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Found 2 results

  1. OH DEAR LORD WHY The Lara-Su Chronicles is an upcoming graphic novel starring... well, Lara-Su (and a whole load of other characters from pre-Collide Archie Sonic), written by former Archie writer/artist/inker/telephone sanitizer Ken Penders. As you will no doubt be aware, this all came about because of a variety of factors (the long and short of it is that Penders claimed copyright to characters he made during his tenure on Sonic, Archie sued and after a long sitcom-esque lawsuit, Penders now owns those characters and Archie must pay royalties if they are to use them). And, as I'm sure many of you are ALSO aware, this thing is set to be a trainwreck in the making for many reasons: Look at that picture up top again. No, wait, don't - save your eyeballs the pain and take my word for it that Penders cannot draw Sonic characters for shit. His tenure on the comic mostly turned it into a generic furry drama comic, causing so much shit most of Ian's first year on the comic was spent cleaning it up. If this applies here... The sheer balls of it - rather than make his story using original characters/settings (or expies of said characters, like Alan Moore did for Watchmen), he decides to take back characters that are effectively clones of Knuckles (a character owned by Sega, and ergo Lara-Su and the gang should logically be Sega's property too*) and lose points in many people's eyes not just for looking like he's pining for his one claim to fame, but also effectively giving fans of his characters the finger by making it so that they will never see their favourites again in Archie thanks to him. Hell, his Twitter is a goldmine for hilarity too: Kingdom of Acorn patches and spelling echidna like it's a fucking Avatar term anyone? So yeah, discuss all things related to this sad masterpiece-of-shit here! * Oh, and Scourge is his too. Yeah, the green recolour of Sonic who was literally once an exact clone of Sonic named "Evil Sonic" is his.
  2. So, I was thinking… Why doesn’t SEGA make replacements for Ken Penders’s characters? For his echidnas, I think we could reimagine the Nocturnus clan so that Ken won’t be mad about them being too close to the characters they’re going to replace. I was thinking… instead of making them echidnas, they should make them beings made of dark energy bent on conquering the world?
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