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Found 8 results

  1. Just announced at comic con Official statement
  2. It's actually happening! https://www.sonicstadium.org/2020/05/sonic-the-hedgehog-sequel-is-in-development/ https://variety.com/2020/film/news/sonic-the-hedgehog-sequel-1234619356/ After the huge roller coaster leading up to the first film, it's so surreal to see that a sequel is actually in the works. Tails is certainly a shoe-in, but I wonder if they'll try to rope Knuckles and Amy into the narrative? Do you think Jim Carrey will reprise his role as Eggman? Guess this can be the thread for Sonic the Hedgehog: 2 Fast 2 Foxy! EDIT: The sequel has now been confirmed to be called Sonic the Hedgehog 2! ... of course.
  3. VisionaryofSUPER

    Sonic Colours Ultimate Megathread

    Well, since it's out and all. I guess I felt it'd be appropriate for people to document their experiences with the game and all. Sonic Colours Ultimate recently released as the "definitive" remaster of the original Sonic Colours, for all consoles beyond the PC. The release has been met with a lot of contention and mixed opinions on the state of the actual product itself due to... a variety of issues/glitches/audio bugs/poor performance etc, while still technically functioning enough to get good reviews during the immediate release. And as of now, SEGA are on their way to patch the game... Welp. I bought the game on Switch, just because I wanted to. So far, the experience has been really fun to me. Since my TV is pretty small as is, a lot of the sloppier details don't stick out to me as much. I haven't encountered any major graphical glitches so far (aside from the Egg Sattlelite's thrusters breaking) so I'll count myself lucky. More annoying has been the constant amount of audio bugs all over the place with the wisps especially, losing their musical tracks, honestly annoying. The new menus are finicky and really cheap to look at too, such as how lame the rival rush pop up looks. When it comes to the good. Yeah, it's Sonic Colours, a game I've always had a fondness for, and this remaster hasn't really tarnished that experience for me. It's fun to go through the levels at such brisk pace and relive a time when it really felt like Sonic was taking a bold step back into prevalence again. Of course, it's also still Colors; filler levels and all that bog down the pace of the game. (I just beat the first three worlds so far, and am in the middle of S-ranking them.) When it comes to the new stuff. I do admit I really like the Rainbow homing attack, it does add an extra layer to levels that were stingy with the boost. Though I wish the devs chose a less grating noise when you land it. The Rival rush is just a good ol' time attack, and that is fun in its own right. Wish it was in more than one world per world, but whatevs. The Jade Wisp is also really fun, and I can appreciate that it makes use of a lot of the empty space areas in Colour's 2D sections. While it's sloppy on the visual front (it's really clear the levels weren't supposed to account you being in these segments, so there's a lot of pop in) I do think mechanically, it adds some pretty neat depth to the 2D segments when it comes to that Star Ring hunting. *Sigh* A lot of these new additions aren't bad ideas, but if only there was just a bit more polish on this product. Oh well. Hope the patches address some of the polish part, though I'm not super hopeful. So, how has your experience been with the game so far?
  4. Something I've thought about on and off but never really bothered committing to was that it'd be nice to have a central hub discussing Ian Flynn's podcast, the Bumblekast. There's always tidbits and some information that gets out regarding the creation of the comics, his thoughts on them, and it's where we hear about supposed restrictions. This stuff comes up in the comic threads a lot but it gets lost easily, so I figured I'd do something about it. Bear in mind, I don't really listen to it that much and just get the summaries/timestamps from you guys anyway, so I'm probably not the best person to create the thread, but I'll at least offer to give listeners of the show a space to discuss it and I can try to (at least for a while) make bookmarks of info/new episodes for people to see here. And if something needs to be added to the listing, feel free to ping me here and I'll add it when I can. There's also a link to a huge masterlist of previously asked questions that will also be good reference for Archie/IDW discussion. Q&A Summary links: - December 2020 summaries, by DaBigRG - January 2021 summaries, by DaBigRG - August 23, 2021, by Wraith.
  5. OH DEAR LORD WHY The Lara-Su Chronicles is an upcoming graphic novel starring... well, Lara-Su (and a whole load of other characters from pre-Collide Archie Sonic), written by former Archie writer/artist/inker/telephone sanitizer Ken Penders. As you will no doubt be aware, this all came about because of a variety of factors (the long and short of it is that Penders claimed copyright to characters he made during his tenure on Sonic, Archie sued and after a long sitcom-esque lawsuit, Penders now owns those characters and Archie must pay royalties if they are to use them). And, as I'm sure many of you are ALSO aware, this thing is set to be a trainwreck in the making for many reasons: Look at that picture up top again. No, wait, don't - save your eyeballs the pain and take my word for it that Penders cannot draw Sonic characters for shit. His tenure on the comic mostly turned it into a generic furry drama comic, causing so much shit most of Ian's first year on the comic was spent cleaning it up. If this applies here... The sheer balls of it - rather than make his story using original characters/settings (or expies of said characters, like Alan Moore did for Watchmen), he decides to take back characters that are effectively clones of Knuckles (a character owned by Sega, and ergo Lara-Su and the gang should logically be Sega's property too*) and lose points in many people's eyes not just for looking like he's pining for his one claim to fame, but also effectively giving fans of his characters the finger by making it so that they will never see their favourites again in Archie thanks to him. Hell, his Twitter is a goldmine for hilarity too: Kingdom of Acorn patches and spelling echidna like it's a fucking Avatar term anyone? So yeah, discuss all things related to this sad masterpiece-of-shit here! * Oh, and Scourge is his too. Yeah, the green recolour of Sonic who was literally once an exact clone of Sonic named "Evil Sonic" is his.
  6. STAFF NOTE: Because of hiatus/cancellation discussion dominating this thread, a separate topic has been made, so please direct all related posts and thoughts there: I guess I'll be the one to start the new topic for the monthly comic series, and will do that with the latest issue preview. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #198 "Egg Phoenix Down": The countdown to the epic Sonic the Hedgehog #200 continues! Sonic leads the fully assembled Freedom Fighters and Chaotix on an invasion of Dr. Robotnik's city, but the doctor unleashes a terrifying new weapon that may make their fight a short one! Don't miss all the egg-plosive action! SCRIPT: Ian Flynn ART: Renae De Liz Scorching hot cover by Tracy Yardley! Shipping Date: March 4th, 2009 On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: March 11th, 2009 On Sale on Newsstands: March 24th, 2009 32-page, full color comic $2.50 US
  7. As you might know already, we LOVE the Sonic Amateur Games Expo at the Sonic Stadium. We are always writing about the games that are showcased at the event, you guys are always posting topics about the hottest titles, and generally everyone has a fantastic time! This week, SAGE 2021 is well underway, and there's a huge number of games on show this year. From traditional Sonic games, to 3D platformers, ROM hacks and even engine frameworks to help you get your own project off the ground should any of these games inspire you. You can check out the SAGE site right here: https://sagexpo.org/ And our coverage has got off to a strong start with an awesome first look at Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit, written by our very own @Indigo Rush! https://www.sonicstadium.org/2021/08/early-look-sonic-triple-trouble-16-bit-sage-2021/ Here's some of the games that have caught my eye. What are some of the games you're interested in? Pico Sonic https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/pico-sonic.985/ Sonic and the Mayhem Master https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-and-the-mayhem-master.106/ Sonic Discovery https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-discovery.1139/ Triple Trouble 16-Bit (obviously) https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-triple-trouble-16-bit.1130/ And of course the GOAT... Big's Big World https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/bigs-big-world.1146/ Uunfortunately I can't play many of these as I'm stuck on a Mac! So if you guys want to do a deep dive on your favourite SAGE 2021 games, feel free to make a specific topic about it! Or share your thoughts on the show as we run through the week in this topic right here!
  8. The Contest Week has now started as of this post! Play this year's Contest and Expo entries! It's that time of the year again... Contest Date Last year, we ran the Contest Week around the start of December. We found that this has noticeably this resulted in a lower stream turnout. Therefore we are returning to hosting the contest at an earlier time this year.. Historically, the reason the contest dates kept on being moved every year was usually a result of site delays, however some other circumstances also occurred. In 2018, we moved it due to the release of Sonic Forces. In 2019, we delayed it due to Thanksgiving. This year we are returning the contest week to late October. Deadlines & Judging In 2019 we found a number of Expo entries slipped the net and nearly ended up in Contest Week despite failing the Quality Control criteria. This was mainly due to negligence of some Judges to monitor Expo entries as they were being submitted. To compensate, we added an additional week between the Expo deadline and the Contest Week, to ensure entries could be filtered out. We do not wish to give bad quality entries exposure, particularly those we do not feel would bring anything positive to the end user. Regarding game compatibility. As an improvement to previous years, a spreadsheet has been made to track which games individual Judges can play. This will allow us to ensure that we can better tackle niche games (should any be submitted), better than in prior contests. The Trophy System We found that the new trophy system introduced in 2019 has worked pretty well. Some categories did not simply have a good turnout to take full advantage of them. Overall we were happy with the outcome. We should continue using this format, but tighten up some minor loose ends that were discovered. Entries will be graded top 3 overall in the respective common submission formats/categories: “Retro”, “3D” and “2D PC”. Various “general” categories, subject to different interpretation based on submission format such as “best visually appealing” or “best sounding” will also be split in the following manner. Last of all, “special” trophies such as “most improved since last year” or “most WTF” (Polygon Jim) will also be split this year. Also, we have reinstated a few trophies that were removed last year. We understand that there is a possibility that some of the trophies under the format may end up “unnecessary” in the long run with no real “winners”, due to what may or may not be submitted. For such trophies, the “Null Vote Rule” will be applied, with “Null Vote” being a voting option if no entry either satisfies the trophy description or does not meet a given quality standard in the given trophy’s department. If “Null Vote” becomes the top vote for a category, no trophy is awarded. Uploads and Patches A recurring issue every contest year is that we very often receive requests from users to make available an archive of all of the entries for a given contest. While at the time of a contest, it is possible, with the passage of time this becomes very difficult, as many entries are often hosted off-site. Well, in good news. According to SeanieB, (who hosts the SHC server), the bandwidth on the current server is now more than enough to allow all entries to be directly uploaded. As such, there is no need for an extra server to be configured for uploads, which had been the plan for previous contests but time constraints did not permit this to be set up. As a direct result, we expect SHC2020 to have no off-site links for entries. Although it wouldn’t stop mod loaders, this will also address a potential exploitable issue with off-site links being updated after the contest deadlines. The Judges This year's judge set consists of AURORA☆FIELDS, Cinossu, CodenameGamma, Dario FF, Melpontro, OrdosAlpha, Sewer56, SSF1991 (Donnie), Spanner and Twilightzoney. Judges & Contest Submissions Judges will be allowed to submit their own hacks, however they will not be allowed to judge their own entries (conflict of interest). This includes submissions that they have been involved with, such as team submissions. After the main contest finishes, the Judges will provide more detailed evaluations of the entries to give their opinion, thoughts, and advice they feel is deserved. Disclaimers This judge list is not final and additional judges may be recruited to replace former judges who have left the contest due to retiring or other reasons. Do not ask to be a judge as that just rules you out. If we think you're up to the job, we'll talk to you. Not all judges can judge all games as they may not have have the capability to do so. For example: 360/PS3 based Sonic hacks requiring either powerful PC for emulation or hacked console. If you submit a non 8/16-bit entry please have this in mind. The majority of judges however are capable of playing PC-based game entries. Please note that the final decisions are subject to the Judging Team and may not reflect your own opinion. If one hack wins a whole load of trophies that is what the judges thought should win. Judges may change at any time due to unavailability or other reasons. Like last year, we have three main categories that entries can fall under: Retro For any and all retro console hack entries 3D For all entries based on the 3D Sonic games outright 2D PC For those entries based on the 2D ports, rereleases, and remasters on PC, as well as Mania. All three of these categories will have a Top 3 result and individual trophies of the following: Best Visual Best Audio Best Technical Best Level Design Best Voted by Media Panel Most Entertaining Most WTF (Polygon Jim) Best Team Entry Best Multiplayer Entry Best Character Implementation Best Boss Design Best Fresh Concept Using Existing Concepts As A Backbone Most Potential Most Improved Since Last Year Of course we also have the overall Top 3 that can again be attributed to any entry from any category. And what of community trophies, you ask? Apart from the obvious exception of "Best Voted by Media Panel", the community get to vote on each and all of these categories and trophies as well. All of these will be able to be played from Monday 26th October to Sunday 1st November, with the Contest Entries being eligible for Community Trophy voting too. Here is the Contest Week stream schedule for this week: Sunday 25th Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 1st
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