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Found 21 results

  1. http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2015/07/this-is-the-playstation-that-nintendo-never-released/ This is an amazing piece of gaming history. Never thought we'd ever see one of these surface.
  2. Since we lost the original Club Nintendo topic, I decided to make another one. Club Nintendo is a rewards program for people who support Nintendo's products and services, you get points for registering a code included on a slip with Nintendo games (DS,3DS,Wii, Wii U) and with various hardware (DS,DSi,3DS,3DS XL,Wii,Wii U) the points are measured in "Stars" (UK) and "Coins" (US & JPN) The number of Stars/Coins you get vary from product to product, a game normally nets you 250 Stars where as a console can net you from 400 to 750 stars. You use your accumulated Coins/Stars to purchase Club Nintendo exclusive goodies such as physical limited edition goods like stationary sets, soundtrack CD's, Keychains, Plush toys and even Downloadable games. Each item varies in price. Currently Club Nintendo won't be around for much longer as they're closing the rewards program in September for good so if you've got any remaining points be sure to spend them up before then! Be warned though as they still have plenty of time to add new goods to the stores so save your currency wisely or you might miss out on some great gems... Nintendo promise that the rewards system isn't scrapped for good though, as they're in the process of announcing and bringing us a "new" rewards system some time in the future that will be an improvement over the original CN. P.S UK CN users, Nintendo have just listed a bunch of downloadable games on their star's catalogue so give it a look, the prices for some of the games are laughable though.
  3. So hey, you care about my opinion right? No? Too bad, because recently I started downloading some old Kirby games off the VC and trying them out. You already know where this is going, I think Kirby is one of the comfiest, cutest, and enjoyable franchises out there. Searched up and there wasn't a general Kirby topic, so here we go. For the couple of you that aren't informed, this little cute thing is the most powerful and destructive Nintendo character in all of its universes. This cute little guy's got the power to fly and inhale enemies and eat them. By doing so, he gains their powers and uses them against evil forces in his journey to keep Dream Land safe from harm. Along the way he's got a multitude of enemies to fight, And food to eat! (Please do not attempt to steal Kirby's food) Debuting in Kirby's Dream Land (GB), the young puffball didn't gain his iconic inhale ability until Kirby's Adventure (NES). Ever since then, he's released high quality titles on almost every Nintendo Platform to date, with the latest platformer being Kirby Triple Deluxe (3DS) and recent spinoff Kirby & The Rainbow Curse (Wii-U). (There's also a 25th Anniversary Collection available for the Wii that contains most of the major Kirby games released back in the day, if that tickles your fancy) Starting way back in the early 90's, Kirby has always entertained players with its cute charm, enjoyable gameplay, and cast of characters. "Kirby is way too easy and for kids!" You might say? Then put your money where your mouth is in the True Arena! "I think I'm too old for Kirby..." Bullocks! Kirby is a franchise to be enjoyed by all ages! So c'mon then. Post your thoughts below on the Kirby series and talk about this cute ball of mass destruction! Or discuss why the incredibly dashing and handsome King Dedede, the mysterious Metaknight, or the loveable Waddle Dee is your favorite Character. Better be King Dedede... Now post. Or lurk.
  4. As of next Wednesday (19th March), anyone in the UK who finds themselves in the vicinity of a McDonald's (i.e. anywhere) can pick up some nifty new pieces of Nintendo merchandise - that's right, Super Mario is coming to a Happy Meal near you! Wahoo! The toys will be available until 29th April (presumably rotating which toys are being given away where every week or so) and is tied in with a "Run, Jump and Power Up!" promotion themed around Super Mario to get kids being more active while they chow down on their greasy burgers carrot sticks and fruit bags. There's eight toys to collect, pictures of them all can be seen here: If you'd rather have something other than a Happy Meal or would just rather not eat McDonald's food at all, I think you can buy the toys separately for about £1 each (or at least that's what they used to do - haven't bought any Happy Meal toys for ages now!) Anyone going to be rushing to their nearest fast food outlet to get their hands on these goodies? Do you think it might give Nintendo and the Wii U a much needed boost? Or are you just against McDonald's and everything it stands for? Whatever the case, it now begs the question - Ronald McDonald for Smash Bros Wii U/3DS confirmed?
  5. Ok, so to help keep the Wii-u from continuing to be a back and forth wall of text arguements, I am starting this thread So the basic idea of this thread, is what makes a console powerful? what makes it weak? what makes it overly gimicky? what makes a controller good or bad? Essentaily this is the place to talk about the differences of consoles and controllers, and game features, console differences and gimics, and other various stuff, such as the current disscusion in the wii-u thread So rules are keep it clean, dont be afraid to voice your opinion, and when you can provide references Sorry the opening isnt as through as it could be, but ya this is a place to dicuss various game console stuff, generaly about what is good and bad, and sucessful and failed, and can also apply to games and controllers if someone wants to make a more complete, in depth opening go ahead
  6. http://www.dromble.com/2014/01/07/dolphin-tale-story-of-gamecube/ Easily one of the most fascinating articles to date on the little indigo box that really sheds light on why the poor thing met the fate it did. I'm also astounded by how bloody long this article is. It's 24,000 words last I read. Sheesh!
  7. Detective Shadzter

    Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011 #2

  8. The Dead Skin

    What If: Sonic was sold to Nintendo?

    So I was looking at the "What do you actually think of Sonic Team?" thread. I knew there would be cynic responses, but I decided to type my thoughts. After I posted, I saw the following post: ...and then it came to my head. What if that actually happened? Would this be a good thing or a bad thing to the franchise? This gonna be good.
  9. Super Mario Galaxy is a great game. As a matter of fact, it's my third most favorite Mario game ever. It's a well-polished, beautiful 3D platformer that really shows that Nintendo is a force to be reckoned with. Awesome soundtrack, fantastic art direction, and a plot that is simple, yet beautiful and strangely deep. SMG 1 and 2 are definitely a must-haves for the Nintendo Wii. However, I still can't help but think why everyone (and by this I mean reviewers and critics) think it's the best game ever. Super Mario Galaxy (the first, at least; never played the second one, and I'm thinking of buying it) has various glaring flaws that are being ignored. For example, the controls for the Manta Ray Race could seriously use some work. There have been times that I've fallen through the track because the controls are extremely wonky at times. I also dislike how linear Galaxy is. No, I'm not asking for a sandbox type of Mario game, but I think that the game could have used a few more alternate paths to go through the levels and all. Galaxy only has like a few pipes, and some planetoids have in their opposite axis a few Star Bits and coins, and that's pretty much it. The game forces you to continue on to another place. I also don't like how Mario's powerups are essentially useless. Not to ride on the nostalgia bandwagon, but I seriously loved how (in my opinion anyway) games like Mario 3 and Mario World used powerups to reach places you could never reach before, allowing exploration and some better replayability. Not to mention, SMG is way too easy. This is understandable, as making a hard mode for a complicated Platformer like Mario is absolute murder for development. But they could have at least made the last few Stars, Stars of which completionists would bother collecting, hard as nails. There were very few occasions in SMG of which I had a hard time passing through, and it was always some of the Blue Star parts. I also can't find myself replaying Mario Galaxy again after beating both Mario and Luigi's games. There's nothing making me want to play it all over again. It's just weird; I find the game to be an amazing one, but I just can't play Galaxy again after beating it. It's not like other games I've played, that I can play it over and over again. Mario Galaxy just wore out for me, in spite of the AAA excellence it has. In my opinion, Mario Galaxy is far from perfect. It still needs some polishing up to do for me to consider it light-years better than Super Mario World, or Mario 3. I hope Super Mario 3D Land solves that problem. That's my take on it. What do you guys think? And you can point something I have said wrong, too. I never played Mario Galaxy 2. and I intend on doing so very soon. And I apologize if a topic like this already exists, or something.
  10. King Frosty

    Mario Kart Series.

    Well since there doesn't seem to be one. This is the Mario Kart topic. And now I'll say something's on the newest game. Mario Kart 7. Mario Kart 7/3DS is an upcoming racing video game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is being developed and published by Nintendo, slated for release in December 2011. Similar to other games in the Mario Kart series, it incorporates various characters from theMario games racing with one another on Mario game-themed tracks. New additions to the game include hang-gliding attachments for karts and the ability to drive underwater. While carrying on from the traditional Mario Kart gameplay, Mario Kart 7/3DS introduces some new gameplay features. One of these includes a hang glider attachment which allows players to drive off ramps and fly through the air in order to clear across obstacles or take alternate paths throughout the course. Driving underwater adds a propeller to the kart, offering a different style of handling. Another new feature is the ability to customize a character's kart, such as changing its tires which effects its handling on certain surfaces. Coins make a return from some of the previous entries in the series, which will allow players to increase their speed or strengthen defenses against attacks. Discuss your memories and favorite things from the games and what you hope for in the future. And Also. Has there been any recent gameplay videos or news on MK7 at Gamescon?
  11. Detective Shadzter

    Nintendo confirms 3DS conference pre-TGS

    Can't wait to see what announcements they may have in store. Hope we see some 3DS games for other franchises like Zelda, F-Zero and Metroid.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBOB_aJWVO4 Are you a girl? No Yes! Do you like Nintendo? Yes! Then you'll love the new Nintendo Girls Club YouTube channel! also I hope you guys appreciated the Punch-Out!! reference in the title, what with Little Mac being topical at the moment Hosted by actress Jorgie Porter from Hollyoaks (a UK soap opera for those not in the know) as well as a few other female celebrities (Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City to name one), Nintendo has launched a brand new YouTube channel that's strictly aimed at its female demographic. It will feature videos, trailers, and more all specifically tailored for the girl gamer market, with an apparent emphasis on the 3DS/2DS but with a few Wii U titles like Super Mario 3D World and - yes! - Sonic Lost World thrown in for good measure. The big question is though... is this a good idea, and a step forward for women's rights in the world of gaming? Or is it a bit of a misfire, seemingly reinforcing as many stereotypes as it attempts to break, what with its princess-themed logo? And more importantly, will it actually do Nintendo any good in these troubling times? In all honesty it'll probably amount to nothing, and just be a little thing they're doing to keep appealing to their female fans. But that doesn't mean it can't prompt some discussion! Oh... and... umm... did anyone else find this bit of the intro video really creepy? "It's-a me, being a pervert behind-a the curtains! Wahoo!"
  13. I say quest, but really it has become more of a company-wide obsession, driven it seems by leadership which doesn't understand the videogames market at all. http://www.dromble.com/2013/12/10/nintendos-obsession-with-finding-one-game-that-can-sell-consoles/ She makes a solid point: A system will not sell on the back of one game alone (although it is true that some may bite if the price is right). I mean sure, you can have that one big title to help draw people toward buying your system; it's always great when it's there and people are like, "Hey, this one big game's on this system, it must be pretty good after all." However, if you want to seal the deal and promote strong sales over the long term rather than just the immediate term, what you absolutely need is to have as diverse a library as possible, which ticks as many of the boxes as possible. As third parties seem no longer to be a part of the Wii U equation, Nintendo should be sweet-talking indie studios, getting them to develop new entries from the enormous back-catalog of Nintendo IPs which have been absent for years or decades. Sony is already doing this, recently having green-lit new Shadow of the Beast and Lemmings titles from small indie studios, and I've been hearing on the grapevine that there are more games on the way from the old Psygnosis library. If Nintendo can start covering a larger selection of genres, genres appealing to wider audiences, then the Wii U will inevitably become more attractive to gamers and developers alike.
  14. Welcome to the official topic for the Nintendo 2012 E3 broadcast. I'll update this post more over the coming days and during the conference to make it easier to find the big news related to Nintendo at E3. STREAM LINKS: --- (Links in here) WHAT TO EXPECT? - Hordes of adoring fans, rushing to the stage to get a glimpse of The Regginator - Games, games and more games - Wii U information - More amazing .GIF material - Sales figures of how well the 3DS is doing this year - Finalized Wii U Design - Castlevania: Mirror of Fate trailer - Pikmin 3 What we want: - 3D HD Pokemon RPG - Mother 4 - New Mario - New Metroid - New Star Fox - New Zelda - Reggie one-liners - More games Hardware Controller to be called 'Wii U Game Pad'. 'Proper' analogue sticks with 'click button' rather than 3DS-style thumb pad. Game Pad is also a TV remote. Wii U Pro Controller (above) - looks very much like 360 controller with right stick and buttons swapped. Some sort of Wii U internet hub for discussion on help for games and what-not. Smartphone app for Nintendo network/Wii U internet hub shown. 'Mii Wara Wara'/'Miiverse' - the home screen for the Wii U is akin to 3DS' Streetpass Plaza. Miiverse can be accessed by all games - e.g. after dying on Mario speech bubbles will pop up on the black screen saying 'Can't believe I died there!' etc. Can post screenshots from your Wii U. Curtains. Not all features at launch. Software Castlevania: Mirror of Fate - (Thread Link) (Info from E3 in here) Software (Info about games in here) Downloadable Titles (eShop info in here) But Patticus, how do you make sure you're ready?
  15. Press conference times (PST, CST, EST, GMT): Thursday 31st May Company ----------:-- PST --::-- CST --::-- EST --::-- GMT --: ------------------:---------::---------::---------::---------: Konami -----------: 10:30PM :----------Friday AM----------): Watch now: http://www.konami.com/e3[/code] [b]Friday 1st June[/b] [code]Company -----------:---- PST ----::-- CST --::-- EST --::-- GMT --: -------------------:-------------::---------::---------::---------: Konami ------------:(Thursday PM):: 12:30AM :: 1:30AM :: 6:30AM : Watch now: http://www.konami.com/e3 Sunday 3rd June Company ------:-- PST --::-- CST ---::-- EST --::-- GMT --: --------------:---------::----------::---------::---------: Nintendo -----: 3:00PM :: 5:00PM :: 6:00PM :: 11:00PM : Watch here: http://e3.nintendo.com/ Monday 4th June Company ----------:- PST --::-- CST --::-- EST --::-- GMT -----: ------------------:--------::---------::---------::------------: Microsoft --------: 9:30AM :: 11:30AM :: 12:30PM :: 5:30PM ---: Watch here: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/e3 (Or watch on Xbox Live via the 'Xbox Live Event Player' app, now available for download.) Electronic Arts --: 1:00PM :: 3:00PM :: 4:00PM :: 9:00PM ---: Watch here: http://www.ea.com/e3 Ubisoft ----------: 2:00PM :: 5:00PM :: 6:00PM :: 11:00PM ---: Watch here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ubisoft?v=aKRWubusKBU Sony -------------: 6:00PM :: 8:00PM :: 9:00PM ::(Tuesday AM): Watch here: http://us.playstation.com/e3-2012/ Tuesday 5th June Company ------:- PST --::-- CST --::-- EST --::-- GMT --: --------------:--------::---------::---------::---------: Sony -------------------Monday PM---------):: 2:00AM : Watch here: http://us.playstation.com/e3-2012/ Nintendo -----: 9:00AM :: 11:00AM :: 12:00PM :: 5:00PM : Watch here: http://e3.nintendo.com/[/code] [b]Wednesday 6th June[/b] [code]Company ------:- PST --::-- CST --::-- EST --::-- GMT --------: --------------:--------::---------::---------::---------------: Nintendo -----: 6:00PM :: 8:00PM :: 9:00PM :-Thursday AM-): Watch here: http://e3.nintendo.com/ Thursday 7th June Company ------:- PST --::-- CST --::-- EST --::-- GMT --: --------------:--------::---------::---------::---------: Nintendo -------------Wednesday PM--------):: 2:00AM : Watch here: http://e3.nintendo.com/[/code] Currently [u]confirmed[/u] games showing are: Obviously, all eyes are going to be on Nintendo, expectantly awaiting their Wii U launch extravaganza, but Sony will also be revealing the second wave of its big Vita titles, and hopefully we will also get some news on NeXtBox and PlayStation 4. Additionally, rumors continue to persist regarding a 'Steambox' system from Valve, and who knows what else we might be shocked and awed by? The likes of Zynga are in attendance this year as well, so it will be interesting to see how seriously the media takes social gaming against announcements from the other major players. So, what do you want to see and what do you hope to see?
  16. http://mynintendonew...-fit-for-wii-u/ Takashi Iizuka, head of Sonic Team told Eurogamer in this interview he wants Sonic to return to 3D style. Something he said from the article. What do you think this could be? I return to the Adventure style? A new fully 3D Sonic game with something interesting and creative added to the mix? Other something else? Discuss.
  17. New Nintendo Direct video happening tomorrow Satoru Iwata to present latest 3DS updates http://www.officialn...ening-tomorrow/ Reggie Fils-Aime to address fans in Nintendo Direct video Watch Nintendo Direct tomorrow afternoon http://www.officialn...o-direct-video/ First Nintendo Direct Europe video to be broadcast tomorrow Watch it on nintendo.co.uk http://www.officialn...dcast-tomorrow/ It's time for another Nintendo Direct show, only this time it's from Nintendo Japan, Nintendo of America AND Nintendo Europe. This makes me wonder if Nintendo plans on revealing some big and significant news, especially as they're doing these videos on the day Sony's PS Vita launches. Nintendo Japan: 11am GMT Nintendo of America: 2pm GMT Nintendo Europe: 12pm GMT
  18. ------------------------------- Hello, all of SSMB. =D Since for the past month or so we've been racing each other using the online multiplayer function on the game, Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS. Since everyone has been loving it so far, I have had an idea to hold Mario Kart 7 tournaments every weekend, and Monday and Tuesday. The tournament begins at 7:15 PM EST those days. Registration will last until March 9, so there is plenty of time to enter! For us to have easy contact on the 3DS, add and trade friend codes. We will use the SSMB community, which JezMM had created, and will be used for the tournaments. 1 tournament consists of five matches, which is 4 races for each match. Whoever wins gets the tournament that day will get a variety of prizes that will be mentioned later here. If you do not have a 3DS, or the game, Mario Kart 7, you cannot participate in the tournaments. THE RULES 1. Race fair. 2. NO Action Replay or hacking of any sort. 3. Do not brag or boast if you win, it only brings down people's confidence and morale, everyone here is a winner. You may mean it as a joke though. 4. Do not choose the same stage over and over to annoy people. 5. HAVE FUN RACING! ----------- PRIZES 1st PLACE: Get a gold MK7 badge as an award 2nd PLACE: Get a silver MK7 badge as an award. 3rd PLACE: Get a bronze MK7 badge. 4th PLACE: MK7 Tournament Racer Badge. 5th PLACE: MK7 Tournament Racer Badge. Others: MK7 Tournament Racer Badge. Skill Badges: Golden Bullet: Win 1st place in at least 3 tournaments. Silver Sneaker: Win 2nd place in at least 3 tournaments. Bronze Booster: Win 3rd place in most (3) tournaments. (Badges have not been approved yet, and are still conceptual.) ------------------ SSMB COMMUNITY CODE: 64-8368-2641-3135 MY 3DS FC: 0817-3759-4156 HOST: Dr. Felix (Meeee. =U) The tournament will work like a survival island sort of thing, the best racers race and race, and make it to the semi-finals, the finals, and whoever wins is the winner of the tournament. Main matches: 4-5 weeks Judging matches: 1 week Semi-finals: 1-2 weeks Finals: 2 days -------------------- That's all! HAVE FUN RACING~!
  19. Rhythm Thief (Also known as Rhythm Thief R in Japan) & the Emperor's Treasure is an exclusive for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is made by Sega and cameos many of Sega's other rhythm games such as "Space Channel 5" and "Samba De Amigo". The game looks great and I'm probably going to pick it up once it comes out. Definitely one of the must-own titles for the 3DS. I haven't seen the game getting attention and it would be unwise to ignore it. Support Sega and support this IP! The game stars a boy (Raphael ) and his dog named Fondue. His father left him and left him a coin with an unique mark. A necklace on the Louvre has a similar mark so he sets out to get it. Along the way, unexplainable things happen such as Emperor Napoleon returning from the dead. It looks like it'll be a TBA 2012 release. I'm hoping it sells good and maybe Sega will go back and do more with their rhythm franchises.
  20. http://www.wired.com...moto-interview/ I guess this means Miyamoto won't be involved in the larger game projects anymore like the main Mario and Zelda titles. It's sad news, but after all of this time, Miyamoto does deserve to take a step down. I look forward to to seeing what comes out of these smaller games like the one he hopes to reveal in 2012.
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