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Found 10 results

  1. Right, So I decided to post this here even though it's mostly Sonic for now. At some point this project may expand to other SEGA PC titles beyond Sonic but for now its Sonic focused. Anyways, a neat project came up on Retro today. Tech Member Korama's post will explain everything, I'll be linking this thread to him via PM so he can gage reaction here and see if there is any bugs that are not reported:
  2. When I was growing up, I always thought of Knuckles as being the serious, solemn character who is slightly naive in certain places. It was an interpretation that has stuck with for years until someone posted a few posts that challenged this view of the character. I am aware that Knuckles was something of a trickster in Sonic 3 and Sonic Triple Trouble but I had no idea that he was supposed to be a joke character. Someone pointed out that one of the rival fights in Sonic the Fighters was played up as a joke as opposed to a serious rival fight. I never thought Knuckles as a "joke character" but I had not considered that Knuckles was not as "serious" as he pretended to be. To be honest, I was somewhat shocked that Knuckles was treated as a joke in those games as I always assumed that Knuckles was a somewhat serious character but I was wrong about him. What do you do you think about this? Was Knuckles ever a serious character? Did this revelation Knuckles was a joke change your view of the character? And what does that this revelation mean for Knuckles appearances in other Sonic media?
  3. Baraksha

    Is it ok to like sonic?

    I see so much hate for sonic around the internet that im starting to feel ashamed to be a sonic fan, I keep telling myself to ignore it, but it's just everywhere, what if there is a reason everyone hates sonic, are we wrong for liking sonic? Is it ok that sonic is my primery frenchise?
  4. TheOcelot

    Knuckles Chaotix 20th Anniversary

    ----------------------------- Thought I'd re-post this topic due to the wipe ------------------------------------ Knuckles Chaotix 20th Anniversary Knuckles Chaotix was released in North America in March 1995, Europe in May 1995 and in Japan on 21 April under the name of “Chaotix”. A very pretty looking game thanks to the 32-bit capability of 32x system which the game was released on. The level aesthetics, unique gimmicks and unorthodox bosses reminds me a lot of a Mega-Drive/Genesis game; Dynamite Headdy. Chaotix is a game which tries very hard to distance itself from the previous Genesis titles. So where did it all start? Sonic Stadium? Pffffft, more like, Sonic Crackers After Sonic & Knuckles had been released, SEGA had already begun working on proof-of concept about a new Sonic game for the Mega-Drive. Known both as Sonic Crackers and Sonic Stadium (hence my terrible joke). This was to be a 2d game featuring Sonic and Tails in new 2d environments and hub worlds. However, unlike the numerical games, Crackers incorporated a new unique "rubber-band" co-op gameplay style, where the player effectively controls two characters; Sonic and Tails who are tethered by a rubber-band. The idea being you could propel both characters around the zones at incredible speed by holding one character whilst pulling the other as far back as the rubber-band allows, and then releasing the character, thus creating the rubber-band effect and moving at lightning speed! There are quite a few Crackers prototypes which can be downloaded and played (via Fusions etc). Whilst they are extremely incomplete, it does provide a fascinating insight into the game which could well have been the true "Sonic 4" sequel to 3&Knuckles. However, SEGA decided to move the game to the 32x which was designed to extend the life of the Genesis until the Saturn was released. The 32x was a disastrous add-on which lacked popularity and bombed due to being too expensive and a lack of sales. A total of 40 games were released on the system. The full list of which can be seen in the below spoiler tag: Instead of the game featuring Sonic and Tails, both characters were removed to be replaced by Knuckles, Mighty and new characters, Vector, Espio, Charmy Bee, Heavy and Bomb all with their unique abilities. Mighty isn't really a Chaotix. He's more of a stand in for Sonic who was original intended to be in Chaotix along with Tails. Hacking has unearthed proof that Sonic was removed and Mighty (who originally appeared in SEGASonic Arcade) took his place and was given pretty much identical sprites. Evidence of Tails was also found in the form of a broken Echidna-type character nicknamed "Wechnia" which has Tails assets including his flying ability. Fun fact; Taxman used Tails swimming sprite from Chaotix when he added the fox to Sonic CD 2011. Chaotix's gameplay is a very stop and start (careful platforming and maddening speed) kind of nature. The two player rubber band co-op gimmick makes Chaotix feel very different from the Genesis titles. I found the progression a little frustrating the first time I played it, but once I got used to the rubber-band physics it became easier to get through the levels more quickly. The Story: There are effectively 25 acts in the game (not counting the final boss, and Isolated Island tutorial stage) which you access from the main hub world; Newtrogic High: From there you select the characters you wish to play with and which level to play via a kind of roulette system. You then have five zones to choose from; Amazing Arena, Botanic Base, Marina Madness, Speed Slider, and Techno Tower. Each with five acts, with an Eggman boss at the end of the fifth act. Amazing Arena: The complex Labryinth like maze. Botantic Base a beautiful green paradise. Marina Madness, a stage based around boats, harbors, but there's no water. Speed Slider which is all about insane speed and Techo Tower a funky looking stage where you race to the top. The level design can often be confusing and there are no specific landmarks which stand out (like in the Genesis games) and thus it all seems to blend. There's nothing particularly memorable. Sonic Team really tried hard to make this game a unique experience. Most of the team behind Sonic CD worked on Chaotix. It's just a shame this game was made on the ill-fated 32x, as it likely would have been more popular had it been a Saturn title. Apart from being released on Microsoft Windows (via GameTap) this game has never been re-released. SEGA tried to include Chaotix in the Sonic Mega Collection, but this never came to be due to problems porting the game. I've only ever played it via emulation. SEGA made use of the 32x's superior hardware by incorporating 3d designs into the 2d stages. Before you touch the act ending sign-post: After you touch it: The bosses have very detailed designs and the boss fights are at best, okay. Not hard, although it's tricky to avoid getting hit due some bizarre gimmicks. This is mainly because you're trying to control two characters which makes it slightly harder to time your attacks. You can so easily end up throwing your partner at the boss, only to then - yourself - be propelled straight into the line of fire. You also get a brief cutscene before each Eggman boss. Very unusual for a Sonic game is that Amazing Arena (acts 1 to 5) has a kind of mini-boss which pops up halfway through each stage. You can't hit it. You just need to avoid it's attacks for about 30 seconds and then it goes away. The penultimate boss fight against Metal Sonic in Neutrogic High is such a bizarre concept. You just hope to get lucky by selecting the box marked with an 'x' each time when you have to play a roulette game. Metal Sonic Kai is the easiest final boss I have ever played in a Sonic game. It is a blatant rip-off of the Sonic 3&K Death Egg giant robot. I.e you destroy the hands/arms and then attack Kai's body. I do like the 3d design of the boss and the arena's background. The bonus stage is pretty cool. Although I don't like the fact that your ring total slowly counts down. The problem with this is that by the time you have collected some more rings, overall your rings total would have hardly increased. I also don't like the fact you don't have lives in this game, and that there are no extra lives awarded for getting 100/200 rings and no extra life item boxes. To be fair though you will hardly ever die. It has a very easy difficulty. I like the item boxes you can pick up, such as the boxes that make your character temporarily smaller or larger. It looks really cool. I also think the box which briefly gives you control of the your AI partner, and the box that can temporarily switch your AI partner to a different character is a fun idea. The little character animations that you see when the characters have stood still for a while, like Knuckles crouching down-twiddling his rubber band ring and Vector dancing, lol. I also like Knuckles climbing animation, because it makes him look slightly more like an Echidna. Special stages: I gotta say that I absolutely love the 3d Hexagonal maze design. It's really interesting platforming. It's nice that they brought back the Blue Sphere's from 3&K. I also like that you can move up the walls of the stage which then becomes the floor (from your perspective) as you move. It's quite disorientating, but fun once you get used to it. To be fair the special stage does kind of overstay it's welcome, as it can go on for ages. I like very much how your ring total from the level is carried into the special stage, giving you incentive to explore the levels thoroughly to get as many rings as you can. Your rings counting down in the special stage gives you something to think about, but it's fair. If you mange to collect all six Chaos Rings in the special stages you get the Good Ending, and if you don't you get the bad ending. Both are rather underwhelming. It's ironic that there are no death pits in the levels, like in Sonic CD (with the exception of Metallic Madness Zone 3) which is nice, but the special stages are filled with instant fail death pits. Oh and as for replaying the special stages again from the see-through wireframe perspective after you have obtained all six chaos rings? Well, your reward for beating them is, err............500,000 points. There are no super forms. The game has some nice music, such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaykX3Cie3E, and You can get Amy to appear in the Sound Test menu. I've always found Knuckles Chaotix to be a very interesting game. Has a weird story and level hub structure, and doesn't have great replay value, but a decent Sonic game all the same. It's a very experimental game full of interesting ideas. Some well implemented and some not so well designed. This short review of Chaotix is worth watching. So.........over to you guys. What do you think of Chaotix?
  5. I finally finished a Sonic Boom Fan Comic I've been working on since last Novemver, in 2014. This is a fan comic where Sonic and friends get trapped in each other's bodies, because of Eggman's new invention. You can find the full comic on deviantart. Just click on the following link. http://spongicx.deviantart.com/gallery/51993595/Changed-Our-Minds I hope you all enjoy this comic, I worked on it for more than half a year, and I had a lot of fun making it. I tried not going too far out of the feel of Sonic Boom, but I did add a little more emotion to it, than the actual tv series. It still has a lot of humor, just like the show. I got his done just in time for Sonic's 24th birthday, so Happy Birthday Sonic!
  6. Roareye Black

    Sonic the Hedgehog on Blu-Ray?

    So I've lately been looking into shows I'd love to see in HD/Blu-Ray. Some shows this works very well and really creates a difference, but it all depends on the original source material. Star Trek the Original Series was shot on 35mm film (Higher Resolution than Full HD) so can be transferred across fantastically with some touching up. Star Trek Next Generation has been announced, which was shot in 35mm film but editted on video, meaning they put the entire show back through the post-production process to edit it together on film for HD transfer. But then I looked at certain shows as Home Improvement, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Red Dwarf etc, all classic shows which would look phenomenal in HD but unfortunately were all shot natively on video, so the only sources there are will be in Standard Definition. Applying this very base knowledge, I started looking to see if the Sonic OVA (the movie) would make a plausible transfer and found a few very interesting things about all the Sonic series. Please bear in mind my information on print, negative tech specs of Sonic series is from IMDB and is considered accurate at time of writing but could easily be proven otherwise. Sonic the Movie (OVA) Imagica Corporation, the company responsible for the movie, built the entire movie on 35mm film but the final print was NTSC Video. This information doesn't specify whether or not it was editted on video or on 35mm film, but if the final production print is video, then to save on costs the editting is likely on video too. If the editting was put together on 35mm film, then the Blu-Ray/HD transfer is a relatively simple and costless manner of making a second final print of the editted movie in an HD format. Couldn't be simpler. If the editting was done on video then the process becomes more costly, and the likelihood of this showing up in HD decreases hugely, especially as it's not something that will be showing up in syndication anywhere. They would have to enter the original 35mm negatives back into the whole post-production phase again and re-edit the entire movie before transferring it to HD for Blu-Ray. Post-Production is a very costly thing, so this would definately reduce our chances of seeing the movie on Blu. For arguements sake, say it was released on Blu-Ray, the detail would be great to see (Those matte paintings are gorgeous enough in SD, highly detailed work went into some of the art and HD would show that up in a way it literally has never been seen before). I would also like to see some quality extras, maybe a few interviews with the writers and voice actors. Whilst they would likely be Japanese, it would be a great translated interview. Also a small documentary about SEGA's position in the market at that time (Sonic OVA was launched the same day as the Dreamcast). Lastly, there would be a chance to redub the audio for DTS-Master HD 7.1, as the vast majority of shows are doing now, with the current cast of voice actors. That may be the small push SEGA might consider to join this up with the current titles and put in the minor financial support the release would require. Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) This one is a big surprise to me. Considering the prints on the DVDs and the different TV channels it has appeared on, I was led to believe this show was strictly made on video to cut all costs down as small as possible. According to IMDB this is not the case. In fact, IMDB states that this show is not only filmed on 35mm, but the final prints of the episodes were also in 35mm prints. This would be a very odd choice for a small childrens cartoon to make, but ultimately if true would be the saving grace for the series in Syndication. If this show's final prints are all 35mm prints, then it would cost next-to-nothing to just slide them into an HD format ready for syndication and/or Blu-Ray distribution. Just thinking of a Full HD Robotnik's mouth ("Snively, what colour is my hearrrt?") is enough to churn your stomach and realise that this must be done. The downsides for this show do not lie with the prints, nor the cost of releasing them (Effectively very minor). But in the rights of distribution which took years to arrange just for the video print copies that were slapped on DVD. In order to get a Full HD transfer means attaining the rights to the original prints and that adds complications to the procedure a thousand-fold. If it were to be released on HD, it would be great to have some additional extras on the following the show has and maybe interviews with the voice artists such as Jim Cummings. Maybe even modern interviews and see if the cast can still perform the original voices. All cloud-9 stuff, but it would be a very interesting extra. Regardless an easy Full-HD transfer would be enough for me so long as someone can get those rights all ironed out. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (AoStH), Sonic Underground and Sonic X Unfortunately there is no information on these two shows so I have no idea of their ability to be made Full HD or not. AoStH has a chance, being made by the same production company as SatAM raises it's chances, but as it was a different team the choice of video may have been made to fund a larger number of episodes. Sonic Underground came at a time where the move to video was getting weirdly more popular despite the looming HD era (Which may not have been on consumer radar, but the industry had full knowledge of it). I have no idea how likely a 35mm print is of this show. Personally though, a Full HD version of either of these shows is likely pointless. AoStH was a great show but with so many episodes to transfer for a show who's art quality was akin to someone just having a laugh, the conversion would feel slightly wasted. Maybe it'll improve the animation quality a bit (Lose the motion-blur) but that would be about all. For Sonic Underground, there are a lot of fans for it and ultimately the artwork renders may look much better given a full conversion. I just really don't want to hear those God-awful songs halfway through an episode ever. If they can cut the music out of the middle of episodes, they might sell it to me. Sonic X was abysmal. We all know it. Still, a Blu-Ray transfer would likely sell to fans, there are six people in the world who like it. Having said that, it was made cheaply in the early 2000s, and that says it all to me. It will most definately be a video print as production companies grew strangely more and more incompetent future planning during this time. Many TV shows of this era was still show on video despite HD being only 2 years away, and that's definately incompetence on anyone's part (Bearing in mind this was a time before recession and the media industry was loaded with cash). In any case, without knowing the original prints I have no idea whether this would make a good HD conversion and generally I don't care... though I'd still buy it on Blu-Ray if it came out. I like to torture myself... shut up... >.> What do you guys think? Would you want to see any of these in Full HD, given the option? If so, what extras or updates would you like/do you think would match each series? The cost of transferring these is cheaper than making a new series/film from scratch and in the case of SatAM the financial cost of transfer is minimal, however the older the shows get the more complex the rights get.
  7. DaddlerTheDalek

    Your Ideal Cinematic Sonic Movie

    I want your Ideas for a Theatrical Sonic The Hedgehog Movie! What you would like to see? 2D or 3D or even Live Action? What bad guys? Which character developments? Which director? Which composer? Which movie studio? Even Based on AOSTH or SatAM? As an example: I would love to see a Big Budget CGI Sonic Trilogy in 3D. Tell me your Vison!
  8. Um.. I've been wanting to talk about this for some time now.. remember the two last treasure hunting levels in the Hero and Dark stories, Meteor Herd for the Hero Story, where you played as Knuckles. And in Mad Space for Rouge in the Dark Story? In both stages, there is elements including gravity platforming, going around to different planets and asteroids to find bonus items, such as Master Emerald shards, power-ups, rings, and 1-ups. This somehow gives me an uncanny feeling of how Super Mario Galaxy played. Here are images of Mad Space and Meteor Herd. METEOR HERD: MAD SPACE: FOOD GALAXY from SUPER MARIO GALAXY: STRANGEEEE, ISN'T IT?? /reference Most of the similarities come from between Mad Space, and the galaxy from SMG. Watch the videos and you can see what I'm talking about. What do you think of this? o_O
  9. So I read a post claiming that Blaze kind of took over Knuckles` role as guardian of a mysterious power, and I was thinking "Holy crap, that's kind of true" because if you look at the similarities, Blaze & Knuckles have had similar debuts in addition to their roles;Debut as antagonists to Sonic before befriending him, and got second billing behind Sonic in their debut games and have an association with fire. I mean yeah the details are different, but the similarities are too coincidental. So considering that, does Blaze make Knuckles redundant or the other way around?
  10. Segakid

    Knuckles' Chaotix Discussion

    Welcome to the Knuckles' Chaotix Thread! In case you aren't familiar, Knuckles' Chaotix was a trippy game released on the 32X. Picture a 2D Sonic game where you pick your bro and set off like a rubber band through crazy worlds where you can't see shit. No, seriously you can't see anything. It's a dull world. If you haven't played the game, get it any way you can. EVERY Sonic fan needs to play this game. It is mandatory that after you explore the many Attractions of Newtrogic High Zone that you watch this video: So get your Combi Ring on and get on Robotnik's ass before he makes a shitstorm! YEAH! Also, if you feel like it you can talk about your experience with this game. Did you rush to the store and buy the original cartridge when it was released? How did you get your hands on this baby? Favorite Zone? Whatever you wanna talk about. Crocodile, OH YEAH!
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