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  1. So, when I say about the Sonic games having better quality again, I mean like having better stories and most importantly, better gameplay again. For the past 10 years, most of the Sonic games haven't been in high quality (with the exceptions of Sonic Generations and Sonic Mania, to name a few) and most of the games either have really bad gameplay or the stories aren't that well written. So, do you think that we will get better Sonic games that focus on good storytelling and great gameplay again in the near future? Personally, I think we will eventually. It's just a matter of whether or not they change the team who's working on the titles or just get in some new people for Sonic Team who know how to develop games efficiently and some writers who can write really good stories. Also, I think that SEGA and Sonic Team really need to change their mindset from "let's just put out a random Sonic game out in the market, without bothering to see if it's any good" to "let's check these games out to make sure they are in good condition and then sell them to the market."
  2. CertifiedNobody

    Could Sonic Riders Be Coming Back?

    Okay, just hear me out for a moment. With Team Sonic Racing seemingly having not done as well as expected and been subsequently abandoned, it looks like Sega might be done with the All Stars Racing series and its gameplay. But Sonic can't stay away from racing, Iizuka himself even considers it a major part of the games. Even if we get another installment, I think that once the All-Stars gameplay has been retired, Sega will go back to Riders. The game's been resurrected by it's competitive scene in recent years, and could potentially evolve into a significant esport. On top of that, now there are significant fangames and modding projects like Sonic RIders X and Tournament Edition. If the community for this keeps growing, Sega will likely see a demand for Riders and bring it back. It's not like they're opposed to bringing back older stuff considering Iizuka confirmed Adventure remakes/remasters and being considered if Colors Ultimate did well (it did). If they do eventually resurrect the Riders series, they'll likely try and balance things between casual and competitive like Smash Bros does.
  3. As in the title. I'd love to be the first: If recent rumors regarding Project Sonic 2022 are to be believed, it will be a BoTW/Genshin clone, and thus an "open-world action RPG with non-linear player progression". Personally, I don't believe this, as recent games in the series (especially Forces ) have convinced me that Sega may be treating upcoming titles as budget ones, which may not work with Ubisoft-like game design philosophy. But that doesn't change one thing, though: the concept of a "true" action RPG in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog sounds very, very intriguing. To better understand what I'm thinking about, I'll use Borderlands 2 as an analogy - it's advertised as an "open-world FPSRPG", but underneath the thin layer of vehicular combat is a typical corridor shooter that, despite its linear level design, has an impressive variety of enemies, well thought out character classes, and a phenomenal randomly generated loot system with various active and passive perks depending on the brand [of loot] and skills players have invested their experience points in. Simply put, it's a lovely hybrid of Halo and Diablo, which translates into a lot of replayability with (or without) friends, thanks to the brilliantly implemented co-op mode. That's how Sonic Quattro was born. As I wrote, the open world in Borderlands 2 is purely an illusion consisting of dozens of corridor shooter levels (the equivalent of dungeons) connected to each other by several vast areas that can be traversed by vehicles, as well as explored through multiple side-missions (the equivalent of overworlds). However, what if instead of the corridor shooter levels there were... 3D platformer ones? In this case, it could be Sonic/Shadow stages from Sonic Adventure 2, which stand out with their interesting mechanics (Final Chase and its mix of grinding rails and gravity drums), great pace (Green Forest and its default 8-minute limit), but also linearity like the aforementioned dungeons. At the same time, these could be Sonic Heroes style stages, where a lot of emphasis was placed on cooperation between playable characters (almost like an action RPG) and fighting a truckload of enemies that have a certain pool of health (also almost like an action RPG!). So... hear me out: Sonic Quattro is a full-fledged hybrid between a 3D platformer (mostly in the style of SA2 and SH) and an action RPG with a heavy emphasis on drop-in-drop-out player co-op (kinda like in Borderlands, Left 4 Dead, and Sven Co-op), loot-based progression and, most importantly, going fast. I won't comment on the eventual storyline, as the most popular games in both genres have a heavy emphasis on good gameplay loop, and I don't have any ideas for it. On the other hand, I'm happy to talk about the four character classes (yes, that's the number that gives this title its name) that could appear in the final release. Sonic - I wouldn't be surprised if those who play alone choose this character first, so I envision someone whose skill trees are versatile and simple. He's a sort of knight of all four, with a focus on regular self-healing, increasing the power of his attacks, and a special ability focused on temporarily increasing the speed of everything he does. Shadow - Some of you may feel surprised, but I imagine him in the role of someone fighting at a distance. His special ability is a USP-like pistol, which appeared in most of the promotional material for his (sadly awful) solo game, and the gameplay then resembles something along the lines of Ratchet & Clank rather than Sonic. Could he be our archer? Blaze - It seems obvious to me that she's ideally suited to the role of tank, whose skill trees aim to increase her resistance to various types of damage (especially fire), the speed of her attacks, and the length of time she can perform her special ability entirely focused on close-range combat. Silver - Let's be honest: this character never achieved the status Uncle Nakamura hoped for and was forever relegated to being a plot device (with a few exceptions in the comics). However, that doesn't change the fact that he's a born warlock of our team, who regularly helps by healing it, buffing their attacks and nerfing enemies. The ultimate goal of the game's design is to be as accessible to the casual gamer as Sonic Chronicles was accessible. I wouldn't expect the main storyline to be 30 hours, but more like 5 hours sooner, which would do a lot more to encourage some to try New Game Plus and occasionally experiment on their characters (different loadouts, respeccing, etc). When it would offer a wild trip around Sonic's world, various side-missions (which would increase the total game time) would allow the players to delve deeper into it, often coming from characters like Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Rouge, Team Chaotix, Orbot and Cubot... I hope you know what I mean. I keep writing about this loot, and I haven't even gotten to the actual system I'd like to see in my game! Following the spirit of accessibility, I'd expect something along the lines of Destiny (too bad it's still awful), where most loot is "somewhat hand-crafted" but offers various random perks that change its rules and points (on a scale of 1 to 100) that affect player stats such as immunity, regeneration, strength, speed, etc. So I could divide the entire inventory into the following parts: Gloves allow you to modify your character's attack, often modifying its passive skills and elemental affiliation (e.g. legendary-tier Silveresque Gloves guarantee to temporarily freeze enemies in place when used). Bracelets add bonus experience points to specific abilities from the skill trees (e.g. legendary-tier Chip's Bracelet has a guaranteed 5 points for any few skills from all three 30-point trees). Shoes are responsible for the character's maneuverability, often modifying their jump and speed, and somewhat less often their active skills (e.g. legendary-tier Air Shoes allow you to glide through the air by holding down the jump button). The main source of acquiring new loot are various Badniks found in the many action stages, and somewhat less frequently in the overworlds that connect them. An interesting mechanic for the former type of world would be the importance of time: the sooner players complete any action stage, the better the loot will be in the chest at the end of the level; those usually consist of a traditional stage ending with a boss fight exclusive to that location (something like the mini-bosses from the classic-era games), but level designers are encouraged to experiment a bit. ...and that's pretty much it! I hope I'm not the only one with some interesting ideas for a possible spin-off...
  4. I love Metal as much as the next guy but I feel like he's become a bit stale. I'm just kinda tired of Metal Sonic popping in for a boring race with another remix Stardust Speedway Bad Future then doing nothing else. I just want Sega to do something new with him. What do you guys think?
  5. Yeah, so this backstory was apparently written by Sega of Japan back during development of the first game and subsequently translated by the Sega Technical Institute, and it easily beats the Sonic Bible as the weirdest ex-canon origin for Sonic. Though, to be honest, I don't hate the idea of It's weird and a lot is left unexplained, but it doesn't technically contradict the game canon, So until Sega makes an official game origin, this is the closest we'll get to a true origin for Sonic.
  6. I was browsing TVTropes and saw this: Is that the case? I've always considered that to be perfectly reasonable given Sonic's past uses of the Chaos Emeralds and him seeing Shadow perform Chaos Control earlier in the game. Is this an actual critique people have with the game?
  7. So, do you think that having good stories in the Sonic the Hedgehog games is just as important as having good gameplay? For me, I think having a good story is just as important as the gameplay. I mean sure, you can have a good game anyway, even if the story is not quite there, because the gameplay is really good. But, I always like it when the stories in the Sonic games were good because they made me relate more to the characters and their situations.
  8. So, in recent Sonic games, there has been some plot lines that the games established, but they never really went all the way with the plot line. What I mean by this is that whenever the Sonic games put the characters in a dangerous or traumatizing situation, either they find a way to make the character get out of the situation unharmed or there's no emotional weight to the scenes. Here are some games that I think that they could have gone a bit further with the plot line: Sonic Lost World: There's the scene where Tails was turned into a robot and instead of having a boss battle with Tails, instead Tails just overrides the commands and turns back to normal. I think that if they had a boss fight where Sonic is forced to fight Tails in his robot form, that not only would have made an interesting boss fight, but it would have been an emotional impact on the story since it would involve Sonic being forced to fight his best friend. Sonic Forces: There's the scene where Sonic was captured by Eggman and was "presumably" tortured. But, when we see Sonic, he acts like nothing has happened, despite being captured. I think that they should have shown us how being captured by Eggman had an effect on Sonic, as well as maybe show us that Sonic had blamed himself for Eggman taking over the world and how he couldn't protect the world from Eggman. That would have added more emotional weight to the story and made us take the story more seriously. What are some other examples you can think of?
  9. What are some mandates that SEGA has for the characters or for the stories that you don't agree with or you wish that they changed? While these mandates are mostly related to the IDW comics, here are a few mandates that SEGA did with the characters and stories that I don't agree with: Regarding Shadow's characterization, I don't like the fact that SEGA is basically saying that Shadow should always be edgy and moody and not be allowed to express that many emotions. This also extends somewhat to the other characters, like Sonic where they can't be portrayed beyond their main characterizations in the games. The whole "Chao should be known as "it" instead of calling them "him" or "her." This wouldn't be a problem if SEGA had actually done this in the first place and not just make that rule so recently. It just ended up confusing the fanbase about how the chao should be addressed in the series.
  10. 12 years... It's about time for a NEW Crash Bandicoot game! - New power masks; - Time and dimension travel; - New designs; - New developer: Toys for Bob (Spyro Trilogy) takes the lead this time, there's a chance that Beenox and Vicarious Visions could be helping somehow; - PS4 and Xbox One (so far); - Release date: October 2, 2020
  11. In November, Sega is going to release the Sonic Encyclo-speed-ia. A book that's going to deep dive into the games' universe lore, and it's going to provide the official timeline and tell which games are canon and which ones are not. This book is being written by Ian Flynn, and it's basically the "Hyrule Historia" of Sonic the Hedgehog. For the ones who don't know, Hyrule Historia was a book released in 2011 in commemoration of the 25th of The Legend of Zelda and close to the release of Skyward Word on the Nintendo Wii. It provided the official timeline of the Zelda franchise and details filling the gaps and inconsistencies in the games. Before this book, the Zelda timeline was a mess and there were a lot of discussion about that in the community. In addition to that, since 2010 at the Sonic Colors release, Takashi IIzuka said in many interviews that the stories of Sonic games happen in two different worlds: the human world and Sonic's world. However, it's not clear if this two world thing are two different civilizations living in the same planet, if they are actually two different planets altogether, or if they are two entirely new dimensions. A lot of people in the community didn't like this supposed recton because it contradicts the story of a lot of other past games like the Adventure series. Considering all of that, t's very clear to me that the Encyclo-speed-ia is going to have a similar purpose in the Sonic's franchise. They are going to release a whole book about the series' lore, they will have to address some inconsistencies and bend the games together. Some people are very passionate about discussing the lore of the franchise, but I don't have a problem with the concept of two worlds. It creates inconsistencies and a lot of unexplained things, mostly in the Adventure era games, but it also fixes a lot of other inconsistencies in the games' continuity, geography and art style, and everything could be explained if Sonic Team creates retcons in future games or in the encyclopedia. The lore is confusing with and without the two worlds concept. I don't know why people are so mad about that. To me, the funniest part about discussing the lore of a franchise is finding new good answers to explain and fix inconsistencies. So, let's theorize how they could fix the inconsistencies. Why the echidna are on earth in Sonic Adventure? What Angel Island is doing in the human's world? The human world and Sonic's world could have some kind of connection. If Sonic and the other characters can travel between both worlds, we can assume they aren't the first ones to be able to do that. Eggman is human, and he lives in the Sonic's world in a lot of games, for example. Maybe the echidna tribe traveled from Sonic's world to Earth a long time ago, or maybe the anthropomorphic animals are actually from Earth long before the humans existed, and they colonized and move to the other world at some point in history. Angel Island and the Master Emerald could have some kind of connection to Earth as well, and Angel Island could be able to move between the two worlds. If that were the case, I hope they are going to explain all these things. Sonic Rush hits Sonic's world isn't inhabited by humans: In the Rush series, we knew Blaze's world. According to the game's story, her world is a parallel dimension to Sonic. She is like the Sonic equivalent of this dimension, and the sol emerald are the equivalent of the chaos emerald. In Rush Adventure, we came to Blaze's world and the only human that appear in the game is the villain Eggman Nega. All the other NPCs and characters are anthropomorphic animals. If Blaze's dimension is a parallel world to Sonic's, it needs to be similar. The concept of parallel worlds are different realities that are similar but have slightly differences in the history, geographic and other aspects. So, if Blaze's world is inhabited mostly by anthropomorphic animals, so is the Sonic's world. Sonic Forces hints the two worlds: Sonic Forces featured a world map that doesn't have any similarities with the Earth world map of Sonic Unleashed. According to the lead art director of Sonic Forces, Yoshitaka Miura, the game was artistically designed to look like an alien world different from Earth, and he put a misterious alien language in the buildings and billboards of stages such as Sunset Heights. The Lost Hex from Sonic Lost World is located in the sky of the Sonic's world I think the Lost Hex isn't located on Earth because of the cartoony art style. Also, the deadly six always appear in the IDW series that happens in the anthropomorphic animals' world. That makes me believe that the Lost Hex is closer to the Sonic's world than it's from the Earth. The two world thing is no more? Ian Flynn said in a more recent episode of the same podcast that we don't need to worry about the two worlds concept anymore. He said we can't say why yet, though. Some people are speculating that maybe he created a different retcon that replaced the two world concepts entirely now that he is involved in the Sonic Encyclo-Speed-Ia. We will only know when the book comes out.
  12. Now, I'm not saying that SEGA should stop making Sonic games (NO WAY! I want them to keep making Sonic games for as long as they can)! However, with the recent string of games they had over the years (Sonic Forces, Sonic Lost World, the Sonic Boom series) and with the controversy surrounding Sonic Colors Ultimate, do you think that SEGA needs to step back a bit from the Sonic series and start thinking about how they will approach this series in the near future or how they can improve this series? It seems like every time SEGA releases a Sonic game, bad things happen and we just don't know what's exactly going on with SEGA and Sonic Team in regards to this series.
  13. So, I've been doing some research about SEGA as a company and it seems like they had problems with handling their franchises ever since they first came out. There was the incident with the SEGA Saturn way back in the 1990s, the downfall of the SEGA Dreamcast, how they have been handling Sonic games as of late by rushing out the games before actually completing them. So, do you think that SEGA always had issues when it came to handling their games or is it just with certain games like Sonic the Hedgehog?
  14. So, when I say that people insult the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, I mean like how some people say the following things about the franchise: *Sonic was never good. *There are no good Sonic 3D games. How do comments like these make you feel? Do you feel turned off by the franchise because of these comments or do you still stand by the franchise despite the insults being hurled at this franchise? For me personally, I honestly don't care much. Sure, if there are unreasonable comments like "Sonic was never good," then I am quick to point out the hypocrisy of those statements. But, most of the time, I don't let these comments bother me, because at the end of the day, I like what I like and that's all that matters to me. If I love Sonic the Hedgehog, I will constantly make videos and fan art for the character, because I want to show my support for the character, no matter what others say.
  15. I have seen a lot of people claim that this artbook bundle is amazing, and how it sucks there is no way to get it if you don't live in Japan. This is frankly not true... There are lots of sites online that have the book bundle, whilst they're all Japanese places, the easiest place to order (which won't likely give you custom fees or other nasty surprises) which chances are you're familiar with... Is Amazon.jp. Here are the bundles PS4: https://amzn.to/3Bds1dy Switch: https://amzn.to/3mBNloT No XBox or PC edition of this bundle exists. Which Version do I pick? In the "Model/Type" pick either the switch or PS4/Limited edition. The Normal version is JUST the game. Then in the 'Edition' Either of the following. Limited to Amazon: Comes with the game, book, coin and CD. Not limited to Amazon: Comes with the above + mini soundtrack (unsure if physical or digital). Ebten Limited: Comes with the above + A LOT of other extras, this version is VERY expensive). I have an amazon account, why can't I log in? You need an amazon Japan account to order. The process to register one is exactly the same as your local regional version of Amazon, yes your current payment cards should work no problem, as will putting in your local address, utterly no need for a middle man service. I ordered from this site why don't you list that? Yes, there are a bunch of other stores that have this in Japan, however... 1: Chances are if you know about those sites you either know about middle man shipping sites or are prepared to risk a surprise custom fee. 2: This guide is intended for people who have not or who have VERY little experience ordering things from Japan, doing it this way saves people from making a middle man account on another shipping service, plus it's amazon so all their policies are the same and it's not quite as scary as it is trying to use a middle man agency for the first time, especially with all the options for this edition. Can my system play the Japanese edition of the game? PS4: Yes it will. Switch: Yes it will. Future DLC PS4: Make a Japanese PSN account, download from the Japanese store, play it on your main. Switch: No idea, don't own a switch. I'm still scared about making a Japanese amazon account, can you help? Leave a reply and I can try. This information is useful and helpful, how can I help spread it? I guess you can re-tweet my thread on the subject.
  16. Dreadknux

    Sonic Colours Ultimate (Early Access)

    If you're one of those kind of fans that loves to get things early, this will be the day you get to experience Sonic Colors Ultimate before anyone else! The game's official release date is September 7, but those who buy the special edition will get the Early Access starting today. CUUUUUUUUBE!
  17. Community modder 'Bluwolfboy' has shared a number of new models that have been extracted from the PS2 EyeToy game SEGA Superstars. The models themselves will be released later today, according to the dataminer, but in the meantime they have posted some images of Sonic, Shadow (both in regular and Super forms) as well as Billy Hatcher. Sonic + Bones Sonic Without Bones Shadow Super Shadow Super Sonic Billy Hatcher Neat, huh? SEGA Superstars was a game that Sonic Team developed exclusively for the PlayStation 2 in 2004 that took advantage of the EyeToy peripheral. It featured multiple motion-based minigames starring mascots from a range of SEGA series from NiGHTS to Virtua Fighter, Crazy Taxi to ChuChu Rocket and more. Sonic's minigame focused entirely on the special stages found in Sonic Heroes, where players had to use their arms and body to guide him through the levels in order to obtain Chaos Emeralds. It was a lot of fun, if not a little bit knackering! What do you think of these models, and how do you think they compare to 3D Sonic character models before (or since)? Will update this thread when the models themselves are released to the world. Source: Bluwolfboy Twitter
  18. Not sure if anyone discussed this before, but I'm referring to fusing the Super, Darkspine, Werehog, and Excalibur forms together. How powerful would Sonic get?
  19. CertifiedNobody

    The Sonic CD Zones Are In The Wrong Order

    I was watching Game Apologist's Sonic CD video and came to the realization that the game's story works so much better if you put Stardust Speedway after Metallic Madness. Metal Sonic is hyped up throughout the game, is on every cover for the game, and is arguably it's biggest selling point. His race is a much more dramatic finale than Robotnik's weird spinning-box-inator. Remove that in-game cutscene with Amy appearing in Metallic Madness and it works better canonically as well, since Stardust Speedway ends with Sonic saving Amy and Robotnik escaping in his Eggmobile, the same way the ending cutscene begins.
  20. User18091994

    Sonic Unleashed Remastered wishlist

    I'm hyped for Sonic Colors Ultimate, but I would be lying if I said I wouldn't prefer a Sonic Unleashed "Ultimate" or something like that. I think Sega decided to port Colors first because it's more easy and cheap, and they can outsource the development. Sega isn't as big as Nintendo, they don't have too many staff members available to work on a lot of Sonic projects at the same time, and they are prioritizing other IPs as well. It seems Sonic Team is focusing on the next mainline game (Sonic Rangers?) and Blind Squirrel is in charge of Colors Ultimate. I don't think a Sonic Unleashed port would be possible without the Sonic Team members working on it because of the Hedgehog Engine, so I can only see this remaster being developed after Sonic Rangers' release. In whatever way, we can dream about the perfect Sonic Unleashed Remastered, so that's my wishlist: Added content: - New difficult modes: easy, normal and hard. The easy mode could have things like Tails save from Colors Ultimate or other changes to make the game more accessible for newcomers because Unleashed is the hardest mainline Sonic game, in my opinion; - New things to do on the hub worlds. More side-quests, more mini-games, shops to buy cosmetics based on the countries. Like Super Mario Odyssey that we can buy clothes and hats based on the worlds. We could have accessories and clothes for both Sonic and Werehog; - 2 Player modes for both Sonic and Werehog. The daytime stages could be racing like the 2P mode of Sonic Lost World, while the Werehog stages could be like the 2P mode of Bayonetta 2; - New battle songs for the Werehog. It could be like some Kingdom Hearts games that feature different battle themes per world; Graphics: - The game hold up pretty well, and it looks wonderful on RPCS3 (PS3 emulator) when it's running on a higher resolution with anti-aliasing and anisotropic filter. It wouldn't change much, maybe tweak and improve a few assets and textures; - It should run at 60fps, at least on the next gen consoles and PC; Quality of Life improvements: - The medals are no more mandatory to progress through the game; - The medals and collectables have a different design or an aura, so the player could locate them more easily on the stages; - Werehog stages have fewer waves of enemies; - There are no areas on the Werehog stages that you have instant deaths. Instead of dying when falling into the water or bottomless pits, you lose HP/rings and went back to the closest safe place before. The same way as happen in Sonic Boom Fire & Ice when you fall into the water or into spikes on the floor. You only lose a life and have to go back to the latest checkpoint when you run out of HP/rings. This would increase the pacing of the werehog stages; - The homming attack is the jump button as it's on the majority of the games and Sonic's controls could be a tweaked to be a little smoother like it is on Generations; - The QTEs will be more simple, less frequent and less punitive. They could stay the same as the original game in the hard mode, though; What's your Sonic Unleashed Remastered wishlist?
  21. https://www.deviantart.com/enlightened-titan/art/Tokyo-2020-or-2021-Nintendolympics-Collaboration-888328848 Note that the file size is huge.
  22. So, do you think that the harshest critics of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise hurt the franchise? What I mean by "harshest critics" is that there are some critics who are never satisfied with this franchise and will say nothing but negative things about this franchise, despite overlooking some of the good games in this series. Now, that's not to say that all criticisms against this franchise are unwarranted. There are some pretty valid criticisms against this franchise, like how the gameplay hasn't been that good for the past decade or so or how the stories are not being written that well as of late. And there are times where Sonic Team does listen to the criticisms, but the way they handled the criticisms tended to get bad results like say the fans wanted more comedy for the series, but then Sonic Team don't write the stories very well as a result. Or whenever the fans asked for more gameplay for Sonic, but Sonic Team took that as "only Sonic should be the playable character" despite the fact that fans didn't say that they wanted to get rid of the other characters. However, what about the critics who bashed the series without playing the games first or bash the series before any new games have been released? Wouldn't that cause the fans to not want to play the games just because a critic said that the game is going to be bad, even though there's no concrete evidence about what the game is about yet? Or what about when a critic says that "Sonic has always been a bad franchise" despite the fact that there were some good games that were released in the series? So, do you think that the critics who bashed the series without playing any of the games or who judge the series without any concrete evidence on the developments hurt the franchise?
  23. I know. GASP! SHOCK! This is not the question you want to ask Sonic fans! But, what if there was a scenario where SEGA just up and decided to not make anymore Sonic the Hedgehog games? Would this affect the gaming community as a whole or would the fanbase do everything in their power to bring this franchise back? For me, I don't see Sonic the Hedgehog going anywhere any time soon. I mean sure, this franchise had hit a lot of low points during its run, but it does have a massive fanbase that will fight tooth and nail to make sure this franchise succeeds. Also, since the movie proved to be a huge success, it would be wrong for SEGA to suddenly pull the plug on the franchise just when it seems like the franchise is seeing new popularity again.
  24. Mephiles' Disciple

    Rouge The Bat Appreciation Thread

    You know something that really annoys me? When people throw Rouge under the bus because of her design being not “kid-friendly”. Honestly, I’ve never seen any positive comments about this character as it seems that the only thing that comes to people’s mind when it comes to this character is breasts. I remember back in the days when Cobanermani used to do Let’s Plays on YouTube, he’d often mock Rouge calling her ‘Rouge the W****’ on a regular basis. I’ve even seen some comments from some people calling Sega sexist for creating Rouge as a “sex-model”. Even on this very forum people have posted a petition to redesign Rouge: This really makes me sad as I feel that people are just throwing such a great character aside simply because of a questionable character design choice. Is the Sonic community really that mastophobic that they want to grab their torches and pitch-forks just because one character shows a bit of cleavage? It’s sad to say if Rouge simply didn’t show cleavage then people wouldn’t treat her as a joke which I think is pathetic and goes to show how immature the gaming community is. Though I find it ironic that with the recent release of Space Jam: A New Legacy, fans have been having the exact opposite reaction in regards to Lola Bunny as they were upset at having her de-sexified in the new movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSroWWYsiK4 First of all, I’m perfectly fine with Rouge showing off her breasts, and no I’m not just saying that because I’m a guy who likes boobies. I think Rouge’s voluptuous design is what makes her stand out from the rest of the cast. Rouge was introduced as the first villainess for the franchise (ok maybe villainess is not the right word, she’s more of an anti-hero but the point though is that she’s not a ‘good guy’ character like Sonic), just by looking at her design and appearance you can see that she’s not this little petite girl who would never harm a fly. Her attire consists of a leather latex suit with long sexy boots and gloves complimented by a shapely heart-shaped bra showing off her breasts followed by eye-liner to glorify her eye lashes. Her design is downright risqué, yes, that’s the freaking point! Rouge is not supposed to be cute, sweet, and innocent like Amy or Cream, Rouge is an anti-hero who doesn’t play by the rules, and her alluring design is meant to display the fact that she doesn’t give a rat’s behind of what anyone thinks about her. And in addition to her display of cleavage, one can also argue that it’s to show her mature age. Rouge is the oldest of the female cast at the age of 17 and is the second oldest character (by appearance of course, Shadow is half a century old but retains the appearance of a 15-year old hedgehog) in the roster being beaten by Vector who is 20 last I checked, so it makes sense for Rouge to have breasts. And while we’re on the topic of Rouge’s design, it’s very common for villainesses and female anti-heroes in other franchises to have risqué designs as well. Just look at Catwoman from the Batman universe. She’s completely covered in latex accompanied by high heels (like Rouge) and equipped with a sexy whip. Like Rouge, she’s an anti-hero and her design is meant to show that she’s not a voice for justice or wants to put others before herself like Batgirl. She’s selfish and fights for her own desires and wants much like Rouge. Sure Catwoman, like Rouge, will team up with the hero occasionally for the fate of the world or to solve some other problem, but usually they are fighting for themselves and they don’t care if anyone has a problem with that hence why they dress as if they could care less what the world thinks about them. The same can be said for Black Cat from Spider-Man who like Rouge, isn’t afraid to show off her drumroll her cleavage! Showing off breasts is just a common theme for female anti-heroes and villainesses, and I think it’s ridiculous for Rouge to be hated for something that a lot of characters within her archetype in other media get away with. So once you get past the whole Herp Derp R0uGe h@z teh BI6 B00BI3$ I think Rouge has some interesting qualities that make her a great character. First of all, I think Rouge makes a good foil to Amy. In the classic era Amy was really the only female character among the cast. At this time Amy was the typical cute, sweet, and innocent girly type of character; Sure she began to become more independent during her story arc in Sonic Adventure where she grew from damsel in distress to strong heroine. But her actions and motivations are still dependent on Sonic as she’s basically obsessed with the character. I think Rouge’s introduction helped to break the mold of the ‘girls rely on men’ stereotype. Rouge was very intelligent as she was scheming behind Eggman’s back working for the government with her own plan to steal the emeralds and bail when the time was right throughout the Dark Side story in SA2. She was strong enough to take down Flying Dog which was Prison Islands’ greatest form of defense against intruders. And her agility skills can rival that of Tails and Knuckles as she was basically a Tails clone in heroes and a Knuckles clone in SA2. Ok sure, there were scenes where she was saved by both Shadow and Knuckles in SA2 but the former was more so to make Shadow have a flashback of Maria and demonstrate the planet-hopping powers of chaos-control and the latter was just a display of Knuckles X Rouge fan-service. Speaking of Knuckles X Rouge, another reason why Rouge is such a great character is because she makes a great love interest for Knuckles. Yeah some people would argue that Rouge goes better with Shadow but I see Rouge and Shadow having more of a brother-sister relationship. When it comes to Knuckles on the other hand, we clearly see Rouge tease and flirt with Knuckles on a daily basis, she can’t resist finding an opportunity to push his buttons whenever they meet. Some may argue that this is a reason to hate Rouge as it helped start the whole ‘Knuckles is stupid’ characteristic post-Sonic Heroes. But I still think it’s funny to see Knuckles as this big and strong dude get upset at a woman throwing signs at him to agitate and embarrass him in a playful manner, much like how Amy is always comedically chasing after Sonic but Sonic is simply not interested. These comedic romantic skits simply wouldn’t work with Shadow as I feel they would degrade his serious and dark character and are better used with Knuckles. Now on the topic of Shadow, he’s the 2nd most popular Sonic character in the franchise and Rouge is his most trustworthy friend just as how Tails is Sonic’s most trustworthy friend. Knowing this, it’s really sad to see Rouge be tossed aside by the fandom. Rouge is basically the ‘Tails’ for Shadow, though unlike Tails, Rouge is actually independent. Tails is pretty much always attached to Sonic by the hip, seldom do we ever see Sonic without Tails palling around. Rouge on the other hand may be best buddies with Shadow, but she’s not under him 24/7. As a government spy she’s often doing her own thing on missions and knows how to take care of herself. She also will not hesitate to care for her friends when they’re in trouble. In the very underrated game, Sonic Battle, there’s a scene when Shadow get’s badly injured by one of Eggman’s robots and Rouge actually takes him back to her club and treats him until he’s better again. I always found that to be a really interesting moment that goes to show that Rouge isn’t as selfish and uptight as people may claim her to be. In fact, I think this may be the only time in the games where we a Sonic character becoming seriously injured and needs to be nursed back to health by another Sonic character. We’ve never even seen something like that happen with Sonic and Tails (although we did have a scene like this in 06 with Sonic and Elise but we all know how the internet feels about that). And in regards to Tails, he should be the most iconic character in the franchise aside from Sonic and Eggman, despite this, he was basically replaced by Rouge in the second half of Sonic X Season 2. Rouge joins Sonic and Knuckles in the fight against the rampaging Emerl, this continues in other episodes as well, meanwhile Tails is just tossed to the side: https://youtu.be/b-qHbNGKnYE?t=711 I felt that multiple characters were frustratingly misused in Sonic X, especially Tails, but I think one of the few characters that were well written was Rouge. Rouge was so cool in Sonic X, she’s one of the few characters that actually fought and demonstrated impressive strength feats. And she was basically the strongest female character among the roster. Most of Amy’s fighting scenes were for comedic purposes; Cream, aside from a few scenes in season 3, for the most part only fought once which was against Emerl. Tikal was the typical guidance character like she was in the original Sonic Adventure, and Cosmo wasn’t a fighter either. Rouge on the other hand was given a bit of an origin story in Sonic X and was considered to be such a threat by the military that she was forcefully recruited to join GUN as an agent and help them take down Eggman. Not only this, but we are shown that she’s strong enough to go head-to-head with Knuckles on multiple occasions as well as being smart enough to build her own space ship in Season 3 (I always thought Tails and Rouge being on Eggman’s level of intergalactic vehicle manufacturing was ridiculous but that’s a rant for another day). If Sonic X deserves an applause for anything, I believe it should definitely be praised for it’s portrayal of Rouge. Lastly, not really much of a characteristic but I always thought it was cool to see that like Shadow, Rouge is the only character to seem to respect Eggman by referring to him as ‘The Doctor’. This may be due to the events in SA2 where even though she was plotting to back-stab Eggman, deep down she still respects him as they were partners at one point. Also, Rouge seems to have the greatest variety of outfits throughout the series iirc, that’s cool I guess, I always thought her Heroes outfit was awesome, it would be nice to see her in it again. Well, there’s my two cents on Rouge The Bat. It’s a shame that most people just write her off as “inappropriate” for the Sonic franchise because HURR DURR B00B$ SHULDN’T B N S@N1C GAMZ But I think she’s a really great character with multiple interesting traits. Like I said, she makes for a great foil to Amy, hilarious love interest and rival for Knuckles, considerate sister-figure for Shadow, and strong independent female anti-hero who deserves a lot more respect. Edit: Sorry some of the video links are acting wonky.
  25. (This is the textless version of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog Cover #288) Hello & Welcome to the Sonic Game Worlds Tour! To celebrate Sonic’s 30th Anniversary this year, each month I’ll be looking at specific major settings of mainline & spinoff Sonic Games and all Stages, Hubs, Bosses, & remixes associated with that location. I’ve already got the layout for Islands, Planets, and alternate dimensions. There are a few roadblocks after the Classic Era, though: There are a number of Sonic Games that don’t have a major setting, like Sonic Heroes. I also couldn’t tell you if it takes place in Sonic’s World or the Human World… I might skip Sonic Adventure, since I already talked about Station Square, the Mystic Ruins, and the Egg Carrier last year. I’m not sure if I can touch Soleanna... I’ll need to ask the Mods about that. Anything I’m not sure about I’ll ask in a Status Update, PM, or do a voting poll. Our first stop of the SGWT is South Island from Sonic’s World. South Island is supposedly the original home of the Chaos Emeralds and used to be so important that after Eggman managed to steal the Red Chaos Emerald after Sonic collected all of them, South Island started sinking into the ocean and the entire world started to fall into chaos. Seeing as how the Emeralds like to bounce around different locations nowadays, I’m pretty sure parts of the past games have been retconned. Even though Sonic & Eggman knew each other before the first game takes place, apparently South Island was the first time Eggman used Badniks. Although, that does make me curious about how their first meeting went, how long they’ve known each other, and what Eggman was using before he came up with the idea of using living creatures to power his robot army. South Island is the setting for 6 Classic Sonic Games and has at least 23 unique Zones. The Zone that’s been bought back and reused the most from South Island is the Green Hill Zone. Even though I personally don’t have as much memories with Sonic 1, I do have fond memories of the other games (especially the Game Gear ones) that return to South Island. NOTES: 1. All entries in this opening post are Levels, Hubs, & Bosses from Official Licensed Sonic Games, that take place on South Island. This includes: All Zones and a brief look at the Bonus Stages & Special Stages from both Versions of Sonic the Hedgehog All Zones from the 8-bit Version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 All Zones & a brief look at the Special Stages from Sonic Chaos A brief look at the Racecourses from Sonic Drift All Zones & a brief look at the Special Stages from Sonic Blast Most Levels with the words “South Island” & “Green Hill” in their name 2. Even though Neo South Island Zone from Sonic Pocket Adventure is similar to the Green Hill Zone, its copies more from the Emerald Hill Zone. Therefore, I’ll talk about it more in Part 2 when we discuss Westside Island. 3. The Jungle Zone in the original Sonic Jump takes place in South America, so I’m going to skip over it. 4. Although there is a similar area in Blaze’s World called Southern Island, I’ll talk about it later when I do a full tour of the Sol Dimension. 5. During the Sonic Games Worlds Tour, I’m focusing solely on Sonic Games. Any battlefields from Super Smash Bros., cool callbacks from LEGO Dimensions, or any other Zones used in crossover games will not be included. The only exceptions to this rule are the racing games: Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing & Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. 6. To avoid confusion for now & in the future, from this point on I will giving the “City” in Sonic Forces the nickname, “Battleground City”. 7. Next Stop: Westside Island Zones Pictures & other graphics will be posted shortly... Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit Version) - Marble Zone Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit Version) - Bridge Zone Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit Version) - Spring Yard Zone Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit Version) - Jungle Zone Sonic the Hedgehog - Labyrinth Zone Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit Version) - Star Light Zone Sonic the Hedgehog - Scrap Brain Zone Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit Version) - Final Zone Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit Version) - Sky Base Zone Sonic the Hedgehog - Special Stages Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Under Ground Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Sky High Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Aqua Lake Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Green Hills Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Gimmick Mountain Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Scrambled Egg Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Crystal Egg Zone Sonic Chaos - Turquoise Hill Zone Sonic Chaos - Gigalopolis Zone Sonic Chaos - Sleeping Egg Zone Sonic Chaos - Mecha Green Hill Zone Sonic Chaos - Aqua Planet Zone Sonic Chaos - Electric Egg Zone Sonic Chaos – Special Stages Sonic Fighters - South Island Sonic Drift - Green Hill Sonic Drift - Marble Sonic Drift - Spring Yard Sonic Drift - Labyrinth Sonic Drift - Star Light Sonic Drift - Scrap Brain Sonic Blast - Green Hill Zone Sonic Blast - Yellow Desert Zone Sonic Blast - Red Volcano Zone Sonic Blast - Blue Marine Zone Sonic Blast - Silver Castle Zone Sonic Blast - Bonus Stages & Special Stages Sonic Jam – Sonic World Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Green Hill Sonic Advance - Neo Green Hill Zone Sonic Battle - Green Hill Sonic Jump 1 & 2 - Green Hill Zone Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood - Green Hill Zone Sonic Generations - Green Hill Sonic Jump (2012) & Sonic Jump Fever - Green Hill Zone Sonic Dash – Green Hill Zone Sonic Runners Adventure - Green Hill Sonic Mania Plus - Green Hill Zone Sonic Forces - Lost Valley Sonic Forces - Arsenal Pyramid Sonic Forces - Green Hill Sonic Forces - Guardian Rock Sonic Forces: Speed Battle – Pyramid Valley/Sandy Hills/Corkscrew Canyon/Parched Palms/Desert Falls Zone Discussion Questions 1. What is your number 1 BEST South Island Zone? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorite Zones? 2. What is your number 1 WORST South Island Zone? Or you can’t pick one, what are your top worst Zones? 3. What are your favorite South Island Zone Music Tracks? 4. Besides the Green Hill Zone, are there any other Zones from South Island that you would want to see again/remixed in a future game? 5. Are there any ideas or gimmicks from these old games & Zones that you would like to see again in a future Sonic Game? 6. Do you think any of these old games should get the remake treatment (besides the Taxman Version of Sonic 1 on Consoles)? 30th Anniversary Discussion Questions 1. Was Sonic the Hedgehog (either the 16-bit or 8-bit Version) the first Sonic game you ever played? 2. Have you played any of the Sonic games that took place on South Island? 3. Out of the many versions of Green Hill Zone, which one is your favorite? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorites? 4. Out of the many versions of Green Hill Zone, which one is the worst in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top worsts? 5. What are your fondest memories of South Island, if you have any? 6. What are some mysteries or questions you have about the games that place on South Island? 7. How many Versions of Sonic the Hedgehog do you currently own?
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