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Found 3 results

  1. So I've been thinking recently, what if Minecraft made more spin-offs. This question was largely useless a couple years ago, as there was only Minecraft, but after Dungeons the window has been bricked, and the door axed. So now I ask, what genre do you think the world of Minecraft could lend itself to, and how would you make it? As with my Sonic Game Ideas topic I will start out with my idea. You do not need to word just like me, in fact I implore you to not, as I am ranked a very unimpressive not good/good in my typing skills. Genre: Top Down Strategy (TDS) Main Gameplay Gimmicks: Faction Based Mechanics, Advanced War Fused With Fire Emblem, and a Clash of Clans like town builder, but without the microtransactions or the 4 day long building time. Factions: There would be ten factions in this games. 7 main story ones, and 3 secret ones. Player+Villagers: This faction is the village base, and includes Steve and Alex who are in fact the only troops other then the golems they all can build. P+V Legend Units: Steve is fully suited up with Diamond Armor enchanted with protection and thorns, a Shield, a crossbow equipped with fireworks, a Netherite Sword, and a iron golem spawning set to knock around enemies. Alex is wearing golden armor enchanted with soul speed and the other utility enchants, a loyal channeling trident, potions of all kinds, a bow, and a snow golem spawning set to keep enemies away. The Iron Golem acts how you'd expect, and it's still an absolute unit. I might add more via editing.
  2. https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/sonic-hedgehog-dlc-here Honestly surprised by the effort into this collab. I thought it'd be just some skins and all, but this is way more effort than I gave SEGA and Mojang credit for when it comes to a collab. Sonic's model actually looks good.
  3. Ye Olde Outdated Intro Poste: The Updated Intro Post Ace of Spades is an free online indie First-Person Shooter/Minecraft-clone hybrid that was opened for testing in early-April of 2011. Rather than using polygons, the game uses a primitive form of the fabled voxel technology we keep hearing about lately. The game splits up to 32 different players into two groups, Blue and Green. The goal is to capture the enemy's intel and bring it back to your base in a Capture the Flag essence. Your weapons include a spade for meleeing, two grenades, and your choice of one of three guns; The long-distance rifle for picking off individuals, the mid-distance sub-machine gun for dealing less damage, but a lot of it, and the short-distance shotgun for blowing heads off. In addition, your spade is used for construction and you are given 50 blocks for building each spawn or tent passby. Unlike Minecraft, the structures that you build have physics. You can build a mega-fort with only one block supporting it from the ground, but once that block is destroyed, the entire structure will come crumbling down. Other features include: Custom Map editor (That unfortunately takes a rocket scientist to use) Support for custom skins and sounds Votekick system and temporary friendly-fire for griefers Server-sided custom modifications and rules. You want to shake things up with zombies? It's possible! (Kinda) Download the game and join a server at www.ace-spades.com Notes before playing: Open the config.ini file in the AoS folder to change your name and screen resolution. Leaving your name as "Deuce" will result in a lot of discrimination against you for your apparent computer illiteracy. The game is supported with pretty much any resolution, but for smooth, sexy 60-frames/second action, go with 800x600.
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