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Found 1 result

  1. Hello and good morning, lovely denizens of the SSMB! I'm happy to begin the forum's newest community event - a revival of one we had almost two whole years ago. A great time was had each and every day of the month as we all got to talk about our favorite and least favorite games - Back, by popular demand, is SSMB's 30 Days of Video Games! For the newer members who may not be familiar with how this works, it's quite simple. Every day, at around the same time (I'm aiming for 8 AM EST), a new topic will be introduced for everyone to respond to. As the name of the event makes clear, we'll be talking about all sorts of games. Fun stuff. If you've taken part before, you know what to do, really. If not, however, I'd like to request you please do look at the rules before starting. Bad things happen to people who break rules. Rules A minimum of one paragraph for each response. These are some very open ended questions, and there's a lot of leeway for what you can write about. Seriously, all that's being asked here is three sentences. Please follow this. You have roughly 24 hours to post your submission for each topic. There will be slight leeway, but really, please try to be punctual. Be respectful. I'm going to be frank here - we're all here to have fun, and nobody cares if you think SonicBonic2046's favorite game is awful. This should go without saying. Keep things civil. If you participated before, then try to keep your answers different. This isn't strictly necessary, but it keeps things interesting. This isn't actually a rule that will be enforced, but merely a suggestion. We're all Sonic fans here, but if possible, try to avoid using Sonic as your answer. We all already know about our favorite Sonic games and moments, so it'd be a lot more fun to get some new and unique perspectives on different games that we may not be as knowledgeable about. If you really can't think of anything else, that's fine, but it'd be nice if we could have as little Sonic stuff as possible. If you really want to talk about Sonic, then feel free. We'd like as many people as possible to take part, so don't feel like you can't if you don't have any other games to talk about. EDIT. NEW RULE - If for whatever reason stuff happens in your personal life that prevents you from posting, please contact me or Kiah and let us know ahead of time. As in, if we are currently on Day 5 and you know you'll be unable to post on Days 6 and 7, contact me early and you can later include them on Day 8. You'll only be excused if you contact us ahead of time, so if you just forget to post then there's nothing to be done. Actually try, be on time, and play nice. Easy. Another thing of note, badges will be given to those who participate (not final): Participated For 5 Days - Write five entries and submit them on time. Participated For 10 Days Participated For 20 Days Participated Every Day - You'll only get this one if you post your submission on time every day. So work for it. I also want to thank Kiah, Soniko, Carbo, and a bunch of my pals on Skype for helping make this event a thing. Lots of thought went into these questions, and I really hope you all enjoy them. And with all of that said and done, on to the games! Day 1 - Most Nostalgic Game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Hours and hours and hours went into this one. More than its sequel, and far more than its predecessor. Budokai Tenkaichi 2 may not be the most mechanically complex or interesting game out there, but it's a bit like Smash Bros in the sense that it shines spectacularly as a multiplayer "party" game. It's a very easy game to learn, and as a result my trip to Syria when I was about ten years old made way for dozens of hours huddled around the TV holding tournaments with my cousins. There's an enormous amount of content and it's just a damn fun time. I'm quite fond of it, in spite of its flaws. Fun fact - I was actually playing this game the moment my first niece was born. I was in my room messing around in Versus Mode with my cousin (I have a lot of cousins), trying to finish an entire match only by winning beam struggles (the analog stick on that controller is long dead), when my dad called my name from the living room and told me that my older sister had given birth just minutes prior. I don't think I'll ever forget that moment. Edit - Seen this come up a few times, gonna nip it in the bud right now - All but a handful of the upcoming 30 Days questions will be "Favorite/Least Favorite ___". The reason for this is because I want to have as broad of questions as possible with as much variety as possible. "Favorite" /anything/ is also something that's very easy to be passionate about, and gives everyone the opportunity to talk about almost anything they want with some detail. The intention here is to have us all talk about the games that stood out to us throughout our lives, and the ways in which they did so. So if you're not happy with that, don't carry on expecting something else. Edit 2 - Someone asked me to post the full list of days here so people can go back and see what they missed. 1. Most nostalgic game: 2. Favorite game: 3. Best Cover Art: 4. Favorite series (second favorite if same as before): 5. Favorite Indie Game: 6. Favorite level in a game: 7. Least favorite level: 8. Favorite ability: 9. Favorite boss: 10. Most immersive game: 11. Most Frustrating Moment: 12. Fondest “Next Gen Experience”: 13. Most disappointing sequel: 14. Favorite story: 15. Favorite moment: 16. Most tragic/saddest moment: Chibi’s life 17. Best Combat: 18. Favorite Protagonist: 19. Favorite Villain: 20. Favorite side character: 21. Most Memorable Unlockable: 22. Favorite Art Style: 23. Favorite Song: 24. Favorite Setting: 25. Least Favorite Character: 26. Favorite Console Generation: 27. Favorite developer: 28. Most anticipated game: 29. Best overall cast: 30. Favorite ending: 31. Why Do You Play Games?
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