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Found 3 results

  1. Lady Soniko


    Redline____________________________________________________________ You know when people tell you there are certain films you must watch before you die? I'm talking about stuff like, Avatar, Titanic, Pearl Harbour, Saving private Ryan, Frozen etc. Those movies that have caused such a buzz in the viewers hearts that you've no doubt been told "how good" these movies are, and that you should just give it a chance and witness it yourself to see what the big commotion is all about? The following movie is exactly one of those cases, I'm not even just fanwanking either, this movie is simply THAT good that I honestly implore you to watch it when you've got the chance, because this movie is a huge mile stone in animation history, and no i'm not kidding, hear me out and I'll tell you exactly why, but right now let me tell you premise of the movie for a bit. Redline is a movie about racing in the future, it's an illegal and dangerous sport where there is only one rule, win no matter the circumstances. This means supping your vehicle up with weaponry is totally fine and even killing the competition is all good in this race, Redline is the final race in the entire sport where the galaxies best racers go head to head in one final race to be crowned fastest in the galaxy, but to qualify for Redline you must beat various other qualifying matches on lesser tracks, this is where the movie begins in the semi-final race of Yellowline. This is when the movie introduces Sweet JP, the movies protagonist and Sonoshee Mclaren, the female love interest of the protagonist, fast forward through the race and Sweet JP and Sonoshee are neck and neck on the final stretch to the goal, whilst elsewhere Frisbee, JP's mechanic is watching the race at gunpoint in the Mafia's headquarters holding a detonator in his hand, a few feet before the goal, Frisbee blows a bomb rigged on JP's car and makes him lose as Sonoshee takes the win for Yellowline. After the race JP is lying in a hospital bed watching the results of Yellowline on the TV before he's visited by his mechanic Frisbee who has a suitcase full of cash, after an awkward silence they both converse and you find out that JP and Frisbee had "fixed" the race for the Mafia to win big after the bets for JP sky rocketed when he went from 8th place to 1st in the final quarter stretch, Frisbee leaves JP's cut of the cash with him saying it'll free him from his bail bond and keep him in bandages for the rest of his life. JP throws the money back at Frisbee and says he doesn't need it, he'd rather just rot in prison, before Frisbee can say anything else, paparazzi burst through the door and interview JP from his hospital bed, demanding an answer if he'll be racing at Redline, confused JP and Frisbee switch the TV on to find out 2 qualifying racer's for REDLINE had dropped out of the race, leaving it up to the public to vote for their favourite racer's to compete instead, the reason the position opened for JP is because REDLINE's race would be taking place on "Roboworld" A world that had signed a peace treaty for the galaxy, but soon to JP and Frisbee's surprise REDLINE is not allowed to take place on Roboworld, or they'd risk being destroyed for trespassing on their world, Frisbee tells the Media it's not going to happen because Roboworld won't allow REDLINE to ever take place there, before he is silenced when a reporter says it's taking place there anyway without Roboworld's consent, basically confirming it's suicide to race there, JP agree's to take the place and tell's Frisbee to get his car running again for the final race. The story mainly focuses on a small cast of characters, mainly JP and Frisbee's friendship and hardship, and JP's love interest for Sonoshee, the story isn't incredibly deep or unique but for what it is, it does it well. The movie from beginning to end is a pure adrenaline rush, with a rocking soundtrack, lovable characters and a seriously dark undertone, it does have it's fair share of humour to boot but it's not really the strong point of WHY you should watch it. http://youtu.be/-MPe7E1YrY4?t=2m35s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4y8ph3cH54 The first 15 minutes of the movie is the first race but jesus fucking christ, just LOOK at this animation and art direction, it's all hand drawn, every last detail. 100,000 drawings and 7 years in production, you heard me 7 YEARS in Production everything was made and crafted as a middle finger to the current generation of CGI with anime and cartoons, it was a movie meant to be pushed to the absolute limit, and to think that the demo reel that was pitched for this movie, took 4 years to make on it's own, so in hindsight this movie has been in production for a whopping 11 years, yeah this movie is as old as Sonic Adventure itself, but true production on the movie didn't start till 2003, and completed in 2009 with a cinema release. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doEwWzMz99A Redline's art direction is fluid and full of energy designed to pump you full of adrenaline and keep you on the edge of your seat, accompanied with it's rocking soundtrack (That was confirmed to have been composed alongside production almost hand in hand) The sound design was also made down to the very last detail, to the sounds of pistons and rev belts right down to footsteps and JP's leather squeaking with his movements, the attention to detail is honestly too much to take in on your first couple of watches and I'm honestly not doing this movie justice by waffling on, it honestly has to be seen to believe. This movie was created to break the boundaries and it does just that in every way imaginable, it's a must watch if you love fast paced anime/animation with polish and budget.
  2. How come there is no topic for this ambitious series!? This series, despite being a war game is by no means like Call of Duty or Battlefield. This is a very realistic open world part RPG military simulator. (This what happens when someone has a lot of fun with ARMA 2's editor) First off, there is a official free version of ARMA 2 so download it right now because this series deserves a shot! http://www.arma2.com/free Now on to explaining what the series is. What's Arma? ARMA is an open world part RPG military simulator series that strives for realism when it comes to practically everything(infantry, patrolling, vehicles such as cars, trucks, and planes of various types). So mcuh so that several military groups have had the developers BiS, make several training simulators using the same engines for the ARMA series. You will often find yourself waiting. Whether you just called in an airstrike on an enemy facility or patrolling through a town full of civilians. This game is tense and brutal. Sometimes you control a squad or you are part of it. You don;t have to take their orders but doing so is usually the best option. This game is hard. The best way to win is to use actual military tactics. Managing your squad and yourself is vital. It's all about teamwork. (ARMA 2 screenshot) There will be times where you or one of your squad need to be healed. This can be done through bandaging yourself or the injured person to stop bleeding and applying first aid. You can also drag the injured(preferably to cover). There are MODS like ACE that make this even more realistic. The game isn't just an infantry simulation. it also has vehicles. You can either use them yourself or command your guys to do so. Vehicles include tanks, cars, trucks, buses and various types of aircraft. And as of ARMA 3, there are now boats. As you could imagine, these are all handled very realistically. You need a team of people to operate a tank just like in real life. ARMA 3 is now adding underwater warfare. There will be submarines, scuba gear, periscopes, wildlife and so on. Also specific guns made for use underwater. Which do exist. In prototype form at least. ARMA 3 takes place thirty years in the future and most of the stuff are based on actual military prototypes and concepts so don't expect any hovercrafts or lasers. ARMA is in contrast with many modern shooters in that there is no railroading. The ARMA series takes place on various large islands. To demonstrate how large they are. All of them are over 200 squared kilometers. Skyrim is a mere 40 squared kilometers. The game let's you explore it all at your will and the game let's you approach missions however you want. So much so that since ARMA 2, there's been added RPG elements such as actions in missions affecting what factions(Civilians, different armies, so on) will tell you if you ask for information(You can ask civilians if they've seen anything odd). I encourage everyone to give the free version a try or to buy ARMA 2 or ARMA 3 when it releases. New features the game will have in comparison to it's predecessors include: 3D mission editor Support for DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 20km view distance Ragdoll physics Physics enabled vehicle handling and environmental objects (PhysX) Underwater environments, vehicles and diving Weapon and uniform customization Volumetric clouds Hands are properly animated (for example steering a wheel of a vehicle) Render to Texture Improved lighting engine Support for Java Improved flight model from Take On Helicopters Support for 6 degrees of freedom The developers are planning a community alpha release in Summer 2012 and a beta release later on in the year. For videos of Arma 3, look here: http://www.youtube.c...l?feature=watch And have some more screenshots. For more images, go here: http://www.arma3.com...ilance/imagery/
  3. So, this is the discussion thread about the game everyone dreams of, the Mario and Sonic Platformer Discussion Thread! This thread is about discussing anything pertaining to a possible Mario and Sonic platformer game. Ideas for story or gameplay or anything else pertaining, problems with it, absolutely anything relating to the subject! I will start as to how I'd go about it.
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