Mr. Poe, Redhotsonic, and Heragaaa (additional sprite sheets used from CyberShadow, MisterMain) CURRENT DEMO: Play two acts of Great Turquoise Zone right now! Plus, a prologue stage. Download the demo at the GameJolt Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit Page PLAY THE DEMO: https://gamejolt.com/games/sonictripletrouble16bit/322794 DEFAULT CONTROLS: A - Jump S - Switch Arrow Keys - Move Enter - Start 1,2,3 or 4 - Change screen resolution This is the first game (demo) I've released where I wasn't just doing sound and music. If this brings you fun and joy, then I'll be very happy.
  15. What do you need to play sonic omens from begging to end? What kind of computer, the specs on the computer,and how to run unreal engine? I downloaded the game from gamejolt but I cant figure out how to play it, I was wondering if someone could make a video of how to install/setup from beginning to end and what kind of computer to use. The game is built on the unreal engine 4 but, I don't even know how to get that lol. HELP! https://gamejolt.com/games/SonicOmens/469351
  16. By @Jason the Jackass Sonic Rush has always been my favorite portable (non-Switch) Sonic game, so to hear there was a demo of it done in full 3D interested me greatly. After playing the demo, I will say it resembles Sonic Unleashed as much as it does Sonic Rush. It’s also a fun ride that needs a bit of work. Project directors ChickenWingJohnny, EnderElectrics, and Temzy have done an impressive job taking Sonic Rush’s low-poly 3D graphics into a fully 3-D environment. It includes the same boost and trick system as the DS original, but with a modern touch taken from Sonic Unleashed levels like Windmill Isle and Jungle Joyride. The level environment in the game is a mix of those two levels and Water Palace from Sonic Rush. This felt appropriate, as the background of Water Palace has always reminded me of Apotos/Windmill Isle. In fact, in the opening cutscene, it’s Apotos that Sonic tells Tails he’s dropping into as in this version, Water Palace and Apotos are connected! This cutscene also perfectly encapsulate what I love about this game’s visual style: it replicates the low poly models and low res textures of the DS original. I love it when newer games combine retro 3D visuals with modern HD resolutions. It helps give it a sharpness while still having a dated look. As you jump into the level, a nice mix of “Back to Back” by Hideki Naganuma and “Windmill Isle Act 1” by Tomoya Ohtani plays as you run down, hit your first bumper, and attack some badniks in mid-air. This moment is where the first problem lies: Sonic Rush 3D has very poor homing attack implementation. When attacking badniks or pawn bots, Sonic’s targeting reticle has to be on-screen. If he hits an enemy and pops up into the air, the robot in front will often be just out of view, and when you tap “A” again, Sonic will pass right over the enemy if the timing is just slightly off. It’s partially due to Sonic’s wonky physics in this game. At times, he controls well, at other times, you can boost off a ramp and fly through the air, missing where you’re supposed to land. You can also easily run onto walls and pathways you’re not meant to go to. This could lead to some shortcuts for speedruns, but also lead to drops and deaths that are entirely not your fault. The same cannot be said for Sonic’s drifting controls, which are perfect. When playing Unleashed or Generations, I always felt Sonic’s drifting had him sliding too far. In this game, you have perfect control of the blue blur when drifting into corners. I was impressed with how well it worked. The boost works decently as well, resembling its visuals from the DS game. However, moments where the boost is actually needed are few and far in between. You can go through most of the game at a fairly decent clip without boosting at all. There are a few exceptions, like a rush of water you have to outrun and a lower path near the end where you need to slide under then boost again to avoid drowning. There’s also a hallway of pawn bots you can plow through with it. If you want to add some flash to your playthrough, you can press the "Y" button repeatedly after being launched off a ramp or spring. This lets you do the same trick manoeuvres as the DS original, and even ends the same way, with a flicky flourish animation. That’s a nice visual touch! While it's definitely rough around the edges in its current state, Sonic Rush 3D is pretty fun. I can’t wait to see Sonic Rush 3D come back next year with more updates, along with some fixes to its physics. It feels like an Unleased de-make as much as a Sonic Rush remake. I think “Sonic Rush Unleashed” might be a better name for this project. Now, they just need to add Blaze the Cat into the mix. You can find the SAGE demo of Sonic Rush 3D on the official SAGE 2021 website. -------------------------- Full Story: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2021/08/sage-2021-hands-on-with-sonic-rush-3d/
  17. As you might know already, we LOVE the Sonic Amateur Games Expo at the Sonic Stadium. We are always writing about the games that are showcased at the event, you guys are always posting topics about the hottest titles, and generally everyone has a fantastic time! This week, SAGE 2021 is well underway, and there's a huge number of games on show this year. From traditional Sonic games, to 3D platformers, ROM hacks and even engine frameworks to help you get your own project off the ground should any of these games inspire you. You can check out the SAGE site right here: https://sagexpo.org/ And our coverage has got off to a strong start with an awesome first look at Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit, written by our very own @Indigo Rush! https://www.sonicstadium.org/2021/08/early-look-sonic-triple-trouble-16-bit-sage-2021/ Here's some of the games that have caught my eye. What are some of the games you're interested in? Pico Sonic https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/pico-sonic.985/ Sonic and the Mayhem Master https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-and-the-mayhem-master.106/ Sonic Discovery https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-discovery.1139/ Triple Trouble 16-Bit (obviously) https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-triple-trouble-16-bit.1130/ And of course the GOAT... Big's Big World https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/bigs-big-world.1146/ Uunfortunately I can't play many of these as I'm stuck on a Mac! So if you guys want to do a deep dive on your favourite SAGE 2021 games, feel free to make a specific topic about it! Or share your thoughts on the show as we run through the week in this topic right here!
  18. Hi all, since I was a kid I had some kind of fascination for the elusive Sonic GL fan game that never got released. I think many still remember this as an early display of proficiency of what a Sonic fan could do and still can feel the awe they felt as kids or teens when going through the now defunct website and the videos that were downloadable in it. I feel like part of the magic of that era was also the music selection of those videos, which was so early 2000's and nostalgic. Thanks to the magic of Wayback Machine I managed to give the site a visit and I started to download them again and find any curious info I would stumble into. I found that the majority of the tracks (other than that one famous Bad Religion song) used by the author of the fan game were picked from OCRemix, which is host to many fan remixes of popular video game songs. These are the ones I found: https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00389 https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00530 https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00305 After scavenging for all possible Sonic music remixes on the website, still there is one track, that is used in the video below, that doesn't sound familiar to me to this day. This is a bummer because I really would love to hear it in its entirety because it sounds very nostalgic. Do you have any idea of what this track could be? I tried looking into the metadata of the video but didn't find anything. Feel free to discuss also any other music that you find nostalgic and was used in the fan games of old days, I hope this topic starts a pleasant discussion! 😁
  19. This was a shower thought i had last night. What if there was a Sonic where you had to choose a play style at the beginning of the game, between the Boost, Adventure, and classic/advance style gameplay. Once you pick one, the other two are locked. Then, as the game goes on, you unlock the other playstyles as the story progresses. I feel like I should explain the classic/advance idea. I was thinking Sonic would have the drop and spin dash, along with advance 2's gimmick of after running fast and long enough he sort of "boosts" with the after images and the increased top speed. And maybe unlocking some brand new moves. One idea i Had would be where Sonic preforms a move similar to his down air from Smash and when he hits the ground, he rolls into a ball, and depending on whether you have the boost or spin dash equipped, you would either continue rolling or just do a somersault and start running when he lands. I would love to hear your guy's other ideas! Post them in the comments!
  20. I'm putting this here as it's doesn't quite fit with art, and it's a mod and not a fan game or a full rom hack or anything big like that. Rather just a link to a release vid for a revamped version of Hyper Sonic for Sonic Generations I have been putting together. It's a reworking of JoeTE's version, and I did get his permission to release it, and I give him credit as well. I made some major changes. He now hovers when idle, has much brighter colors that are more saturated in the shade and he glows white in the bright sun with color aura around him. New stars aura. Major physics changes, all of the original Hyper Sonic moves from S3&K, including a double jump, an area effect attack that kills all the enemies on the screen including ones you normally cannot reach, he can breathe under water, and even fly. I hope you guys like it. https://youtu.be/fQ1sqUjgljs
  21. Link to Download https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-chaos-turquoise-hill-demo.228/ OST Playlist:
  22. Hey! Since i grew up with boost game play through Rush and Rush Adventure, I'm wondering if there's any sonic fan games which use the boost mechanic well? I've heard of one but i can't remember the name at the moment 😓
  23. So, a certain status update around here as well as a tweet thread (that I can't find right now) got me thinking about this. About ten years ago, this site lost it's collective hivemind when "Classic" Sonic popped into focus alongside "Modern" Sonic to announce the celebration of Sonic's 20th Anniversary. Sonic fans cried. No, literally, some of you posted about how emotional this made y'all. No shame in it, my jaw dropped too! Ten years later, we've gotten Sonic Mania and a whole smorgasbord of Classic-esque fangames and proofs of concept to toy around in, and the argument has arisen that the Classic Sonic universe (in terms of gameplay and world-building) is effectively tapped out. What exactly does this mean? It may depend on who you ask, but the main argument I've heard is that aside from new levels and perhaps reintroducing classic era characters, there's not much more that can be done for a new game that wouldn't involve pushing that branch of the series beyond the tenants of "Classic Sonic", whatever those tenants are. Given this perspective, what else can be done with Classic Sonic either as a character, a game or a story? At what point are we pushing things too far? Sonic Mania is generally seen as a true classic era game in spirit, yet you'll find no shortage of complaints over the reuse of old stages or the choice to stick to pixel graphics. Is a 3D modelled side-scroller in the vain of New Super Mario Bros or Donkey Kong Country Returns acceptable or not? Can we never return to Green Hill, or do we have to have some kind of callback in each game? Was the addition of the drop-dash good (yes) or did it change the formula in a negative way (no), or should we give Classic Sonic a homing attack to shake things up (NO)? Y'know, before Generations dropped and people were clamoring for Classic Sonic to return, it was in a very specific context: SONIC 4. That was really it. People had a conviction that if Sonic was going back to his 2D roots in the context of being the fourth game in the "classic" saga, he ought to resemble that design. But even then, that mindset wasn't universal. There were just as many fans telling other fans to shut up about Classic Sonic, that it was just an older design. Maybe an alt skin would've been fine, but no need to pander to such a small subset of a fandom, right? Obviously, history proved differently and the reintroduction of the retro Sonic design won fans over pretty hard for Sonic Generations, and we saw the little blue booger in everything from merchandise to mobile games and eventually in Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces (to the chagrin of literally everyone). For a while, the Sonic Advance saga was effectively seen as the continuation of the classic 2D series. Advance 1 was certainly of the 16-bit Sonic mold, but what happened was it slowly evolved into Sonic Rush as the high-speed gameplay was overemphasized, then brought into 3D with Sonic Unleashed's daytime levels in a marriage of the inevitable conclusion of speed-emphasis 2D Sonic (Advance 2, Rush) and speed-emphasis 3D Sonic (Sonic 06 mach speed areas, Secret Rings, etc). The point in bringing this up is to emphasize that going back to the Classic series with Sonic 4 was sort of a novelty to capitalize on the nostalgic side-scroller trend going on in the late 2000s with New Super Mario Bros, Megaman 9 and the like. The desire for Classic Sonic may have been based off of association; Sonic 4 had the generic Sonic design, and along with it we had poor physics, uninspired level design, gaudy and phoned-in graphics and just... an overall subpar experience. I guess Classic Sonic was sort of seen as a beacon of hope to pick apart what was going on with Sonic at the time? I felt that. Thing is, the design of Sonic shouldn't have had any bearing on gameplay. There's nothing inherently wrong with the Modern Sonic design; it's all association, which is subjective. Again, Sonic Advance was hitting many of the right targets for a genuine retro Sonic experience, and that featured green-eyed lanky leg Sonic. Sonic Mania could have easily featured Modern Sonic and still play the exact same and be just as objectively good... but it wouldn't have been as loved without that pudgy, adorably smarmy git. With that all said...... ..... I don't think "Classic Sonic" needs to be anything more than an alternate skin at this point. There's talk about the unnecessary division of the franchise and while a part of me is fine with there being a separate "universe" of just Classic Sonic themed worlds, levels, characters and gameplay, I don't know if that's what's best for the franchise moving forward. The real issues aren't about the design of Sonic but the way the games are crafted, the gameplay, the level design, the worldbuilding: nothing about Classic Sonic as a design or character is going to inherently make the game better or worse. Turning Classic Sonic into a separate entity may have been one of the worst well-intentioned mistakes that SEGA has made, and I can't believe I'm saying that ten years after praising the Good Lord for the existence of our black-eyed baby bouncing blue boy. So is Classic Sonic tapped out? It depends on how you frame it. The design? That's probably an irrelevant factor, but if we're talking core gameplay alterations, we probably can't do much more. It's not impossible, but if we're going to stretch things out any farther, why bother arbitrarily sticking to the vague notion of "Classic Sonic"? ...at this point I've typed Classic Sonic so much my fingers are faster at typing that than my own name. Yikes. Anyway, wrappin' this up. What are your thoughts here? Is there anything more that can be done with that Classic Sonic universe, or should he be relegated to merch and cameos? I'm wanting to collect everyone's thoughts here and stew it over for something later, potentially.
  24. It's been a very long time since I posted something on the forum, and I really wanted to go back to the community, been kinda off for some time, just doing my stuff without a care in the world... From that time on, a lot of stuff happened... but... I'm posting this on the forum because last time posted it over here I got some heavy criticism, Not that that's a negative thing. In fact, I'd like to see what some people think of my latest abiliites and share their thoughts on my art and help me get better, simple as that. If you have something constructive or would just like to troll me or just ignore me, go ahead. It's more of a "asking for criticism because I got nowhere else to go but don't wanna be rude to the community for having no place else to take honest criticism" kinda thing. I'm pretty sure a lot of you know of my art and that's great... so... As usual... Enjoy 😃
  25. Is the game abandoned because I can't find any news about it?!... EDIT : I guess I was a little too quick because I've just found news here : I'm so happy it's still alive!!...
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