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Found 3 results

  1. Title says all, really. The pics that usually appear in the "user awards" only show up as dots, and I think this applies for all members and all pages withthe shown. Wondering if you guys are trying to get this fixed, and thanks for reading.
  2. *Ahem* Yep, here it is, another topic on how the fanbase sucks, and how blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. Let me ask you something, What do you think compels us (as a Fanbase) to point out the unessential flaws in Sonic? Like "Green Eyes" or "Modern Sucks" or even "Not 1:1 Genesis Physics, ruined forever". I thought the fanbase was behind all of this crying and raging at Sega about these non essential things, but after the release of Generations, many folks have made it clear that we are still on this subject. Is it because of the general public's idea that "Sonic is Dead" that we have started to feel more resentful towards the blue hedgehog? Look at old gems like Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Advance. Both good games once considered to be the pinnacle of the series, has gotten mostly negative reception because they don't hold up to "today's standards". People say that they are doing it for the better, but it is in fact for the worst. Our Complaints have scared Sonic Team into thinking "Sonic only, Fast Speed, Light Stories, and No Friends" are what make a good sonic game. This is not true. Sonic games could have the greatest concept for a game ever, yet come out disappointing because it didn't feel like it had enough effort. The Developers would just piece together everything that a Sonic fan wants, and only think of the individual components, instead of thinking how the final product will turn out because of these individual components. Sure it may come out as a great game, but it only shows off half off their potential, as the developers may have wanted to add new things, but were afraid to do so as it may have upset the fanbase. To put it softly, "Sonic Team's our bitch." They will do anything to please us, and won't try to change anything about the games, sonic, or us, as it may upset or anger the Fanbase.We need them as much as they need us. Without each other, both would fall apart. however many now think of it as "We don't need them, but they need us if they want to stay alive." To get back on topic though, is it because of the direction the series has taken, that makes us want to bash Sonic Team for trying new things and force them to go back to the classic formula, which is regarded as the only formula for sonic. Or is it because of the general public that makes us BAW, RAGE, and Overreact whenever something is amiss in the Sonic universe. Maybe some of these are legitimate complaints, but to overreact to a new statement made by Izuka every time he says something, is just somethin else. SSMB as a whole is just a tiny fraction compared to the entirety of the Fanbase. Say what you want, but you cannot deny the fact that: The Sonic Fanbase is a Trainwreck.
  3. Sonic Generations is undoubtedly a critical moment in Sonic's history and quite frankly gaming history. Naturally, as Sonic fans, we need it regardless because SEGA owns us main Sonic games don't come out every day, let alone huge anniversary titles. So we're all getting it for the most part? That's the question i'd like to ask all of you. As a steadfast Nintendo fanboy, HD Generations simply will not find it's way to my machine of choice, and i'm stuck between getting an XBox 360 or gutting my PC and making it all magical-like. And i'm broke. That made me wonder if anyone else is missing out on HD Generations. Are you guys out there? How about people who are missing out on Generations 3DS? Simply can't afford one version or the other with the rest of the titles this time of year? Simply holding out until your birthday or a gift-giving holiday? Share your stories! Members of the Dismay Club, represent! Oh yeah, and while this kind of talk can go on a little bit, the merits of buying a console for one game is cutting it close if not already off topic. It's probably gonna be fairly easy for that kind of talk to spur out in this thread, though. It's up to the mods whether or not someone is allowed to specifically ask if it's sane in their situation, although we have a thread for that already to my knowledge.
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