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Found 15 results

  1. The Sonic franchise has inspired millions of people, kids and adults, and much of this is thanks to its awesome soundtrack, which rarely, if ever, disappointed. Not only that, but also influenced a lot of my musical tastes, and I may have never give much of its value, so I thought nothing more fair to dedicate a mix with some of my favorites songs from the franchise. I tried to compile some of the most popular Sonic songs from the past 30 years into a flow mix of about half an hour, despite prioritizing some of my favorites. I know I'm late to the party for the anniversary, but hey, not even the 30th anniversary game is out, so shut up Tracklist: Running Time: 32:36 The mix is supposed to be uploaded on SoundCloud, hopefully, until around 15:00 GMT of Friday, October 1st 2021. I, of course, will add it on the post as soon as I upload. Hopefully, I'm also not going to be tagged and/or struck for copyright infringement, despite SEGA uses to be cool with this. But if so, I'll try a last chance to upload on another service. I think, for now, that's it. Can't wait to share this with you all on Friday! It's here! https://soundcloud.com/synthfrenetic/sonic-30th-anniversary-mix If you have the weird feeling some tracks are different from what you remember, I did edit some of these, sometimes changing completely the structure of a song, as well edited to a shorter length for a more paced mix. The idea was also to keep a chronological flow into Sonic's history over those 30 years, but you may notice some songs were swapped, also to help with the mix flow. I also think most transitions between Sonic 1 and 3&K are still pretty weird/rough, but it gets better later, I promise, so don't give up on the first 5 minutes of listening. I hope you enjoy and can't wait to recieve your feedback!
  2. Hi all, It's Mesmerist here, and as many of you already know, I produce electronic music, usually house music, both as remixes for the Sonic Stadium and elsewhere. I thought I would set up a topic to showcase some of my work and hopefully receive some feedback on how to improve. I'm sorry that I'm starting this topic with something non-Sonic related, but if I can get this to be really good, it could prove to be a very big deal for me, and I'd really, really, REALLY appreciate any help I can get with this. I have been working on an electro house remix of the track "Invincible" by Borgeous for a Spinnin' Records remix contest. Spinnin' is probably the biggest EDM label in the world right now, and it would be an enormous deal if I could grab their attention by making a good showing in this remix contest. The link to the remix contest page is here: https://wavo.me/thissongissick/invincible-remix-contest. As for my offering, I have spent almost three weeks working on a remix, and I've gotten it about as refined as I can. As such, any pointers any of you could give on how to put the finishing on mixing and mastering a track like this would be greatly appreciated. A link to my remix can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/2g1bdxk3c1de9hk/InvincibleRemixWIP4Mastered.mp3. Any and all help is appreciated, and if you are too busy to help or don't have the resources to help, I understand. Thanks, Mesmerist EDIT: I've updated my track and changed the link accordingly since I first made this post. Also, I would suggest downloading the track instead of using Mediafire's audio player, since said audio player tends to distort the sound.
  3. CelerinaTheJackrabbit

    Celerina's Remixes

    So hello there. Names...well, actually go by a lot of names. But right now, going by the name Celerina. A while back I started looking at Sonic Remixes, mostly NicoCW's work on Sonic Generations style remixes and whatnot. Inspired me to try it myself, and thus, I did so. Naturally, I'm still learning and stuff, and so I'm fairly certain I'm not the greatest. But hey, if you like SG style stuff, you might like mine. Anyways, beside the point. You're here for music, not my backstory. So here you go. Chemical Plant Zone Remix: Starlight Carnival Classic Remix: Green Forest Classic Remix: I've others on my channel as well, although I feel these are some of my best.
  4. Exactly what the title says. For myself, I truly don't know. Some of the songs can be kind of cheesy (Knight of the Wind, Sonic Heroes) but others I'd think would do well. (Live and Learn) Guess it would go by people's tastes. You get the idea now (hopefully) so........ Discuss.
  5. SuperStingray

    The Depth of the Music

    From the beginning of the series, I have always noticed something interesting in the musical style of the Sonic series: the music is not only great, but it fits. That generation of gaming spawned http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2VNoFhYL1g. However, there is something in Sonic's music that I always felt has stood out from the others: character. Yes, listen to Green Hill Zone. Dissect it. That little rolling ostinato (if I'm using the term correctly) in the background: it feels like the waterfalls. The overtones, it's easy to visualize those pointy flowers with them. And Metropolis Zone. The music really captures the rhythmic and consistent workings of a factory. Lava Reef Zone (Act 1): We have lava oozing down falls like the music in itself oozes. The song also captures the heat of the lava as it can tend to get more intense. --- However, music that's so adaptive to the environment has become much more commonplace in games so it became less of a virtue in the games by Sonic Adventure. That is one of the reasons, however, I feel that the lyrics are such a boon in the newer titles. Johnny Gieoli, Ted Poley, Bentley Jones - Love 'em or hate 'em. To me, the vocals don't contribute to the song so much as the words themselves. When I hear "It Doesn't Matter," I understand Sonic's image of the world even better than most of the games manage to portray him. He does not view the events of life from a spectrum of good and bad, but rather one of freedom and oppression. The reason I love that song so much is that it allows me to see that in him even though the games, sadly, often avoid it. (With the exception of Black Knight, which I feel pulled off that image perfectly, but that's a different story.) And "Live and Learn." I think that song, oddly enough, gives a better image of Shadow than his own theme, "Throw It All Away" does. "Live and Learn" gives me the image of someone who has let the past control them and hold them back from experiencing what's to come. ("Hanging on the edge of tomorrow from the works of yesterday.") --- But beyond that, the song whose lyrics interest and amaze me the most is Black Knight's "With Me." At least in context. It's not my favorite song, but I like it. Regardless, it intrigues me because though it is meant to be a theme song, it's hard to actually tell if it's from the perspective of Sonic or Merlina. In fact, I might have to annotate the lyrics just to get that across. Oh, and spoilers. So all in all, I feel there is an oft unseen depth in the music the series has given us.
  6. CrystalMaelStorm

    My thoughts on some Sonic Jam tracks

    I am sure we know about Sonic Jam, right? The Sega Saturn game was a compilation game that had four playable games: Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. (not counting the two lock on games with Sonic and Knuckles) In that game, three was a hub world where the player controlled Sonic, and could complete missions and look at Sonic's history and such in different buildings. Well, the thing is, I loved the music for the overworld in Sonic Jam so much, and I also loved the music in the credits, which could be accessed after completing all hub missions. Here is the music for the hub world and credits. I personally loved this music, and I thought it fits for music in a Sonic game. I would love it if they decided to make music like this for a Sonic game again. Would any of you feel the same way? By the way, anyone know the music genre for these two tracks?
  7. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum but sonic has definitely influenced my musical taste over the years. I thought it would be a good idea to make an electronic remix to one my personal favorite tracks Flying Battery. I hope you all enjoy! Thank you for having me : ).
  8. SuperStingray


    Sonic has had his ups and downs, but one thing that has always kept me adhered to this series is the music. What I really love about Sonic music is not only its catchiness but its function; it always serves to give the character, level or game its associated with some character. When you hear Ice Cap Zone's BGM do you not get the feeling of being on a snowy mountain? In Meteor Herd, do you not feel like you're in an isolated space station?? Even to this day, not only is [most of] the music enjoyable, but it serves to create a connection and understanding with the game. The more modern songs also use character themes. Some dismiss it as "butt rock", but I feel it really gives one a better understanding of the motives and personalities of the characters they describe. Because of this, "It Doesn't Matter," [both versions] "Live and Learn," and "Live Life' are probably my favorite Sonic songs since the Adventure games. Another important element I like in the series' music is variety. In SA2, while the quality of the music itself is subjective, one of the things I thought was beautiful is that each character had their own genre that was carried out in the stages. And the music also varies between games from the more orchestral soundtrack of Sonic 06 to the funk-centered soundtrack of Sonic Rush. So I ask: what do you think of the music in the Sonic games? Do you have favorite songs?
  9. Rhythm Thief (Also known as Rhythm Thief R in Japan) & the Emperor's Treasure is an exclusive for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is made by Sega and cameos many of Sega's other rhythm games such as "Space Channel 5" and "Samba De Amigo". The game looks great and I'm probably going to pick it up once it comes out. Definitely one of the must-own titles for the 3DS. I haven't seen the game getting attention and it would be unwise to ignore it. Support Sega and support this IP! The game stars a boy (Raphael ) and his dog named Fondue. His father left him and left him a coin with an unique mark. A necklace on the Louvre has a similar mark so he sets out to get it. Along the way, unexplainable things happen such as Emperor Napoleon returning from the dead. It looks like it'll be a TBA 2012 release. I'm hoping it sells good and maybe Sega will go back and do more with their rhythm franchises.
  10. bcdcdude

    Ted Poley on Crush 40

    Hoy all, This isn't anything major, but it's a nice little thing nonetheless. On the Melodicrock.com noticeboard, there was a topic on Crush 40 (possibly in relation to the news that Hardline's 3rd album is FINALLY getting released!). As a fan and a member of the fansite, naturally i replied to it. What I didn't figure was that Ted Poley (We Can etc) replied with his thoughts! I replied to him, and he replied back. Like I said, it's nothing much, but it's good to hear some thoughts from someone who has been directly involved with Jun. When posting this on the JS.com message board, Jun then replied the other day with his own thoughts. Sweet! Main link is here. I am "Benjamin" on the thread (forgot to use my nickname). - http://forums.melodicrock.com/phorum33/rea...06&t=332806
  11. Angrage

    Sonic Music Remixes?

    So about 4-5 years ago I, for a time, was really into remixed video game music. I believe the start of this was while I was looking around the internet for Sonic related stuff and bumped into some remixed Sonic music. Such gems like "Sonic Stream" and "Saturday Night Speedway" were some of my favorites, and I believe were linked to from the music section of this site. I put all of this music on a CD and listened to it often, but some time later I lost interest, and then even later, chucked the disc in the trash thinking it was childish garbage. Well, now I miss that music. I'm not really even a Sonic fanatic, however much I enjoy the games (yet I have never beaten one I don't think...). A few days ago I decided to start on a quest to reclaim this lost music, though I fear some of it may be gone forever. I've tried OC Remixes, and so far only "Saturday Night Speedway" was found. I also found "Sonic Stream" which lead to the discovery of "Techno Power Mix", and a familiar name, "Dr. Giggleymen". Luckily, this site, which apparently was the source of this music, is still up. However, as I go to click the music button, nothing happens. The link is apparently disabled. Woe is me! So I'm at a dead end here. Sonic Stadium and The GHZ are the only two sites I remember from 5 years ago, and this one here is the only one of the two that I remember having music on it. I don't even remember what the lost music sounds like unless I were to hear it again, and I don't remember the names, or even what the games the music was based off of were. I only remember that one of these had some lyrics, sung by a girl, and another that might not even have been based on sonic music. Can anyone give me any leads? Specifically, if I could find out what became of the music section on this site, and what music was on it, that would be awesome. Otherwise, any music from up to 2006 that was memorable would be awesome too. I'm desperate for pretty much anything here.
  12. www.DjEAR.com A white rabbit from southern California who spends his days ripping up the airwaves and pumping out Hardcore jams at home. He is most inspired by the varied musical styles of Cirque du Soleil and plays the panflute in his spare time. Air-Talent OCRockRadio.com • Co-Host of a weekly 3-hour talk show with over 100+ episodes featuring live, local Orange County bands and artists. Radio DJ KSBR FM-88.5 • Host of a weekly 2-hour EDM mixshow providing the Orange County area with new, underground artists and genres. Influences J Scott G . Cirque du Soleil . Swedish Egil . Billy Daniel Bunter . Darren Styles . Ravine . Phenex . Eufeion . Auscore . Fracus . Gammer . Whizzkid . Joey Riot Go Go Bizkitt! . Brisk Dougal . Mark Breeze . Kurt . Static . Enemy . MOB . flashygoodness . Headhunterz . Avicii . Hideki Naganuma . Kohta Takahashi PAST GIGS > FuRRIDAY: Furriday - May 2013 > HOUSE OF BLUES, ANAHEIM: Cinco De Mayo Mayhem 2013 > FROLIC PARTY: Frolic in San Jose 2013 > ORANGE COUNTY FAIR: OC Fair 2012 > FROLIC PARTY: Frolic - June 2012 > ANTHERIA: Egyptian Underworld 2011 > CALIFUR 7: Post Apocalypse 2011 > ANTHERIA: Anthropolis 2010 > CALIFUR 6: Fabulous Furry Funnies 2010
  13. Just as the title says, which Sonic song makes you want to play Sonic? Like a specific song or what not, fan made or original. For me, every time I hear "Heart of Fire" by this bro on YouTube, I can't help but feel driven to play some '06. Or maybe even "Reach for the Goal" by again, another bro on YouTube. Both of these songs really make me want to play Sonic like crazy, do you have one that drives you to play?
  14. Rock Band 4 just got announced recently! http://www.harmonixmusic.com/blog/rock-band-4-announced/ After years are waiting, we'll get to rock to success all over again! The game is currently coming to XBONE and PS4 this year, and those who previously spent DLC on the past games can redownload those songs for Rock Band 4 (For example, if you had DLC music on PS3, you can transfer it to PS4). Mad Catz has confirmed to sign on as they will be creating the plastic guitars and such! It's already been confirmed that no new features will come to the instruments. Are you going to Rock with your Band? Discuss it all here!
  15. So after playing Generations the soundtrack left me inspired to create some of my own Genesis remixes, so here are my entry remixes, starting with Sonic 3's Icecap Zone: And secondly, Sonic 2's Metropolis Zone: Any feedback would be great, also I may be able to do requests
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