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Found 10 results

  1. So, a while back Sony announced they were working on a new Smurfs movie that would be fully animated, close to the style of the original show. Not much info, or even artwork was shown until recently, that is. The new movie has been set with the title Get Smurfy, and Entertainment Weekly has a new image, as well as some info on the film. Uhh, I'm not sure if the person who wrote the article or gave the info to Entertainment Weekly ever watched The Smurfs, but the reason there's only one girl is because Gargamel made Smurfette as an evil ally of his. She later joined everyone else because plot and... that's it. Then again, they mention it's a reboot so perhaps they're going to retell that story in some form. I'm really looking forward to this. Yes, 2017 is a long time, but the character designs are looking great. I love how this film and the new Peanuts film managed to capture the spirit of the original source material in CGI. It looks beautiful and I can't wait to see it in motion!
  2. +1 if you noticed the new logo. Yo, the forum's finally back after being in limbo for about a week. You know what that means? Movie nights are officially back as well, my fellow comrades! Unfortunately, Winston, my beloved co-host, has been banned from SSMB, and won't be assisting me on movie nights due to a lot of things going on with his life. However, he's the one who started this with me, so his name will always be in the Movie Night logo! For anybody who's relatively new to the community or otherwise, the gist of SSMB Movie Nights is to allow all of us to just come together on a Saturday during the weekend, and just have fun together watching a movie. A simple getaway from everything else you're dealing with, and getting a chance to be with fellow SSMBers while hopefully enjoying the film that is being shown, while being able to share your reactions and thoughts on it with others.. What's not cool about that? Now, it's time for me to go over the rules, along with some important tidbits you might want to keep in mind: All SSMB Movie Nights take place every Saturday evening, at 5:00 PM EST. Since most of you all are live in the UK or somewhere close, that's 10:00 PM GMT. I wanted to choose a time that's fair game for people on the western and eastern sides of the world, not too late, not too early. Although all designated SSMB movie nights take place on Saturday, some special streams of films might take place on Friday if I feel like showing a movie outside of Movie Night. Watch out for those if you ever wanna attend those. Leading up to the Saturday showing of a film, you'll be voting for what film you want to see that day through a Google Doc listing all the films for a specific theme, and you'll say which film you want to watch in a status update that's linked in that document. Previously we had polls, but people abused them to the point where we decided it wasn't fair for others to deal with vote bots ruining the fun for everybody else. There's a document in Google Drive right here so you can view what future themes I have planned in the coming weeks (not to mention it helps us keep track of what was done and what isn't). You can also put your own themes here if you want us to take them into consideration for later! All movie night streams take place here at MOTOBUG, SSMB's definitive streaming service! There's a chat there alongside the player showing the movie, so you can chatter freely with others while watching! We also have a Skype chat for Movie Nights to discuss future plans and the like, so if you want to be in it, just send me a PM or ask me if I have you on my Skype contacts. That's all I gotta say about that, hope to see you all at the movies, SSMB!
  3. Project Sweet Dream. More than being a part of the credits, I feel this short moved me more than anything Sonic related for quite a while. Being quite away from this fanbase for some time, I think this is quite the feat. Technically, it may not be the best feat done or the best piece of animation, but I felt that this short did what it wanted to do really well. A great way to celebrate the 24th anniversary. Everyone in the team is very proud of what this has become and how its being spread, and hey, thought I'd do my part to help out. Hope you enjoy it, like it and share it!
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixels_%282015_film%29 Do you think we will see a cameo appearance of a Sonic or other Sega character like in Disney's Wreck-it Ralph? Who you would you like to see in this movie? Tell me your ideas!
  5. Yes, I legitimately made a banner for this topic. In typical Wes style, of course. But anyways, welcome to the topic dedicated to indie film writer and director by the name of obviously... Wes Anderson. Most of you probably don't know who the hell he is, but that's okay, that's what this topic is for, isn't it? Visually and in tone, if you've seen one Wes Anderson film, you've seen 'em all. But don't take that statement the wrong way, all of his films have rather different stories and explore various ideas, and are all worth the ride watching. His usual motifs include almost perfect symmetry in certain shots, returning actors in most of his films (particularly Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and Willem Dafoe among many others) usually in ensemble casts, an ornate but beautiful visual style, use of the Futura/Futura Bold font in the opening and closing titles, delightfully dry sense of humor, references to old art, theater, music, or literature. Another favorite theme of his is the dysfunctional family. If you're watching a movie and recognize at least one of these, congratulations, you're watching a Wes Anderson film. As previously mentioned, Wes is an indie director, and has his own production company, American Empircial Pictures. None of his films have done exceptionally well in the box office save for The Royal Tenenbaums his latest film The Grand Budapest Hotel, but have become cult classics, due to Wes Anderson having a rather large and devoted fanbase. His films also usually do great with critics, and they and Wes himself have been nominated for and won many accolades. I'm gonna do a short overview of all of his films to give you a taste of his illustrious career. So, let us begin! Bottle Rocket (1996) One of the three Wes Anderson films I have yet to see (along with The Royal Tenenbaums, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, but we'll get into that later), but definitely will get to as soon as soon as possible. This was Anderson's directorial debut, a caper-comedy based off a short film he made in 1992 of the same name. It was also the first acting roles for the Wilson brothers (Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson). The film centers around a few young Texan friends who want to be master thieves, they end up getting into the crime business, and plan to pull off a robbery and go on the run afterwards. Despite failing at the box office when it came out, film was very well received by critics, and drew attention to Anderson, helping launch his career. Rushmore (1998) Oh man, I love this movie so much, one of my favorite films of the '90s, no contest. The gist of the story is that a boy named Max Fischer (played by a young Jason Schwartzman), is a student at the private school Rushmore, who participates in a shitload of extracurricular activities, but does piss poor in his actual classes. Due to this, he's put on academic probation, and he'll be expelled if his grades don't improve. He meets an elementary school teacher that works at Rushmore named Miss Cross (played by Olivia Williams), and begins to have affections for her. On the other hand, a wealthy industrialist named Herman Blume (played by Bill Murray, he would star in all of Anderson's films from this point on!) also starts to have feelings for Miss Cross? You know what this means? A love triangle, yo. The film's not only hilarious, it explores the sentiment that anyone can find love, and the great performances from Schwartzman (whose performance in this movie helped bring him to prominence), Williams and Murray made the film as wonderful as it was. The soundtrack is awesome too, and the songs that occasionally play throughout the film, and helped make the ending as perfect as it was. Rushmore helped further the careers of Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzman due to the critical acclaim it received, and also established Bill Murray as a force to be reckoned with independent cinema. The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) Pretty much when Wes Anderson's affection for the dysfunctional family trope went into full swing. I sadly have still yet to see it, which is pretty sacrilegious considering I'm a huge Wes Anderson nut, and this is one of his most popular films. But with that out of the way, the film centers around a couple and their three children, the children live with their mother in the family household. Their father, Royal had left them long ago, but returns to the family to make things right. For years to come, this would be Wes Anderson's most successful film at the box office (it grossed $71 million worldwide), and it put him on the map in the world of indie film. He even was nominated for his first ever Oscar, for best original screenplay. Gene Hackman's performance also got a good amount of acclaim, and he won a Golden Globe for his acting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaMfV72q40U&feature=kp The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (2004) Of all of Wes Anderson's films, this is probably the most stylized and one of the most Wes Anderson-y of them all. This is the first (and so far only time) Bill Murray's played a lead role in one of his films, and as far as I'm concerned, he did a great job. He's the heart of the film, and carries the film with ease. As with any of Anderson's films, the entire cast does an exceptional job, and the chemistry between them is very enjoyable. It is too, rather funny, at times serious and dramatic, sometimes absurd, and especially near the end, a moving and somewhat heart-wrenching film. The visuals and production design are absolutely gorgeous, the underwater sequences should especially be taken note of. The stop-motion animation used on marine and animal life complement the film's look really well, and it really shows that you're experiencing an almost psuedo-fantasy world. It looks beautiful, really. The animation was done by Henry Selick, known for directing The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach, and Coraline. Again, this film is another testament to Wes Anderson's wickedly good taste in music. Songs from artists like David Bowie and Seu Jorge are littered across the soundtrack, and it fits the film perfectly. The film's plot centers around Steve Zissou (Bill Murray), a famous oceanographer and documentarion. While filming his latest documentary, one of his close friends Esteban gets eaten on camera by a jaguar shark. He goes on to raise funds for him and his crew to go on his ship, the Belafonte so they can go out and kill the jaguar shark as means of revenge, and to make a new film. The story's a classic revenge plot, and it's just an enjoyable ride from beginning to end. This is sort of a base breaker among many Wes Anderson fans, and considered by many to be his weakest film. It got mostly mixed reviews and flopped at the box office, but it's been somewhat been looked at more positively in recent years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZVxCNwBqXI The Darjeeling Limited (2007) As with The Life Aquatic, this is one of Wes' most visually beautiful films. The story is centered around three brothers... played by the actors whose names are on the poster above. A year after their father's death, they all decide to go on a train across India to bond and get closer to each other, and embark on a spiritual journey. It's typical "Wes Anderson handles the dysfunctional family trope" thing, and it's both a funny and heartwarming film to boot. The Indian setting is really nice, and gave a good look on the country's culture and people as well. You could even probably tell from the poster this film has some really nice scenery. Guess what? It does. Wilson, Brody and Schwartzman have great chemistry together, and if you didn't know better, you could even assume that they were brothers due to their performances in the film. As per usual for a Wes Anderson film, the soundtrack is also good, and some of it has a wonderful Indian flair to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO1bYukdvLI Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) Wes Anderson's first and so far only foray into the world of animation, and his only film to be an adaptation of an existing work. Dear god, do I absolutely adore this movie. It's to date my favorite film by him. It excels in literally every regard to bring a hilarious, heartwarming, smartly written, fun, and beautiful looking experience. Even this is based of a book by Roald Dahl, this is pretty much a Wes Anderson film through and through, but the Dahl spirit is still intact. The dysfunctional family, ornate colors and backgrounds, dry/absurdist humor and the returning ensemble of actors is all here. The stop-motion animation is expertly done, and the visually the film is just a delight to look at, the amount of painstaking detail put into the characters, sets, and backgrounds are simply stunning. The cast is also excellent, especially George Clooney as Mr. Fox. He injects so much charm, charisma and wit into the character, almost like a furry Danny Ocean. One of my favorite things about this film is definitely the music. Alexandre Desplat's score is both chippy and beautiful, no wonder his score for this film was nominated for an Oscar that year. Songs from Burl Ives, The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones that play throughout the film are also wonderful, and really helps give off that countryside feel for the film. This was the first film by Wes I ever saw, even though I didn't know of his existence until last year. It really was a shame this did poorly at the box office, it's one of the best animated films in recent years, if not in general. It's a good thing the film got the amount of praise it deserved from critics and those who were fortunate to see it. At least I got to see it in theaters with my family, it was an absolutely wonderful experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2igjYFojUo Moonrise Kingdom (2012) Like Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom is arguably meant to appeal to a younger audience (family or teenagers) unlike Anderson's usual stuff. It explores a story theme that hadn't been explored since Rushmore, which was way back in 1998; a love story. Sam is a young boy who's a Khaki Scout at Camp Ivanhoe. He's really peculiar, and not really well-liked by the people around him. Have I mentioned he's an orphan? No? Too bad, I already have. On the other hand, Suzy is a more introverted girl, always lost in her books, but still very intelligent. Ever since the two met at a church play, they've been pen pals, and had been slowly planning to meet. You wanna guess what they do??? They run away from their respective places and meet, yo. Suzy's parents and the scoutmaster of Captain Ivanhoe realize they're missing, and demand a search party to look for them. What happens after is a hilarious and fast-paced romp, and genuinely heartwarming romance between Sam ans Suzy throughout the film. Like most Wes Anderson films, the film looks absolutely beautiful. The cast is great, yadda yadda, this is a usual for Wes Anderson, and it doesn't seem like it'll stop anytime soon. Alexandre Desplat, who worked with Anderson on Fantastic Mr. Fox returns to do the score for this film: and it is too a truly delightful listen. Go look up some tracks, you will not be disappointed. There's at least one break of Wes Anderson tradition here, and that's the Futura font nowhere to be found anywhere throughout the movie, just cursive writing. This is one of Anderson's most acclaimed films, getting him an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay, and also being one of his biggest hits since The Royal Tenenbaums, grossing $68 million worldwide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N8wkVA4_8s The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) This is the one I'm seeing the second it hits Blu-ray. I wasn't able to see this in theaters due to it being rated R... and I'm 15 and my family's strict over this sort of thing, but enough rambling. So far, this is one of Wes Anderson's greatest successes, as it's become his first ever film to gross over $100 million worldwide, along with many critics and the general audience considering it to be his greatest film. If this film is still in your theater, you should probably go and check it out. Watch the trailer! (I couldn't post a thumbnail for some reason.) In short, yes. Wes Anderson is a pretty awesome guy, and you should watch one of his movies if you haven't already. Now, go on and discuss about Wes Anderson's films! Just look at him, just look at him. You can tell by that smile that he does in fact, demand you discuss.
  6. Hello,everyone! I could not find the best place to put this but here goes. Let me introduce myself. I'm the producer/director of this project. We are working on 2D animated Sonic fan film, titled Sonic Origins. It is an origin story of Sonic and how how he came to be. It takes place before the events of the first game. Read here about the talent behind this Fan film! : http://sonicoriginsdev.blogspot.com/2014/03/hello.html The main cast in the animated fan film:(Character concept art by Henri Loitere) We are currently looking for more artist and animators! This is all volunteer work ...but the people who helped out/worked on the film will get a free DVD copy of the film,this is if our future fundraiser is successful. Note: WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR VOICE ACTORS. NOT UNTIL THE SCRIPT IS FINALIZED. ONCE THIS IS DONE WE POST VOICE AUDITIONS IN OTHER FORUM,NOT HERE ON SSMB. So if your interested and want to be apart of something big/awesome! Here's what we are looking for: Character artist for final character designs (going for a disney-ish meets anime style) Background artists (for concept art only) Storyboard artist (Note script is still in the works so it will be while before you can do anything) ANIMATORS AND VFX ANIMATORS!!!! We really need more animators on our team! Again it will be awhile before we can you you. Thank you so much for reading! For more concept art check out my studio's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/shyartstudio and our development blog for updates and progress of the project: http://sonicoriginsdev.blogspot.com/
  7. Heyy guys! Well I've decided to get back into 3D animation. My program of choice had undergone some serious improvements by its developers since I last used it. Now I can create almost fully photo-realistic scenes. Now... scoll down, scroll up. What did you see? You saw an image demonstrating my new project! Sonic Adventure 2 was an absolute classic. So I decided to rip some models from Sonic'06 and I am going to re-animate some of the cutscenes with live-action footage serving as an environment. This was mainly inspired by that Eddie Lebron guy who is making the However, I am a one-man team and my name is Jordan Le Bron (with the space!) The materials still need a lot of work and I'm going to re-rig the models so they have a much more natural flexibility to them. I still need to rig the faces which I have never done before in my life! So hopefully with a few more tutorials and time well spent this will be NOSTALGIA-TASTIC. Original Green Forest Cutscene Your not even good enough to be my fake! I'll make your eat those words! Best trash-talk ever
  8. Don Bluth and Gary Goldman (the Directors of Titan A.E.) plan to direct a Film Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios From Wikipedia, the renowned animators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman is working on a new Sonic movie, which is increasingly produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Three things I love combined. We hope it's true. http://en.wikipedia....edgehog_(series)#Animation
  9. I was at my local Blockbuster the other day choosing a movie to rent and when I came across a film titled 'Auchwitz' my first thought was who what to big a movie about that, then I read it was directed by everybody's favourite director Uwe Boll and almost wanted to facepalm right there. I joked to my Dad that we should rent this movie he looked at the cover and said "how depressing" and I said "why someone would to make a movie like that for entertainment. I told my Dad that it was made by a movie director considered the worst of all time. My dad said has he done any good or watchable movies and I said I am not sure as I haven't seen many of his movies. So today I looked up the teaser trailer and my god it's fucking depressing: Here is an article from the guardian's website: http://www.guardian....-causes-outrage I can't help thinking did Uwe Boll make this as a bold emotional portrayal of the suffering and evil that took place at Auschwitz or did make horrific exploitation movie to gain controvesy and DVD sales? I expect Cinema Snob or somebody to do a review soon. What do you guys think?
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