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Found 15 results

  1. Hey, fancy a game of golf? Tough crap, you'll have to sit indoors on your mobile phone like a hermit and play for national championship, like Sonic Team wants you to do. And what Yuji Nakasays, goes, remember? 😜 Funnily enough, development was fast but no compromise was spared on ease of use. You play a rally of 9 holes and, as the standard rules of golf goes, try to get as little points as possible. Simply select your club type, your range/distance thingy-ma-jooba, and use the power meter that goes up and down like a mad racoon to smack that ball into them thar hills (although it's preferable to get it towards tham thar hole first ;D). You can put spin on the ball too by selecting where you hit it. After nine holes, your score is slapped on the leaderboard, and the champion gets significant prizes from Naka-san's lovely loins. You can also download new courses, should you get bored. Official Site: Link
  2. My word, who remembers this title eh? ^__^ A truly fantastic game, famously caught a following just from its background music (BGM) alone, Fantasy Zone has been cut down for the i-mode, and you can play this assortment of Boss Stages once downloaded. Your trusty Opa-Opa is on the left, the boss is on the right. You can move about and shoot. There'll be a different weak spot on each boss stage, meaning you gotta survive a while while you're figuring it out - most of the early stages are pretty easy obviously, but they get harder. In a basic sense, just blast a cap in the bosses fat gobs until they combust pleasingly. A gauge will display the health of both combatants in the dogfight, and if you lose your life, it's game over. Again, the national rankings thing, and blah blah blah. ^^ Official Site: Link
  3. Looks like Billy Hatcher wasn't an ENTIRELY original idea after all eh? ;D Dokipen (or Doki, or whatever the heck it's called) is a classic fast-moving strategy game in which you must guide an egg to the bottom of each of the 10 stages available. This is pretty much where the similarities with Hatcher end though: you must protect the egg at all times, and avoid it from being broken by any means necessary. Your abilities are to dig through blocks (and thus get further down the stage) and moving rocks. There are bears and moles about that will attempt to eat your egg, so if they touch it, you lose a life too - however, you can crush them by laying a rock on their big bonces. High drops (4 blocks or more), crushing it with your fat self or rocks falling on top of the egg will also destroy it and lose you a life, so be careful, yet speedy. If you leave the egg on it's own, it'll start rolling of it's own accord - and suddenly you have a puzzle game that will require you to use your brains and be fast at the same time. Scores are uploaded once the game is complete. Official Site: Link
  4. Sonic Team plug this as an 'adult's shooter', because you need patience to play it. Charming. Wait, I'm not a kid. Yay. "Yeah yeah yeah, hurry up and get on with it will ya Dreadknux?" I hear you say ironically Deep Scan sees you taking control of a large grey battleship up at the top of the screen, and your mission is to blast as many enemy submarines below water as you can without getting smacked up the rear end yourself. Because it takes a while for a torpedo to get from the top of the water to the bottom of the seabed, you must time your shots well if you're to hit submarines further down. Hence, the patience, I guess. Bonus ships appear in red, and if you hit those, you get bonus points. You avoid enemy fire by moving left and right, and you have about three lives before it's sinking rubber ducky time. At the end, your total score is marked, along with a bonus total which is dependant on how accurate you were, you patient slow-moving old git you. Official Site: Link
  5. Alongside ChuChu Puzzle, you can also 'play' this, which is the always-necessary Puzzle Edit function. Trust me, if you want to play ChuChu Rocket!, you're never going to get the most out of it unless you check out the editing features. Just like the Dreamcast and Game Boy Advance versions, you start off with a blank canvas. Slap on some features (mice and a GOAL rocket is a must, obviously), like extra cats, pitfalls, walls and other amenities. Then you must place a 'solution' on the board too - players who download your level won't see this, but this is so you can set a valid solution to your stage. You have to test it to see if all the mice can get to the rocket/s safely before saving it, and then you can upload it or send it to a mate. Choice. Official Site: Link
  6. Remember this? ^^ Anyone with a Dreamcast (if you don't, please enter the door on the right... yes, the one that says "Execution Squa-" I mean... "Happy Place") will recognise this as a cut down version of the Puzzle Mode in ChuChu Rocket! For those not in the know, you must guide mice to their space rockets, whilst avoiding the Space Cats (KapuKapu) out the eat their guts with a side of salad (stick with me here...). Using arrows to guide them, you can get the mice safely to the rockets without them ending up in some feline's gob on the way there, or falling into a pit. In puzzle mode, as you'd expect however, there are few arrows to place on the board, and thus few ways of completing the level, making you think very much indeed. More stages can be downloaded too, if you ever want to rack your brain on a stage Sonic Team or someone else has cooked up. Official Site: Link
  7. If it's not arcade SEGA classics, it's flogging Sonic off in every genre possible. More flexible than even Mario, it seems. This title is Sonic Bowling, and as the name suggest, you play a good game of 10-pin either on your own as a score attack, against computer opponents or even have a 4 player game, with players alternating their go. You first decide where your character will be, then you decide the direction of the 'ball' itself and any necessary spin you want to place. Set the power of your throw, and you'll see your character spin dash down the lane, and hopefully hitting the pins you want. Scores are tallied up at the end of the match. Official Site: Link
  8. This is simply Arkanoid, Sonic Team style. You know the age-old classic - use a big bat/line/machine (machine in Blocks' case) to hit the ball and make them hit the blocks at the top of the screen, which are set in some kind of assorted pattern. When your ball hits the block, it disappears. The aim is to rid the stage of the blocks, but in Blocks, you can clear the stage also if you destroy the 'nucleus' block, which is a block in the middle that is pretty easy to spot from the rest of the big-standard blocks. You score points for clearing stages, and you move on to the next stage once you do so. If you lose all three lives, you get a game over, although you can continue from the stage you sucked at, minus your score of course Official Site: Link
  9. This is simple 9-Ball, playing against the computer opponent to win and progress to the next level. The interesting addition to this game is an Experience Points system - depending on how well you did, for beating each stage you'll get experience points, and your skill rank will go up after a certain amount, much like an RPG. With the progression of these ranks, you'll be able to gain more accuracy abilities to do better. An online ranking system allows you to challenge other players on the same skill rank as you, and lets you put your point across... Billiards-style. Official Site: Link
  10. Sonic finally arrives on the cellphone bandwagon! This is, as you'd expect, your classic Sonic fare: get through the stage while collecting rings. The timer counts down from 999 seconds, and collecting rings becomes a vital part of beefing your score up. If you touch a badnik, you lose all your rings, naturally, and there are extra goodies to be held in this title. One of the special features you can get with this game is a Sonic background for your mobile phone main screen, BGM from the original Sonic 1 on Mega Drive, and also a cool Sonic picture. Official Site: Link
  11. A nice peaceful game, apparently. A sport in which you won't need to get your wellies on for, as you can download it right from Sonic Cafe! The way it plays is in a time attack style - there are three settings to choose from, and then you choose a lure to pick. Depending on which lure you choose, certain fish are easier or harder to catch. You then search for a reputable fish to grab with yo' badass gear, by using the left and right keys. The fishes will be indicated by shadows on the water surface. The timer counts down as you are doing this, so be sharp about choosing where to cast. Once cast, you bring the lure towards the fish shadow (if you keep the cast flowing in a fixed and smooth rhythm, your chances of getting the fish to bite is easier), and then reel the bugger in once it's got a taste. If you reel the blighter in safely (too much, and your rod breaks [ow], too little and the fish buggers off), your fish's stats will be recorded. You keep going until the time ends, in which time you should have racked up loadsa points. Official site: Link
  12. Summary coming soon. Pull details from here.
  13. I dont know about you but there have been some moments when i made the stupidest mistakes(screw-ups) and i always remember them afterward because of how much of an amutuer i was. One time i screwed up was when i was playing Ocarina Of Time at age 8. it was supposed to try to sneak into the castle and get in but i didnt know how i went to the side of the castle but i didnt pay any attention to it because of my little brain and pride. It took me 3 days to finally move that crate and boy did i feel stupid. So what moments in your life did you screw up and have a good laugh about it?
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