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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone! With updated forum software comes updated responsibility... or something. Unfortunately, during the update the Invision Board people created a new skin (as you can see). This has effectively knackered support for all the Sonic skins we had previously made. Sucks a bit, I know. On the other hand, there's an opportunity to give the SSMB something of a lil' updated makeover whilst adopting these new changes and features. I'll be working here and there over the week on tweaking a few things, so please excuse the dust - and hang in there while everything looks so strange/default.
  2. Hey everyone! I had a fun Idea, I wanted to try and write the "Twas the Night before Christmas", Staring us! Now, You can request to be apart of it, and if you can see where you would fit in to my story, you may post suggestions Now, there will be a few little rules for my story collab okay? 1. It has to be safe for kids to read. Why? Well... lets just say, I don't like stories with sexual content or cursing, I can accept some humorous partying and such to be in the story. ( I just can't put my name on a story with cursing ) 2. I will try and fit people in in the order they request to be added, that way I can fit as many as possible. 3. Any tidbits you want to submit must be in the "Twas the Night Before Christmas" style, for example: "Twas the Night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for Captain Dwibbs" it does not have to rhyme though, just maintain a rhythm (If you can;'t get it that way, I can help ya out . ) So that is my rules, and yeah, if you want to submit pieces for the story, I would be glad to try and add them And if more people are willing to write for it, I can make a list and put it in an order so you know which part you will be writing then . I think to avoid confusion, you should post actual written parts via PM, and Ideas and requests to be included can be discussed here . I hope this goes well and that we can all have fun! ( Oh yeah, any written parts will be credited to their authors ) EDIT: Okay, i am going to give a little leway for some side story stuff, as long as it does not interfere with the flow of the poem too much. Thanks Kablamjamdan for posting the link for the original poem. (post below) And I will post some more inspiration of what I am shooting for here:
  3. Not a big issue, but for the past couple of days I've not been able to sign in from the SSMB home page. I load it up, click sign in and the pop-up to enter your user name and password doesn't appear. The little green loading thing at the top appears for a second or two, but then it disappears. However, if I go anywhere else on the SSMB and click sign in, the pop-up appears fine.
  4. Well, since this is probably the only place the post this.. might as well say something. I've created a little wiki about SSMB, though it is pretty empty right now, you can help contribute. Make anything related to this site's history, members, events, etc. Here's a link. I made this to wiki in order to get people familiar with oru community, and have a little bit of fun doing it. a.k.a boosting our egos dur -Sean So yeah, decide what you wanna do. (. .)
  5. ------------------------------- Hello, all of SSMB. =D Since for the past month or so we've been racing each other using the online multiplayer function on the game, Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS. Since everyone has been loving it so far, I have had an idea to hold Mario Kart 7 tournaments every weekend, and Monday and Tuesday. The tournament begins at 7:15 PM EST those days. Registration will last until March 9, so there is plenty of time to enter! For us to have easy contact on the 3DS, add and trade friend codes. We will use the SSMB community, which JezMM had created, and will be used for the tournaments. 1 tournament consists of five matches, which is 4 races for each match. Whoever wins gets the tournament that day will get a variety of prizes that will be mentioned later here. If you do not have a 3DS, or the game, Mario Kart 7, you cannot participate in the tournaments. THE RULES 1. Race fair. 2. NO Action Replay or hacking of any sort. 3. Do not brag or boast if you win, it only brings down people's confidence and morale, everyone here is a winner. You may mean it as a joke though. 4. Do not choose the same stage over and over to annoy people. 5. HAVE FUN RACING! ----------- PRIZES 1st PLACE: Get a gold MK7 badge as an award 2nd PLACE: Get a silver MK7 badge as an award. 3rd PLACE: Get a bronze MK7 badge. 4th PLACE: MK7 Tournament Racer Badge. 5th PLACE: MK7 Tournament Racer Badge. Others: MK7 Tournament Racer Badge. Skill Badges: Golden Bullet: Win 1st place in at least 3 tournaments. Silver Sneaker: Win 2nd place in at least 3 tournaments. Bronze Booster: Win 3rd place in most (3) tournaments. (Badges have not been approved yet, and are still conceptual.) ------------------ SSMB COMMUNITY CODE: 64-8368-2641-3135 MY 3DS FC: 0817-3759-4156 HOST: Dr. Felix (Meeee. =U) The tournament will work like a survival island sort of thing, the best racers race and race, and make it to the semi-finals, the finals, and whoever wins is the winner of the tournament. Main matches: 4-5 weeks Judging matches: 1 week Semi-finals: 1-2 weeks Finals: 2 days -------------------- That's all! HAVE FUN RACING~!
  6. TSS is 11 years old! Woo! So here's a little surprise for all of you - I've been working really hard inbetween whatever spare time I've had to bring back Sonical - just as classic as you remember it, but updated for today's IPB features and whatever the future brings for SSMB! The header's probably what you'll notice the most. Remember when Roarey asked for the lot of you to design custom banners for The Sonic Stadium? We're using these on random rotation on both TSS and SSMB to celebrate its 11 years of existence! Some of them look really cool, especially with looping backgrounds. But there are some fantastic 'narrow' banners too, which work really well with the 'zigzag' looping background that the skin defaults to. SEGASonic Radio is the second big thing on the skin. It takes full prominence in the topbar, and you can see exactly what song is playing on the 24/7 stream (and what album it's from!). When a LiVECAST is taking place, you'll know about it right there too. Simply click on the green button - or anywhere on the radio 'now playing' text to launch the SSR popup window. From there you can listen to Sonic music, LiVECASTs and chat live with fellow Sonic fans in the IRC chat room. As is always the case, I'm certain to have missed a few small colour or design things here and there - please feel free to point out anything in a specified topic I will soon make in the Bugs and Feedback Forum.
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