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Found 4 results

  1. Full press release: https://www.wildbrain.com/newsreleases/sonic-the-hedgehog-speeds-over-to-netflix-in-the-all-new-animated-series-sonic-prime/
  2. Sonic Boom was a huge marketing effort to revitalize Sonic's brand to a whole new audience and make the series more popular than before. However, despite the cartoon and the comic book series being very successful, it failed to reach these objectives. According to Takashi Iizuka himself in one recent interview, Sonic Boom is considered a failure by Sega. We all know that Sonic's brand is stronger in the western world. Sonic is also popular in Japan, but he doesn't have the same status as an icon as he has in the West. An interesting thing is that recent games that had mixed reception in the West, such as Sonic Lost World and Sonic Forces, were well-received in the Japanese and eastern market. Sonic Lost World got 9/9/9/9 [36/40] scores from Famitsu, the most renowned Japanese gaming magazine, while Sonic Forces got 9/9/9/8 [35/40]. This may be weird, but the Japanese gamers' taste is very different from ours. There are games that here in the West are divisive or unpopular, but they are seen as masterpieces there. One of these games is Final Fantasy XIII. Here in the western market, FFXIII is one of the most divisive entries in the Final Fantasy franchise, some people like, some people don't, but most of them agree that's not one of the best in the series. In Japan, FFXIII is considered one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time, and the main cast was so popular that they starred in campaigns for huge fashion brands. It seems Sonic Forces is considered a good game in Japan. In the leaderboards of the game (at least in the PS4 version) we can see a lot of Japanese players as well. This is only speculation of mine, but in my opinion, maybe Sega is seeing that Sonic is becoming less popular in the western market. In 2005, they released Shadow the Hedgehog following a lot of western trends to see if they could reach a more mainstream audience than with Heroes, they failed because despite the strong sales numbers, it seems Shadow only reached the same audience as always. Sonic Boom was also an effort to reach a larger audience in the western market. They gave the IP to western studios and everyone involved in the re-branding and re-designs were western developers, writers and artists, And I almost forgot to mention, but Sega hired Ken Pontac and Warren Graff as main writers for the games because they wanted the stories to have a more western taste. Sonic is popular, and the games always perform strongly in sales, but Sonic isn't as popular as franchises like Assassin's Creed or other western huge IPs anymore. Maybe Sega wanted Sonic to be as huge as them? Considering all of that, maybe Sega restructured Sonic Team and brought the studio to the US to be more close to the target audience. Maybe they could hire more western developers. Takashi Iizuka moved to the US, so he could oversee everything that's been done with the brand. Sonic Team is now being called "Sonic Studio" in more recent interviews. Sega has also reported that Sonic Prime is part of a strategy to strength Sonic's brand. I think maybe Sonic Prime is a similar strategy than Sonic Boom, but learning from everything that went wrong with the Boom series. They are going to release this new TV show to exposure Sonic's brand to a larger audience and a whole new generation of fans, but now the cartoon is in the same settings as the games, and it's even canon. The cartoon is going to be released in 2022, probably alongside the new game, so they could capitalize on that. Sonic Studio may be a mix of the old Sonic Team members like Iizuka with new western developers, so the games can be more in line with western tastes, but without being developed by people outside Sega with too radical changes. Again, this is only speculation of mine, there aren't any sources to evidence this is the mindset they are going with this new projects, but I think this make sense. What do you guy think?
  3. I was browsing the Netflix Instant Streaming New TV Shows section last night when I came across this gem. If you aren't aware, this is the Sonic series that focuses around Sonic, his brother Manic, and his sister Sonia (all voiced by Jaleel White) trying to reunite with their mother. In each episode is a cheesy song sung by the three. If you have a Netflix Instant Streaming account and have an interest in watching this show, I would recommend checking it out if you haven't seen it before. The show isn't that bad once you get past the awkward voice acting and the ~minute long song in each episode. I enjoyed the series as a whole. I've been trying to get word out wherever I can for who knows how long it will stay as a streaming title. I've been posting it to various sites and have a post about it on my site. I thought you would all enjoy the chance, if you have a streaming account, to watch this show either again or for the first time.
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