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Found 3 results

  1. http://uk.news.yahoo...-vigilante.html True right, I hate these scumbags who buy these type of dogs for status and agression and then abuse them because their 'soft'. A dog is meant to be a friend and a companion not a status symbol or a tool for agression, fighting and abuse. I am really glad this got filmed and he got brought to justice. I saw this chav looking kid with dog and some school boys. Swearing his mouth off. His Bull Terrier was whining and he start saying to "shut up you soft f%&king t&@t". Poor dog I felt bad for it. You shouldn't care if your is soft or strong it is supposed to be your friend and companion.
  2. http://uk.news.yahoo...-131225378.html This guy blames his Asperger's Syndrome for keep doing it, I have Autism and that's an awful excuse and not only that but it damages the public's reputation and understanding of people who have Autism and Asperger's Syndrome... What's worse is he gets a slapped on the wrist, 18 weeks in prison. Well I am glad this some justice but I think that's a light setence. What guys think should there be more crankdown on cyberbullying like this or is it waste of the courts and police time?
  3. Haven't seen many topics on this series so I thought I’d go ahead and make one. Whats your favourite game in the series, favourite characters, moments, cases, anything. Let us chat about it. Major spoilers I suggest being hidden if possible. Hard to do for games like this I understand. I myself recently have purchased the 3 games in the Phoenix Wright trilogy on the DS and Miles Edgeworth Investigations. Cost a lot of money but i’m loving this series a lot so far. I’ve finished the first game and now i’m currently on the second game. I like it so far. Episode 2's plot is really good.
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