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Found 8 results

  1. Can't believe we still don't have a thread that's specifically made to contain the shenanigans of the Twitter/Tumblr Sonic account. Anyways, right now there's a popularity contest shodown between all of the non-Sonic characters to determine who is the coolest, and round 1 is Tails Vs Jet The Hawk : And you can vote for them here : https://www.wedgies.com/question/55ad6214f0a2be0c000111a5 round robin scrub double elimination master race
  2. Nobody made a topic for this yet, which is surprising... but here it is. This was aired last night on SEGA's official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel. The concept was for DJ/EDM musician (and ugh, NFT enthusiast 🤮) Steve Aoki to celebrate both his own birthday and Sonic's 30th Anniversary by way of a virtual concert. Featuring mostly* not-Sonic music and various Sonic characters doing... what can only be described as 'Fortnite lite dances'? Anyway, here it is. Enjoy. Comment as you will. * Edit: I'm actually watching this past the first ten minutes for the first time this morning and I just heard a remix of Stardust Speedway so maybe it's not all devoid of Sonic music. Still.
  3. So I haven't seen many people talking about this and thought making a topic could be useful for stirring some discussion. So for the uninformed, starting around a month ago, the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel started uploading videos as part of a series called the "Sonic Rings Series" where various internet gaming personalities are interviewed about their feelings on Sonic and their history with the franchise, eventually being asked to draw Sonic in a little sketchpad and play through Green Hill Zone. Here's the playlist: I'll leave my personal thoughts below, just wanted to make an unbiased post to start the discussion off neutrally. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thoughts so far are kinda mixed. Started off pretty good with Jirard, but it seems on and off like they're bringing in people who are like: "Yeah, when I was a kid, I had a Sonic game and loved it." I think it's a lot more valuable when they bring on people who are genuine fans like Jirard (who has reviewed a ton of Sonic games) and Aaron Kurtzer who's a collector of Sonic stuff. The other episodes seem to be just random internet personalities who liked Sonic Adventure 2 as a kid. Wouldn't seeing genuine fans be more valuable? After all the description of the videos states: 'The Sonic Rings series takes a look at some Sonic superfans and their memories of the blue blur over the past 30 years.' I'd really much rather see people like Cybershell or Game Apologist or something, who make it clear how much they love the series. People that Sonic fans already connect to. I don't mean to come of as some guy going, "You're not a real fan!" I just don't see how half these people are "super fans". It seems like they're shooting more for fame with half of these picks. EDIT: Apparently there's a sort of partnership with G-FUEL going on with this series, which has to do with who they're picking. Well, it's a reason, but it doesn't make it anymore enjoyable for me. EDIT 2: Saw @Badnik Mechanic comment on the most recent video, sharing my thoughts. Would love to hear from you here, too.
  4. Not quite sure where to post this, so please move it elsewhere if this is not the right section for it. I have too much free time on my hands, and the symphony from last night got me hyped, so I collected all the Japanese Sonic Twitter artworks by Yui Karasuno and since we have no lossless versions of them, or releases big enough we could use as wallpapers, I took it upon myself to fix that. Using ESRGAN, an AI image enhancement algorythm, I cleaned up the artworks from the JPG artifacts, and then upscaled them to 1080p. The results are immaculate. Gonna post the collection of the source pictures, the native resolution lossless versions and the 1080p upscales (or downscales in the case of the Symphony artwork). The Sinbad and Symphony artworks were posted as lossless PNGS on Tumblr, so those ones are only present in the source files and 1080p versions folders. Source files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19HjL2ejAh5I9yjweMDpGtm1HNg8fM3tb?usp=sharing Native resolution lossless: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Wrq8OB6OX9UAOjNC1ksQz6SdFAVlzLdc?usp=sharing 1080p upscales: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1O0EMOHCu65EnLHXO6NSQwq3Lu5a9dOav?usp=sharing 1440p TEST: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PWyh-zKhzSfAezvpSX4ZTBOpeMAEcDak?usp=sharing Gonna be updating these as new artworks come out. If anything is missing please let me know :). Hope you enjoy. Edit: Silver from Aug2021 added.
  5. The latest artwork from SEGA Japan's Sonic Channel has been released! With Sonic Colours Ultimate releasing in the next month or so worldwide, it makes sense that the September entry for the 'Sonic x ...' series would focus on the colourful Wisp creatures. The artwork features Sonic darting around Windy Valley as he pals around with Yacker and the Drill, Laser and Ghost Wisps from Sonic Colours. The new drawings also come complete with a short story (in Japanese) about Sonic's encounter with these mysterious beings. You can read that here. On Sonic Channel's website, you can download the artwork in both desktop and mobile formats as a wallpaper. You can also download a digital calendar PDF for September 2021 that also features this art.
  6. It looks like Sonic Colors Ultimate is getting more than just a web series: Sonic’s Japanese Twitter account has released a three page web comic! At the moment, the comic is only available in Japanese, but Kazuyuki Hoshino has confirmed that an English translation will be released soon. This web comic is considered “episode 1,” so there will be more. We’ll be sure to update this post with the English translation when it becomes available! Until then, check out the web comic below: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2021/08/sega-releases-sonic-colors-web-comic/
  7. So there was a birthday symphony for Sonic about which there are no threads apparently? Honestly I’m perplexed by that. Anyway, what did you think of this event? I personally loved it, and there are parts that I really hope Sonic Team is watching- particularly the Believe In Myself bit. Maybe they’ll start taking Tails seriously again. The Live and Learn performance was incredible, too.
  8. An official illustrated short story from Sega of America just released. It's a nice holiday treat.
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