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  1. Exclusive to Motobug Making it's return for another year running, Sonic Musical Spectacular is back and rocking for another year of jams! Created as an SSMB event for Sonic's 24th anniversary, the event has become a yearly Summer event for SSMB, always announced on Sonic's birthday, and coinciding with the anniversary of SSMB's unofficial streaming channel - Motobug as well! With the blue hedgehog's 30th birthday happening today, now is as good a time as ever to announce Sonic Musical Spectacular 2021! For those of you that's joining us for the first time this year around, Sonic Musical Spectacular is a yearly event dedicated to looking back on Sonic's musical history, where the SSMB community come together to create a playlist of the very best Sonic tunes comprising the entire franchise, and beyond, having expanded to even fan-works and general SEGA as well. When the entire playlist is made up, we then air the playlist live on SSMB's unofficial streaming channel - Motobug in a two day event, where everyone can come in and listen to the playlist live! Once again, the event is being hosted by yours truly, and the other Motobug staff members, approved by @Chris, and is sponsored and helped by @Strickerx5! As usual, it is important to ensure you read the OP, and understand the rules before taking part in the event! So, in terms of how the event itself works - you can request Sonic songs throughout the series and they'll be added to the community playlist which can be found inside the OP and will be continually updated as more requests come in. The playlist will be a huge playlist made up of requests from each and every single member who participates in the event and will cover more or less all of the games and media within the Sonic series, and even some outside of it. Nearly every single game and piece of media will be listed in the community song list below, with each game having three to four song slots (depending on how popular the game is), as well as two additional remix slots for each game. Regular Song Slots - are pretty self-explanatory - they are the regular versions of Sonic songs found within the soundtracks of each game or piece of media, as long as they are actively included in that game, or soundtrack (For example - Live & Learn, Seaside Hill, Crisis City, etc). This also includes alternative versions of songs - such as Zebrahead's version of His World, or Crush 40's version of Ungravitify. As an exception to the rule - Sonic Colours: Ultimate will be considered regular requests for Sonic Colours, as opposed to having it's own list, or being considered official remixes. If you wish to specify a Colours Ultimate remix as a request, then you must specify it's the Ultimate version of the track, or else we'll assume it's the regular 2010 version. Remix Slots - are a remixed, covered, or mash-up version of a Sonic song, and can either be an official cover/remix (IE - Tee Lopes' Special Remix of Station Square), or it can be a fan-created remix, cover, or mash-up (IE - NatewantstoBattle's Sonic Heroes Theme cover, Back in Time Mash-Up (R/Racing Transformed) by Aqua Teen, or Stardust Speedway (Future Bass Mix) by The Musical Ghost). As an example for how each game's song list will be laid out: Sonic Mania: Now, with the song requests - everyone who participates in the event are given four regular song requests, one remix request, and one 'wild card' request, giving everyone who participates a total of six song requests overall. The catch however is that you cannot use multiple regular requests on the same game list. For example - you cannot use two song requests on Team Sonic Racing. The only exception to this rule is if there's multiple versions of a game with their own individual lists (IE - Sonic 1 Mega Drive VS Master System). Remix Requests are under a similar ruling, you cannot use both remix requests on the same game list. That said - you can use a remix request on the same list as a regular request. So for example - you can use one regular song request on Sonic Adventure 2, and a remix request on Sonic Adventure 2 with no problems. This rule is to keep things fair on everyone and ensure no one can hog a game's list to themselves. The wild card request on the other hand is a special addition we're making this year, based on previous feedback. With the wild-card, you'll be allowed to choose either a regular request, or a remix request - so if you want five regular songs and one remix, or four regulars and two remixes, go right ahead! There will not be any extensions granted to the game's list, both due to difficulties deciding when a game should be extended, and because it's difficult ensuring it's fair to everyone, in case they use all their requests before a extension happens to a game they might've wanted to use a request on instead. It's first come, first serve, so if a game's song list is filled, you need to pick another one. We'll be gauging how popular certain games are from the beginning, and grant them extra slots based on that popularity. The OP will be consistently updated with the requests by me, or Strick, so please ensure you keep an eye on it to ensure that there's an slot available for your request, or your request hasn't already been added. The next thing to discuss is linking your songs - you do not have to link to the songs themselves, simply typing out the title is more than enough. The only thing we might need is a link to your remix requests. That said - if you wish to link the songs directly to us, please do not embed them. Instead, use SSMB's hyperlink functionality instead (type out the song name, highlight it, click the small chain link option on SSMB's chat bar, next to the underline option, and copy/paste the link there, and that will add a hyperlink inside the highlighted text). A lot of videos embedded into the page can cause major site slowdown, and even crash mobiles and tablets, making it more difficult for myself and the mods to access the page and update the OP. Also - if you're linking a song - ensure it's the non-extended version of the song. Lastly - Ensure that you are also linking the correct version of the song, and not Silvagunner tracks for example. While Silva's versions of the songs are fair game for the remix slots, they are not eligible for the regular song slots. We'll also be introducing a limit on how many songs a franchise can have for the SEGA General section this year, due to a high number of Persona songs last year. With that said, the limit for each franchise is 3 songs per franchise in SEGA General specifically. After we've compiled the full playlist, we will then air the entire playlist live on Motobug on July 31st/August 1st for everyone to listen to live! Where to Watch the Musical Spectacular Stream Live on August 7th/August 8th - https://cytu.be/r/Motobug Another thing to mention is if you create Sonic remixes yourself. As with past years, we're bringing back the option to show off your own remixes live during Sonic Musical Spectacular. As always - this is fully optional and not required to participate in the event. You do not have to submit your own remixes if you don't want to. As with last year, we will be splitting the stream into two separate days due to the usual playlist length. Finally, last things to mention is the deadline for submitting song requests, and the air dates of the stream itself! Request Submission Deadline: Tuesday 27th July 2021 Playlist Stream Airdate and Time: 1991 to 2006 (Genesis/Dreamcast): Saturday July 31st at 9pm BST/4pm EST/1pm PDT 2006 to 2021 (Modern): Sunday August 1st at 8pm BST/3pm EST/12pm PDT Here is some of the changes to be found in this year's event! The Wild Card request has been introduced! You can use the wild card request to either choose a regular song, or a remix, giving more freedom in your song choices! So you can have 5 regular songs and 1 remix, or 4 regular songs, and two remixes if you want! SEGA General now has a limit on how many songs each franchise can have (3 per franchise, not counting remixes). Some song list changes Unlike past years, we're currently unable to offer a badge up as a prize for participating, due to some issues with the badge system on SSMB. That said, we do have one concepted, and we will be keeping a note on everyone who does participate in the event this year, and if the issues get fixed sometime down the line, we'll see about getting one implemented later on and delivered out to everyone who takes part. This is the song list - be sure to check it out before submitting your songs so you can make sure your request hasn't been taken, or that a game's song list isn't filled up! If you notice any missing games, be sure to let me know and I'll add them to the song list. Some have been merged together based on popularity in previous years, but if there's enough of a want, we can also separate out some of the merged entries to provide more song slots. Of note - SEGA General will allow song requests from any SEGA/Atlus franchise - albeit limited to three per franchise, not including remixes. For example - Persona, Yakuza, Super Monkey Ball, Nights, Jet Set Radio, Skies of Arcadia, etc. As said, some games may be lumped together, due to lack of popularity in past years. If the need arises, we'll separate them out to create more slots. Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) (CLOSED): SEGA Game Gear/Master System Titles (Sonic 1/2, Chaos, Triple Trouble, Labyrinth, Tails Adventure, etc) (1991-1997): Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992) (CLOSED): SEGASonic the Hedgehog (1993): Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog/Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)/Sonic Underground (1993 - 1999): Sonic the Hedgehog CD (JP/EU OST) (1993): Sonic the Hedgehog CD (US OST) (1993): Sonic Spinball/Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (1993): Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994): Sonic & Knuckles (1994): Knuckles Chaotix (1995): Sonic the Fighters (1996): Sonic the Hedgehog the Movie (OVA) (1996): Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis/Saturn): Sonic Jam (1997): Sonic R (1997): Sonic Adventure (1998) (CLOSED): Sonic the Hedgehog - Pocket Adventure (1999): Sonic Shuffle (2000): Sonic Adventure 2 (2001) (CLOSED): Sonic Advance (2001): Sonic Mega Collection/Mega Collection Plus (2002/2004): Sonic Advance 2 (2002): Sonic X (US/JP OSTs) (2003): Sonic Pinball Party/Battle (2003): Sonic Heroes (2003): Sonic Advance 3 (2004): SEGA Superstars/Tennis (2004-2008): Sonic Gems Collection (2005): Shadow the Hedgehog (2005): Sonic Rush (2005): Sonic Riders (2006): Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) (CLOSED): Sonic Rivals/Rivals 2/Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2006-2008): Sonic and the Secret Rings (2007): Sonic Rush Adventure (2007): Mario & Sonic Series (2007-2020) (Can be both Sonic or Mario songs, as long as they're featured in the games): Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (2007): Sonic Unleashed (2008): Sonic and the Black Knight (2009): Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Series (2010-2012): Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (2010-2012): Sonic Free Riders (2010): Sonic Colours/Sonic Colours Ultimate (2010/2021) (CLOSED): Sonic Generations (Console/PC) (2011): Sonic Generations (3DS) (2011): Sonic Jump/Jump Fever (2012-2014): Sonic Dash/Dash 2/Speed Battle (2013-2017): Sonic Lost World (2013): Sonic Boom (Games/TV Series) (2014-2016): Sonic Runners/Runners Adventure (2015-2017): Sonic Mania(Plus) (2017) (CLOSED): Sonic Forces (2017): Team Sonic Racing (2019): Sonic the Hedgehog (2020 Movie): Fan-Made Sonic Games (E.G - Before the Sequel, After the Sequel): Super Smash Bros (Any song in the series, doesn't have to just be Sonic) (Series): SEGA General (Limit: 3 songs per franchise): Like past events - if you've created your own Sonic remix, or cover, you can let us know and we'll air it live during the event, and it won't take up your song requests either! As I said already - it's not mandatory, and you do not have to do this to take part in the event. As with past events, there's a set of rules to follow - the most important of which from previous years being: And the standard Motobug and SSMB rules apply as well: And finally - the rules specifically for Musical Spectacular: Q. What the heck is a Motobug?! A. Other than a very charming and debonair badnik, Motobug is SSMB's long-running unofficial Streaming Channel, run by a team of SSMB members, providing exclusive streams for all SSMB members to watch, including gaming events, gaming announcements, weekly shows, and much more. It will also be where the Musical Spectacular will be streaming on July 24th/July 25th. Q. Can songs from the standalone Sonic at the Olympic Games be requested? A. Yes - it'll count under the Mario & Sonic Olympic Series. Q. Sonic Colours Ultimate Remixes? A. They'll be counted as a regular request for Sonic Colours - you need to specify if you're requesting the Ultimate version, or else we'll mark it as the regular version of the song. Q. Do I need to use all my requests at once? A. No, you do not have to use all of your requests at the one time. If you can only think of a few, feel free to submit them. Just keep in mind, you'll still have requests to use at a later point if you wish to. Q. Does covers count as remixes? A. Depends on the context. If the cover is an official version of a song that was originally written by the band covering it (I.E - Zebrahead's His World, Cashell's Un-Gravitify - it counts as an official song and therefore must be requested via a regular song request. If it's a cover long after the original by a different artist, but official - then it counts as a remix (I.E - Tee Lope's remix of Can You Feel the Sunshine). If it's a fan-made cover, it falls into a remix slot. Q. Why a limit on SEGA General? A. Based on feedback from the previous year, while SEGA General was a liked addition to the playlist, it ended up flooded with Persona requests. As such, we introduced a limit to ensure there's franchise diversity in the requests. Q. What's the deal with Mario songs and Smash songs being allowed for Mario & Sonic and the Smash sections? A. We've made a special exception for the Mario & Sonic series as well as Smash, as they represent Sonic gaining massive crossovers with other franchises, with Smash Bros in particular being one of the biggest crossovers imaginable. Given how vital that is to Sonic's history as a character and in his gaming career, it seems only fair to pay respect to those as well when recounting his gaming history. Q. Can I show off my own remix at the event? A. Of course! Feel free to fire me a PM and we'll discuss it! Q. I wanna request some songs that haven't been shown off before, can I have a link to the previous events to check their request lists? A. Here ya go: SMS1: SMS2: SMS3: SMS4: SMS5: Q. Why no badge this time around? A. As I said - the badge system on SSMB is currently undergoing problems, and as such, we cannot currently award a badge to members for taking part. That said, we will be taking note of who participates, and we do have a badge concepted for this year's event. If the issues get ironed out at some point down the line, we'll see if something can be done. Q. What's this year's stream format? A. This year's stream format will be the same as last year's, as that got a lot of great feedback. We'll be running a livestream with all of the songs in the playlist being played, and each song will credit the person who requested it - meaning everyone who took part in the event will be credited, and it act as the SSMB Celebration video this year as well. Q. Stream Date/Time? A. As noted above, it's: 1991 to 2006 (Genesis/Dreamcast): Saturday August 7th 2021 at 9pm BST/4pm EST/1pm PDT 2006 to 2021 (Modern): Sunday August 8th at 8pm BST/3pm EST/12pm PDT Q. Deadline for getting my requests in? A. As noted above - July 27th 2021. Q. What's up with the song list format this year? A. As this year is a very special celebration, with Sonic's 30th anniversary, I wanted to make the list go in chronological order this time in order to highlight Sonic's history. Q. Why are certain games/series mixed together? A. This is due to their lack of popularity in previous years. As such, we placed them together for the sake of tidiness. That said, if there's demand, we will split them out. I will update the FAQ further if there's any more questions asked - feel free to ask them in the topic and I'll get to you ASAP! Event Coordinator: @Ryannumber1gamer Mod Sponsor + Event Help: @Strickerx5 Artwork: Sonic Musical Spectacular 2021 Logo - @Spin Attaxx, Topic Banners - @DanJ86, Art Assets: @DanJ86, @Polkadi~☆ Stream and Videos: @Polkadi~☆ Event Conceptual Help: @Ryannumber1gamer, @Spin Attaxx, @DanJ86, @Polkadi~☆, @Forte-Metallix Motobug Staff: Special thanks to @Chris for approving the event! And of course - special thanks to you for taking part in the event!!
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