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Found 3 results

  1. You know the formula: Sonic is hot-headed and cheesy, and Tails rambles about mechanical things with big words. Eggman attempts to take over the world, with Orbot and Cubot providing nothing more than extra comedy. He unleashes robot after robot trying to kill Sonic, and Sonic takes them out with a spindash and a cheesy one-liner. The final boss comes along, which may or not be Eggman again, which Sonic destroys, again paired with more cheesy hero banter. All’s well that ends well. Rinse and repeat for the next game. Is anyone else getting tired of this redundant formula found in the last few main Sonic games? (Colors through Lost World mostly, but Unleashed has a lot of these qualities as well) For one, the characters come off as pretty flat. Sonic is the cheesy, sometimes hot-headed hero. Tails is the smarty-pants sidekick who makes all the computery gadgets used in the game work. Eggman is the evil genius who simply can’t seem to build a single machine that doesn’t contain a big flashing “Sonic Hit Here” spot, let alone fulfill one of his world domination plots. And… that’s it. There isn’t really much else to these characters anymore. Sonic games used to have impressively written character development. For example, Tails realized his capabilities and found that he could do things on his own without the help of his older brother-figure Sonic by saving Station Square from Eggman’s missile. Oppositely, Blaze realized that not every situation can be solved on her own, and sometimes it’s important to trust others to help you. Shadow went from a revenge-seeking monster wanting to avenge Maria by destroying the world to carrying out what she truly wanted – to save and care for the people of the world. Knuckles actually had a serious duty of guarding the Master Emerald because he is the last of his clan (seriously, who guards the M.E. now since Knuckles just seems to always be tagging along with whatever Sonic is doing?). Amy could actually do things herself, such as saving herself time and time again from the robot Zero, rather than depending on Sonic for everything. Gamma gave his own life to set free the small bird powering him from inside. The plots have been just as mundane. Until recent years, Sonic games have had fairly deep plots. Well, at least there was more to the story than there has been lately. They’ve included dark time travel where the future is an Eggman-ruled wasteland, deep backstories of civilizations that no longer exist, and plots to destroy the world with an Eclipse Cannon coming terrifyingly close to realization. And a lot of the time, Sonic was always one step behind Eggman! I get that Sonic is mainly targeted at kids. I know some people like the newer, more light-hearted approach, because how can anything to do with a giant blue hedgehog be serious, right? However, when I was younger and played through these older games, I understood these plots and characters fully. Good plots and characters aren’t just for adults, you know. And you know what? It didn’t seem weird or out of place to me that a talking blue hedgehog and his friends were in some seriously sticky situations. In fact, I thought it was awesome. And there were even some characters learning some damn good lessons that I could apply to myself. What is a 7-year-old going to take away from Sonic shouting about the “B.B.B.E – Best Boss Battle Ever”? Nothing more than I learned from Tails’ newfound independence at the end of his story in Adventure, that’s for sure. I realize this is more of an outpouring of my thoughts (thanks for sticking through and reading the whole thing to those that did) than a simple question and answer topic, but how do you feel about the state of plot and characterization in the more recent Sonic games? Do you support the newer light-heartedness of Sonic? Or do you prefer when Sonic games had a little bit deeper of stories?
  2. What kind of story would you like in the next Sonic main series game? What characters would it feature? Where would it be set? Tell me your ideas!
  3. Every Week, Sonic and his friends seem to battle Eggman's evil plans of taking over the world. But ever since Sonic Adventure, Sonic Team seems to have taken a liking to Giant God-Like Monsters that will never be mentioned ever again after said certain game. This is what the fanbase has called "MoTW" or "Monster of The Week". Appearing in almost every single 3D Sonic game sans Colors, Demi-powered monsters often turn out to be the (often mediocre) final boss of the game. So let's look at each MoTW's backstory, lead up, and battle itself, and just see who's the worst, and best Monster once and for all, (till the next game). Perfect Chaos (Adventure) Perfect Chaos is the first of these Monster's, and is arguably the best one. An entity within the Master Emeralds, Chaos was filled with rage and fury upon the Echidna Tribe's actions upon their siege on the Shrine, killing the Chao he protected and hurting his friend Tikal. It was that very incident that ended with Chaos and Tikal trapped within the Master Emerald. Some Hundred Years later, Eggman reads upon the stone tablets that he presumably rented from the library, and uses this to destroy the Master Emerald, and feeds the chaos emeralds to Chaos while the others must stop him from doing this, which they fail upon (hilariously I might add). Getting to the battle, Perfect Chaos just sits there while shooting lasers and summoning tornadoes and such. Though he never once tries to use a tidal wave attack ( D:), most of them are extremely easy to dodge, and as such he is no threat when being taken down by Super Sonic. Final Hazard (Adventure 2) Why is there a canon stuck up my ass AAAHHH!!! Final Hazard's backstory is.....weird. He the prototype of the ultimate life-form, (how they went from a colossal dinosaur type freak to a little black hedgehog is beyond me), somehow being re-awoken when the chaos emeralds where put into the Space Ark canon's core. He fights Shadow for a bit before Chaos Controlling into outerspace and sticking his ass into....a giant canon. Yeah........ The fight is mostly easy, though can be frustrating at times. He shoots lasers at you, fires up tiny pink homing things, and has a huge pimple problem as big as a "fuck me button". Yep, strange and......strange. (So if the canon fired, would he blow up, or would the laser come out his......moving on!) Metal Overlord (Heroes) Metal Sonic being a final boss is awesome, if it weren't for the fact that he pretty much goes apeshit and turns into a dragon-robot hybrid anime type. Also it's around this time Sonic fans begin to notice a pattern in final bosses being big, and huge, and monster like. Anyways, Metal Sonic was pissed at Sonic and Eggman, so he locks up the latter, and disguises himself as Sonic before kidnapping Cheese and Froggy for his masterplan!!!!Quite the genius really. He then goes out as Eggman and lures the Sonic Heroes into his trap....being something. So yep, he kidnaps a frog and an animal, tells everyone what he's doing, and when he going to do it, fights everyone and fucks up, before transforming before everyone to show that his true plan all along was to kill Sonic. Quite a Complex plan just for killing one hedgehog. Why is this guy popular again? Oh yeah, cause he's EVIL!!!!! Metal Son- oh excuse me, Overlord, shoots crystals out of his chest, and slows down time (where he doesn't use this to his advantage,) and occasionally grabs random Egg-Fleet ships and throws them like a badass at Super Sonic. This sounds all cool and shit, but it's really easy and mediocre. Plus the way Super Sonic and his friends show him the power of teamwork by shaking violently before raping Metal is very hilarious. Devil Doom (Shadow) OH THANK GOD, I have an excuse for not explaining this boss's backstory, Ahem, since this is not a Sonic game all the way (even though it is), I will not explain this boss's complex, confusing, weird, backstory that even I'm not sure about. Hell it's been so long since I played this shit that I forgot everything. Something about DNA, and Black Arms, and he is Shadow's father or some shit, wanna explain? Be my guest! The Battle as far as I remember is easy. He uses lasers (RED LASERS) and throws comets at Shadow above the stratosphere. Also he can use Chaos Control, though it doesn't really come into affect here. Boss sucks, Game sucks, Devil Doom can kiss my devilishly sexy ass. Next-oh god no, Solaris (Sonic The Disaster) Lol, only Newfags Tri-Force. Speaking of this Newfag, here's Solaris. He was created as Iblis, along with Mephiles the Dark, when the scientists of Soleana were trying to do shit. But Shit went wrong, and they both escaped. Luckily thanks to the plot excuse and plot irrelevance of Shadow and Silver, they captured them and Mephiles was sealed inside the book scepter of darkness. Iblis on the other hand, was sealed within an 8 YEAR OLD GIRL with SOCIAL PROBLEMS, who would awaken WHENEVER SHE CRIED, on the same day HER FATHER DIED. BRILLIANT! But *Gasp* the unthinkable happens, as she cries one day, and Iblis is released and fused with Mephiles, to create Solaris Paradox, Lord of the Time Stream. The Battle is boring. You charge up as whoever you are, while Solaris throws too much random shit at the screen, while using LASERS, too keep the hedgehog trio at bay. You can see how well that worked out. Perfect Dark Gaia (Unleashed) Once again, just as the stone tablets predicted, Eggman unleashes yet another Monster of the week. Dark Gaia is the dark, evil entity of the Earth, while Light Gaia is the pure and light. Both are awaken every couple of thousand years to fight and begin Armageddon, but this time Dark Gaia was awaken a couple hundred years too early. As such, Light Gaia and him were premature and are both unable to fight each other yet. Also the Chaos Emeralds power up the Temples or some shit, because they do. So yeah, Perfect Dark Gaia can create a giant force field to protect himself, grabs Light Gaia, and does a round of Punch-Out against him. Oh and Super Sonic goes through his skull like a boss. This boss is boring, tedious, long, and just repetitive. Grab your X-Box 360 controllers and PRESS X 60 TIMES to continue to the latest MoTW. Time Eater (Generations) Time Eater appears out of random. Nothing is known about his backstory, as he just randomly shows up in space just as Eggman was passing him. Plot excuse to use time travel in Generation yes, but still I like to have the story in my Sonic games not so....irrelevant. Oh and I'll put some spoiler warnings later on so you guys don't find out that Robotnik and Eggman are controlling him. The battle is horrendous too. He throws random stuff at you from Sonic's past, all his green-eyed failures and black-eyed successes, and shoots HOMING SHOTS AT YOU. JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW, THAT'S MIGHT BE A HOMING SHOT, I'M NOT SO SURE BUT JUST IN CASE, THAT LOOKS LIKE some dumb annoying shit. And he can stop time...and doesn't do anything when he does this. Also he has a giant Death Ball that does nothing against Sonic. Likes :Time, Eating, Fat People, Plot Holes Dislikes: Red Chaos Emeralds, Plot, Story, Sonic, Being called Robotnik. All of these Monsters range from good, to bad, to horrendous, to mediocre. So I ask, which do you think is deserving of the Grammy for Best MoTW, and why and shit. Oh and this is also a general topic for MoTW, why you hate them, blah blah blah, backstory and such.
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