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Found 15 results

  1. So, IGN just recently did interviews of the cast from the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie. What are your thoughts on this?
  2. With news on a teaser premiere for the upcoming 2015 CGI Peanuts Movie (Announced back in 2012) it seems that a topic should be put up for Peanuts fans to discuss about. This was from cartoon brew: http://www.cartoonbrew.com/feature-film/first-look-at-cgi-peanuts-by-blue-sky-studios-97505.html although I can tell they are pissed with the things they are being showed. Whatever, consider me excited! Anyway, what do you think? Start discussing! Edit: I know somebody put it up on this topic, but here it is! The trailer. (Snoopy's fur is so....furry.)
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixels_%282015_film%29 Do you think we will see a cameo appearance of a Sonic or other Sega character like in Disney's Wreck-it Ralph? Who you would you like to see in this movie? Tell me your ideas!
  4. To those of you who don't know, Sony has recently confirmed that they are working on a cgi/live action hybrid Sonic movie. But what storyline could they use for this upcoming movie? It's said that it will be "dark and edgy" so this COULD hint to a film adaptation of the adventure series which makes sense since the films will be a annual release, will they base the film on the genesis games and explore Sonic's origin, or will they try a completely original story? What stories would you like to see in film? Here are my top 5! 5. Sonic 1 and 2 (one movie) 4. Sonic 06 (If altered and improved, could make a great movie) 3. Sonic unleashed 2. Sonic Adventure 1. Sonic Adventure 2 (sequel)
  5. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/viacom-paramount-release-spongebob-movie-late-2014-philippe-dauman295695
  6. We had topics for Wreck it Ralph and Frozen, so now it's time for Big Hero 6! This is Disney's next animated feature, which is coming out November 2014...in the US. February 2015 for us Brits (dammit). This is the first time Disney is doing an animated feature based on a Marvel comic, albeit a rather obscure Marvel comic. Set in the fictional city of Sanfransokyo, the movie is centered on a young boy called Hiro Hamada and his self created robot sidekick Baymax. After uncovering an evil plot (it's unknown what this evil plot is), they decide to join a team of inexperienced fighters. Together with Wasabi No-Ginger, Honey Lemon, Go Go Tamago, and Fred, they are Big Hero Six! Yep, that's the only picture available of these guys...and it's silhouetted. And that's a problem with this movie. We know hardly anything about it! No teaser trailer, no poster, no villain, the voice cast hasn't even been announced yet! There's lots of Tumblr's with random concept art and low quality images of character designs but I honestly don't feel like browsing through all those posts just to find them and post them here. XP Although, I do have an image here which was recently posted on Rotoscopers. Just some concept art of Hiro and Baymax. And there's this old teaser trailer which shows what the city of Sanfransokyo might look like in the final cut. So what do you think? Anyone looking forward to this? Personally, I can't wait! Not only is this the first time Disney is making a superhero movie, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the character designs. I hope they go for an anime look which would make it stand out from other animated films. I want this to be just as good as Wreck it Ralph or even better! And who knows, we might have another The Incredibles on our hands.
  7. Lady Soniko


    Redline____________________________________________________________ You know when people tell you there are certain films you must watch before you die? I'm talking about stuff like, Avatar, Titanic, Pearl Harbour, Saving private Ryan, Frozen etc. Those movies that have caused such a buzz in the viewers hearts that you've no doubt been told "how good" these movies are, and that you should just give it a chance and witness it yourself to see what the big commotion is all about? The following movie is exactly one of those cases, I'm not even just fanwanking either, this movie is simply THAT good that I honestly implore you to watch it when you've got the chance, because this movie is a huge mile stone in animation history, and no i'm not kidding, hear me out and I'll tell you exactly why, but right now let me tell you premise of the movie for a bit. Redline is a movie about racing in the future, it's an illegal and dangerous sport where there is only one rule, win no matter the circumstances. This means supping your vehicle up with weaponry is totally fine and even killing the competition is all good in this race, Redline is the final race in the entire sport where the galaxies best racers go head to head in one final race to be crowned fastest in the galaxy, but to qualify for Redline you must beat various other qualifying matches on lesser tracks, this is where the movie begins in the semi-final race of Yellowline. This is when the movie introduces Sweet JP, the movies protagonist and Sonoshee Mclaren, the female love interest of the protagonist, fast forward through the race and Sweet JP and Sonoshee are neck and neck on the final stretch to the goal, whilst elsewhere Frisbee, JP's mechanic is watching the race at gunpoint in the Mafia's headquarters holding a detonator in his hand, a few feet before the goal, Frisbee blows a bomb rigged on JP's car and makes him lose as Sonoshee takes the win for Yellowline. After the race JP is lying in a hospital bed watching the results of Yellowline on the TV before he's visited by his mechanic Frisbee who has a suitcase full of cash, after an awkward silence they both converse and you find out that JP and Frisbee had "fixed" the race for the Mafia to win big after the bets for JP sky rocketed when he went from 8th place to 1st in the final quarter stretch, Frisbee leaves JP's cut of the cash with him saying it'll free him from his bail bond and keep him in bandages for the rest of his life. JP throws the money back at Frisbee and says he doesn't need it, he'd rather just rot in prison, before Frisbee can say anything else, paparazzi burst through the door and interview JP from his hospital bed, demanding an answer if he'll be racing at Redline, confused JP and Frisbee switch the TV on to find out 2 qualifying racer's for REDLINE had dropped out of the race, leaving it up to the public to vote for their favourite racer's to compete instead, the reason the position opened for JP is because REDLINE's race would be taking place on "Roboworld" A world that had signed a peace treaty for the galaxy, but soon to JP and Frisbee's surprise REDLINE is not allowed to take place on Roboworld, or they'd risk being destroyed for trespassing on their world, Frisbee tells the Media it's not going to happen because Roboworld won't allow REDLINE to ever take place there, before he is silenced when a reporter says it's taking place there anyway without Roboworld's consent, basically confirming it's suicide to race there, JP agree's to take the place and tell's Frisbee to get his car running again for the final race. The story mainly focuses on a small cast of characters, mainly JP and Frisbee's friendship and hardship, and JP's love interest for Sonoshee, the story isn't incredibly deep or unique but for what it is, it does it well. The movie from beginning to end is a pure adrenaline rush, with a rocking soundtrack, lovable characters and a seriously dark undertone, it does have it's fair share of humour to boot but it's not really the strong point of WHY you should watch it. http://youtu.be/-MPe7E1YrY4?t=2m35s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4y8ph3cH54 The first 15 minutes of the movie is the first race but jesus fucking christ, just LOOK at this animation and art direction, it's all hand drawn, every last detail. 100,000 drawings and 7 years in production, you heard me 7 YEARS in Production everything was made and crafted as a middle finger to the current generation of CGI with anime and cartoons, it was a movie meant to be pushed to the absolute limit, and to think that the demo reel that was pitched for this movie, took 4 years to make on it's own, so in hindsight this movie has been in production for a whopping 11 years, yeah this movie is as old as Sonic Adventure itself, but true production on the movie didn't start till 2003, and completed in 2009 with a cinema release. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doEwWzMz99A Redline's art direction is fluid and full of energy designed to pump you full of adrenaline and keep you on the edge of your seat, accompanied with it's rocking soundtrack (That was confirmed to have been composed alongside production almost hand in hand) The sound design was also made down to the very last detail, to the sounds of pistons and rev belts right down to footsteps and JP's leather squeaking with his movements, the attention to detail is honestly too much to take in on your first couple of watches and I'm honestly not doing this movie justice by waffling on, it honestly has to be seen to believe. This movie was created to break the boundaries and it does just that in every way imaginable, it's a must watch if you love fast paced anime/animation with polish and budget.
  8. This comes from Disney's D23 Magazine (a mag exclusive to the states) they did a feature on Wreck it Ralph this month, doing a diary for the productions teams workings. The article mentions having an inspiration room full of video game stuff to inspire the team, but most interesting of all is the middle screenshot at the top of this page. It's not the best picture/scan ever - but theres no mistaking those forms. Bowser, Eggman and Zangief are there together, talking with Ralph in the foreground. The article only mentions Zangief as they get some VA for him done during the diary. But the eyes don't lie~ EDIT: Posting original source because I really ought to have done that: http://www.dvdizzy.c...p=598087#598087 EDIT EDIT:
  9. So I've lately been looking into shows I'd love to see in HD/Blu-Ray. Some shows this works very well and really creates a difference, but it all depends on the original source material. Star Trek the Original Series was shot on 35mm film (Higher Resolution than Full HD) so can be transferred across fantastically with some touching up. Star Trek Next Generation has been announced, which was shot in 35mm film but editted on video, meaning they put the entire show back through the post-production process to edit it together on film for HD transfer. But then I looked at certain shows as Home Improvement, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Red Dwarf etc, all classic shows which would look phenomenal in HD but unfortunately were all shot natively on video, so the only sources there are will be in Standard Definition. Applying this very base knowledge, I started looking to see if the Sonic OVA (the movie) would make a plausible transfer and found a few very interesting things about all the Sonic series. Please bear in mind my information on print, negative tech specs of Sonic series is from IMDB and is considered accurate at time of writing but could easily be proven otherwise. Sonic the Movie (OVA) Imagica Corporation, the company responsible for the movie, built the entire movie on 35mm film but the final print was NTSC Video. This information doesn't specify whether or not it was editted on video or on 35mm film, but if the final production print is video, then to save on costs the editting is likely on video too. If the editting was put together on 35mm film, then the Blu-Ray/HD transfer is a relatively simple and costless manner of making a second final print of the editted movie in an HD format. Couldn't be simpler. If the editting was done on video then the process becomes more costly, and the likelihood of this showing up in HD decreases hugely, especially as it's not something that will be showing up in syndication anywhere. They would have to enter the original 35mm negatives back into the whole post-production phase again and re-edit the entire movie before transferring it to HD for Blu-Ray. Post-Production is a very costly thing, so this would definately reduce our chances of seeing the movie on Blu. For arguements sake, say it was released on Blu-Ray, the detail would be great to see (Those matte paintings are gorgeous enough in SD, highly detailed work went into some of the art and HD would show that up in a way it literally has never been seen before). I would also like to see some quality extras, maybe a few interviews with the writers and voice actors. Whilst they would likely be Japanese, it would be a great translated interview. Also a small documentary about SEGA's position in the market at that time (Sonic OVA was launched the same day as the Dreamcast). Lastly, there would be a chance to redub the audio for DTS-Master HD 7.1, as the vast majority of shows are doing now, with the current cast of voice actors. That may be the small push SEGA might consider to join this up with the current titles and put in the minor financial support the release would require. Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) This one is a big surprise to me. Considering the prints on the DVDs and the different TV channels it has appeared on, I was led to believe this show was strictly made on video to cut all costs down as small as possible. According to IMDB this is not the case. In fact, IMDB states that this show is not only filmed on 35mm, but the final prints of the episodes were also in 35mm prints. This would be a very odd choice for a small childrens cartoon to make, but ultimately if true would be the saving grace for the series in Syndication. If this show's final prints are all 35mm prints, then it would cost next-to-nothing to just slide them into an HD format ready for syndication and/or Blu-Ray distribution. Just thinking of a Full HD Robotnik's mouth ("Snively, what colour is my hearrrt?") is enough to churn your stomach and realise that this must be done. The downsides for this show do not lie with the prints, nor the cost of releasing them (Effectively very minor). But in the rights of distribution which took years to arrange just for the video print copies that were slapped on DVD. In order to get a Full HD transfer means attaining the rights to the original prints and that adds complications to the procedure a thousand-fold. If it were to be released on HD, it would be great to have some additional extras on the following the show has and maybe interviews with the voice artists such as Jim Cummings. Maybe even modern interviews and see if the cast can still perform the original voices. All cloud-9 stuff, but it would be a very interesting extra. Regardless an easy Full-HD transfer would be enough for me so long as someone can get those rights all ironed out. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (AoStH), Sonic Underground and Sonic X Unfortunately there is no information on these two shows so I have no idea of their ability to be made Full HD or not. AoStH has a chance, being made by the same production company as SatAM raises it's chances, but as it was a different team the choice of video may have been made to fund a larger number of episodes. Sonic Underground came at a time where the move to video was getting weirdly more popular despite the looming HD era (Which may not have been on consumer radar, but the industry had full knowledge of it). I have no idea how likely a 35mm print is of this show. Personally though, a Full HD version of either of these shows is likely pointless. AoStH was a great show but with so many episodes to transfer for a show who's art quality was akin to someone just having a laugh, the conversion would feel slightly wasted. Maybe it'll improve the animation quality a bit (Lose the motion-blur) but that would be about all. For Sonic Underground, there are a lot of fans for it and ultimately the artwork renders may look much better given a full conversion. I just really don't want to hear those God-awful songs halfway through an episode ever. If they can cut the music out of the middle of episodes, they might sell it to me. Sonic X was abysmal. We all know it. Still, a Blu-Ray transfer would likely sell to fans, there are six people in the world who like it. Having said that, it was made cheaply in the early 2000s, and that says it all to me. It will most definately be a video print as production companies grew strangely more and more incompetent future planning during this time. Many TV shows of this era was still show on video despite HD being only 2 years away, and that's definately incompetence on anyone's part (Bearing in mind this was a time before recession and the media industry was loaded with cash). In any case, without knowing the original prints I have no idea whether this would make a good HD conversion and generally I don't care... though I'd still buy it on Blu-Ray if it came out. I like to torture myself... shut up... >.> What do you guys think? Would you want to see any of these in Full HD, given the option? If so, what extras or updates would you like/do you think would match each series? The cost of transferring these is cheaper than making a new series/film from scratch and in the case of SatAM the financial cost of transfer is minimal, however the older the shows get the more complex the rights get.
  10. So, for the fun of it, I made a "remastered" version of Sonic Adventure 2 in movie form. However, you can find this almost anywhere on YouTube, so I started from scratch. With HD, wide screen, fixed dialouge, new (purposely overdramatic music) and sound effects from much newer games, this is Sonic Adventure 2 like you've never seen it before. Just remember, this is MEANT to be different. I love the original game and all of it's flaws. So just have fun with it.
  11. Forgive me if this is the wrong place to discuss this, but I was wondering if anyone would have a copy of it? With Megaupload dead, well so is the link is dead now. If you don't know what i'm talking about it was fandub audio project by Mobius, base on the prologue of Sonic Chronicles. Thank you anyone who may have a copy of it. Maybe the image below might help.
  12. Hello! It's no secret that I love comicbooks and movies and Comicbook movies. It's played a huge part in my life writing wise and story telling wise. So, let me ask you a question. Can a Wonder Woman movie work? People have said for years that a Wonder Woman movie would be to difficult (Diane Nelson) to boring (Joss Whedon) or to odd (Christopher Nolan) to make. All these arguments would hold up if not for this little gem This is a Full Length animated Wonder Woman movie that DC made in 2009, and, ya know what? It's really good! So why can't DC make a live action Wonder Woman Movie if they have shown that they can make a pretty good animated movie? Now don't get me wrong, I know that making movies is hard, believe me I know, especially animated movies. But why is Wonder Woman that only one in the Trinity to not get her own movie?! Superman has had 6 movies Batman has had 9 So why can't Wonder Woman be in that mix? Well, I think it's because DC comics tends to hold characters they know will make money really close. Also, everything except Wonder Woman at DC comics is Batman. That dark and gritty tone of "My parents are deeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaad" Over dramatic BS that batman is all about. DC seems to think that is the reason we buy their comics or watch their movies. But the reason we watch Batman is because he's a nice change of tone from the bright world of DC comics. I'm getting off track. I think DC is afraid that if they made a Wonder Woman movie, no one would see it. And that's the truth, DC (Really every studio) is afraid that if they make a movie about an empowered woman, than audiences will shoot that movie down. I don't think that's the case, I think that the world is ready for a Wonder Woman movie. What about you? Would you watch a Wonder Woman Movie? Do you think it would work? What do you think a WW movie needs to be successful? What I think a Wonder Woman movie needs to be successful. 1. NO JOSS WHEDON! Seriously, NO! STOP! NO MORE! HE DOES NOT READ COMICS! He is lame! The only good think he's ever made was Firefly, and the rest was with his Brother Zach who I think has real talent. No Joss Whedon! 2. Keep Christopher Nolan away from this film as much as humanly possible! He only understands and likes Batman. Wonder Woman is not Batman! 3. Get someone who gives a shit about Wonder Woman. Like Gail Simone, or that woman who wrote the animated movie! 4. Please put some pants on her. DC, it's not 1946 you don't have to worry about men coming to your movies because of sex appeal. Pants! Or at least a longer battle skirt. 5. remember that SHE IS NOT BATMAN! She's not OK? OK?! She's not Batman... 6. Make it be fun! DC needs some fun in their movies! Like the Reeve Superman movies. Fun! F-U-N FUN! and finally 7. Don't let Feminazis write the script... Please... Don't let them... they will ruin her... and also, Feminazis aren't fun to work with... Just trust me on this...
  13. I want your Ideas for a Theatrical Sonic The Hedgehog Movie! What you would like to see? 2D or 3D or even Live Action? What bad guys? Which character developments? Which director? Which composer? Which movie studio? Even Based on AOSTH or SatAM? As an example: I would love to see a Big Budget CGI Sonic Trilogy in 3D. Tell me your Vison!
  14. ok all, what is anyone's thoughts about a possible live action sonic movie, done in a superhero style like batman or superman? any thoughts are welcome
  15. Don Bluth and Gary Goldman (the Directors of Titan A.E.) plan to direct a Film Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios From Wikipedia, the renowned animators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman is working on a new Sonic movie, which is increasingly produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Three things I love combined. We hope it's true. http://en.wikipedia....edgehog_(series)#Animation
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