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Found 2 results

  1. While a lot of you noticed this yesterday (or today) since some keen eyed individuals started making status updates about it (which I admit I love to read because seeing the positive reactions of the members is so enticing), I wanted to give our two new staff members a few hours to adjust to the orange banner and fancy title before posting this topic. I'm a bit surprised you guys haven't pointed out any other comments I've made in the last day hinting at some of the stuff to come, but there was one member who suggested a third moderator would be coming which I won't confirm nor deny. Where would the fun be if I outright told you guys otherwise? But before I do the proper introduction, I'd like to clarify a point about the differing usergroups between our new and our old. As you've probably seen mentioned, we currently have two usergroups for the staff: 'Moderators' and 'Super Moderators'. This change, while temporary, is simply a precautionary step for new staff due to the additional moderation ability that our existing staff maintain. It isn't saying that the newer staff cannot moderate certain forums or have a lessened ability to perform their tasks. But anyway, on to the task at hand! It's my pleasure to officially welcome our two new moderators to the team: Tornado and Nepenthe. You will both do a fine job, and I hope the transition hasn't been too hard on you!
  2. I'd like to welcome two new moderators to the team this morning: Akito and Sonikku_Kiah. I hope the transition won't be too hard on you two and we're here to help.
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