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Found 4 results

  1. I don't know if I'll play EVERY game at SAGE this year, but there's a LOT titles I'm excited for, and the few I've already had a chance to play have been insanely fun. I'll try to upload these at least once a day. Here's my first episode of SAGE videos, hand's down, Game-Of-The-Year.
  2. I have no clue if this kind of topic is allowed here, especially in Miscellaneous, but I've been thinking of forming together a let's play group for Sonic games as well as others (i.e A link to the past). I already have one person on board to do this with me all I need are others. I was thinking of a total of four people and each part of a let's play I could upload onto this topic to keep it going. Much like Brainscratch we would share a single YouTube account (A new one of course) where we would upload RAWS and meet up on Skype to commentate over it to make the actual part. Who's with me? EDIT: The group is finally put together and we have a new name: "Console War Regiment"! Finally a let's play group to represent the great SSMB! Featuring but not limited to in no specific order: Princess Ganondorf, Dark Star Ganon, Jovahexeon Oz, and Teoskaven. Of course if any of you want to join us feel free to give us a PM! The first few games we plan to tackle is the original Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy for SEGA Megadrive/Genesis. After that we're unsure what games we plan to commentate on so we'll leave that for you guys and gals to decide! EDIT 2: Of course every new video will be uploaded to this topic.
  3. Senator NinjaShark


    Retsupurae is a creation of the two Something Awful Members Slowbeef (Creator of Video Lets Playing as we know it and known for working on a Fan Translation for Policenauts) and Dia "Diabetus" Betus (Himself having LP'd games such as Battletoads and managing to Finish it) in wherein they mock all sorts of Poor Quality Lets plays, simliar to Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax did to Movies, altough in recent times, they decided to branch out and riff on Newgrounds Flash Games/Movies and Longplays (where they more riff on the game itself, rather then the LPer). Whilst some People may Hate Restupurae for riffing on a Famous and well liked Youtube Lets Player (or for being riffed on, in the case of some few Lets Players), they also managed to actually Help start a LP Career for some, Most notably being who continues to be a Fan Favourite among the Fanbase, and Slowbeef and Diabetus themselves. They later inspired various Other Something Awful Members to start their own Take in RP'ing, among them Chip Cheezeum and General Ironicus (Channel here) and later Created a (now finished) Spin off series on Something Awful called Webcam Ward, where they Mock bad Youtube Videos in General. with all that said, Feel free to talk about Retsupurae and anything related to it.
  4. I decided that I'll share my "Let's Plays"/"Today We Plays", aka video game playthroughs/walkthroughs with commentary, with you all. I have quite the backlog of finished playthroughs, and I'm still making more new ones, as well! I'll link mainly to the playlists for my LPs (but as I post updates, I'll link to single episodes as I upload them), as some of them have tons of videos, which would be inconvenient to link to separately (there'd be a ton of links). Just as a warning, I'm not against swearing or talking about offensive subject matter for the sake of entertainment, so watch them at your own discretion. Anyways, here are my playthroughs (in no particular order): Let's Play Narbacular Drop Let's Play Tag: The Power of Paint Let's Play Portal (1) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL01A486626D71B48B&feature=view_all
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