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  1. Full press release: https://www.wildbrain.com/newsreleases/sonic-the-hedgehog-speeds-over-to-netflix-in-the-all-new-animated-series-sonic-prime/
  2. A brand new compilation of Classic titles announced during the Sonic Central Presentation - the collection will include the following: Sonic the Hedgehog (Taxman Edition) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Taxman Edition) Sonic 3 and Knuckles (Emulated) Sonic CD (Taxman Edition) There wasn't a lot shown, other than brief gameplay, mentions that there'd be new features, and more news is incoming later in the year. Beyond having the Taxman editions of Sonic 1, 2 and CD - there's nothing else, with S3&K seemingly being emulated, despite Taxman having a pitch for S3&K here: Given there's far less games than other compilations (with even things like Spinball and Mean Bean absent), and it's being purely Classic focused for the umpteenth time, it's honestly pretty hard to get excited about this, other than the Taxman ports of Sonic 1 and 2 finally arriving on consoles, which was long overdue.
  3. Some new information.: Source: https://movie-robotnik-positivity.tumblr.com/post/685350833431429120/while-not-as-relevant-i-have-a-few-more-tidbits When asked about Amy, and if she could appear in the sequel, the duo couldn’t answer it properly due to a non-disclosure agreement, but said that things are “in the works”. In regards to Jim Carrey possibly retiring from acting, the duo was hopeful to bring him back for the third film, but said that it was mainly up to Carrey. Miller was careful not to comment on specific plotlines for the third film, but concluded it was “not revealing”, given Shadow’s introduction to the movie franchise, that there are plans to incorporate elements from Sonic Adventure 2 and the Shadow the Hedgehog spin-off game in the film. Nothing can be said about Shadow’s voice actor, but the idea of aiming for a famous Hollywood actor to voice the hedgehog was not ruled off. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is currently on what is called the “Blue Sky phase” of scriptwriting, where every idea of what the movie could be is being proposed, and the staff streamlines it into what the movie should be. The producers are aware of the fans’ desire to get Crush 40 to appear in a Sonic film. Even though the movie planning is early, Casey did not rule off the idea of getting the band in the next film. Miller: “In each new Sonic movie, as long as the people got the appetite for them, we’ll keep adding yet another person from the game universe.” The current plan is to get the third movie released in 2024.
  4. Just shamelessly cross-posting this from the news side of the site, because why not? It's my house and I can do what I like. :3 https://www.sonicstadium.org/2022/06/iizuka-reveals-hopes-of-using-sonic-frontiers-work-towards-future-sonic-adventure-sequel/ During the IGN Sonic Frontiers interview, towards the end (video is linked in the story above), he mentions how he would like to continue the Sonic Adventure series... but this time it's sounding a little more serious than his 'hopes and dreams' sentiments in previous interviews. I can hear it now... the sound of a million Sonic Adventure 3 fans storming over that hill. Prepare yourself. I'm getting to the bunker! 👀
  5. New news, new topic! You wanna know more about the upcoming Sonic Origins collection? Look no further into this funky little video right here! Seems like more will come in the future as well! A pretty good video as well, shows off a lot of new footage of the game while showcasing all the new game modes!
  6. This is the meaty bit but the whole interview is on Abbey Road Institute's YouTube channel. Brad Buxer spoke to Abbey Road Institute in Paris back in May and talked about his professional relationship with Michael Jackson. As part of that topic, he uses a Sonic 3 anecdote to illustrate how a lot of the work attributed to Jackson was developed by Buxer instead - what Buxer calls the 'blank slate' approach to their collaborations. We covered it on the site here, but here's the major quotes. The rest was history. Well, Stranger in Moscow's history anyway.
  7. Well, there it is. We're getting new(?) tracks for Sonic the Hedgehog 3
  8. Betcha weren't expecting to see this today! ...Yup! This sure is a thing! I guess after the Sonic Movie 2 obby in the Nickelodeon Roblox game, this was inevitable, but it's still quite bizarre to see.
  9. Like the past couple of games, Sonic Frontiers is getting an animated short. This one takes place before the start of the game. The only thing we know so far is that Knuckles makes an appearance
  10. I'm a bit surprised nobody made a topic yet. This will be premiering 12 PM EST, just like the last two videos IGN released, and on the same time as the Sonic Central. Pick wisely, fellow members. The quote above is from the video's description. Now, I might be reading into things, but to me this implies a few things. 1. What we've been seeing either wasn't early footage, or was only slightly earlier (the recent screenshots and this thumbnail honestly implies this too.) 2. The game still has a fair amount of technical issues that need to be ironed out. 3. There'll either be crunch, or the game has been pushed back to a later date (I hope it's a delay) Regardless of my concerns, I hope what we see will end up looking solid.
  11. Yup, we're getting another one. Likely more info on Origins and a Frontiers trailer and more info about Prime as well.
  12. IGN continues their Sonic Frontiers coverage with another video showcasing Sonic's combat abilities. The video will once again play at Noon EST tomorrow, the same as with the exploration video.
  13. Unsure if this was a mistake or intentional, but it has returned: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (xbox.com) $4.99, however currently only playable on 360. Since the backwards-compatibility program has supposedly ended for Xbox One/Series, it is unlikely that it will become playable on those platforms (unless the work had already been done prior and Sega were dragging their heels on giving it the go-ahead for a re-release). If this was indeed a mistake though, it likely won't be available for long. Still, an interesting development nevertheless.
  14. Well, this is technically our first look at the collection in action. So I suppose that's worth a new topic. I gotta say, I am really liking the presentation of this. Ocelot said this in the main thread:
  15. It should be coming up soon. How do you all feel? Hope you don't mind me making this, but I felt it should be its own topic, as the other topic I felt was about the teaser. So here is a separate thread to post impressions on when this comes out if that is okay.
  16. You smell that? It smells like...trouble... That's no good.
  17. So i'm not sure if there's a SRB2 Kart thread (and if there is, it's probably really old), and I'm not sure if this belongs here or in Video Games, but I figured this deserves it's own topic. I haven't really been paying attention to SRB2K or SRB as a whole lately, but based on the replies to the tweet, they seemed to of taken SRB2K 2.0 and spun it off into a sequel instead of an update. That's pretty neat, gives me some Super Mario Galaxy 2 vibes in a way. Hope to see gameplay of this soon, because SRB2K always seemed really fun to play.
  18. According to multiple early reviews, the original Sonic the Manhog design.. Is in the new Rescue Rangers movie! Both Variety & Empire reviews claim that he's in there and even has dialogue! Quick tweet pics if you just want the soundbites... But here are the full reviews with the line of dialogue included. No pics yet, or even hints as to who is voicing him. https://variety.com/2022/film/reviews/chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers-1235268985/ https://www.empireonline.com/movies/reviews/chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers/
  19. Sonic tries out his new shoes, which look very similar to Amy's... PC Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper Calendar
  20. Might explain why there aren't any brand new gameplay features in 1/2/CD like Knuckles in Sonic CD. Sega considers those versions "complete" and are porting the mobile versions as-is, only adding Origins-specific elements. Also, Headcannon have no involvement in any of the bonus modes such as mission mode or mirror mode:
  21. New info, new topic. - Remix of "Sonic World" from Sonic Jam as title screen music - Shows off Drop Dash and Super Sonic in Sonic 1 (the latter was already in the mobile ports but only behind a hidden option menu) - Knuckles/Tails entering the mobile version's Hidden Palace Zone in Sonic 2 - Some examples of mission mode - Still no gameplay footage of Sonic 3 and whether or not it uses the MJ music
  22. The concept of Sonic the Hedgehog is not a difficult one to grasp. You take control of the blue blur himself, speeding through vast colourful stages while at the same time dodging the many traps laid out for him. Using his super speed and his super spin attack, Sonic can overcome and destroy each zone’s many hazards. To help make your journey a living nightmare, you have to contend with a guy who’s eaten a few too many hamburgers at the end of each zone. Yes, it’s our chubby friend, Dr. Robotnik. Just like in the Master System version, his hovercraft features a different contraption in every level, so you must find out the pattern and destroy him. The very last level is essentially a big boss, where Eggman isn’t in his hovercraft for once! What sucks is that he may be a bit trickier to beat than the other bosses.
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