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Found 2 results

  1. Good evening. Are you going segagaga? If your like me, sometimes you don't feel like only talking about one game at a time. So assuming it is alright with our masters, I create a special place to talk about one of my personal favourite genres from video games. I'm sure it will be okay, unless a topic like this has already been done, our masters know what's best, it's not like they have breath of fire or anything... That being the rocket propelled gun...excuse me while I wipe the dust and cobwebs off that joke... Role-Playing Games: What makes a game, a role-playing game? I've asked myself this question once before, way back in the mid-90s. I came to the conclusion that an RPG must be a game where a character is thrown into a situation that demands him to be a hero and save the world, while being accompaned be 7 other characters. Being involved in many battles that play at a turn based pace. Was I ever that young and foolish? Quite a link to the past I have... Naturally, the answer to this question would be different to each person. If you wanna get literal, then all games are role-playing games. The role you play, being the main character. But we all know there's more to it, then that. This ain't my last story... In my opinion strategy and optional quests are things that most RPGs need. As the main character, you would need to plan your moves properly and having optional extras help create the feeling that you are in this role and you choose how to go about things. Something else I think RPGs should have is something we are seeing more of these days, but was not around much in the past. That being the ability to improve or worsen the relationships with the supporting characters. This again makes the game feel more like you are the main character. You are playing that role. You can create an amazing persona. 1, An Epic Story: An RPG does tend to have a more epic story to it, then other games. It's like playing an intence novel. How many RPGs can you name with weak stories? 2, Level Up!: Customization is heavily involved in a good RPG. And yes, this also helps the player step into that role. 3, Location Location Location: Exploration is an essential part of most role playing games too. Yet, you can still have a good RPG without exploration. They tend to be of the tactical role-playing game, sub-genre. 4, Go Left or Right?: Interestingly, a tactical role-playing game can make up for its lack of exploration by adding multiple paths. You do something that will follow you into one route, yet if you replay it, and do something different, it takes you on a new route. 5, Lookin' good!: I've noticed recently that a lot of RPGs are bringing with them, a unique visual style. The most obvious one would be the Legend of Zelda series. It's been bringing new visual styles for several years now. What's the Appeal of RPGs? Playing a final fantasy a surprising number of times more then the name implies or up for a dragon quest, the appeal of the humble roleplaying game could either be an easy question or a hard one...for me, it is actually a hard question. I seem to be natually drawn to RPGs, often having no idea why. The first that comes to mind would have to be the visual style and character designs. The other thing would be stepping into a role and interacting with characters without having to worry about how I am being perceived. I'm just far too shy around real people, that's probably why I don't play massively multiplayer online role-playing games. (MMORPG) What's Your Favourite/Favorite RPG? I left the most horrible question for last, as choosing just one seems like a horrible crime, but...having recently played it, I think it is an easy decision to make... Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Funny thing is, everything I said in this post, that I think an RPG should have, is there in this f***ing fantastic game. The story is of epic amazingness that cannot be measured on any scale, as it is themed around a mystery, like any mystery novel, it keeps you guessing up until the very end. There was so many surprises in this one game, it is unbelievable. I don't want to let slip any spoilers, so I shouldn't talk too much about it...Bearsona!! The game is also making it to the PS Vita and promises to bring lots of new things with it. It's also the only reason I want a PS Vita at the moment... So...that's it for the opening post. Would you like to have a go at answering the questions I did? Have any questions of your own you would like to challenge the board in answering? What do you love about RPGs? or if your not interested in them, why? I'm sure your posts will have a mass effect...
  2. So, my previous topic on Cryamore is gone. And it's back! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/robaato/cryamore-a-true-first-class-take-on-the-action-rpg What is Cryamore? Why, a brand new Action-RPG staring main protagonist Esmyrelda Maximus, who lives in a world where a special material called Cryamore powers their world as a whole. The game was a success on kickstarter, and has ports coming to major consoles. They also occasionally make updates every single Monday: http://cryamore.tumblr.com/ Screenshots
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