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Found 3 results

  1. Looks like they're finally adding Infinite to Sonic Forces: Speed Battle on mobile. Take it with a grain of salt right now, but it seems to come from a datamine from the game via the SAAC_RUS website. Apparently a Christmas-themed Silver character is also coming to the app as well. Bluwolf also posted a picture of the Infinite render, he's usually been good with datamining these characters too so it adds a little bit of weight to all of this. Hopefully these will both be announced properly soon!
  2. AlteredDanny

    Sonic 2022 Title Leak?

    Sega mentions Sonic Rangers in its own press release • Eurogamer.net Found while looking up new stuff. Could be just a placeholder, but at least it's something? If the name is real, then maybe the Avatar will return in some form? Here's hoping we get more information soon.
  3. https://www.linkedin.com/in/austin-keys-541b851/ So on Austin Key (who is a Sega employee)’s LinkedIn page, there exists this little tidbit, which likely got leaked by accident. So according to this, Sega is apparently planning to port popular Sonic titles to “new to SEGA PC platforms” to expand the availability of Sonic title to a wider digital audience. Given their recent interest in putting their games on digital platforms thanks to the success of Persona 4’s PC port and what not, I guess this is a bit of a non-surprise, but it’s still somewhat interesting nevertheless.
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