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Found 6 results

  1. Thought we could use a topic about this. For those who don't know, Super Mario Bros. Z is an ongoing Flash series on Newgrounds created by flash artist Alvin Earthworm. As the name suggest, its a parody of Dragon Ball Z using the cast of Mario, but also incorporates Sonic as well turning it into a crossover of sorts. The premise is basically the same as the Android saga of DBZ, with the characters taking up some of the roles in the respective arc. Mario=Goku Luigi=Gohan Sonic=Future Trunks Shadow=Vegeta Despite the blatant recycling, it does at least stay true to the character's respective series(for the most part) and their characters and background,and some some details are different. The series is basically about Mario, Luigi, Sonic, and Shadow trying to gather the Chaos Emeralds before Mecha Sonic(Who is a combination of the traditional Metal Sonic and bunch of other Sonic bots) can and destroys the earth. Mecha Sonic murdered all of Sonic and Shadow's friends, as well as Eggman himself. And Bowser also is involved in the madness. The series` real catcher though are the fight scenes, which are damn near awesomely animated considering the series uses sprites and 2D backgrounds, with the occasional 3D drop. Behold: The series has been running since 2005 and has produced 8 episodes so far, with the ninth in production after a 2 and a half year hiatus. Episode List: http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/supermariobrosz SO yeah, if you never liked DBZ, you probably won't like this series, and anyone looking for anything more developed, don't hold you breath.
  2. Ok, we've constantly talk about the other characters and how underutilized they are and how they need to return, but I don't think we've ever asked ourselves, What the hell are they going to do? And what can they do? I mean bringing a character back is pointless when you can't give them a purpose. Since they're Sonic's supporting cast, I think a good way to start would be to ask two basic questions. 1. What does this character contribute to Sonic as a character, how do they support him? 2. What does this character contribute to Sonic's world in general, and how important is it? The topic is basically, take a character and try to justify their existence in this series by thinking about what they contribute and how important are they.
  3. So, the topic is: Are you happy with the direction of the series? You can talk about anything: Story direction, gameplay direction, art direction, anything that has to do with the overall direction of the series! Here's my two red rings. I'm very happy with the series's direction right now! I love Modern gameplay, and I want them to keep on improving it (hopefully improving controls and adding more momentum-based level design). The one thing I can really complain about in recent game is the story. I was fine with Colour's approach for a ONE TIME change of pace (lol), but I don't want it to happen again, and I was quite disappointed in Generation's story. I want stories more in the tone and detail level of SA1 or Unleashed to come back, with better dialogue writing hopefully. Thoughts?
  4. I noticed we don't have a topic about these games, so we may as well talk about them and what we hate about them. So yeah, Sonic Riders, built on the concept of making Sonic a racing series....with hoverboards. Notably they introduced the Babylon Rogues as an extra(And arguably unnecessary) set of rivals to the Big three, and revolved around a tournament, and the (Very confusing) backstory of the Rogues. ......that's all I got.
  5. So this topic is about Sky Sanctuary in Generations. What you thought of it, it's level design, the music, anything! It's another one of those topics. I love both sides, Classic and Modern, but I will break them down and do each one individually. CLASSIC Great stage with lots of cool level gimmicks returning. I liked the 3d spinning spike/Item/spring wheels, giving the 2d gameplay 3d depth in it's obstacles. Music is great, and quite similar to the original. I feel the white and plant life look better then the yellow for a temple sanctuary (Which SS is), so I think it looks far better then the original stage. MODERN What can I say, I LOVE this stage! Second favorite modern stage in the game, only beaten by modern SSH. SO many alternate paths and platforming, and it was very expansive! The paths were constantly intertwining as well. And the music....well..it was just amazing. And the Uber BOOOOSSHHH version! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_j-WdO6BRA So yeah. What more can I say? Both are amazing stages! Thoughts?
  6. Sonic Generations is undoubtedly a critical moment in Sonic's history and quite frankly gaming history. Naturally, as Sonic fans, we need it regardless because SEGA owns us main Sonic games don't come out every day, let alone huge anniversary titles. So we're all getting it for the most part? That's the question i'd like to ask all of you. As a steadfast Nintendo fanboy, HD Generations simply will not find it's way to my machine of choice, and i'm stuck between getting an XBox 360 or gutting my PC and making it all magical-like. And i'm broke. That made me wonder if anyone else is missing out on HD Generations. Are you guys out there? How about people who are missing out on Generations 3DS? Simply can't afford one version or the other with the rest of the titles this time of year? Simply holding out until your birthday or a gift-giving holiday? Share your stories! Members of the Dismay Club, represent! Oh yeah, and while this kind of talk can go on a little bit, the merits of buying a console for one game is cutting it close if not already off topic. It's probably gonna be fairly easy for that kind of talk to spur out in this thread, though. It's up to the mods whether or not someone is allowed to specifically ask if it's sane in their situation, although we have a thread for that already to my knowledge.
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