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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Sonic Fans. Newbie poster here. I was here for P-24 in 2009, and sadly missed 2010, I want to ask (as my title stated) is there another P-24 this year? Cheers dudes.
  2. Forgive me if this is the wrong place to discuss this, but I was wondering if anyone would have a copy of it? With Megaupload dead, well so is the link is dead now. If you don't know what i'm talking about it was fandub audio project by Mobius, base on the prologue of Sonic Chronicles. Thank you anyone who may have a copy of it. Maybe the image below might help.
  3. Seven scribes in accordance to seven Emeralds. If there's one thing Sonic has, it's a lot of continuities. Each one exists in its own great big world, with its own set of fans to boot. The problem I've seen with all these continuities though is that there seems to be so much conflict involved whenever they cross together in discussions. That's why I am here, posting today: I have a thought. What if there was a team? A team of fanfic writers of the Sonic fandom? All of whom enjoy the different continuities as a whole. Each one being a master of their own genre of writing. Together, this seven member team would work together and attempt to unify the many continuities of Sonic the hedgehog into one, through talk, discussion, and brainstorming. Eventually these ideas would finalize in a fanfic universe combining just about every commercial continuity that can be salvaged. I propose such a team to be, with me at the head. What am I a master of, you ask? I am a visionary who has too many good ideas, but too many of them. I often overwhelm myself with my own ideas and find myself unable to properly work. However, when I get my ideas out, I get them out loud and clear. That is how I've always written my fiction. At the same time, I don't want this to be some vanity project for my ideas of how the Sonic universe should be. I want it to be a vanity project represented by writers whom I find represent the Sonic fandom in a clear and mature manner. --- The process of molding together these mythos and continuities will be kept organized through joint effort and cooperation from each member of the team. The brainstorming sessions will consist of the members getting together on a Skype/Chatzy board room, discussing ideas and plans for stories. We will generally use information gathered from the numerous Sonic sites and from our own knowledge to combine elements of the seperate continuities together. As we do this, we shall also do brainstorming on adaptations for the Sonic games, working together all the adaptations into one harmony. Sonic games Sonic X Sonic Satam AOSTH Sonic OVA Sonic Manga Sonic Underground Sonic the Comic Archie Sonic --- Terms of Membership: 1. You must be willing to work and present new ideas. 2. You must be willing to take criticism- Don't continue a losing argument if you find yourself outnumbered. Try again and revise your idea to fit the ones presented to you. Who knows, it could also be your chance to find a way to take advantage of the situation. 3. Optimal grammar and spelling- I'm not asking for the best in the world, but show me you have a good shred of competence with your words. 4. Present an example of some of your work to me so that I may have an understanding how you work. 5. A decent understanding of all the continuities. It's preferable that you are a master of understanding at least one. 6. Must (attempt to) disregard all biases towards characters and settings. All ideas must be presented in an almost completely objective manner. 7. Never push beyond a hard PG rating (hidden innuendo is allowed though.) ---- The Seven Scribe Roles Green- Leader; the vision. It is the leader's job to organize meet ups and help bridge ideas together in a clear manner. Also writes the majority of the concepts and outlines. Cyan- Archivist; the one who shall be relied on mostly for notes and compiling information alongside the leader. Along with the leader, they shall also be the ones to help inform others of important events and formulating them with the leader. Red & Blue - The artists; while still writers, the artists also must be the ones whom can visualize ideas for members who want to make their points clearer. The artists are not restricted to any genre. The three specialists. They are masters of three of the main genres of narrative and will aid in the creative process with their ideas. * Clear- Humorist; a specialist of humor in stories . * Golden- Adventurer; a specialist in pure adventure plots. * Violet- Emotion; a specialist in heart-throbbing, emotional stories. --- Rules of Submission: 1. Must provide a link to two examples of your best fanfiction work. 2. If applying for Clear, work must be general adventure with a heavy emphasis on action over the other two genres. 3. If applying for Clear, work must be focused on humor of any type as long as it doesn't bypass the ratings limit. 4. If applying for violet; submit works with heavy emphasis on romance or general heartwarming emotional stories. 5. Those applying for archivist don't need to submit more than one piece of fiction. Though he/she will be contributing to the discussion, his/her duty is mostly to taking of notes and being efficient. 6. Artists need to post only one story and three of their sketches. ---- I'd prefer if you asked me questions through PM or elsewhere so as not to clog up the thread with many.
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