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Found 28 results

  1. My honest answer? No. The crush was played as a running gag, yet people treated it like a serious plot point. All the characters were exaggerrated in certain games, yet people only seemed to notice Amy. She was only the "damsel" in CD. People forget she rescued herself in Adventure 1 and even Sonic in the next game! I see there's been more focus to make Amy more "independent" but wasn't that already her arc in Adventure 1? In that same game, she stopped Sonic and Tails from turning Gamma into scrap metal. In the Adventure games, she turned Gamma and Shadow against the villains. (However, a common argument I see is that anybody else would've did the same. False. Sonic and Tails were going to turn Gamma into scrap metal. Sonic butt heads with Shadow because of his immaturity. On the other hand, Amy wouldn't fight Zero until he hurt the bird she was defending) In Heroes, she had her own sidekick and team.
  2. So I decided to write again after a few months and wanted to raise the biggest question that Team Sonic Racing is lacking: more playable characters. It's still a work in progress, as there are only 2 chapters published right now. I really hope you read and enjoy. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13527863/1/Team-Sonic-Racing-Ignition
  3. Amy was "cute and full of energy", as she would call herself in Adventure. But I don't know what she'd call herself nowadays, except "bland". I get trying to have her "mature" (which she was never as bad as people made her out to be in the games imo) but couldn't you have done that without taking her whole personality? She's so boring now. The last time she ever did anything was Unleashed. Nowadays she's just... there. Like I said, I feel like people really exaggerated her crush on Sonic. They saw Sonic X and used that interpretation on everything. Her crush was only emphasized for jokes like in Heroes. People talk about her chasing Sonic but they never talk about her speech to Shadow about how not all humans are bad. Or turned Gamma against Eggman through kind words. Or had a robot chase her throughout the entire story just to protect this bird. And then put the hurt on him when he finally got to it. Amy was a sweet character whose bad side you wouldn't want to get on. If Old Amy was "immature" and New Amy is mature, shoot, give me immaturity any day. Amy used to have been my only problem with the IDW comics. She felt like Sally 2.0 to me. Then someone told me it because she was overworked since she's the only Sonic character besides Knuckles that would be leader. That made alot of sense to me.
  4. How canon is said DS RPG game? it's never mentioned again, but I don't think it ever goes against canon, and even if it ended on a cliffhanger, so did Sonic 4, and yet that's still considered canon by us.
  5. So recently, Takashi Iizuka has been telling us that 2021 will be the year of Sonic. So that's probably when the new Sonic game will be released. But, what is the game? Some fans have been saying there will be a Sonic Adventure remake, some have been saying another modern sonic game, however, majority of fans have been talking about a Silver the hedgehog game! Is this true? Let's go into more detail! So Silver the Hedgehog made it's first appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) as a playable character, then has been in other side games such as Sonic Rivals 1 and 2 and Mario and Sonic Olympic games etc. But fans have been wondering will there be a Silver the hedgehog game? Well, our first leak is music, Bentley Jones. who is a composer, wrote many songs such as: So much more for Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing, and Dreams of an absolution for Silver's theme in Sonic (2006). However, during June in 2019, he released his own remix to the song "Dreams of an absolution". Many fans have said this is a rumour for the Silver the Hedgehog game but nor SEGA or the Sonic Team in general have confirmed this. Another rumour is during SXSW 2018 Sonic panel. During a Q&A, somebody told Takashi Iizuka "Will there be a Silver game? A canon? Spin-off or what?" Some of the people in charge of the Sonic panel such as Tyson Hesse, and Keys were actually impressed with this Question, Iizuka responded with "We have a lot of Fans of Silver the hedgehog and we will like to do something for Silver in the future." So a lot of fans are talking about this rumour. Some other leaks are that SEGA released a picture on January 20th 2020, the back ground picture was Silver's Symbol, they also have been adding him to other game's such as Team Sonic Racing, so this is not confirmed yet, but these are very strong points, so who know's? Will there be one in the future?
  6. Talk about all your glitches. Only exception is keep a minimum of ‘06 glitches in your list because I don’t want this to become an 06 thread. So, in Sonic Unleashed and Generations, sometimes I accidentally skip loading parts in the game and just see no floor. This happened in Skyscraper City (day), Green Hill (modern) & Seaside Hill (classic) In Sonic Heroes, during the final part of Ocean Palace, when Sonic runs off a ramp, the rock hit Sonic and he fell. That was an automatic ramp. You’ll understand more if you saw Caddicarus’ video on Sonic Heroes. As well as that, in Casino Park, Big got stuck in a pinball machine. In Rail Canyon, during a scripted corkscrew rail section, I somehow went backwards. During Sonic Mania, I clipped through a wall in Flying Battery and got stuck. In Sonic Colours, somehow, I couldn’t jump during a chaser section in Aquarium Park. Finally, in Sonic ‘06, during Silver’s Kingdom Valley, I fell through the floor. (this is the tamest glitch in the game) reply bellow
  7. In my opinion, It would have to be Captain Whisker from Sonic Rush Adventure. He only has a few appearances in the comics. As an enemy, he is very powerful and is known to take on blaze and sonic at the same time but his only game appearance is is in Sonic Rush Adventure.
  8. What I think Sonic Team needs to do is look at every well loved and universally hated Sonic Games and learn what went right, and What went Wrong, IMO the Adventure Games are loved because of the Freedom of Sonic and Shadows Movement, and the Chao Garden, the worst being The Other characters having Gimicks that slow them down, for The Boost games in general Boosting through stages is exilerating along with the homing attack having a cursor, and they in general felt pretty polished, and negatives for the boost games being sometimes a decent chunk of levels is hold/press X/Y/Whatever and Win, and then more Specifically Unleashed Biggest Positive is the introduction of the Boost along with making the humans not so out of place, and for negatives it's the Night Stages it's a much slower gameplay style that just doesn't fit, and the battle theme every 10 seconds. For Colors the biggest plus was the Wisps were mostly a really fun Gimicks, Swimming wasn't just Slow Juice that you did in they did something interesting with it, and I thought the writing was really fun, but biggest negatives definitely the fact there's so many 2d sections it's hard to completely consider it a 3d game, and the complete doing away with other characters except Tails, and Eggman Then Generations the biggest Positive is definitely the level design at least the 3d Stages had so much variety in how you could go through with many different routes and secrets to find, and I think the biggest downside is Classic Sonic it's not bad but less fun then the 3d Stages, and also even though more characters showed up they didn't do anything As for good parts of hated games I'll probably ignore 06 cuz not sure how the no 06 rules work But Starting With Shadow I thought the Gunplay was well Implemented and fun, and I thought control wise it was a massive improvement to Heroes, and the Neutral Stages usually only last 5 minutes, but the downsides it basically shot Shadow's character and did a little Dance on the grave and then robbed the Grave, and also the level design was really lacking it's not all that interesting, and the missions were so tedius and you have to beat each route twice in order to get the last story Moving on Sonic Boom I think the biggest win for Boom is giving Amy an actual personality, and it was an Interesting Idea, and the Biggest negative is basically the game, other than Amy it's not written well and even Amy isn't, and the Gameplay is boring, everything is boring in the game the Cartoon Great the game not And then Forces, the biggest positive would probably be The Avatar it's a neat Gameplay Style and it's cool to make an Official Sonic OC, the Other Positive is having Shadow Playable Sonic's friends finally did something again well at least one, and then the Negative Level Design is terrible it's so Short and as soon as it's the good part "Oh there's the Goal Ring", and the Writing was bad, I like Infinite but he's definitely not a good villain I just think he's funny, and they removed the Drift I'm missing a lot of games but I was focusing on 3d games with Powerful Opinions so what do y'all think? Also some of the Issues are more on Sega then Sonic Team
  9. Welcome to Funny Debug Mode stories. This is a thread where you can tell funny/interesting stories about things that happened in Sonic games while you were using Debug Mode. I have a story that happened in Sonic Mania. I was going through each zone and generally just messing around. When I make it to Mirage Saloon, I look through the stuff I can place, I see that I can place the Caterkiller boss. So I place like 10 of them but nothing happened. Until I got on the train in Act 1. All of a sudden i'm ambushed by my team of giant Caterkillers and I almost die multiple times. Then I get back onto the tornado still being attacked by giant Caterkillers. So I just go for it and try to defeat as many as possible. Luckily defeating one Caterkiller makes the sign appear. But when the sign fell it missed the tornado and I was immediately killed by a Caterkiller. So I have to start the level over. But for some reason, instead of sending me to the beginning of Sonic's Act 1 I'm sent to Knuckles' Act 1. Everything went back to normal after that but it was still a very funny and weird experience.
  10. Hey All and welcome. I'm new to Sonic Stadium but I've been a Sonic fan since 2004. Again, I'm new to this forum so I must apologize beforehand if I'm violating any rules or terms of this forum. Over the years I've dedicated my time to collecting all the comics in 1 big Digital Collection, since trying to get them all physically in mint condition is nearly impossible. I've managed to rack up quite a collection, and now that it's gotten relatively big I want to be able to share it with everyone so all can have a chance to read the wonderful comic history of the blue blur. It's a shared Folder on my Google Drive that everyone has access to and I update it weekly with new issues that I find. As of right now there's around 25+ Series in it, but I've still got a ways to go. I have miniseries, specials, game tie-ins, digests, the new IDW series, etc. The comics are in .cbr & .cbz format, which can be read by any comic book app. you just need WinZip or RAR to open the zip files that contain the bigger collections of comics. I have a Group Chat on Instagram so I can message everyone at the same time when I add new comics to the collection. My instagram is [removed -staff] so if anyone's interested and or never got to read all the comics then be all means join me on instagram, or share your email and I'll grant ya access
  11. I have a idea...there will be Sonic VR game based on the movie called SEGA & Paramount Games's Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Chase at Dave & Buster's in the future. Just like D&B's VR games like Jurassic World, Men in Black, and Terminator Dark Fates. Here is the game plot you can do: First level is you are middle in the highway in Green Hills in the police car with Tom, he tells us Dr. Robotnik stoled power rings from Sonic, his wife, Maddie was been captured by one of Robotnik's badniks, then Sonic shows up and he tell us to follow him to chase after Robotnik's plans, then we will chase after Sonic while he was speeding through the highway in our police car chase, but not until one of Badniks shows up and you have to destroy them with your laser guns as Sonic destroys one of Robotnik's badniks as you are entering the huge power ring as Sonic speeds through you are middle in the desert in the Egypt in second level as Robotnik fires at you then you have to chase after him while Robotnik keeps fires at you as soon you are about to die as Robotnik charges his laser gun, Sonic quickly uses his ring and use ring portal to China for third level, as we see Robotnik got Maddie with him, Tom tell us to stop Robotnik before he kills her, we see Sonic speeds through great wall of China, as Robotnik escapes with Maddie to San Francisco (Fourth Level) then we will aheading to the city to chase after Robotnik, while that there was too many badniks around the top of the building, Tom tell us they are about to destroy you, not until Sonic saves the day and he using his spin attack to destroy all Badniks, he tell us Robotnik holds Maddie in her prison cell at Robotnik's secret base, as Sonic throw his ring to portal, we are in Robotnik's secret base in Egg Metropolis as final level, we will see Robotnik in his Death Egg Robot for final battle as Sonic and Robotnik are battling each other, you will get a lot points to shoot at Death Egg Robot as we see Tom runs and avoid attacks between Death Egg Robot and Robotnik's badniks to save his wife Maddie, you are driving faster to the doom because there was dead end as Robotnik will destroy you for good, not until Sonic stops him and as his Death Egg Robot was been destroyed by Sonic's power rings. As Maddie kisses Tom, Sonic tell us that the base was about to blow up, as we will finally escape from Robotnik's base as Sonic throws his ring back to Green Hills. Back at Green Hills, they are saying thanks for saving the world from evil Robotnik. We will see Sonic speeds up for another adventure. So what are you think guys?
  12. Hi everyone, and welcome to Obscure Sonic Characters! This is a place where you can talk about Sonic characters who have been forgotten by Sega. I doesn't matter if they're from the games or the comics. As long as they have been part of an official piece of Sonic media, they count. Anyway, that is all for now, bye!
  13. Title says it all.. (I haven’t played Shadow yet so I’m not including that in my list by you can) SA1 > Unleashed > Generations > SA2 > Heroes > Secret Rings > Colours > Lost World > 06 > 3D Blast > Black Knight > Forces
  14. So, I have an Idea for a new sonic game. It would be called "SegaSonic: Robot Defender", and it would be released for PC (so I don't have to get SEGA to make it for console). The main game would be 1-2 player local, and 2-4 player online, and would consist of a few zones with a few acts each, and the gameplay would have badniks coming down from the top of the screen, and Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles having to take them out. The special stages would be Blue spheres from Sonic 3, and would be pretty much unchanged. In multiplayer, you can use the special stges as a competitive mode. If one player gets all emeralds, any players currently in the game would be able to use their super form. There would also be a Shop, for getting special items, an inventory to use th items, a Level select that unlocks more zones as you progress, and a sound test that can also be used to find secrets. I don't know how to program, and I don't have any money, but maybe some people do know how to program. If so, maybe I could work on the sprites and some other people could work on the code/level design... But i'm not sure. I hope atleast a few skilled programers and designers see this...
  15. Hi there, My daughter got sonic mania for her ps4 for Christmas. We have never played before and dont know the basic commands. Can anyone help? Our sonic has hit a wall and cant jump high enough to get up over it, there's no way back or down. How does he fly? Or a super jump? Elle
  16. What do you think? What features do you see returning in the next main Modern title, and would you like to have them back? What features may be dropped completely? A friend of mine made me notice this poll done a year and a half ago... And potentially all of these features may be coming back? I'm not sure, but I would welcome them. Let's see what might come back and make it in the next main game... Returning from Sonic Forces: + Boost: I'm not a fan of the Boost, I'm tired of it, I know it's Sonic's trademark move and all of that, I can honestly see it return because they have no idea on how to evolve the Modern Sonic gameplay, so my hope is that they would at least tone it down and not make it the Whole gameplay. + Playable Shadow: He is still super popular despite SEGA focusing only on Sonic, that's the reason why he was in Forces I think, I would really love to have him back for both the multiplayer and his own campaign, but we will get back to it in another point. + Customizable Avatar: It's been honestly my favorite part of Forces, maybe the only one I liked, even though not completely, it needs rework of course, I would change the style of weapons, we'll get back to that later... + The return of Infinite (as a boss): I know he isn't really a big threat, even though he managed to conquer the world for Eggman, it was off-screen, mostly for the narrative issues we don't get to see how powerful Infinite really is, but he had potential, I would really like to see him back, even just to resolve his grudge with Shadow, so maybe at worst as a side villain. + Focus on the story: I liked the premise of Forces and the quantity of cutscenes, I just feel like they didn't use the characters well and messed up with the plot, mostly due to there being too much stuff happening at once and too many characters probably. Dropped elements: - Classic Sonic: We will surely get a brand new Classic game, and this time via the success of Mania, I suspect SEGA will finally be confident in the new release, so they won't have to make it crossover with Modern for the third time, so if most of us felt like Classic was pointless in Forces, I don't see why he should return here to make it even more crowded. - 2D Gameplay: This is mostly… because it takes away most of the gameplay, in Forces I remember someone made a video showcasing how little 3D there was, so I want more sections of that, I'd rather see 2D dropped completely and return only in the Classic series. - Wisps: With Sonic getting his own upgrades and moves, and a different idea for the Avatar, I feel like they would be only forced here, I love power-ups in general but I don't want to have the Wisps in every game. Brought back from past games: * Chao Garden: I know it's a minigame, but we all loved that during the Adventure era, plus SEGA now sees its popularity, I think there is a high chance this might return. * Competition Multiplayer: Sonic vs Shadow races, that would be a feature that could sell the Whole game IMO. * Hard Mode: Shadow's story could be exactly that, either with all of Sonic's stages or 5-6 of them, a shorter story but not as short as Forces. Unlockable later of course. * Time Attack: I would rather this be missions, but I know people (including me) love to try their best time so, why not? * Tornado minigame with Tails: I loved this, but not as quick time events like in Unleashed, more like SA1, it would be cool if they were something like Special Stages. *Friends Power-Ups: This is from Generations' co-op missions, I would love if they brought them back as a way to involve the other characters, my idea… would be that Tails made these weapons for the Avatar, and you could play with skills from Sonic's friends, like Knuckles' climbing, Amy's Hammer, Blaze's fire, etc. * Upgrades and Sonic's past moves: The problem with Forces is that gameplay way very simple and linear, so I would bring back most of his forgotten moves, but as upgrades like in the Adventure series. I know it's a lot of stuff, the risk is in fact that a huge game like that would bring out the worst like Forces, a mess, even though this time they already got a graphical engine (Hedgehog Engine 2) figured out, so maybe they can focus on the content? And improving it?
  17. Hello! Welcome to Lost Zones and Beta Elements of Zones! Here you can discuss lost zones. (For example, Dust Hill Zone) Or beta/unused elements of zones. (For example, The unused UFOs from Marble Zone) You can also tell people about any big discoveries made in the fandom! That's all for now, bye!
  18. Who would win. The Blue Blur vs The Tenacious Sayian
  19. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2019/06/iizuka-says-2021-will-be-a-big-year-for-sonic-drop-dash-will-be-a-mainstay/ Izuka says that the next main series title will be another anniversary title. He is also planning on having the Drop Dash as a mainstay, which is why it is in the Sega Ages Sonic 1. (I hope it displaces those Wisps). He also mentioned how Mighty and Ray entered Mania, in a way that gives me hope for certain OTHER characters to weasel their way into the classic series if not elsewhere. The longer gaps are a good idea on paper, as that’s what the console manufacturers do, and there is material to fill the gap.
  20. What sonic character do you guys wanna see comeback? Plus why do you guys wanna see them comeback?
  21. A few weeks ago I traded in my copy of The Jak and Daxter HD Collection because of the whole fact that I have the original games on my PS2. Also because I only like the first game and not the last 2. I have also decided to refuse to buy games such as Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the Gamecube because it is just a remake of the original on Dreamcast. But recently with more HD games coming out (Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and 2.5 to be exact) I feel like I'm going to miss out of the Final Mix versions of those games. I didn't mind it with 1.5 HD Remix since the first Kingdom Hearts only features a few extra bosses that mean nothing in the long run of things and that Re: Chain of Memories was terrible in my eyes. . But with 2.5 HD Remix on the way and the fact that Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth By Sleep are my favorites in the series I don't want to miss out of the content that is in these versions (especially on the fact that the final mix version in these game are huge compared to the original). I'm also a Trophy Hunter on my PS3 so I chose to only keep games that I have 100% completed on my PSN. Which is why I traded in some of these games to begin with. I didn't like Jak 2 on the HD collection and I chose not the play Jak 3 so I chose to trade it in because of that. I kind of don't know what to do. The Inner OCD in my is saying "Don't bother it will feel out of place in your collection have more than 1 version of something in your collecting", but my other OCD side is saying "Get them so you can get all the trophies, you love these games don't you?" Should I add HD games to my collection or should I just stick with what I have?
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  23. Is there ever a game you played that was bad that it was worth playing just for some laughs with friends or by yourself? Or do you ever buy/rent bad games you know will suck but you buy them anyway just for entertainment? Like watching bad movies that are so bad they are enjoyable. That kind of thing. Sonic 06 is one for me. Oh boy it's bad but I always find myself going back to it on random occasions just for a laugh. I may even consider Mindjack after what i've heard from it.
  24. So, I thought of making this topic a while ago but never did. I saw that a couple people were working on fan games, so I figured, why not. This isn't much of a game development forum but I know you guys all like games, so for us here who are making them, would probably love to show you! So onto the basics of this thread, rules and such: To people posting projects; you must have a screenshot, video, and or music piece to show! (if it's music it must be apart of the game you're making or the team you're in's game) No requests for help unless you you have something to show and even then keep that to a minimum. When posting screenshots, videos, etc. It must be your own project! Give credit where credit is due and don't post claiming your making a project you're not! If someone gives you negative feedback, don't lash out at them. Think about why they may have those thoughts try to improve. To people posting critique and feedback: It doesn't have to be positive but keep it nice! If something to you feels wrong with a person's game or you encountered a glitch or just something you don't like, don't be afraid to tell them but don't be rude about it. Lets keep a good vibe. Now because you don't like something doesn't mean it's bad and if the creator feels it's not a problem it's not your place to tell them otherwise, even if it's a glitch or bad design. If it's something thats morally wrong or against the rules, please report them, instead of taking it into your own hands. It makes the topic more enjoyable to read. With that out of the way, I guess I should show my project!... Sonic Reboot: First Development Video, Features Knuckles first gameplay: Elemental Shields! Screenshots!
  25. Haven't seen many topics on this series so I thought I’d go ahead and make one. Whats your favourite game in the series, favourite characters, moments, cases, anything. Let us chat about it. Major spoilers I suggest being hidden if possible. Hard to do for games like this I understand. I myself recently have purchased the 3 games in the Phoenix Wright trilogy on the DS and Miles Edgeworth Investigations. Cost a lot of money but i’m loving this series a lot so far. I’ve finished the first game and now i’m currently on the second game. I like it so far. Episode 2's plot is really good.
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