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Found 5 results

  1. I don't exactly love Sonic R or anything, outside of the soundtrack and the over-all aesthetic of the game, but would you be interested in getting another Sonic game where there's primarily no vehicles? Of course, somebody like Eggman would always use a vehicle, but I find the idea of a mostly on-foot Sonic racing game to be worth revisiting. Of course, there'd be questions on how someone like Knuckles or Rouge could keep up with the speed of Sonic, but I think they could give a good story reason as to why Sonic is going slower than he normally would when racing. But yeah, I'd be interested in getting one. What do you think?
  2. FAST Racing NEO is a futuristic racing game that will be released 2015 exclusively for Wii U (in the eshop). The game looks very promising but probably a lot of people don't know about it so I thought it would be a good idea to post a new topic. Here are first details: - It'll run at 60fps (frames per second) and 720p - It'll support 1-4 local multiplayer - Online racing and online rankings will be included - The first footage will be shown in June. Source with first Screenshots: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/06/fast_racing_neo_details_finally_exit_the_garage
  3. How Kickstarter inspired the Burnout developer’s next game: http://www.polygon.com/2014/6/10/5796632/criterion-new-game-e3-2014-matt-webster-interview This was probably one of my most anticipated games coming out of E3; it just looks like so much fun, and I can see many great memories being made playing it. I've heard it said that it looks like Just Cause, if JC were a racing title, and I can't help but nod in agreement at that sentiment. Time will, of course, tell if I'm saying that a couple of years from now, but I have a huge amount of hope for this game, partly because it's Criterion and these guys are super good at what they do. Adding to my hope is this quote from another forum I visit: EXCITEMENT I can't wait to see proper footage, hopefully at next year's E3.
  4. Edit: Trackmania 2: Stadium is available for pre-order, and you can play the beta if you do so. All the Maniaplanet games are now on Steam, too. Oh, and Stadium looks fucking amazing. If you haven't played Trackmania, you're missing out. Hell, you have no reason not to play it, since Trackmania Nations Forever is FREE. And Trackmania 2 is looking to be even better. Trackmania is all about simple, arcade racing that revolving around getting the best times possible on tracks. And that's only half of it. The deep, intuitive track editor from the original is returning, with improvements, and it's possible to make even more amazing tracks than ever before. Oh, yeah, and did I mention the visuals are jaw-droppingly gorgeous? Additional Videos: Gameplay Just take a look at the map editor vid in the link above - when the guy is finished with the whole thing, the final playthrough of the user-created level looks like something you wouldn't have known was made in a grid-based level editor instead of being modelled by hand or something. Bloody amazing. And there's even a scripting language to allow even more custom content. So far, it's just the Canyon environment, but the developers are gonna release more environments over time 'episodically'. They're also working on ShootMania and QuestMania, an FPS and an RPG with the same design philosophy as Trackmania 2 - arcade-style gameplay with user-designed levels and content. I'm looking forward to the both of these as well.
  5. Well since there doesn't seem to be one. This is the Mario Kart topic. And now I'll say something's on the newest game. Mario Kart 7. Mario Kart 7/3DS is an upcoming racing video game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is being developed and published by Nintendo, slated for release in December 2011. Similar to other games in the Mario Kart series, it incorporates various characters from theMario games racing with one another on Mario game-themed tracks. New additions to the game include hang-gliding attachments for karts and the ability to drive underwater. While carrying on from the traditional Mario Kart gameplay, Mario Kart 7/3DS introduces some new gameplay features. One of these includes a hang glider attachment which allows players to drive off ramps and fly through the air in order to clear across obstacles or take alternate paths throughout the course. Driving underwater adds a propeller to the kart, offering a different style of handling. Another new feature is the ability to customize a character's kart, such as changing its tires which effects its handling on certain surfaces. Coins make a return from some of the previous entries in the series, which will allow players to increase their speed or strengthen defenses against attacks. Discuss your memories and favorite things from the games and what you hope for in the future. And Also. Has there been any recent gameplay videos or news on MK7 at Gamescon?
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