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  1. Yes I was insane enough to make this fan fic. Rated T for Character Death and Suggestive themes. --------------------------- Sonic Heavy Rain Chapter 1 The sun shined brightly on Mobius that day. A blue hedgehog with a light-skinned arms, stomach, and muzzle groaned as he sat up in his bed, opening his green eyes. This hedgehog's name is Sonic. He stretched his arms, letting out a long yawn before getting off of the bed. Sonic scratched his head for a moment, before noticing a note on the floor. He kneeled down, picking up the note to read it. He grinned when he saw it was from his wife Sally, telling him that she took their kids to get supplies for their daughter Sonia's Birthday party. Placing the note on the dresser, Sonic figured that he could at least clean up before his family returned. So he went into the bathroom, taking off his socks and gloves before turning on the water and entering the shower. As he scrubbed his quills, he thought about how he couldn't believe his own daughter was now ten years-old. It seemed only like yesterday to Sonic that his daughter was three. Seeing he was clean enough, he shut off the water, and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel to dry off with. Once he was dry he slipped back on his socks and gloves. He walked over the mirror and began staring at his reflection. Sonic couldn't help, but smirk at his reflection, thinking about how everyone thinks he's quite the hedgehog, especially Sally. "Hmm it's almost around time for Sally and the kids to get back, maybe I'll go out for a quick run." Sonic thought to himself. He quickly went back into his room and pulled out his old red-running shoes out of the closet. He slipped on the shoes and quickly ran down stairs. When Sonic was at the front door, he glanced around at the neighborhood, seeing everyone was peaceful ever since the defeat of the evil Dr. Robotnik. With that done he quickly took off, leaving behind a blue streak trail. Sonic grinned as he felt the wind whip through his quills, only encouraging him to run faster. The sound of his feet running, his arms threw back, his soft and calm breathing always was a wonderful feeling for Sonic. Sometimes it almost felt like he could fly though he didn't need wings. After a few minutes of running, Sonic quickly made his way back home, wanting to be there before his family arrived. He stopped in front of the house door, just in time to see his family car pull up in the driveway. Sonic grinned as he watched his two children run laughing out of the car. Manik who was a hedgehog that looked like Sonic except with blue eyes and Sonia a brown chipmunk-squirrel with red hair and green eyes, wearing a pink shirt, gray pants and pink shoes. "Dad!" the two siblings said happily as they ran up to their father. Sonic laughed as he pulled his two kids into a hug. "Hey, so how's the birthday girl doing?" Sonic said. "Awesome! I'm so excited! Am I an adult now that I am ten?" Sonia squealed. "No, but you're getting there." Sonic answered, ruffling his daughter's red hair. The kids ran off to the backyard as soon as they saw their mother Sally approaching. Sally Acorn was a brown chipmunk-squirrel with red hair and blue eyes, wearing blue boots and a blue vest. Sonic ran up to her when he saw she was carrying three bags full of groceries and party supplies. He lifted the bags out of her arms, offering to carry them for her. Sally smiled at this and gave Sonic a quick kiss on the lips. Sonic grinned and they began walking inside together. "So had another joyful run?" Sally asked with a smile as she pushed back some of her red hair. "Yep, best one I ever had so far." Sonic smirked as he placed the bags on the counter. "Glad to hear." Sally said before giving Sonic another quick kiss. Sonic grinned before heading outside to check on Sonia and Manik. His green eyes watched as Sonia and Manik laughed, running around chasing each other. Finally they both tumbled on the grass, laughing at how much fun they were having. Finally getting tired of being left out on the fun, he walked up to them. "So who's ready for some real fun?" Sonic asked. Sonia and Manik ran up to him, their smiles growing bigger the more they knew what their dad wanted to do. "So who wants to try to take down their dad in a race first?" Sonic asked. He watched as both of his children jumped up and down, begging that they should go first instead of the other. Seeing as it was Sonia's birthday, Sonic decided that she should go first. Sonia pumped her fists into the air in victory. Manik sighed in defeat, but being a good sport he walked over to the side to wait for his turn. Sonia and Sonic kneeled down into their starting positions, giving each other grins, knowing that they were in for a challenge. Without a word they instantly took off, pushing their legs to the limit, one trying to pull ahead of the other, both being parallel with each other. Sonic had to admit his daughter was getting better with her running speed and there was no telling how fast one day she'll be able to go. Finally the race ended, but it ended in a tie. Sonia was disappointed about his, but quickly forgot about that when she thought about how much fun she had racing against her father. Seeing it was now his turn, Manik instantly ran up to his father as Sonia walked over to the side to watch the race. Just like last time the two ran as fast as they could, but it ended in a tie once again. "You guys are getting fast, better step up my game if I want to keep up with competition." Sonic laughed. Sonia and Manik ran over to him and hugged him at the same time. Though Sonic didn't know an idea had sparked in their heads. Without warning they kept a hold of his hands and ran circles around him, causing him to turn constantly. That was when Sonic knew what they were up to; they were wanting to see how long he could last spinning. Sonic smirked at this, silently accepting their challenge. The turns started to become faster and faster as the kids started picking up their running speed. Sonia and Manic laughs filled the air as they continued to make their father spin. It didn't take long for them to finally reach their top speed. Sonic watched as his surroundings zoomed across his eyes, looking like a big blur from how fast he was spinning, he could feel dizziness starting to take affect. "Okay I think that's enough spinning." Sonic laughed, still getting dizzier by the second. Hearing this Sonia and Manik slowed down and came to a stop. The two siblings burst into laughter as they watched their father stumble around with his footing only for a few moments before finally collapsing on the ground. "Alright time for lunch! We'll need to finish eating before Sonia's friends get here for the birthday party!" Sally called. Sonia and Manik instantly ran inside the house to get their meal. Sally shook her head with a smile when she saw Sonic pushing himself off the ground to stand back up, she knew how he had always enjoyed playing with the kids. Sonic walked up to Sally and pulled her into a loving hug, he couldn't ask for more, he had a beautiful wife, two wonderful children, and a happy life, he believed there was nothing that could take that from him. The next day Sonic and his family decided to take a trip to the mall. Sonic watched as Sonia and Manik ran around him laughing as they walked. The mall was crowded that day so Sonic made sure to keep an eye on his kids, not wanting them to get lost in the crowd. They kept walking till Sally stopped in front of a shoe store. "I would like to go look for some shoes for Manik. Can you keep an eye on Sonia?" Sally asked. "Sure." Sonic said with a grin. He gave his daughter a quick hug to insure his wife that he had it under control. Sally smiled at this before taking Manik by the hand and walking into the shoe store. Sonic grinned at the sight, feeling nothing could go wrong, but then at that moment he noticed Sonia was walking away from him. He called out her name as he followed her, but she did not turn around. Finally after a few seconds of walking, Sonic was relieved to see Sonia finally stop. He kneeled down to her and warned "Sonia, don't wander off like that. It's crowded in here and I could lose you." "Dad, can I please have one?" Sonia instantly pleaded. Sonic was confused by this until he saw what his daughter was talking about. In front of them he saw a clown handing out balloons to children. Sonic sighed at this, surprised that his daughter was willing to wander off from him just because of a balloon. "Okay fine let's go buy a balloon." Sonic said as he ruffled his daughter's red hair. Sonia grinned in happiness as she and Sonic walked up to the clown. "Hey there, what's your name little lady?" the clown said happily. "Sonia." she answered with her grin remaining on her face. "Well, Sonia, what balloon do you want?" the clown asked. Sonia glanced over the different colored balloons; she tapped her finger against her chin as she thought about deeply which one she would want. At that moment a bright red balloon caught her attention. It was the last one there and she loved the bright red color. "The red one!" she declared, pointing her finger at the balloon. The clown turned away from Sonic and Sonia, pushing past the other balloons and untying the string to the red one. "Here you go." he said as he kneeled down to hand her the balloon. Sonia held onto the string tightly, staring up in wonder at her red balloon. "That'll be two dollars." the clown said to Sonic. Sonic was about to pay until he noticed Sonia walking away from him. "Sonia, wait for me. Wait for your dad." Sonic said. But Sonia did not hear her father's words. She watched as the light's reflection traveled down the balloon, acting like rain when it would drip down the window. She found it neat since the light's reflection reminded her of rain. Whenever she couldn't run outside due to rain she would watch the rain drip down the windows, to her it seemed almost like the rain drops were always in a race to get to the bottom of the window like how she always races against her dad, with that in mind she continued to watch the balloon. Though she had no idea that the more she continued to watch the light's reflections on the balloon, the farther away she was walking away from her father. Sonic reached down and pulled two dollars out of his socks, he had to keep his money there due to the fact he usually doesn't wear any other clothing besides his socks, shoes, and gloves. Once he gave the clown the money he turned around to tell Sonia that they should head back to the shoe store, though his green eyes widen in fear when he saw his daughter was no where in sight. "It's unbelievable to find shoes in this crowd." Sally said as she and Manik walked up to Sonic. Her blue eyes widen when she saw Sonia wasn't next to Sonic. "Sonic, where's Sonia?" Sally asked in a worried tone. "I don't know. I went to buy her a balloon and when I turned around she disappeared," Sonic answered. "Disappeared?! What do you mean disappeared?!" Sally exclaimed. "Don't worry, I'll find her." Sonic said, not wanting his wife to worry. With that he began looking around the mall, calling out Sonia's name. Normally he would use his speed to look around quicker, but due to the mall being crowded he wouldn't be able to get through. Sonic shoved past people, continuing to call out his daughter's name. He leaned over the railing and there he spotted Sonia and her red balloon, wondering around lost, not knowing where her father was. Sonic kept calling out for his daughter as he quickly ran down the nearest escalator, shoving past people to get down quicker. Though to his horror as soon as he got down to the floor he saw the giant crowd was preventing him to spot Sonia, the only thing he had to go by was the red balloon he saw floating over the crowd. He constantly shoved past people as he made his way toward the balloon, ignoring the hateful remarks they were shouting at him, his main focus was to get to his daughter. He called out her name again, despite the fact he knew his calls would be drowned out by the sound of the crowd. He got closer to the red balloon, but at that moment a bunch of balloons that were together floated up to the ceiling, temporarily blinding Sonic's vision. He frantically looked around, trying to relocate the red balloon once again. Finally he spotted it floating near the merry-go-round. He quickly made his way toward the merry-go-round, relieved when he saw red hair come into view. "Sonia you had worried for a s..." Sonic started as he kneeled down, but his eyes widened when he turned around the girl to see she was only a brown dog with red hair. Sonic quickly stood back up, calling out his daughter's name even louder this time. He looked around until he spotted a red balloon outside of the mall's entrance. He didn't know if it could be another kid's balloon, but it was the only thing he had to go by to find his daughter. He shoved his way through the crowd, watching the red balloon come closer and closer into view. Finally he was outside and there he saw on the other side of the road was Sonia, looking around lost. "Sonia!" Sonic screamed as loud as he could. Sonia turned around, smiling in relief that she finally found her father. She called out to him and began to run across the road, though halfway there she tripped and fell down on the road. As she was getting up Sonic noticed a car approaching that showed no signs of slowing. "Sonia no!" he screamed, knowing that the car was going to hit her. Sonic began running to his daughter as fast as he could, but still could not run as fast as he could due to the crowd. Sonia stood up and froze in fear when she saw the car was inches from her. Sonic lunged for Sonia, pulling her into his arms to shelter her. Unfortunately this was the one time the fastest thing alive wasn't fast enough. The car hit Sonic and Sonia as soon as they were in the process of falling to the ground. Sonic's head slammed forward, knocking him unconscious and giving him a concussion, though sadly Sonia was worst off. Sonia flew out of her father's arms, flying forward; her head hitting the cement. Her body tumbled for a few moments before finally coming to a stop. Sally and Manik had seen the whole thing. "Sonia!" Oh god no! Sonia! Please no! God no!" Sally sobbed as she ran up to her daughter's limp body. Tears streaked down her face as she stared at Sonia's lifeless body, blood pouring out of her head, her blue eyes closed forever. Sally took a hold of Sonia's hand and held it to her chest as she continued to cry. With a shaky hand she began to stroke Sonia's red hair, her lip quivering as she watched her hand start to get covered in blood. Manik stared in horror, he had witnessed his sister's death and there was no telling what the car hit had done to his father. He couldn't believe that this had happened. He wanted to cry but he couldn't do it, he was too scared at what had happened. He couldn't believe that only a few minutes ago he was laughing and playing with his sister and now she was lying on the road dead. The sounds of ambulances filled the air as Sonia's red balloon floated upward to the sky. Sonic's green eyes slowly opened when he heard his wife's cries. He tried to turn his head to see what she was crying about, but his neck throbbed in pain when he did due to the concussion he got. Seeing he couldn't use his head he decided to use his eyes instead. His green eyes glance over to the side seeing Sally kneeling on the ground crying, but what horrified him the most when he saw red hair and blood pouring onto the cement. His eyes glanced to the sky to see the red balloon he had bought Sonia floating higher and higher to the sky. Sonic closed his eyes as tears began to streak down the sides of his face. He wasn't fast enough; he wasn't able to save his daughter, believing it was his fault for turning away from her. Sonic cried as his guilt grew stronger, he would never hear his daughter's laugh again, he would never see her smile again, he would never compete in a race with her, he would never get to do anything with her again all because his ten year-old daughter Sonia Acorn was dead.
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